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The findings show that total government expenditures are negatively related to employment level in the economy.g. Secondly focus of the government should be on widening the tax base by expanding the net of direct tax payers. The reason behind the negative relation between total government expenditures or revenues and employment are that by imposing more taxes on business community government will reduce the investment and saving in the economy which will employment in the economy. vii .g. For empirical investigation OLS (ordinary least square) and log liner model is employed to find short run and long run association. while money supply is found to be positively related with employment. infrastructure building and in power sector which will create employment and boost up economic growth. The data is used for the period of 1972-2009.ABSTRACT The main purpose of the study is to find out the Role of fiscal and monetary policy on growth and employment generation in Pakistan. On the other hand total labor force and money supply are found to be positively related with economic growth of the economy while government expenditures have negative and significant impact on economic growth the reason behind is that most of the government expenditures are non-development expenditures e. The authors recommendations includes among others the following: firstly government should control the non-development expenditures and convert these released resources for development purposes e. Lastly state bank should start micro finance scheme so that it will encourage self-employment scheme. Thirdly government should provide tax concession to the investors so that capital outflow can be controlled and in this way employment opportunities will increase. defense expenditures which discourage economic growth in the economy.

11 Monetary Policy Definition 3.3 Significance of the study CHAPTER 2: THE REVIEW OF LITERATURE CHAPTER 3: THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK 3.10 Fiscal Policy Definition 3.3 Under employment 3.12 Theoretical Background of Fiscal and Monetary Policy 23 23 23 23 24 24 24 25 26 26 30 33 36 07 05 05 05 viii .7 Unemployed persons 3.8 Measuring Unemployment.TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION 1.2 Self employment 3.2 Objectives of study 1.9 Types of Unemployment 3. 3.4 Full employment 3.6 Unemployment rate 3.5 Definition of Unemployment 3.1 Concept of Employment 3.1 Research of the problems 1.

1 Data Source 4.16 Subsidies Definition 3.3 Explanation of the variables 4.1 Regression Analysis 5.4 Methodology 4.17 Definition of GDP / Gross Domestic Product CHAPTER 4: DATA AND METHODOLOGY 4.15 Taxes Definition 3.3.3 Operational Definitions of Variables CHAPTER 6: CONCLUSION AND POLICY RECOMMENDATION 6.1 Conclusion 6.14 Government Spending or Expenditures Definition 3.2 Recommendation for Economic Growth REFERENCES APPENDIX 60 61 62 65-66 55 56 58 ix .13 Money Supply Definition 3.2 Estimation Results 5.5 The Equations and their Interpretation 41 42 44 46 48 52 52 52 53 53 54 CHAPTER 5: ESTIMATIONS AND DISCUSSION 5.2 The Models 4.

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