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the Cumbrae School of Dancing


Wherever your summer takes you, we hope you enjoy time with family and friends and look forward to seeing everyone in the fall.

z Have a Wonderful Summer z


Cumbrae students Breanna Sirois, Gretha Conrads, Emilie Brunet and Madi McColl performed in Ballet Jorgens Swan Lake at Centrepointe Theatre last March. Ballet Jorgen often incorporates local talent in their productions. Check our website regularly for more information. Congratulations Girls!

Swan Lake

This summer, Cumbrae will be offering two summer camps for beginner and intermediate students (ages 5-13), as well as a week-long intensive for vocational students (12+). Our Summer Dance Camp offers everything from ballet to hip hop and theatre dance, and includes a performance on the nal day for family and friends. Our Senior Intensive will offer ballet, conditioning, jazz, &
teaching qualications during the most recent examination tour. Students who have consistently taken graded and/or medal examinations throughout their training are eligible to be selected to sit this in-depth professional examination. Congratulations girls!

contemporary, as well as introducing improv skills and progressions. Additionally, evening classes will be running for intermediate & advanced dancers. Contact the school for further details.

Emma McGinnis (tap), Nelda Cherrier (tap & jazz), Madi McColl (tap & jazz), and Arden Streib (jazz) obtained their B.A.T.D. Associate

B.A.T.D. Associate Teachers


B.A.T.D. North American Scholarships Nominations TBA October 18-19 - Toronto Artists Simply Human (ASH Dance) Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary & more October 25-17, 2013 - Toronto Performance opportunity for senior students The Pulse On Tour Street Jazz, Commercial Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop & more Performance opportunity for senior students Camp Pulse A *fun* introduction to the workshop experience for dancers aged 8-13 February 15-16, 2014 - Toronto

Check our Website and Facebook page at the end of the summer for registration info

Congratulations to Katie Over who will be attending the 10 day :Pushing Progress contemporary dance intensive in New York City in August. Katie will be one of only 40 students participating in this companys summer dance preprofessional training program. Breanna Sirois will be attending Ballet Jorgens program for the second consecutive summer.

Summer Dance Pre-Professional Programs

Madi McColl will be studying at the Goh Ballet Academy in Vancouver for 7 weeks. She will take part in both their Vocational ballet training program, and the highly regarded International Summer Dance Intensive. As part of the audition process for many professional schools, Madi had to submit an essay. Here is an excerpt from Madis most recent essay:


by Madi McColl

There comes a point in every dancers life when dance turns from an activity your parents enroll you in, to a passion you choose to pursue. The reason I dance is constantly changing, but its meaning has always stayed the same. To many, dance is an art that requires an immense amount of talent, practice, commitment, and creativity. Although this is all very true, if you look at dance through the eyes of a dancer you see more than just the physical dance. To me dance is not a hobby, nor a pastime, but rather a way of life. Its hard to describe how much dance means to me; perhaps because there is just so much to express, or because I just cant seem to nd the right words to describe the way it makes me feel. Never in my life have I cared about something the way I care for dance. It inspires me to work harder; not only to excel in dance, but in everything I do. (...) I am very fortunate to have teachers that are so incredibly supportive. I believe that being part of a non-competitive studio allows me to enjoy dance more and focus more on my technique and long-term ability. Though we all strive for the same perfection, it remains unattainable. The beauty of dance is that nothing ever is perfect; there is always room for improvement. This encourages us to challenge our limitations and go beyond what we thought we were capable of. In order to improve you have to be willing to push your boundaries and in many cases step outside of your comfort zone. This is how we grow both as dancers, and people. Dance has shaped me as a person in more ways than and I can express; and it does so long before you even realize it. It teaches you perseverance, commitment, and good morals; but most importantly it goes to show that hard work and dedication pay off. (...)

Many of our students took B.A.T.D. (Jazz, Contemporary, Tap & Highland) and R.A.D. (ballet) examinations in the spring of 2013. We are so proud of all of our students! A special congratulations to the following students who received a Distinction in their Spring R.A.D. ballet exams: Katie Berube, Ella Langis, Claire Campbell, Hannah Kreft, Cassandre Leroux, Eden Nowiski, Megan Evraire, & Gretha Conrads. Congratulations to our Vocational ballet students: Chloe DeGiacomo, Jana Hudson, Renee Brazeau, Sidney Flaro & Trista Willbond (Inter Foundation),

2013 Spring Examinations

B.A.T.D. scholarships will be announced in August, and are awarded to students in grade 3 and above who exceeded the honours award. Way to go Dancers!

Gretha Conrads , Camille Leroux, Gabrielle Lowe, Alexane Lahaie, Kyra Rogers (Intermediate), Victoria Linton (Advanced 1). We are so very proud of Emma McGinnis on obtaining her R.A.D. Advanced 2 certicate!!


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Country Beast. The Missoula Childrens Theatre casts local children in plays each year. Carousel running May 31 to June 9 at Centrepointe. Former teacher Christa Cullain-Morris and former student Jasmine Lee will also be performing.

JULY 8-12
Dance Camp beg./inter levels
Andra and her schools theatre group (Batrice Desloges Troupe Bandeladouze) won an overall production merit award at the Sears Ontario Drama Festival in Hamilton.

The Cumbrae highland dancers took part in a Scottish festival held at the Cumberland Church in May. Thanks again for your participation!

JULY 28 - AUG 1
Dance Camp beg/inter levels Senior Dance intensive

Studio opens for registration M-F 5pm -7pm

AUG 26

2013-14 classes commence


These Cumbrae dancers performed Courtney landed the in Missoula role of one of the Childrens Theatre Snow Children in Orpheus production of production of Beauty Lou & the



Cumbrae Alumni
Many of the students that have passed through Cumbrae doors have gone on to do wonderful things in the dance/arts community. From dance companies to the Broadway stage, Cumbrae alumni are always making us proud! This edition, we introduce to you... quisque praesent ipsum fermentum placerat tempor. Curabitur auctor, erat mollis sed fusce, turpis vivamus a dictumst congue magnis. Aliquam amet ullamcorper dignissim molestie, gravida mollis. Tortor vitae eros wisi facilisis ligula suscipit luctus, sed dolor eleifend aliquam dui, ut diam mauris, sollicitudin sed nisl lacus tempus. Ut facilisis ante in dui ac suscipit, turpis voluptatum donec, fusce suspendisse, quasi luctus amet urna tempor amet purus hendrerit ut mattis nec maecenas, quo ac, vivamus praesent metus eget viverra ante. Maecenas aliquam maecenas ligula nostra, accumsan taciti. Sociis mauris in integer, a dolor netus non dui aliquet, sagittis felis sodales, dolor sociis mauris, vel eu libero cras. Interdum at. Eget habitasse elementum est, ipsum purus pede porttitor class, ut adipiscing, aliquet sed auctor, imperdiet arcu per diam dapibus libero duis. Enim eros in vel, volutpat nec pellentesque leo, scelerisque. Pellentesque vehicula, in vehicula diam, ornare magna erat felis wisi a risus. Justo fermentum id. Malesuada eleifend, tortor molestie, a fusce a vel et. Mauris at suspendisse, neque aliquam faucibus

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