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Lesson Project

School: S08 nr.16, Oradea Teacher: Sotoc Monica Class: 7th grade Level: pre-intermediate Textbook: Snapshot Pre-intermediate Lesson: Fast rewind Units 18 and 19 Lesson type: Revision Skills: writing, speaking Didactic strategies: Methods: Grammar Translaton method, CLT (Communicative Language Teaching), TBL (Task based learning) Techniques and procedures: exercise, conversation, role-play Class organization: whole-class teaching (frontal), individual and pairwork Interraction types: T-whole class, T-S, S-T Teaching aids: coursebook, BB, chalk, worksheets Lesson Aims: 1. to follow simple instructions 2. to practice the Reported Speech, the infinitive and gerund 3. to practice vocabulary 4. to role-play a dialogue 5. to recognize tenses By the end of the lesson students will be able : - to use correctly grammar, spelling and punctuation - to use lingvistic utterances correctly in a conversation - to participate actively in a dialogue Anticipated problems: Ss may feel inhibited to speak freely because they are afraid of making grammar mistakes. T must encourage them and correct only the important mistakes Ss make. Ss may not recognize the tenses. T must ask helping questions. Procedure: Organizational moment: 1-2 T asks for the absentees and writes in the catalogue. Checking homework: 5 T asks one student to tell the homework and corrects the mistakes if necessary. Warm-up: 10 Game Story-tellers: T writes a sentence on the BB. Each S takes turn in continuing the story. Activity 1: 15 Ss solve exercises 1, 2, 3 and 4 page 115 from the coursebook. Activity 2: 10 In pairs, Ss role-play exercise 5 page 115 from the coursebook Activity 3: 15 Pop-quiz: multiple choice (worksheet Test 1) Reward: Ss receive grades. Homework assignement: worksheet Test 2

Test 1 1. This young teacher has been in our school one year a. since c. ago b. past d. for 2. In the north of Romania many monasteries that are worth visiting. a. exists c. there is b. there are d. there have 3. I remember that when he was young he play tennis very well. a. could c. must b. can d. shall 4. When school? a. did he finish c. he did finish b. he finished d. did he finished 5. Stop making noise! My little son for half an hour. a. sleeps c. has slept b. has been sleeping d. is sleeping 6. The Danube into the Black Sea. a. flows c. flew b. is flowing d. is flying 7. Can Martin me when he comes back? a. phoned c. phone b. phoning d. be phoning 8. I to bed now. Good night! a. go c. are going b. goes d. am going 9. What time back home? a. comes your brother c. your brother does come b. your brother is coming d. does your brother come 10. My son from school in 1994. a. has graduated c. graduate b. graduated d. can graduate 11. My favourite football team the cup. a. is just winning c. has just won b. just wins d. just has won 12. Has your friend any hobbies? a. get c. got b. gets d. getting 13. When mother opened the door, the baby a. slept c. has slept b. was sleeping d. has been sleeping 14. My daughter graduated from high school a. when she was eighteen c. at age eighteen years old b. when she had eighteen years d. when was eighteen years old of age 15. I realized they were lies to me! a. saying c. making b. telling d. doing 16. It I who saw him first. a. am c. are b. is d. are being 17. Neither my sister nor I at home at that time yesterday. a. was c. were b. has been d. have been 18. He knows a car. a. repairing c. how to repair b. repair d. to repair 19. I speak to your daughter, please?

a. shall b. need 20. Children run in the street. a. cant b. neednt Test 2

c. may d. must c. mustnt d. may

21. How often to the theatre? a. you go c. are you going b. you are going d. do you go 22. I dont know why I silly mistakes! a. always do c. am always making b. always am making d. do always 23. I am older than you, ? a. isnt it c. arent I b. am I d. dont I 24. Liza her mother that she was very tired. a. said c. did tell b. told d. told to 25. Pele, born in Brazil in 1940, the greatest footballer in the world. a. and he became c. and became b. he was d. became 26. We him since he went to London. a. havent seen c. do not see b. didnt see d. will not see 27. Your new trousers you. a. dont fit b. doesnt fit c. fits not d. fit not

28. My little brother since three oclock. a. is sleeping b. slept 29. I cannot remember where . a. she works b. does she work 30. I will go fishing with you tomorrow if I free. a. am b. will be

c. sleeps d. has been sleeping c. did she work d. worked she c. shall be d. were