We live in a postmodern and pluralistic culture that eschews absolute truth. This has huge implications for the arena of morals. Christianity is at odds with ethical relativism, but it won’t do to simply appeal to God’s law. The crucial and complex question is: What is God’s law? We have seen the Christian faith is not simply about ethics. The Christian faith is founded upon and centered upon the gospel of Jesus Christ. This good news is just that: news. It’s an announcement outside of us about a victory that has been won. Christ was put to death and raised for sinners. We are declared right by having our sins forgiven through faith. Justification is the great indicative. Our obedience flows from this fact. Sanctification follows justification; the indicative is the foundation for the imperative. We saw that new covenant believers are not under the Mosaic law. This does not mean that new covenant believers are without “law” though. We are still under the law of God, which for us is the law of Christ. I unpacked five aspects of the law of Christ. It is the law of love, the example of our Lord Jesus Christ, the teaching of Jesus, the teaching of the New Testament, and finally the whole canon interpreted in light of the Christ event. We concluded by showing that there is both continuity and discontinuity between the law of Christ and the law of Moses. Continuity is based on natural law, which is grounded in creation and expressed in both covenants. May Christ’s new covenant community be faithful in obeying him as we wait on our great God and King. Soli Deo Gloria

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