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Form: Level:

403 Intermediate

Date: 4/9/2013 (Wednesday) Time: 7.30 a.m. 8.40.a.m. (1h10m)

Subject: Chemistry Theme: Interaction between chemicals Topic: 6.0 Electrochemistry

Objective: Synthesising electrochemical series Learning Outcomes: At the end of the lesson, students should be able to: Predict the displacement of metal reactions based on positions of metals in the electrochemical series Describe the metal displacement experiment to construct the electrochemical series. Moral values: Being cooperative, predicting, evaluating, build active thinking and having critical and analytical thinking. Educational Emphasis: Communicating, predicting, interpreting data and analyzing. Instructional Aids/ materials: Laptop, Liquid-Crystal Display (LCD) projector, Slide show, white board, marker pen, an A4 paper, Chemistry modules questions. Previous Knowledge: 1. Students have basic knowledge about electrochemical series. 2. Students have basic knowledge about concept of electrolysis in both molten and aqueous.

References: Low, S.N., Lim, Y.C., Eng, N.H., Lim, E.W. & Umi Khaltom Ahmad (2005). Chemistry Form 4. Selangor : Abadi Sdn. Bhd. Chemistry Modul

Teaching Procedures:

Stage Set induction (5 minutes)

Instructional Activities 1) Teacher greets students.

Learning Activities the 1) Students teacher 2) Students envelope.

greet see

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2) Teacher shows students an envelope of duit raya to the class. 3) Teacher asks a volunteer to come in front and make the demonstration with the teacher. 4) Teacher demonstrate how she giving the envelope to the students. 5) Teacher asks students on what can they observe from the demonstration? 6) Teacher asks students on what other concept that (like in chemistry position positive teachers

3) A volunteer come in front and teacher. 4) Students see the demonstration. 5) Students respond to make with the the demonstration

teachers question. 6) Students respond to

teachers question.

criteria is in the upper hand-giving envelope from above and the student receive from below). 7) Teacher the learn. Development (30 minutes) 1) Teacher recaps about the basic concept about the electrolytic cell. 2) Teacher explains the 2) Students listen to basic concept of voltaic cell and relates with the electrochemical series. 3) Teacher explains about the electrochemical series -definition -the position of metals ions -metal displacement reaction using examples Activity 1 of experiment. 4) Teacher asks each pair to 4) Students cooperate to 3) Students listen to teachers explanation. teachers explanation. 1) Students listen to teachers explanation. explains about and 7) Students listen to the demonstration teachers explanation and prepare on the lesson.

what they are going to

Follow-up activities: Teacher asks students to 1. complete the questions about electrochemical series given on the whiteboard. 2. read about voltaic cells.


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