Projects Sanctioned 2007-2008 Sl. Sanc. No. No. 1.

SR/S5/NM100/2006 Title Development of nanomaterial enhanced high performance coated textiles PI & Add Dr. Mangala Joshi Deptt. Of Textile Technology Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi Hauz Khas New Delhi - 110016 Dr. Gautam De Sol-Gel Division Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute Jadavpur Kolkata - 700032 Dr. Mrinal Pal Deptt. Of Physics Burdwan University Golapbag Burdwan - 713104 Dr. Gautam I. Menon The Institute of Mathematical Sciences CIT Campus, Taramani Chennai - 600113 Dr. Suneel Kumar Srivastava Deptt. Of Chemistry Indian Institute of Technology-Kharagpur Kharagpur - 721302 Prof. S.V. Bhat Deptt. Of Physics Indian Institute of Science Bangalore - 560012 Dr. Srinivasan Natrajan Solid State and Structural Chemistry Unit Indian Institute of Science Bangalore - 560012 Dr. E. Murugan Deptt. Of Physical

2. SR/S5/NM17/2006

Inorganic Organic hybrid nanocomposite coatings for Nano Technological applications Rare earth doped nanocrystalline spinel ferrites: Promising materials for magneto-optical storage media Physical principles relevant to nanoscale devices and biological motors in the Brownian regime Development and Characterization of Semiconducting nanotubes/nanorods for thermoelectric applications Synthesis, Contact less conductivity magnetic and Electron Magentic Resonance investigations of nanomanganites (mainly charge ordered) New nanoporous materials for selective gas adsorption and separation processes

3. SR/S5/NM51/2006

4. SR/S5/NM10/2006

5. SR/S5/NM94/2006

6. SR/S5/NM30/2006

7. SR/S5/NM32/2006

8. SR/S5/NM106/2006

Effective functionalization of carbon nanotubes using

637209 Dr. Of Chemistry. Sc. Chemistry Div. Of Chemistry St.751013 Dr. Res. Rakesh Kumar Khandal Shriram Instt.110007 Dr. Chemistry Group Regional Research Laboratory Bhubneswar . Dhirendra Bahadur Deptt. Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay Powai Mumbai .560001 Dr.400076 Dr. Of Indl.560027 9. Vishnu Kamath Deptt. SR/S5/NM104/2006 12. School of Chemical Sciences Madras University Guindy Campus Chennai – 600025 Dr. SR/S5/NM114/2006 11.411008 Dr.M. Joseph's College 36. Lalbagh Road Bangalore .amphiphilic/hydrophilic dendrimers and phase transfer catalysts Chemistry. Michael Rajamathi Deptt. SR/S5/NM98/2006 Layered hydroxides as candidate precursors for nanoparticulate oxide materials Magnetic nanopacticulates for controlled and targeted drug delivery 13. Central College Bangalore University Bangalore . K. 19. Homi Bhabha Road Pune . SR/S5/NM29/2006 14. Rd New Delhi . SR/S5/NM86/2006 Development of nano dispersed Polycrylates for optical applications 15. Rajendran KS Rangasamy College of Technology KSR Kalvi Nagar Tiruchengode . & Mat. Pankaj Poddar Nanoscience Group. National chemical Laboratory Dr. SR/S5/NM40/2005 Development of nano metal oxides incorporated refractories for refractory applications Design of nanometal/metal oxide/composite oxide promoted nanoporous meterials for catalytic applications Size dependent physical properties of ferromagentic and ferroelectric nanoparticles 10. P. Of Metallurgical Engg. Parida Colloids & Mat. SR/S5/NM19/2006 Synthesis of magnetic and semi conductor oxide nanomaterials from hydroxide precursores and layered solid nanoparticle nanocomposites . V. Physical/Mat. Univ.

16. Sabu Thomas School of Chemical Sciences Mahatma Gandhi University Priyadarshini Hills PO Kottayam . IR/S5/IU01/2006 17. SR/S5/NM42/2006 Nanostructured selfassembled polymer blend systems from epody resin/block copolymer systems for super toughness Development of solar light driven nanostructured 24. Of Physics Indian Institute of Technology-Madras Chennai . characterization and device applications 21.711103 Dr. SR/S5/NM108/2006 Novel nanoscale materials: generation .781039 Dr.600036 Dr. Kale Deptt.686560 Dr. S.700032 Dr. SR/S5/NM113/2006 19. Ravishankar Materials Research Centre Indian Institute of Science Bangalore . SR/S5/NM45/2006 20.560012 Dr. Upadrasta Ramamurthy Deptt. Of Physics Jadavpur University Kolkata .500046 Dr. SR/S5/NM57/2006 Developing comprehensive bottom-up strategies for functional nanostructures 23. Chennai Development and characterisation of nanocomposite mullite: A study Mechanical properties at the nano-scale Hyderabad University Hyderabad . Of Metallugy Indian Institute of Science Bangalore . B.560012 Dr. SR/S5/NM85/2006 Microscopic investigation of luminescence and mechanical properties of nanostructured porous silicon 22. Sukhen Das Deptt. Hyderabad Establishment of a Nano Functional Materials Technology Centre (NFMTC) at IIT Madras. N. Ramaprabhu Deptt.B. SR/NM/NAT02/2005 Establishment of a Centre for Nano Technology at the Hyderabad University. Nil Ratan Bandyopadhyay School of Materials Science & Engineering Bengal Engineering & Science University Shibpur Howrah . Arun Chattopadhyay Centre for Nanotechnology Indian Institute of Technology-Guwahati Guwahati . Of 18. SR/S5/NM105/2006 .

Pushan Ayyub nanocrystalline maerials and Deptt. Ashwini K Agrawal Smart and Innovative Textiles Deptt.R.110012 Pd bi-metal nanoparticle and Prof. SR/S5/NM22/2006 29.400005 Research programme on Dr. Colaba Mumbai . B. SR/S5/NM22/2006 30. Mehta multilayer structures for Deptt. off Pashan Road Pune .411008 Establishing Centre for Prof. Of Condensed semiconductor quantum Matter Physics devices Tata Institute of Fundamental Research 1. Homi Bhabha Road. SR/S5/NM42/2005 26.625021 Physics and applications of Prof. SR/S5/NM84/2006 27. Of Textile (SMITA) Technology Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi Hauz Khas New Delhi . Nanotechnology(Nanoparticles. Shanmugasundaram Nanosensors and Nanodrug School of Biological delivery) at Madurai Kamaraj Sciences University Madurai Kamaraj Univesity Madurai . KS Krishnan Marg New Delhi .282002 effluent Biosequestration and bioDr. Singh impregnation of heavy metals Biomolecular Electronics leading to nanomaterials and Conducting Polymer synthesis and Group decontamination of industrial National Physical effluent Laboratory Dr.110016 Biosequestration and bioDr.P. S. S.ZnIn2S4 photocatalyst for hydrogen generation 25. Seema Bhaduria impregnation of heavy metals Deptt. Of Botany leading to nanomaterials Raja Balwant Singh synthesis and College decontamination of industrial Agra . SR/NM/NAT05/2006 28. Of Physics improved hydrogenation in Indian Institute of rare earth switchable mirrors Technology-Delhi . SR/S5/NM90/2006 Nanocomposite/Glass Materials Centre for Materials for Electronics Technology (C-MET) Panchawati.

Of Ceramic Engineering. SR/S5/NM03/2007 Hauz Khas New Delhi .110016 Dr. SR/S5/NM91/2006 Prof.226001 Dr. Farid Khan Deptt. Of Physics & .K. Institute of Technology Banaras Hindu University Varanasi .221005 Prof. Of Physics Bangalore University Jnanabharathi Campus Bangalore .721302 Studies in micro and Dr. Alok Dhawan Industrial Toxicology Research Centre Mahatma Gandhi Marg. SR/S5/NM71/2006 38. Maiti Deptt. SR/S5/NM111/2006 Synthesis and characterization of nanoporous materials Field effect Transistors based on epitaxial multicomponent oxide heterostructures 34.470003 Dr. Of Electronics & ECE IIT-Kharagpur Kharagpur . Santanu Paria Deptt. SR/S5/NM04/2007 Preparation and Characterization of SiO2 and TiO2 hollow nanospheres in reverse microemulsion system 32. C. R. CeO2 based solid electrolytes for Intermediate Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (ITSOFC) Technology CAD of nanoMOSFETs in Hybrid Orientation Technology 37. Of Chemical Engineering National Institute of Technology Rourkela Rourkela . Sharath nanorheology of soft materials Ananthamurthy Deptt.769008 Dr. SR/S5/NM01/2007 Fate of nanomaterials in biological systems 33. SR/S5/NM09/2007 Synthesis and characterisation of nanocrystalline co-doped Ceria. Tandon for optical storage applications Deptt. Ashish Garg Deptt. PO Box No 80 Lucknow .31. Hari Singh Gour University Sagar .560056 Semiconductor quantum dots Prof.P. Of Chemistry Dr. Om Parkash Deptt. Of Materials & Metallurgical Engineering Indian Institute of Technology-Kanpur Kanpur – 208016 35. SR/S5/NM13/2007 36.

New Delhi (With Annual Intake of 15 Students) PG Teaching Programmes (M. Jayavel Centre for Nanoscience and Technology Anna University Chennai . R.110006 Prof. SR/NM/PG03/2007 43. M. JNCASR.560012 Dr. Bangalore Electro nanoprocessing of semiconductor nanotube arrays for high efficiency photovoltaics 40. Of Mechanical Engineering Indian Institute of Science Bangalore .39.Tech 2 Years) in Nano Science and Technology at GGS Indraprastha University.110007 Prof.700032 Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research Bangalore – 560064 41. Chennai (With Annual Intake of 15 Students) PG Teaching Programmes (M.Tech 2 Years) in Nano Science and Technology at Anna University. Mukherjee Materials Science and Technology Jadavpur University Kolkata . Shantikumar V Nair Amrita Centre for Nanosciences Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham Elamakkara PO Kochi .600025 Dr. (With Annual Intake of 18 Students) National Facility on Ultra High Resolution AberrationCorrected Transmission Electron Microscope at International Centre for Materials Research.682026 Development of electrically Dr. Rudra Pratap Deptt. SR/NM/PG17/2007 42. Kolkata. SR/S5/NM06/2007 Dr. SR/NM/NS20/2007 Cleanroom infrastructure for National Nanofabrication Centre at the Indian Institute of Science. Of Chemistry materials via self-assembly Indian Institute of approach and their application Science Education & in sensors and optoResearch . S. SR/NM/PG08/2007 Astrophysics Delhi University New Delhi . SR/NM/NS01/2008 44. Vaishali Singh University School of Basic & Applied Science Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University Kashmere Gate New Delhi . SR/NM/NAT04/2006 45.Tech 2 Years) in Nano Science and Technology at Jadavpur University. Jayakannan conducting polyaniline nanoDeptt. Bangalore PG Teaching Programmes (M.

900.411008 . NCL Innovation Park Campus. Dr. Homi Bhabha Road Pune .electronics (IISER).