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Some game design, artwork and layout
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Some art by Sade and Art Fantasy

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Best Cthulhu Stuff Out There.
Here is a list of some great Cthulhu-based stuff on the web right now.
Calls for Cthulhu. Very funny spoof on the mythos and Cthulhu in general with the great tentacle things as a talk show
Cthulhu.com.  A super clearinghouse of stuff about Cthulhu.  News, links and more about the great big guy.
The story itself. You can get the full story here alongside all, or most of Lovecraft's other works.
H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society or HPLHS.  They have been making some movies based upon Lovecraft's work. The
best is Call of Cthulhu, a silent movie homage.

Road Rage

For some time I had an idea floating around in my head for a card-based game
where tiles or cards were laid out as the game progressed to form a road or
course where cars or some sort of racing vehicles would move. This idea
became the Road Rage system.
While the game pays a lot of homage to Car Wars, it plays quite differently. Players first build
their car and driver and then play road cards from their hand to alter the roadway where the car
battle is waged. As the game progresses, the road expands as new cards are laid down and old
cards are taken away. The system itself is fairly simple and fast to play.

I used a lot of art by Tamas Baranya for two reasons. First, he already has a lot of stuff out there
for use with this sort of game, and second, because I really like his work.

Road Rage has been very popular and requests have come in for arenas and pedestrians, so we
might add those on in the future. I also have an idea for a futuristic, sci-fi version using grav cars
and a laser beam track-like setting.
We have some new
road cards for you
in the free section
so have fun.
Coral Throne
Interlude X
Tommus stood on the stone pier looking out into the city’s harbor. He was alone here, all the others under his command
seeing to some duty or another. He though had little to do, just stand here and wait. He looked across the harbor up to
the palace sitting above the city, could feel the power raising up there, knew that Julia, Lessiter and the others had cast
their spell. He watched as the bolt of multicolored lights shot out of the place, and thought it odd that it could carry so
much power.
“Something went wrong,” he said to himself.
As he stood there the waters in the harbor began to pull away, leaving a line on the stone pier where they normally
would lap. Tommus knew now something was terribly wrong. His siblings had cast more energy into the spell then he
or they had expected. Tommus turned and ran for his horse, mounting in a swift leap. He gave orders to those standing
about too be ready for a rush of water into the harbor and then spurred his horse thought the city streets, racing to reach
the palace. He looked back over his shoulder one last time to see the harbor almost drained of water, it all being pulled
away by the great spell’s effect.
Rupert Cornelius Hellstrom, known to the
world as Professor Bug, was once a
well-respected entomologist. Rupert never got
along well with humans; he was introverted and
more than a little strange. Insects he could
relate to. He made the study of insects his life’s
work, and dedicated his considerable intellect
to the field of entomology.
Unfortunately the entomology department at
the University where he worked had its budget
severely cut, and Rupert was denied the tenure
he had been counting on. Most of his research
projects were defunded, decimating his life’s
work. Rupert watched as his entire life
crumbled all around him, once again before of
the inability of humans to understand the
majesty and power of the insect. He suffered a
severe psychotic break and was never the same.
He robbed several laboratories within the
University campus and then disappeared.
By the time anyone heard from Rupert
Hellstrom again, he was calling himself
Professor Bug and had completely succumbed
to his madness. He now planned to wipe
humanity off the face of the Earth to make
room for the inevitable Age of the Insect.
Professor Bug
Cowardly and nonathletic, Professor Bug prefers
to usher in the Age of the Insect from the safety of
his lair by
piloting giant remote control insect robots.
Professor Bug has been less than successful in his
quest so far. His robot insects are constantly
destroyed by superheroes, almost for sport, and all
of his attempts to breed a super-insect that could
outcompete humanity have ended in annoyance
rather than death. Although it might be tempting
to see Professor Bug as something of a comical
figure, he only needs to succeed once to prove just
how dangerous he really is.
Hero Adventure Seeds
Professor Insect Neologisms – Professor Bug has invented an Insectification Ray, which turns humans
into strange human/insect hybrids. He has used the ray to make himself a number of henchmen and
now plans to hijack a space launch for a satellite so he can use the ray against the whole world at once.
The PCs will have to track Professor Bug and stop him, as well as find a way to cure the victims of his
Insectification Ray.
More Robots – Professor Bug has acquired an alien machine which can create perfect duplicates of
anything. Somewhat lacking in imagination, the use Professor Bug puts this machine to is duplicating
robot insects. He now has a veritable army of the robots, and hundreds of them guard his lair. The PCs
will have to breach the robot army and get to the machine quickly because there are many organizations
that could put such technology to much more sinister uses. These organizations will also have agents
looking to get through to the device.
Villain Adventure Seeds
Fair Trade – Professor Bug has recently lost a large number of bug robots to superheroes, and needs
raw materials. Lacking any more robots to commit robberies to get these materials, he’s in a jam.
Professor Bug offers to build robot minions for the PCs if they’re willing to steal the materials for both
them and for the Professor’s new bugbots. The PCs may not completely trust Professor Bug, and they’d
be smart not to. He plans to program backdoors into the PCs robots so he can take control of them at
any time. How quickly the PCs figure this out will dictate whether there’s anything they can do about
This Town’s Only Big Enough For One Madman – The PCs discover a plot of Professor Bug’s to
release hundreds of thousands of genetically modified horseflies in a major metropolis as part of his
larger goal of retaking Earth for the insects. He has picked a very inconvenient time to do so, because
it’s the same day that the PCs have planned a major caper of some kind in that city, one that would be
ruined by a bugpocalypse. The PCs and Professor Bug will have to engage in a secret war of sabotage
to determine who has the right to attack the city.
Professor Bug
Age: 39
Sex: Male
Nationality: American
Type: Villain
Human Detective 1 Super Scientist 2
Init +5; Senses; Perception +8
AC 14, touch 12, flat-footed 12
(+1 Dex, +2 Armor, +1 Dodge)
HPs 14 (1d6+2 + 2d4+2)  
Fort +1, Ref +3, Will +5
Defensive Abilities None
Spd 30 ft.
Melee Unarmed Strike +0 (1d3)
Ranged None
Special Attacks None
Str 10, Dex 13, Con 12, Int 17, Wis 15, Cha 13
Base Atk +0 CMB +0 CMD 11
Class Features Broad Knowledge, Home City, Research, Jury-Rig, Scientific Gadgets
Feats Skill Focus (Science), Dodge, Combat Expertise, Improved Initiative, Feat, Bonus Feat
Skills Appraise +9, Diplomacy +7, Disable Device +7, Knowledge (Computers) +9, Knowledge (Sci-
ence) +13, Knowledge (Nature) +9, Perception +8, Sense Motive +8
Languages English
Combat Gear Armored Lab Coat (Armor 1); Other Gear Portable Pheromone Manipulator (Summon
Animals 8)
Flavors None
Flaws Insane
RP 9 (-1 Armored Lab Coat, -8 Portable Pheromone Manipulator)
Professor Bug’s Marvelous
World Conquering Bugbots
Age: Brand New
Sex: N/A
Nationality: American
Type: Villain
Artificial Brick 3
Init +2; Senses; Perception +1
AC 18, touch 12, flat-footed 16
(+1 Dex, +6 Armor, +1 Dodge)
HPs 33 (3d12+9)  
Fort +5, Ref +3, Will +2
Defensive Abilities DR 5/-
Spd 30 ft.
Melee Mandibles +5 (1d8+6)
Ranged None
Special Attacks None
Str 17, Dex 14, Con 15, Int 9, Wis 12, Cha 3
Base Atk +2; CMB +5 CMD 17
Natural Weapon 3 (3 PP)
Class Features Computer Port, Immunity (Disease, Aging, Poisons, Death Effects), No Air Requirements,
No Healing, Recovery Systems, Limited Battery Life, Power Punch
Feats Dodge, Power Attack, Skill Focus (Climb)
Skills Climb +12
Languages Binary
Combat Gear Armored Carapace (Armor 3); Other Gear None
Flavors None
Flaws None
RP 3 (-3 Armored Carapace)
The Spiderbots are Professor Bug’s war machines. Those foolish few who incur the wrath of Professor Bug will often
find their homes swarmed by these massive steel arachnids.
Giant Waspbot
Age: Brand New
Sex: N/A
Nationality: American
Type: Villain
Artificial Acrobat 2
Init +3; Senses; Perception +6
AC 18, touch 14, flat-footed 14
(+3 Dex, +4 Armor, +1 Dodge)
HPs 16 (2d8+4)  
Fort +1, Ref +6, Will +1
Defensive Abilities DR 5/-
Spd 30 ft.; Fly 30 ft.
Melee Unarmed Strike (Stinger) +3 (1d3+5)
Ranged None
Special Attacks None
Str 15, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 9, Wis 12, Cha 3
Base Atk +1 CMB +3 CMD 16
Flight 2 (2 PP)
Class Features Computer Port, Immunity (Disease, Aging, Poisons, Death Effects), No Air Requirements,
No Healing, Recovery Systems, Limited Battery Life, Evasion, Surprise Attacks, Unarmed Strike
Feats Dodge, Combat Reflexes
Skills Acrobatics +8, Perception +6, Stealth +5
Languages Binary
Combat Gear Armored Carapace (Armor 2); Other Gear None
Flavors None
Flaws None
RP 3 (-2 Armored Carapace)
The giant waspbots are Professor Bug’s spies and minions. When his robots commit a robbery, the
spiderbots attack the guards while the waspbots make off with the loot.
Book Two
Book One
Lets You Have It With Both Barrels!
Book Three
Series features stories by science fiction greats such as:
Jack Campbell/John G. Hemry, Jack McDevitt, John C. Wright, Brenda Cooper,
Bud Sparhawk, Charles E. Gannon, Lisanne Norman, Lawrence M. Schoen, Maria V.
Snyder, Deborah Teramis Christian, Andy Remic, Lee C. Hillman, Jonathan Maberry,
Judi Fleming, Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Patrick Thomas, Phoebe Wray, James Chambers,
Jeffrey Lyman, S.A. Bolich, James Daniel Ross, Nancy Jane Moore, Tony Ruggiero,
Ann Wilkes, Kimberley Long-Ewing, Robert E. Waters, Jennifer Brozek, Laurie Gailunas,
Jeff Young, and C.J. Henderson
“Iit’s easy to imagine yourself at the off-base bar on a deep-space transfer station,
overhearing the tales of passing space marines, naval officers, and assorted other soldiers.
If you enjoy a well-told story in the military SF genre, this is the book for you.”
—Don Sakers, Analog
Introducing Books Three and Four in the Award-Winning
Defending the Future Anthology Series
Book Four
Castra Novesium
For use with Servants of Gaius
The Power Behind
the Senate
Servants of Gaius Scenario
This is a brief scenario for any Servants of Gaius campaign. Ideally the Player Characters will have proved themselves as
trustworthy before being assigned this mission. The precise details of the scenario are left for the Gamemaster to custom-
ize to his campaign but we detail two key NPCs here and explain the political context of a troubling murder mystery.
A new movement is gaining strength in the senate, a revitalized effort to restore the republic. Normally no one would dare
make such an attempt, but recently a senator named Gnaeus Servilius Vatia has made the right connections to keep him-
self safe while making attacks on the emperor. A former consul, Gnaeus wraps his criticisms in compassion, calling
Caligula their “ailing princep” who needs help, not power. His allies include high ranking members of the Praetorian
Guard, well positioned legates (including Gaetulicus and Lucius Apronius), and large swaths of the urban cohort. How-
ever, despite his increasing influence, Gnaeus is a mere puppet with little will of his own. In reality he is guided by his
wife, Justina, the true mind behind the new republicans.
But the republicans are opposed by another wing in senate still loyal to Caligula. This wing is led by Tiberius Fabius
Dorso, a scholarly senator with close ties to Macro, the Praetorian Prefect. This faction is called aurea patres (the golden
fathers) but Gnaeus derides the group, calling them the Golden Boys. Recently Macro was replaced by an Impersonator
(page 80 of the Servants of Gaius rulebook) and has been encouraging Tiberius to make peace with Gnaeus. Reluctantly,
the leader of the aurea patres has agreed to meet his political foe.
Macro's Betrayal
What Tiberius fails to realize is Macro intends to betray
the emperor and his first move will be to sacrifice him as a
pawn in a political game. When it looks like the two sides
have reached an agreement, Macro plans to assassinate
Tiberius. By arranging for the murder to appear as an
imperial order, he hopes to drive up support for the
republicans and instigate a civil war. Whether this
succeeds or not will depend on if the Servi Gaii can stop
Macro before he makes his move.
The Murders
But Macro has accounted for the Servi Gaii as well.
Because he is the Custos of the organization, and therefore
entitled to know all active members, he arranges for the
murder of all Servi Gaii inside Rome. In the three weeks
leading up to the assassination of Tiberius Fabius Dorso,
he has one Servi Gaii killed each day. For this he also
relies on Pulcher and his men's service.
After the first three murders, Pallas (Claudius' freedman)
summons the PCs and tells them the organization has been
compromised and that they must investigate the murders to
find its source.
The Investigation
The exact details of the investigation are up to the GM.
But the first three senators are murdered in broad daylight
in: The Baths of Agrippa, the streets of the Subura, and the
Tabularium (a government records office on Capitoline
Hill). Investigating these murders is likely to turn up clues
that lead to Pulcher's men in the Subura. Once they
identify Pulcher as the source of the assassination, the PCs
will need to connect him to Macro. Keep in mind that
Pulcher and his gang are a powerful force in the Subura
and likely to retaliate against the player characters if
The Political Consequences
Depending on how things play out, Gnaeus will likely
introduce increasingly antagonistic motions toward the
emperor. These will initially be designed to whittle away at
the princep's powers and giving them to the senate. Players
who are part of the senate could well be involved in the
intrigue and debate at the curia. Again, the specific details
are up to the GM, but Gnaeus is in a strong position and
could call on the legions stationed in Germania Superior
and Inferior if he needs to make a blatant move against the
Keep in mind, Justina's ultimate aim is to make her
husband the emperor (or dictator if need be). So she will
ensure the loyalty to Gaetulicus and Apronius to her
husband and work other senators to propose granting
Gnaeus temporary powers to help “restore the Republic”.
Gnaeus is a key figure in the Roman Senate. He
believes in the republic and has some vague
admiration for Romans like Cato and Brutus. But
the real inspiration in his life is Justina, his wife. A
sophisticated and intelligent woman, she has steered
his career from the beginning. Though he has
always had republican sentiments, like many others,
it was Justina who pressed him to put his thoughts
into action, to arrange things so he could articulate a
vision of a restored republic without fear of
Gnaeus Servilius Vatia
Key Skills
Insitutions (all)
Laws (all)
Justina identified other important senators who were
well positioned to criticize Caligula (because of
relationships with legates, royal family members,
etc). She even crafted the soft approach he takes in
attacking the emperor. With her help he has amassed
a following of 100 senators who support his will.
Key Skills
Talent: Poison
Talent: Writing
Places: Italia
Institutions: Senate
Institutions: Imperial B.
Institutions: Trade Guilds
Expertise: Places-Rome, Institutions-People
Justina is the wife of Senator Gnaeus Servilius
Vatia. She is the mastermind behind his efforts to
restore the republic and is nearly unmatched in
Rome for her cunning and ruthlessness. Justina
understands how people think, what they want, and
who they fear. She brought her husband to power by
convincing him to ally with senators who have
powerful connections. In this way she has insulated
Gnaeus so Caligula cannot arrest or execute him
without risking mutiny in his legions and cohorts.
She has also encouraged him to amplify his power
by pushing for key appointments. Perhaps most
recently he ensured that Gaetilicus became legate of
Germania Superior. When she feels all the pieces are
place, Justina will instruct her husband to restore the
republic by force if necessary.
Of course, Justina has no interest in going back to
the republic. She knows it is a fool's dream and will
just result in civil war. But she has thought several
steps ahead and plans for her husband to start a new
imperial dynasty. She will use whatever means she
can to eliminate threats to her position, including
arranging for the murder of her husband's enemies.
Key Skills
Light Melee
Medium Melee
Talent: Poison
Combat Technique: From the Shadows
(Light Melee), Quick (Light Melee)
Bad Baby Productions, 2011 Art and Story by Robert Hemminger
Tbere are many planes of existence in tbe universe.
Many are bome to worlds filled witb life.
Utbers are alive witb civilization.
Wbile a few bold only danger and deatb.
Tbis is a fake.
From plane to plane tbe bunter seeks bis prey.
Past worlds botb strange and beautiful.

Uf course it's a
fake you
foolisb bitcb.
Tbere is no
Codex, it is but a
lie tbe Macbine
Cod tell to
tempt fools like
Tben tbis was a trap?
Yes, set by my
masters to lure
you to your
Tbe prey becomes tbe bunter.

You sball never
win against tbe
Macbine Cods.
I may not demon, but I
sball never stop trying.

Mark’s Musings
by Mark L. Chance of Spes Magna Games
The Art of Horsemanship
Everywhere they existed in all times down to the
20th century, horse-mounted cavalry commanded
fear and respect on the battlefield. The war horse
was no mere mode of transportation. It was a
weapon of immense power, especially against a
foot soldier, who faced not only the war-trained
rider but also one-half ton of war-trained beast. No
man could easily withstand the 2,000-or-so pounds
per square inch of force exerted by a warhorse's
Choosing a War Horse
There are three types of horses readily available to
PCs: ponies, light horses, and heavy horses. All
three can be trained for combat via Handle Animal,
but here we encounter a bit of rules strangeness. A
pony trained for combat has the advanced simple
template applied to its statistics. A heavy horse is a
light horse with the advanced simple template and
trained for combat. So what does that make a light
horse trained for combat?
Apparently, it just makes it a light horse with
combat training. Ponies and heavy horses have the
advanced simple template, the former by virtue of
combat training it seems, but light horses receive
no template adjustments. This bugs me, so here's
what I recommend:
Ponies: A normal pony (one with no combat
training) retains its standard game stats. One
suitable for combat training has the advanced
simple template. An untrained, war-suitable pony
costs 35 gp. Once combat trained, this animal is a
war pony.
Light Horses: A normal light horse (again, one with
no combat training) also retains its standard game
stats except for speed, which increases to 60 feet.
One suitable for combat training also has the
advanced simple template. An untrained,
war-suitable light horse costs 95 gp. Once combat
trained, this animal is a light warhorse.
Heavy Horses: A normal heavy horse has the stats of
the basic light horse, but with these modifiers: -2
Dexterity and its hooves do 1d6 points of damage. A
heavy horse suitable for combat training has the
advanced simple template. An untrained, war-
suitable heavy horse costs 250 gp. Once combat
trained, this beast is a heavy warhorse.
Regardless of type, all light and heavy warhorses can
attack with two hooves and a bite. A light warhorse's
bite inflicts 1d3 points of damage plus Strength
modifier. All of a war pony's or warhorse's attacks
are primary attacks.
All three types of steeds can be purchased as mares,
stallions, or geldings. Two out of three times, this
choice has minor effects on the mount's abilities
once it is combat trained.
Mares: The female steed tends to be bold but
sensitive and patient. If not handled with these same
traits, mares can become stubborn or even unruly.
Mares receive a +1 bonus to Will saves. If not
well-tended, mares begin to balk. Increase Handle
Animal and Ride DCs by +4 until the mare has been
Stallions: The male, in contrast, behaves more
recklessly and with greater loyalty. Stallions receive
a +1 bonus to initiative. They do not easily accept a
new master. Should a stallion lose its master, it must
be retrained to accept its new master. Until retrained,
it will resist being ridden or commanded. Increase
Handle Animal and Ride DCs by +4, and the stallion
may resort to violence to be left alone.
Geldings: These castrated males are less aggressive
and reckless than stallions, but lack the sensitive
nature of mares. Most geldings have some flaw
(although not one that needs affect its stats);
otherwise, its owner would surely have used it for
breeding. Geldings have no special advantages, but
they suffer no disadvantages.
Combat Training
Horses are intelligent animals, and they can learn up
to six tricks. The core rules tell us this about combat
"Combat Training (DC 20): An animal trained to
bear a rider into combat knows the tricks attack,
come, defend, down, guard, and heel. Training an
animal for combat riding takes 6 weeks. You may
also 'upgrade' an animal trained for riding to one
trained for combat by spending 3 weeks and making
a successful DC 20 Handle Animal check. The new
general purpose and tricks completely replace the
animal's previous purpose and any tricks it once
knew. Many horses and riding dogs are trained in
this way."
The Arts of Dressage
This basic combat training package is all fine and
dandy, but it does not capture how truly amazing was
a well-trained warhorse. The arts of dressage, or airs
above the ground, enable horses to perform
remarkable feats that are the metaphorical equivalent
of a bowl full of bodacity swimming in awesome
A warhorse's or warpony's rider can further train his
mount to perform special combat actions associated
with the arts of dressage. These combat action are
not tricks per se, and they do not count against the
maximum number of tricks a horse or pony may
learn. In order to teach these combat maneuvers,
however, the rider must himself be trained, which is
accomplished by selecting this feat:
Arts of Dressage (Combat)
You are trained in the arts of dressage, and you can
train your warhorse or warpony to use special
combat actions.
Prerequisites: Mounted Combat, Handle Animal 1
rank, Ride 1 rank.
Benefit: You can teach your warhorse or warpony to
use the special combat actions associated with the
arts of dressage, specifically the levade, the capriole,
the courbette, the croupade, and the ballotade.
Training a Mount in Airs Above the Ground
After selecting Arts of Dressage but before a
warhorse or warpony can use any special combat
actions, the rider and mount must work together to
learn the desired art. Each combat action requires
at least a week of training using Handle Animal.
The rider must spend half this time (at the rate of
3 hours per day per animal being handled)
working toward completion of the task before he
attempts the Handle Animal check. If the check
fails, the rider's attempt to teach the animal fails.
The rider need not complete the training time. If
the check succeeds, the rider must invest the
remainder of the time to complete the training. If
the time is interrupted or the task is not followed
through to completion, the attempt train the mount
automatically fails.
The order in which a warhorse or warpony learns
the arts of dressage is fixed. Skills taught in later
arts build on those learned in the earlier ones. The
order of training is the same as listed under the
Arts of Dressage feat above (levade, capriole,
courbette, croupade, and ballotade).
Once the mount is trained, the rider can use
Handle Animal and a move action to command
the mount to perform the combat action.
(A cavalier, druid, or ranger can still handle his
animal companion as a free action.) The Handle
Animal check DC for all arts of dressage combat
actions is 20. If the Handle Animal check
succeeds, the mount performs the desired art on
its next action.
If the Handle Animal check to cue a steed to
perform one of the arts fails, the mount loses a
standard action on its next action. The botched
cue confuses the mount.
The Combat Actions Defined
Levade: This combat action is a movement in
which the horse or pony raises the forequarters,
brings the hindquarters under him, and balances
with haunches deeply bent and forelegs drawn up.
Assuming this position is a move action. While in
levade, the mount can lash out with a foreleg. The
mount gains a +2 bonus to this attack roll, but
suffers a -2 penalty to Armor Class until the
beginning of its next turn. Damage inflicted by a
successful hoof strike while in levade equals
normal damage plus 1-1/2 times the mount's
Strength bonus.
Capriole: The steed executes a vertical leap with a
backward kick of the hind legs at the height of the
leap. This combat action is a full attack. The mount
makes two attack rolls with a -2 penalty due to the
horse's limited field of vision with a backward
kick. Each successful hoof strike inflicts normal
damage plus 1-1/2 times the mount's Strength
bonus. Anyone struck must make a Fortitude save
to avoid being dazed for one round (DC equals 10
+ 1/2 mount's Hit Dice + mount's Strength
Courbette: With this movement, the steed bal-
ances on its hind legs and hops forward on its hin-
dlegs. The animal moves forward up to 15 feet.
Courbette is a full-round action. Creatures at least
one size category smaller than steed maybe over-
run. This works just like the overrun combat ma-
neuver, but the mount makes a check with a +2 bo-
nus against every appropriately-sized creature in its
path. The mount does not provoke attacks of op-
portunity from the targets of its overrun, but its
movement provokes attacks of opportunity as nor-
Croupade: The horse jumps with all four legs
drawn up under it and lands on four legs after
kicking to either the fore or rear. This risky attack
is a full attack action during which the mount
moves five feet. This is not a 5-foot step. Each
successful hoof strike inflicts normal damage.
If the mount's 5-foot step moves into spaces
occupied by creatures at least one size category
smaller than steed, those targets face additional peril
as the horse lands on them, inflicting damage equal
to two hoof strikes plus 1-1/2 times the beast's
Strength modifier. These targets can make attacks of
opportunity against the mount, but at a -4 penalty. If
targets forgo an attack of opportunity, they can
attempt to avoid the trampling and receive a Reflex
save to take half damage. The save DC against the
croupade is 10 + 1/2 the creature’s HD + the
creature’s Str modifier.
After this special trample attack is resolved, the
steed moves another five feet so that it doesn't
remain in any other creature's space. This is also not
a 5-foot step.
Ballotade: The mount rears and then jumps forward,
tucking its rear legs under its hindquarters. This is a
full attack action during which the steed takes a
5-foot step. Targets at least one size category smaller
than the mount in the path of this 5-foot step are
subject to trip attacks. The mount doesn't provoke
attacks of opportunity with these trip attacks, and
enjoys a +2 bonus on its combat maneuver check.
The horse may also make a single hoof attack
against a target within reach.
Exotic Mounts
In a fantasy world, there seems little reason that the
arts of dressage would be limited to horses and
ponies. An orc cavalier mounted on a combat trained
dire boar could conceivably perform a courbette or
ballotade. Of course, certain modifications to the
combat actions that account for different anatomies
may be necessary.

Sometimes the party’s gotta end,
and sometimes the party ends you.
That’s not the saying is supposed
to go, but you can’t anticipate
these things. Friends invite you to
Halloween parties; they give you
party supplies, and play party
games. They give you drinks and
laugh and dance with you. They
are not supposed to drug you and
use you as a sacrifice to their
immortal god of death, tie you up,
and bleed you to death. I swear,
you think you know your friends.
Treasure Among
Jennifer Seiden
Before there were Rogues, there were Thieves, and to this day the Thief (as well as Smugglers,
Burglars, Pickpockets, and Robbers) is a timeless addition to any party. This is the person
whose tactics are questioned; whose morals are a bit left of “honorable.”
Who better to steal treasure from?
Types of Thieves
Robbers and muggers: A robber is someone who steals using force or fear. Violence and
intimidation are usually a big part of the robbery.
Burglar: A burglary is generally defined as the breaking and entering of the residence of
another in the night time. Stealth and skill are both required to be a successful burglar.
Pickpocket: A pickpocket is a street thief that uses stealth techniques to steal from people
during the day or night.
Snatchers and Shoplifters: These types of thieves are usually not skilled so much as
desperate. In either case the thief grabs what they can and gets away as quickly as possible.
Looters: Looters are criminals of opportunity. They wait near battlefields or where there is war
or unrest and steal as items are abandoned, however briefly.
Kidnapping: The theft of people or prized living beings, like pets. At times this type of theft
requires stealth, sneak attacks, and intimidation.
Smuggler: One who moves goods, usually illegal, from one place to another. Although not
technically stealing, these goods are often stolen and the smuggle must have some skills in
hiding the items and sneaking them past security checkpoints.
Embezzlement: Taking assets from people by having them entrusted to that person. A lawyer
could embezzle funds from clients; a spouse can steal funds or property from his or her mate.
Usually requires some sneakiness and con rolls.
Thieves' Tools
Most roleplaying games have an available set of
tools that help out the thief in his trade, but they
usually consist of a set of lockpicks to help reduce
the Disable Device difficulty. There are many
different devices that a thief can use for his or her
trade, and certainly they themselves can be worth
some money when robbing the robber.
Most types of thieves will want to have some sort of
weapon on their person. For those who directly rob
other people, this weapon should be intimidating. For
others who hope to avoid capture, a concealable,
secure weapon to be used in emergencies is a better
Pickpocket's Outfit: has concealed pockets, 5 gp
Dark stealthy clothing 5 gp
Tear-Away Clothing: for easily removable disguises
+5 gp
Rope and other climbing equipment: For those who
prefer burglary, all sorts of climbing equipment is
useful to get into houses 5-10gp
Key, skeleton 85 gp. Opens a lot of doors, although
not all of them reduces DR by 5.
Key, wax-blank 15 gp. Allows the thief to make a
quick copy of a key.
Kit, Disguise 50 gp. Allows the character to quickly
put on a disguise. Includes makeup, hair, wax and
Thieves' Tools: lockpicks and other tools to Disable
Device, 30 gp
Masterwork Thieves Tools, 100 gp
What Else could a Thief Have?
Anything. Literally, anything that the thief might
recently have stolen can now be made available to
the next thief. However, the level of prize is largely
dependent on the skills and experience of the thief
with a dash of luck added in.
A poor or inexperienced thief is more likely to have
low-worth goods on their person. They also have a 1
in 10 chance of having a high-priced item thanks to a
stroke of luck. An experienced thief will have more
high-end goods on their person, and a 4 in 10 chance
of having some really nice expensive pieces in their
possession. A master thief has mostly high end
goods, already provided and 8 in 10 chance of
finding the best stuff available.
Obtaining it, However….
You would think that a thief would be extra careful
regarding where they hide and hold their own
valuables. Therefore an inexperienced thief is careful
enough to warrant a +2 to +5 on the difficulty rating of
stealing from them,. The more preparation a PC takes
in the theft, the more like this increase in DR is
reduced. An experienced thief increases the risk of
getting caught (+5 to +10 to DR), and a Master Thief is
even harder to take things from (+10 to +20).
The Thief Competition
The thieves have a game they play, and it may be one
that the PCs can get involved with if they themselves
are thieves (or need to pretend to be thieves for another
adventure hook). Each thief that wants to enter the
competition must carry an item of value on their person
worth at least 1000 gp. These items are noted by the
judges/referees prior to the start of the competition.
This item must be kept on the person of the thief and in
the thief's room at night. Despite the mockery made of
“honor among thieves,” this competition is supposed to
be as honorable as possible. Therefore the item must
not be in a sealed container, although it can be hidden.
At the end of a three-day period, the thieves come
forward and present their accumulations. The thieves
gain 10 points for each item they stole. They gain
another 20 points if they were able to maintain (or steal
back) the item they brought to the competition. Highest
score indicates the Thief of the Year.
Other Plot Hooks
- A thief steals something from one of the PCs and
when the adventurers give chase and trap the thief, it
turns out the thief has plenty of really valuable items on
him. Unfortunately, some of these items are so valuable
that returning them is near-impossible without
warranting an investigation into themselves.
- A network of skilled cat burglars is revealed to be an
elderly man and a band of orphans. The old bitter man
does not care for the children so much as use them, but
the orphans will not give up their ways so easily,
especially when, for some of the older ones, this town's
alternatives include slavery and prostitution.
- The PCs stumble onto a robbery or kidnapping plot
and the gang takes them along too to eliminate any
witnesses. It is clear that these thieves are beginning to
get out of control and the PCs are going to have to keep
the nervous criminals from doing anything rash to any
of the victims as the law officials close in.
This month we have a red
version of the Terrain
Marines in their Powered
Battle Armor. The green
version will be out soon
but here are the red
devils so you can get
started. The full sheet
can be found in the Free
Section of this issue.
We have some new figures for you this month, with some wood elves. We will
start offering these each issue for the next few issues, so have fun with them,
they are some great models.
You can find these figures in the free section of this issue.
By Megan Robertson
Delta Green
Pagan Publishing
Many years ago, in a scene that came straight out of
these pages, a car drew up outside my house and
the driver handed me a copy of this book before
whizzing off again! Unfortunately, it was a loan,
but the release of a PDF version gives me the urge
and wherewithall to sit down and review it.
It opens with a facsimile letter, the rant of an aging
veteran steeped in disgust at the modern world and
in the urban myths of conspiracy theories about
Roswell aliens and military-industrial complexes...
or is it a clear-headed look at what many do not,
cannot see? This is followed by the Introduction,
blending the real reasons for general public mistrust
of government seamlessly into the alternate reality
of Call of Cthulhu where the Cthulhu Mythos is all
too terribly real and ready to drive those who
investigate it insane. This book brings the whole
Mythos bang up to date, bringing forth a group,
Delta Green, dedicated to combating it wherever it
dares raise a slimy tentacle, keeping the world,
unknowingly, safe one day at a time.
Chapter 1: The Big Picture continues in similar vein, beginning with a discussion of the rationale
behind the work: that the original Call of Cthulhu rules never provided for a real reason why anyone
should risk life and sanity combating an evil that, apart from the odd shady cultist, didn't really impact
that much on the world as a whole. Moreover, as private citizens, they often had as much opposition
from the forces of law and order as from transdimensional beings with lots of tentacles. The final
motivator was to provide a solid contemporary setting for those who found the 1920s just too remote
and out-of-date. Here, then, is a contemporary setting with characters as government agents involved in
a conspiracy to protect the world from a lot more than bank robbers, serial killers and terrorists. The
first section rounds out with an overview of the rest of the book and some wise advice for Keepers
(GMs) contemplating running a Delta Green game.
Next comes The Mythos in the 1990s, looking at
how the Mythos itself has evolved and adapted
to fit into modern times. People are less scared
of monsters but they are scared of serial killers
and terrorists. Even more, the seeds of
destruction are sown not by creatures from
outside but by humankind's own behaviour. This
continues with a series of notes about how many
of the groups and creatures familiar to 1920s
investigators have modified their modes of
operation over the decades.
As the Mi-Go feature largely within the world
view as presented by Delta Green, the next
section is devoted to The Fungi from Yuggoth.
First and foremost, remember that they are
ALIEN. They don't think like us, their
motivations are incomprehensible... and yet the
Keeper needs to get his head around them.
Various thoughts and notes are provided here to
give said poor Keeper support in portraying the
Mi-Go and their machinations effectively. Their
story of more intense interaction with humanity
begins at Roswell...
Next the development of US federal agencies is
charted in the section Big Brother From Then Til
Now, and presents an interesting rationale for the
proliferation of agencies: none was to be
permitted too much power, too wide a scope.
Much of what is presented here is real-world
history, if somewhat ideosyncratic in scope, and
is certainly suffiencient to enable even
non-American gamers to navigate their way
through the ensuing 'alphabet soup' of US
federal agencies with interests both domestic and
international that may crop up during the course
of the game. There's even a comprehensive
timeline to put everything in place.
Now that the scene has been set Chapter 2: Delta
Green looks at the organisation that is central to
this game. The origins of Delta Green date back
to a 1928 raid on Innsmouth, and from there
weaves through real-world agency organisa
tional history to its present role, with a strong
detour through the realms of conspiracy theories,
espectially those involving parapsychologi
cal research, the supernatural and the occult -
and of course including Roswell. This encounter
brought about a divergence, with Majestic-12
more interested in aliens and Delta Green
chasing after more terrestrial issues... or were
they? Anyhow, following various debacles,
Delta Green was disbanded, at least officially, in
1970. But it lingered on as a more informal body
of like-minded individuals within governmental
agencies, still working to counter the Mythos
threat by destroying utterly anything that it
encountered. Remember the embittered veteran
whose letter opened this book? A leader of this
informal version of Delta Green, his death at the
hands of Majestic 12 assassins led others to
realise that a more organised structure would be
beneficial so in 1994, Delta Green was reborn,
still an unofficial conspiracy but now an
organised one within the ranks of legitimate
federal agents spread across the whole gamut of
government service. A detailed timeline puts all
this into perspective, and the chapter rounds off
with extensive notes on key players within the
organisation. Each is provided with full game
stats, so may appear as necessary within your
Next, Chapter 3: Majestic-12 looks at the main
rival to Delta Green. The story begins with the
arrival of alien beings at Roswell, and continues
relating what is 'known' by the authorities... and
suspected by conspiracy theorists the world
over. Majestic-12 was formed to study these
alien arrivals and their technology, as well as
anything else UFO-related, working with the
intention of harnessing what they learned to the
good of mankind (or at least, that of the United
States). Many of their researchers went mad,
killed themselves or just vanished. Much of this
early 'history' is standard conspiracy theory fare,
but around 1980 it moves into new realms to fit
game needs. Current knowledge, structure and
personalities are discussed, to be revealed as
thought necessary should characters become
interested or involved (not necessarily
voluntarily) with the organisation. And then
comes the 'truth'
- what, within the context of the game, is really
going on, definitely material for the Keeper's
eyes only, then the chapter ends with yet another
timeline, this of Majectic-12's activities and
discoveries, and full details of key players in the
organisation with full game stats.
Another organisation follows in Chapter 4:
Karotechia. This group perpetuates the Nazi
fascination with the occult and is based in South
America, working to establish the Fourth Reich.
From its formation in 1939, the organisation is
deeply embedded in Nazi ideology, and
maintains links with white supremacists and
other unwholesome groups. They also believe
that they are in communication with the
immortal soul of Adolf Hitler, for which an
alternative explanation is provided for the
Keeper's use. There are notes (and stats) for
leading members, the intention being that the
Karotechia provide a lesser opposition to Delta
Green operatives, a suitable challenge for
characters to cut their teeth on.
Next up, Chapter 5: Saucer Watch discusses a
UFO research organisation, a well-funded and
sceptical group which may prove useful to
characters investigating this area of the
paranormal. Several of their headline
investigations are detailed, along with Keeper's
notes about what was really going on and which
Mythos entities were responsible. Characters not
seeking law enforcement or other Federal
careers could conceivibly be members of Saucer
Watch instead of Delta Green, although it is also
likely that at some point in the campaign
Majestic-12 might decide that they were just too
much of a nusiance and put them out of business
with extreme prejudice.
This is followed by Chapter 6: The Fate, yet
another group with which characters might
interact. They are unusual in that they do know
about the Mythos but their reaction is an
interesting one: if mankind is doomed, they
intend to grab as much power as they can and
enjoy it while they may! Led by an exceptional
sorcerer they have links to organised crime and
the music industry, and may be helpful or
otherwise to the characters.
Then come a series of Appendices, which
actually take up about half the book! They start
with an extensive bibliography for those
Keepers who want to devle even further into
'real' comspiracy theories to add more flavour
and depth into their games, as well as more
credible recent history of real-world organisa-
tions and events. Then there's a glossary of slang
and other terminology that could prove useful.
To add another layer of realism, there's
extensive detail on security classifications,
complete with guidelines on producing realistic
handouts that look like they came from the CIA
or FBI... When things That Should Not Be are
encountered, a section on Mythos-related
manuscripts, including their game effects,
should provide plenty of material. There are
even some rather nice facsimile documents you
could use as handouts.
Next comes a section on adventures. Plenty of
ideas have probably been spawned by what you
have already read, but an entire introductory
adventure is provided to get you going. It starts
with the characters not being members of Delta
Green, depending on their actions this status
may well change. It's a cracking little adventure
that ought to get the characters, ideally ordinary
FBI agents, thinking in wholly new ways. More
adventures follow, including a whole
mini-campaign, to keep the ball rolling,
designed to be interleaved with events of your
own devising. Even if you just use these, there is
plenty to keep your agents firmly in the middle
of trouble.
Then there is a section about character creation.
Based on the core Call of Cthulhu rules with
assorted modifications to create federal agents
who are at least potential - if not already - Delta
Green operatives, they provide all you need to
know to direct your players through the process.
It also includes creating wider Delta Green
'cells' of operatives; and is followed by even more detail on federal agencies, to provide background and
verisimiltude for your characters. (There's a note in the PDF that some of this has changed in the wake
of the '9/11' terrorist attacks, but if you wish to accommodate such detail you will need to do your own
research into the likes of the Department of Homeland Security!) Occupation templates and even sample
characters are included for a whole alphabet soup of agencies, branches of the armed forces, and other
organisations. There are also new skills, reflecting the contemporary setting... and some modern fire-
arms, as they are sure to be required upon occasion. The book ends with a comprehensive index and a
character sheet customised for this setting.
This work is a skilful blend of popular conspiracy theory and Mythos lore, providing a meaningful way
of bringing Call of Cthulhu into the modern world without just continuing the standard activities of
1920s investigators. The provided adventures are exciting, sweeping your characters straight into the
thick of things. Overall, I'm very glad its found its way back into my hand.
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offering a model of their Drop Ship as well as
two new scenarios and new objectives for the
No month is complete without more HWM,
and Heroes Weekly this month has four next
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Advanced class and the epic Odysseys.
New full color clip art this month with Aliens
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A new S&G game this month with Doc Clock
Works. For that loyal reader of Game Geek
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The next issue of our Pathfinder solo game is
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the greatest RPG of all times and have a blast.
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Giant Stones about the Lands
Purple Stones are Hidden
Red Stones are known
Cool Stuff
More of The
Best Cthulhu
stuff out
More of The Best Cthulhu stuff out There
You can never have enough Cthulhu in your life.  Well, that is until the stars are right and he wakes up.  But
that will be a whole different story.  Until then here are some great Mythos sites to check out.
Calls for Cthulhu.  
By far one of the funniest things I have found of late.  Very cool site and fun to watch.
Neil Gaiman's I Cthulhu
A great little bit of fiction from the master writer.
Trail of Cthulhu.
A great game - they are creating some really good content for the mythos and gaming in general.
! !

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Spycraft Copyright 2002 Alderac Entertainment Group:
Authors Patrick Kapera, Kevin Wilson
Unearthed Arcana 2004 Wizards of the Coast: Authors:
Andy Collins, Jesse Decker, David Noonam, Rich Redman
Blood and Vigilance Copyright RPG Objects 2003,
Authors: Charles Rice

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making loans that change lives.

Avalon Games/Avenger Presents
Book 1: Background and Spacecraft

Far Avalon
Requires the use of the Traveller
Main Rulebook, available from Mongoose Publishing

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Sci-Fi Caming at its Best


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