Date Class Time Enrolment Topic Subtopic Learning Outcomes

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07 July 2008 Year 3 1130-1230 16 pupils Magnets Materials attracted by magnets. At the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to 1. Demonstrate that magnets attract some materials but not others.
2. Record findings in a table. 3. State at least 3 objects that are attracted by magnets.

Duration Strategies

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60 minutes Experiment, Discussion. 1. Observing 2. Classifying
3. Generating idea

Scientific Process/Manupulative Skills and Thinking Skills:

4. Communicating 5. Use and handle science apparatus and substances. Science Attitudes and Noble Values: 1. Being cooperative 2. Being confident and independent Teaching and Learning Resources: 1. Magnets 2. Steel thumb-tacks
3. Ten sen coins

4. Paper clips 5. Pencils

Steps/Phase Set Induction (5 minutes) 1130-1135

Contents Magnets attract some materials.

Teaching and Learning Activities Teacher demonstrates a material that can attracted by magnet and a material that is not attracted by magnet. Teacher asks questions 1. Can you see what is happening? 2. What are the differences between this two materials can do with the magnet? Teacher state that the lesson today is about “Materials Attracted by Magnets”. Teacher shows materials(magnets, steel thumb-tacks, coins, paper clips and pencils) and pupils are required to predict either the material can attracted by magnets or not. Teacher asks pupils to present their

Remarks SPS: Observation Relating TS: Attributing Generating ideas T&L Resources: Magnet Paper clip Pencil SPS: Classifying Predicting

Eliciting Idea (20 minutes) 1135-1155

Materials that attracted by magnets and not attracted by magnets.

Restructuring Ideas (20 minutes) 1155-1215

Classifying that materials attracted by magnets.

answers in the worksheet given. Teacher asks pupils to form groups. Teacher distributes a magnet, a steel thumb-tack, a coin, a paper clip and a pencil for each group. Teacher asks pupils to identify and classify the materials given by following instruction and present their

SPS: Classifying Generating idea MS: Use and handle science apparatus and substances

observations in the table given. Teachers asks pupils to complete the table with other materials they can found in the class. Teacher discusses and explains the Application (10 minutes) 1215-1225 Teacher discusses the answers with Closure (5 minutes) 1225-1230 pupils. Teacher summarizes today’s lesson by asking: 1. What are the materials that attracted by magnets? 2. What are the materials that are not attracted by magnets? SPS: Relating finding together with pupils. Pupils are required to complete the worksheet given. SPS: Classifying Relating

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