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Herbal CSA
sweet herb medicinals, llc
to give it sweetness.” ― John Steinbeck
Fall is definitely in the air, but these warm days linger into dusk, or what I like to call, twilight. My favorite time of day, twilight lends its peaceful breath of fresh air. It is a time of day with a certain calm that affords the space to reflect on all that has happened during the light and all which continues during the dark. Ebbing & flowing, working and resting, this cycle is constant. It has been a bountiful season, and for this, we are grateful on many levels. Our hearts and our bellies are full of richly nutritious foods and fruits and herbs to delight even the smallest of people. There are many herbs and blossoms still to be enjoyed, and so the bees and the butterflies as well as the hummingbirds happily buzz and dash and flutter by. What a beautiful place we call home. Our climate lends to such a fantastic cornucopia of plant species. The comfrey leaves are big, the lemon verbena’s fragrance transcends us to a time and place far away, the mint is flowering and bushing out, the pennyroyal in its whirly glory and its it purply-pink hue, and of course, the lavender…cut and come again, and again, and again. All species, on a cellular level, are preparing for the cooler months to follow. Many blessings to you and yours.

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter

We have really been looking forward to offering you the incredible blend of flavors found in this fennel garlic oxymel. We included cardamom and blueberry with the raw honey and organic apple cider vinegar to create a formula sure to keep your body performing optimally. With changing of seasons, kids going to back to school, extra-curricular activities and sports, and slightly elevated stress levels as a result of all the above, this Oxymel will enable you to keep up by leaving any illness behind. You may try gargling the formula if you feel sore throat coming on. There may be mini bits of garlic in the bottle, but do not hesitate to swallow it down! It’s good for ya! Lemon Verbena infused Honey There are some things in life that just cannot get any better. To me, lemon verbena optimizes summer, the feeling you have when it’s summertime, and everything sweet and smell good that comes along with it. Then…you add honey. Perfect, all on it’s own. To round out a lovely summer season, and a fantastic summer herbal CSA, we are happy to impart an extra bit of sweetness into your life. Enjoy this delightful creation by the spoonful, drizzled over your yogurt or oatmeal, into a baked dish, over fresh steamed carrots, or directly into your mouth. Super, duper yummy! Oh, and, don’t forget to give thanks to the bees for all their hard work!

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THE HERBAL CSA September Herbal CSA featured cherry cordial, corn silk crush & fennel garlic oxymel ~


tincture, lavender salts, lemon verbena infused honey, fire

The cherry cordial began back in May when we hand picked cherries from the family ranch. With so much fruit and not wanting any of it to go to waste, I came up with the idea of a cherry cordial. What you are presented with here today is like art in a bottle. The flavor profile is delightful, and even with dry vermouth and vodka, the taste is not overpowering or overwhelming. It is smooth, sweet, delicious and a perfect accompaniment to sparkling water, wine, over ice or, simply, up. You can transform it in into a martini, shaken, not stirred, with a garnish of orange peel, lime, or chocolate (on the side, mind you). Do enjoy, share it with your loved ones, and savor not only the flavor but also the gorgeous ruby hue seen directly through the clear glass bottle. Medicinally, cherries are heart healthy, excellent for the liver and urinary tract; and helpful to the body in eliminating toxins. They are very cleansing to the digestive tract as well. They will definitely ‘keep you regular’. Traditionally, they have been used as an effective treatment for gout and build up of uric acid around the joints. Cherry cordial won’t help with gout, but it will certainly taste good. Cin cin. Lavender Salt is a fun way to spice up your cooking. Use this garden-infused item as a rub, or simply add it to any recipe calling for salt. The flavor and aroma will be quite a nice treat. Corn silk Tincture Prized for its flavor, remarkable for its effectiveness, and honored for its long-time use, corn has been a staple for food and medicine of people around the world for centuries. Corn silk is merely the hair that grows around the corncob. When we harvested our corn this season, we delicately retained the silk and dried it out in a basket. The color maintained as did the fragrance. We used brandy as well as vegetable glycerine to create this healing tincture helpful for all your urinary tract inflammation-reducing needs. Be well.

Fire Crush
This is a heated little concoction we just can’t get enough of. It is an excellent base for soups or sauces, and it can be used as a spread. It works great against cold & flu virus, so incorporate where you can during the change of the season. Bon apetit!

In a food processor, blend together: 2 parts torpedo red onion 1 part cayenne pepper 3 parts nasturtium flower a dash of sea salt a few tablespoons of olive oil

Ingredient Profiles— - Cayenne pepper: hot & firey, healthy for the heart, increases circulation/metabolism/digestion - Nasturtium: sharp, peppery, fresh, watercress-like, relieves cold/flu & hair loss. - Torpedo red onion: sweet, spicy, mild, acidic, heart healthy, preventative to common ailments, reduces bad cholesterol