Each item is carefully selected for its exquisite taste and nutritional value.

Meals are prepared fresh upon ordering. Please allow at least 25 minutes for preparation. Prices are subject to change due to organic seasonal availability.


Stuffed Avocado
Avocado, nutmeat, bell peppers and tomatoes $12.00 $12.00

Cabbage Taco
Cabbage stuffed with nutmeat, tomato, avocado, onions and sauce

Collard Roll
Garnished nutmeat and herbs and spices wrapped in a collard leaf

$13.00 $12.00 (1/2 pint) $16.00

Nori Rolls
Nutmeat, tomato, avocado, and lettuce wrapped in Nori seaweed sheets

Almonds, onions, garlic and spices

Vitality Soup
Avocado, bell peppers, ex. virgin. olive oil, fresh herbs and spices, Kelp, sea salt, spinach, distilled water and zucchini (16 oz.) $9.75

Seaweed Soup
Avocado, bell peppers, cucumbers, dulse, distilled water, Fresh herbs and spices, ex. virgin. olive oil, kelp, and sea salt

(16 oz.)


Spinach Salad
Spinach leaves with herbs and spices, avocado, onions Small $11.50 Small $11.50 Large $16.50 Large $16.50

Kale Salad
Kale greens with avocado, tomato and onions

Cucumber Salad Cucumbers, tomato, onions, lemons, and olive oil Tossed Salad w/House Dressing
Organic mixed field greens, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers with herbs and spices

One Size Small $10.50

$11.50 Large $15.00

Fruit Salad

Small $8.50

Large $13.50

Many menu items and specials may contain nuts. Please ask your server for details if you have any nut allergies.

Sage crumbles and red bell peppers. tomato sauce. wild rice ($2 extra) or kale Salad ($2. black olives. and sage burger crumbles w/Salad $23 w/vegetable $23 Pecans. onions. topped with a special dry blend of herbs and spices and crisply dehydrated Tostado $16 w/Salad $23 Crisp flax shell layered with local field greens. Nachos $17 w/Salad $23 Avocados. this is pizza at it’s finest! Personal Pan Pizza $18. onions. Doubled delicious flavor! Battered Bellas $14 w/Salad $21 Portabella mushroom strips in Lov’n it Live’s special pine nuts and pistachio batter. Lov’n it Live’s delectable tomato sauce. and onions over greens. tomato. and Lov’n it Live’s savory tomato Sauce just a bit chunky makes this dish truly the best lasagna you will ever encounter! Mushroom Steak $18 w/Salad $23. black olives. chopped tomatoes. walnuts. onions. and tomatoes burst in color and flavor to highlight the classic taste of guacamole.50 w/Salad $26 Layers of zucchini noodles. celery. black olives. onions.50 w/Salad $25 Double scrumptious slice made with kamut bread. served with flax crackers. pine nut cheese. topped with spinach.50 extra) 20% Gratuity added to parties of 5 or more . pine nut cheese. chopped tomatoes.Entrees Nubian Salad $18. Topped with Tomato sauce and sliced up thick! Nut loaf $17 Lasagna $21. tomato sauce. pine nut cheese. topped with spinach. wild rice.50 Wondrous mixture of avocado. spinach. or bulgur. and sage patty crumbles.50 Portabella mushrooms seasoned with savory spices. and tomatoes over mixed greens Slice of Pizza $13 w/Salad $19 This scrumptious slice is made with kamut bread. avocados. This is our most popular dish! Tacos $17 w/Salad $23 Two crisp flaxseed-sun flower shells stuffed with sage crumbles. pine nut cheese. avocado. black olives. herbs. rich pine nut cheese. Bursting with flavor. chopped tomatoes. pine nut cheese. Sage crumbles and red bell peppers. and pumpkin seeds create a live match to Mama’s meatloaf.

00 / Large $9. Cheese.25/half or $.00 Made with pecans. (Cucumbers. mixed greens. Bell Peppers. Dessert and Drink (Moss not available) If for two add $5 Sampler Platter Choose from any four items (Lasagna excluded) and Salad $52 Add your Creativity to Ours (Avocado. habanero or scotch bonnet pepper. herbs and spices. pumpkin seeds. olives $. and red peppers Lentil Burger 1/2 $12 w/Salad $17 Whole $16 w/Salad $22. and bell pepper) Five Course Dinner $67 Includes Soup. and bell pepper in a sweet and sour dressing. and a blend of other herbs and spices on a bed of lettuce or in between two piecesOf Lov’n It Live’s Kamut or flax bread. Entrée.75 Snacks Plantain Strips Nori Chips (Nori.25) ( Tomatoes. sage. pecans. zucchini.00 Made with sprouted lentils.(Chipotle)8oz $26. onion.50 Sandwich options: Nutmeat. With Pine Nut Cheese $. DLT (dulse. Salad Dressing.50 $7. mixed greens. Almond Nutmeat) Flax or Cheese Crackers $5. Served nestled over greens or bulgur rice seasoned with Onions. Cheese. served either On flax bread or kamut or a bed of lettuce and topped with local field greens and our special red sauce.50 Small $6. onions. Choice of sauce and / or Veggie (avocado. squash.50 $6. carob and dates) Good Cookies Fudge $9.25 $3.00 20% Gratuity added to parties of 5 or more . Salad. tomato.50/whole Vegetable or Nutmeat Sandwich 1/2 $12 w/Salad $17 Whole $16 w/Salad $22.00 $6.(Pine nut )8oz $20. Onions. With Pine Nut Cheese $.00 $6. and tomato).25/half or $. Ginger $1.Slice of Kamut Bread (5’x5’)or Flax Bread $6. Crackers $3). garlic. 8oz $15. Wild Rice $8 Desserts Pie Dejour Ice Cream (Flavors vary daily) Brownie (walnuts.75) (Sage Crumbles.Salad Dress. cauliflower. Olive Oil.Entrees con’t Sweet & Sour Marinated Vegetables $16 w/Salad $22 Available veggies or Broccoli. pumpkin seeds. Dulse $1.50/whole Sage Burger 1/2 $12 Whole $17 w/Salad $17 w/Salad $23. Appetizer.50).

parsley. lemon.75) $12. cabbage. Chamomile) $5.00 Smoothie Seed Nut Milk with Banana (Add Fruit $1.00 Lemonade Organic Lemons & sweetened w/ birch xylitol $6. orange. garlic and lemon Kidney Flush: Apple. ginger. organic vanilla bean.00 Seed Milk Almond or Pumpkin (Add Vanilla $1. cucumber.75 $13. dandelion.00 (Based on organic and seasonal availability) apple. Fruits $12. pear. Additional fruits or vegetables are $1 each. Peppermint. cantaloupe. or raw organic Carob. mango.00 Add Coconut Water $2. Bases of all drinks are apple or orange. celery.50. onion.50 Freshly Prepared Organic Juices Choose a base plus an additional fruit. herbs $12.Beverages Herbal Tea (Red zinger. kiwi. organic dates. kale. avocado. and parsley Specialty Juices Liver Flush: Apple. and organic spices Sorrel Hibiscus flower. Grapefruit. and shave grass Colon Flush: Apple. Moringa or Carob ) $12. Garlic.00) $12. organic pumpkin seeds. pear. celery. flax oil. cauliflower. dandelion.00 Hot Tea Moss (Vanilla. grape. strawberry. and watermelon Vegetables $12. cucumber.00 Spring Water Crystal Springs Spring Water $ . ginger and birch xylitol as a sweetener $8.50 (Customer Appreciation) Tuesday-Women’s Day-10% off Purchase Not Valid w/other promotions 20% Gratuity added to parties of 5 or more .00 (Based on organic availability) broccoli. tomato. Dates $1.00 Raw Irish Moss. or West African Moringa .

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