Steven Lloyd Philosophy Boyd, B period 19 August 2008

Socrates was a great thinker beyond his years and time. He questioned, he quarreled and he provoked others to open their minds and think. The ideas Socrates practiced were revolutionary and frightening to common folk and the politicians alike. Thinking and ideas were the main dealings of Socrates and eventually they would be his demise. The radical ideas and way of thinking Socrates proposed were considered dangerous by his colleagues. Many things could turn a seemingly simple idea into a dangerous one. The target of the idea, for example, has a large influence on the possible danger of it, whether it be aimed at the government, a political group, or a majority population. The subject of an idea could be controversial or explosive, but this would also depend on the crowd to which it was subjected. I find the most uncomfortable world ideas to involve religion and the origin of the human race. Ideas involving these issues are the most controversial, discussed, rejected, argued, and deadly in the world population and there are infinite explanations that have never and will never be agreed upon worldwide. Since the beginning of time, ideas that were considered brash and out of the ordinary have been brought to the table by educated thinkers have turned out to be true. One famous example of this extreme thought process would be the idea of the Earth revolving around the Sun proposed by Copernicus. This fanatical theory turned out to be true. I believe that all ideas are worth living for. Everyone has ideas, whether they be radical, ordinary, superfluous, or subtle. To be alive and to live is to think and have ideas regarding anything and everything at some point. Conversely, I find few ideas for which

Lloyd I would be willing to sacrifice my life. The Declaration of Independence of the United States covers the ideas that I believe strongly enough in to self-sacrifice. These ideas are inalienable rights in America and they are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. For others and future generations of mankind to experience these rights, I would shed my mortal shell. Ideas come in many shapes and sizes. They can be large, important, and nation shifting, or small, insignificant, and bland. Everyone has ideas but acting on these ideas depends solely on the person. Socrates was a rare breed in that he stood by his ideas, convictions, and principles even in the face of death, where most men would fold. Ideas make the world go ‘round.

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