Malegueña (key of Ab) TABS for 64 Hohner Chromonica (key of C

c. 2013, PEARSCH, IAeSR retains all rights. May not be redistributed without written permission.

One can follow this version with the Harmonicats by going to YouTube and typing in
"Harmonicats, Maleguena" in the search box. The Harmonicats discography may be
found here.
The (+,-) Symbols, push button in for Sharps or Flats (blow/draw). B= blow, D=
draw. An (* asterisk) over a number means the lower octave on a 64 Chromonica. A
smaller chromatic harmonica won't have the lower octave. A trill (~~) is
accomplished by blowing (or drawing) over the numbered holes while sliding your
tongue back and forth over the surrounding holes. Up an Octave : 8va means hole 3
would now be hole 7 (both holes being G, or one octave different).

at 0:00 in the video

[3B +3B -3D, 3B +3B -3D +3B 3B, 2B +2B 3B, 2B +2B 3B +3B 3B, 3B
+3B, +2B 3B +3B, +3B -3D 4B +4B 4B] rpt x1 (8va)
~~ 1B 2B 3B 4B 3B 2B 1B ~~ (trill tongue)

at 0:36 in the video
3B +3B -3D -3D..., +3B 3B +2B 3B +3B, ~~

at 0:45
~~ +1B +2B +3B +4B +3B +2B +1B ~~ (trill tongue)

at 0:49
+2B 3B +3B -3D +3B -5D, +4B 4B -3D +3B 3B +2B 3B +3B 3B -3D, +3B 3B
+2B 2B +2B 2B 1B

at 0:58
[4 /////// 4] (run) 3B -3D +3B 3B +3B, +2B 3B +3B 3B -3B +3B 3B +2B 2B
+2B 3B] rpt x1

at 1:02
[1B 2B 3B, 1B 2B 3B, +2B +3B 3B +2B -1B +1B] rpt x1

at 1:07

[9B +9B -9D +9D 9B, 7B -7B +7B 7B +7B, +6B 7B +7B 7B -7D +7B 7B +6B
6B +6B 7B] rpt x1

at 1:14
[1B 2B 3B, 1B 2B 3B, +2B +3B 3B +2B -1B +1B] rpt x1

at 1:20
~ 4B +4B, 4B +4B ~

at 1:27

* *
4B 4B -3D, 4B 4B -3D, ~~ 4B 4B

at 1:37
3B +3B -3D -3D... +3B 3B +2B 3B +3B ~~~, +2B 3B +3B -3D +3B 3B +2B
2B +2B 3B ~~~

at 2:04
2B +2B 3B -3D -3D... +3B 3B +2B 3B +3B ~~~

at 2:16
1B +1B, 2B +2B, 3B +3B, 4B +4B

at 2:20

+2B 3B +3B -3D +3D -5D, +5B 5B -3D +3B 3B +2B 3B +3B -3D, +3B 3B +2B
2B +2B 2B 4B,

at 2:30
[9B 7B 6B 5B 6B 7B 9B, 9B 7B 6B 5B 6B 7B 9B, +9B +7B +10B +9B +7B
+10B] rpt x1

at 2:36
[1B 2B 3B, 1B 2B 3B, +2B +3B 3B +2B -1B +1B] rpt x1

at 2:42

[4 /////// 4] (run) [5B +5B -5D +5B 5B, 3B -3D +3B 3B +3B, +2B 3B +3B 3B
-3D +3B 3B +2B] rpt x1

at 2:49

5B.. -3D, 5B.. +5B -5D, 5B.. -3D, 5B.. +5B -5D
[5B +5B -3D 5B 3B -3D 2B 3B 1B] rpt x1
1B 4B, 1B 4B, 1B 4B 6B 4B 1B, [1B ///// 6B] (run)

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