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Tasks completed 2012-2013 August 2012 Aided Arpan Chumski in finding literature for class (Joy Luck Club

Club excerpts) Ran multiple freshmen orientations Ran network orientation with Myles Book talks (Angelique Burrell)

September 2012 Ran multiple freshmen orientations Planned and coordinated with Sonia Gecker to teach Discussion and Debate assignment o Research for and created Popplet o Helped with planning o Supported instruction o Planned mock discussion to be used as example for class o Aided in feedback for students o Researched use of QR codes for next semester voting Ordered tshirts for marathon Contacted Andersons Book Store regarding author visit Contacted John Greens publicist regarding author visit Created slides for hallway projector and updated these accordingly Book talks (Sally Phillip, Kate Saunders Heroes Journey-,Angelique Burrell) Communicated with Nancy Harper concerning Career Cruising lesson Supported Whitney Wilda in Twitter lesson (presented Culture Grams, EB, Country Reports) Attended OverDrive training Worked with Whitney Wilda to support Twitter project (presented websites, reviewed how to find cited pictures, taught students how to use Twitter template) Relay Race & QR codes Presented Global Issues Database to Paul Morettas World Cultures class Contacted Steppenwolf Theater in attempts to book Markus Zusak (The Book Thief) Scheduled next unit with Sonia Gecker Set up visit with YOUmedia (Oct. 24th) Shared FEED lesson plans and files with Kate Saunders

October 2012 Created Prezi (banned books) for Angelique Burrels AR class o Book talked trailers and books Emailed Nicholas Carr (The Shallows) for possible author visit Discussion and Debate Town Hall Meeting o Researched use of QR codes o Prepared lesson focusing on QR codes and Poll o Contacted Poll Everywhere and Ellen Laurence for technical issue o Reviewed student products for accuracy and correct completion

Attended Town Hall Meetings and provided feedback Contacted Ellen Laurence with Polleverywhere question emailed information to her after contacting Polleverywhere for answer Discussion and Debate Meeting of the Minds Discussion o Presented to students on how to find a person/biography Biography in context Google search for best biographies Taught with Valerie Ruth Mosaic Project World Cultures o Presented use of NoodleTools Created Accounts, Projects, and Works Cited o Presented use of and finding citations in ABC-CLIO, Culture Grams, Country Reports and EB Set up Oct. 24th meeting with Cannon Designs Visited YOUMedia and Cannon Designs o Completed reflections on both visits o Took pictures of visits and uploaded to I drive o Sent thank you cards to both Prepared to teach with Susan Sangwa (English II) o Created Adobe Captivate for Movie Maker o Learned Microsoft Movie Maker o Learned iMovie o Communicated with Susan to ascertain objectives and assignment o Edited lesson plans hourly based classroom teachers needs/wants Multiple substitute assignments throughout the month Attended 2 MAC trainings Supported Cherise Lopez in creating Google Drive accounts for students and sharing their work with her Emailed R.J. Palacio (author of Wonder) for possible author visit Emailed English Department to gauge interest in Todd Strasser visit (hopefully for February) Presented twice at ISLMA

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November 2012 Attended 3rd Mac training Attended a site visit at Stevenson High School Book talks with Angelique Burrells class Dunlavy E1 o Created list of musicians to be used as research topics o Searched and vetted articles to be used in model citation lesson (being sure to address reading level, vocabulary, content) Sally Phillip Book talks o Emailed to see what topic if any she would like us to cover Pulled class set of plays for Kate Saunders class Completed Author Visit request form for R.J. Palacio and returned to publicist (Lisa McClatchy, Author Appearances, Random House Childrens Book Group, Sonia Gecker D & D o Help prep for first Debate assignment

o Booked library space o Aided in approving student resolve statement o Aided in helping students find appropriate and effective articles o Aided in teaching of CATUMS E 1 Research Curriculum o Taught E1 unit one with Sonia Geckers classes o Observed Kerrin Riley teaching Abby Richardsons classes o Added a physical activity to Day 3 of the 1st unit Friebel AP Lang and Comp o Aided students in developing research paths for _________ assignment o Aided students in finding effective and reliable articles E1 Non-fiction selection o Helped to brainstorm ideas for a non-fiction selection to be added to the E1 curriculum o Created list that was sent out to all E1 teachers and librarians

December 2012 Sonia Gecker: D & D o Review student CATUMS and outlines with student groups in preparation for debate o Aide students in crafting arguments both affirmative and negative Dunlavy 1960s o Help breakdown the assignment for students o Teach the use of NoodleTools o Teach the use of databases o Aide in student understanding of assignment and skills LBSS ISLMA Grant o Wrote, edited, sought opinions of all librarians and submitted grant o Research Common Core and I-SAIL to include in application E1 Non-fiction: o Chose two books to read Nook o Helped to brainstorm list of books for Wilcoxs class Contacted Matt de la Pena Contacted Matthew Quick

January 2013 Finalized dates and details with R.J. Palacios publicist, Kathy Dunn (Random House) Maintained contact with Matt de la Pena Created Power Point slide for This I Believe choices Created Meet Your Tutors pages for Exam Jam Researched other libraries database listings Contacted Matthew Quick again, including his agent in the email Taught with Andy Jones E1 (3 and 4/5) o Prepared for arrival by coordinating with Andy o Implemented use of iPads to fulfill eco-friendly assignment o Researched websites to use rather than databases

Helped to create Hero booklist for Dunlavy E1 classes Worked with Sonia Gecker o Prepared for first unit o Reflected with Sonia about last semester to make changes/streamline library time Book talked Youve Gotta Read This list for Kate Saunders (2 and 7/8) o Prepared list prior o Coordinated with teacher Book talked Dunlavy E1 o Coordinated book talks with teacher o Created book list with Leah o Presented books to students SSR Billie o Paired students with books for movie project Communicated with Matthew Quick about possible visit via email Booked date with Matt de la Pena (Oct. 17th) o Considered Teen Read Week Dates o Considered ISLMA and AASL conferences dates o Considered school calendar and Marathon

February 2013 Researched other schools Database lists with goal of revamping the HC library page Led effort to create annotation lesson using iPads for E1 and E1H curriculum

March 2013 Contacted AR teachers (and other English teachers) about Matt De la Pena visit o Delivered book to Sally Phillip and Chris Billie Began Break Escape Program o Delivered Books to multiple teachers o Assisted multiple teachers with OverDrive Helped plan and teach Dunlavy Hero project Gecker o Instructed on Poll everywhere o Set up polls for two classes using Macs o Instructed Databases and

April 2013 Helped Lisa prepare booktalks for Angelique Burrels class Created hallway slides for Marathon Gecker supported meeting of the minds assignment Continued helping students in Dunlavys class complete Hero Photo Stories Taught with Dr. D. Reviewed Biography in Context

Taught with Nesbuit/Lawrence on history project Graphic Novels Sally Phillip o Presented Power Point focusing on how to read novel, tips to reading o Pulled books o Book talked Book talks Angelique Burrell non-fiction/realistic fiction Proofread board document with K. Riley Aided Sally Phillip in poetry assignment using Glogster Helped Justin Cronin find alternative Comic Creator (Web 2.0 tool) Pixton Aided in preparation for (balloons, hallway slides) and execution of (video, medals, interviews) final Marathon rally I-Search reviewed databases and NoodleTools with Heather Fermans and provided support for students throughout the hour Book ordering reviewed journals and newpapers to order books. Instructed student teacher on how to go through this process Aided in brainstorming concerning South projector set-up Supported student teacher in presenting databases to Social Studies classes for Black Renaissance project Presented with and supported Annette DeAngelis in author project students working to find interviews of authors Supported Amy Profettos students in completing photostory

May 2013 Supported Chris Billies class in creating podcasts for This I Believe project (Mac and PC)