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Remembering Empowered Teachers

By Akhtar Mirza
District Manager, R.Y.Khan


When I look 33 years back, 1976, I was in 7 th Class, belonged to a lower middle and

illiterate family. The locality I was living in was also just like a slum at that time.

Although the conditions have changed now. No one was there to coach and follow up

after school time. Going for tuition or hiring a tutor was thought ill. It was thought that

this boy is weak and sluggish, so he goes to tutor. In my case, financial conditions did not

allow to go for tuition.

A new teacher came to my school (M.C Elementary School Block No.6, Khanpur District

Rahimyarkhan) who was quite young having attractive personality. He was just out of

university and was got employed as untrained teacher. He was very enthusiastic and

passionate, very caring and sympathetic towards students. His name was Muhammad

Aslam. A group of my class fellows decided one day to meet him in the office after class.

We very humbly asked him if he could guide us in our studies. Some of my class fellows

gathered one day and we went to him. “Sir, can you please teach us as we feel very

difficulty to understand English.” Said we. He smiled and said,” I don’t give tuition to

anyone. I have no problem if you come to my home but without any fee. All the class-

mates were delighted as his method of teaching was very good and we enjoyed in his


So, we started to go to his home and our character transformation started. We used to do

all household chores at his home like sweeping the room, sprinkling of water, dusting the
rooms etc. We were taught to do all domestic chores which we never did at our own

home. All his family members (His father, mother, sisters) were very polite and helping

towards us that we never felt any shyness or insult working there. We often use to take

dinner at our teacher’s home because we used to go to him at about 4:00 P.M and

returned at 8:00 P.M. In 8th class, he taught us the English Grammar and Composition in

this way that I used to write my own composition. He often cancelled appointments with

his friends whiling teaching us in the evening. He was a good player of Hockey and has

been a member of Railway Hockey Team of Sukkur Division. He also took us with him

to show some matches, and after completing our daily studies, we had a game of Carum

at his home because he was also a good player of Carum.

When I was promoted to 9th Class, I was asked by my teacher to teach the 8 th class

students who came to him. So, I was made a teacher when I was in my 9th class. This

thing was so inscribed in my personality that I could not escaped teaching rather

changing my professional task to Junior Auditor in Municipality.

He inculcated the positive ethics, sincerity with profession and honesty in our minds that

still I can’t bear violation of rules and regulations. With the passage of time, I made up

my mind to become a good teacher. Teaching became a passion for me.

As I have explained earlier, my father was an illiterate; he never bothered to go to my

school for knowing my progress. It was again my great teacher who always followed me

in the High and Higher Secondary Section. He showed me the path of hard work and

passion. Once he told, “Always try to be the necessity of an organization with your hard

work, sincerity and honesty so that the organization could not leave you aside.” I always

acted upon his advice and God Almighty always bestowed His blessings upon me. He
always stressed upon me to study further and it was his continuous stress that I got all my

qualification (from F.A to M.A, M.Ed) as a private candidate and moreover after my

marriage. I also admit that I tried to change my line from teaching to the Banking and

was nearly selected once in Habib Bank and once in House Building Finance Corporation

but I feel that God had decided for me to become a teacher and now I feel proud that I am

teacher. I strictly contradict with the people who say that there is no social status of a

teacher in the society. I use to say that Society still respects a teacher but for it “A teacher

should also be a teacher.”

It is due to the prayers of my teachers and parents that I can say with honour that I taught

from Primary Classes to Post Graduate Classes being an E.S.T Teacher in Public Sector. I

also wrote a book on “Teaching of English” for B.Ed .

My teacher is still working in the same school as Head Teacher where he joined his first

appointment. I can just say that if he wouldn’t have held my hands at that time, I could

hardly be a matriculate and would be working as a junior clerk or be a daily labour.

Sir, Aslam, I am proud to be your student.