Basic final test



1. Answer the questions:
a) Who is your favorite artist?
b) Where is your sister now?
c) What is your favorite fruit?
d) Are you married?
e) How old is your father?
f) Where are you now?
2. Complete with “a”, “an” or “the”:
a) Do you need ________ umbrella?
b) _______ capital of Rio Grande do Sul is Porto Alegre.
c) This house is very nice. Is there _____ garden?
d) Do you want _____ apple?
e) _______ supermarkets are open today.
f) He is _________ intelligent guy.
g) I live in ________ big house. ________ house is very beautiful.
h) .There is _________ house in New Orleans

3. g) Peter ________________________ (not watch) TV. e) David ________________________ (feed) the mouse. at. 4. under). It´s Sunday morning at the Smith´s house! What are they doing? a) Paul ______________________ (read) book on the floor. between. This is Sandra’s bedroom. She’s a very organized girl. b) Mrs. beside. Smith ________________________ (take) care of the baby. c) Mr. behind. Answer the questions looking at the picture: (Remember the prepositions: in. in front of. Smith ________________________ (arrive) home. f) Bob ________________________ (play) with a little car. on. d) Sally ________________________ (listen) to music. a) Whose bedroom is this? _________________________________________________________ b) Is there a car in Sandra´s bedroom? _________________________________________________________ c) Is there a clock in Sandra’s bedroom? _________________________________________________________ .

_____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ ..d) Is there a toy on the bed? ___________________________________________________________ e) Are there any books on the shelf? ___________________________________________________________ f) Where is the stereo system? ___________________________________________________________ g) Where is the telephone? ___________________________________________________________ h) Where is the bed? ___________________________________________________________ i) Are there any flowers in Sandra’s bedroom? ___________________________________________________________ j) Where is the door? ___________________________________________________________ k) Is the VCR under the TV? ___________________________________________________________ 5... what is she doing. _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ . What is she wearing.... Describe the woman.

8) Answer the questions below about Kevin and his family. she _______ (to work) in a supermarket. On Saturdays Nathan _______ (to come) to my house and we _______ (to play) soccer. because Nathan _______ (to work) every day in a Hospital. What time is it? 1. Use the correct verb form. but my best friend _______ (to be) my uncle. Complete the paragraph about Kevin and his family. It _______ (not/ to be) very big. My uncle’s name _______ (to be) Nathan and he _______ (to be) twenty years old. There are three bedrooms. because my teachers _______ (to be) very nice and I _______ (to have) many friends there. We _______ (not/ to play) soccer during the week . ______________________________________________________________________ 2.6. and my mother _______ (to work) in a bank. but she _______ (not/ to like) to work there. We _______ (not/ to have) a garden. I _______ (to have) a sister. I _______ (to be) thirteen years old. Hello. ______________________________________________________________________ 5. I _______ (to love) to study there. I _______ (to live) in an apartment. a) Where does Kevin live? _________________________________________________________ . My name _______ (to be) Kevin. Her name _______ (to be) Alyssa and she _______ (to be) eighteen years old. My father _______ (to be) a teacher. a bathroom. ______________________________________________________________________ 7. ______________________________________________________________________ 4. a living room and a kitchen. so I can’t have pets. ______________________________________________________________________ 3. I _______ (to live) in Chicago. and I go to Lincoln Middle School.

only 2 I think.It costs US$ 800. But I love juice.No. a lot of. I like my coffee sweet. .00. there aren´t ___________ apples. It’s _________ work and ___________ money! d) – How __________ money does this computer cost? .b) How old is Kevin? ________________________________________________________ c) Where does Kevin study? ________________________________________________________ d) Who is Kevin’s best friend? ________________________________________________________ e) What is his father’s job? ________________________________________________________ f) Does Kevin work ? ________________________________________________________ g) Where does Kevin’s mother work? ________________________________________________________ 9) Complete the conversations using many. I don’t drink __________ milk.No.I want __________ sugar. But there are _________ bananas. little or few: a) – How __________ sugar do you want in your coffee? . e) – Do you drink ___________ milk? . c) – Do you like your job? . b) – Are there ___________ apples in the fridge? . I don’t like milk. I drink ___________ glasses of juice a day. much.No. I don’t.

________ name is Julia. but ____________ is very old. a) His / My b) Ours / Hers c) Their / Your d) My / Yours . ____________ is ugly.How ___________ glasses? . but ________ is very lazy. Choose the right alternative to complete the sentence: 1) ___________ car is new. 10. a) Mark’s b) Marks’ c) Mark’ d) Marks’s 3) _________ mother is tall and beautiful. a) Theirs / Hers b) Our / Her c) Mine / His d) Your / She’s 4) __________ sister works a lot. a) My / Hers b) His / Our c) My / Her d) Theirs / Our 2) _________ house is in front of the park. a) His / Ours b) Mine / Hers c) Their / Our d) My / Your 5) __________ girlfriend is beautiful..Around 7 I think.

What are you wearing today? 2. Where do you work/study? 3. Do you always brush your teeth after breakfast? 8. Do you take a shower? How often? 7. How much water do you drink a day? 9.Basic final test Name: Date: Teacher: 1. Are there any animals in your house? . How many people live in your house? 10. Does your best friend live in Porto Alegre? 4. How often do you study English? 6. What does he/she do? 5.

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