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BA 6780 Group 1 Group Project Preliminary Report Company Histories St. Tammany Parish Hospital St.

Tammany Parish Hospital (STPH) opened its doors December 1, 1954 as the culmination of an eight-year project begun in 1946 by the Women's Progressive Union of Covington to bring a hospital to western St. Tammany Parish. In March 1951, voters overwhelmingly favored a bond issue to underwrite one-third of the hospital's cost, $125,000. Approval was given for the state's share of the project, and a Board of Commissioners was appointed. Todays STPH receives no tax funding and relies upon its own operations, investments and the generous donors to the St. Tammany Hospital Foundation. A ground-breaking ceremony for the hospital was held on May 4, 1953. The cost of the original hospital building was $365,000. The original building was nearly complete in 1954 when officials recognized the need for an operating capital drive to enable the new venture time to become self-sufficient. Again the generous people of Covington showed their support, raising funds and donating items to furnish several private rooms, the nursery, the pediatrics ward, operating rooms and even landscaping for the grounds. Today, STPH is the largest hospital in the parish, serving the needs of its patients throughout the region with the latest technology and providing world-class healthcare close to home for the people of western St. Tammany Parish and surrounding areas. Ochsner Health System In 1939, Dr. Alton Ochsner discovered the link between tobacco and lung cancer. He continued his legacy in 1942 when he, along with four physicians - Guy Caldwell, Edgar Burns, Francis LeJeune and Curtis Tyrone, established Ochsner, the first multi-specialty group practice in the South. Today, Ochsner has grown to be the largest private healthcare system in the region, with 7 hospitals and more than 35 neighborhood health centers throughout southeast Louisiana. Ochsner operates hospitals in Kenner, the West Bank, New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Raceland along with 4 Elmwood Fitness Centers, the systems state-of-the-art gyms and wellness facilities.

Products and Services St. Tammany Parish Hospital STPH provides integrated health care services such as education, prevention, full range of diagnostic services and both inpatient and outpatient care to the individuals of Western St. Tammany Parish and surrounding areas. The hospital has higher quality ratings from The Joint Commission, an international leader in hospital accreditation, than other hospitals in our region. STPH consistently earns national and local recognition for quality, innovation and patient satisfaction from Press Ganey, Reuters Thomson, VHA Leadership Awards, Employer of Choice, Best Places to Work and Best of the Northshore rankings. STPH is accredited by The Joint Commission, whose standards deal with quality and safety of care and environment. The hospitals services include inpatient cardiology, emergency medicine, inpatient hospital care, laboratory, maternal/child services, outpatient services, primary are, surgical services, radiology/imaging, rehabilitation and respiratory services. Additional services include hospice and home health services, sleep medicine and nurse-family partnership services. Ochsner Health System Ochsner Health System is a non-profit, academic, multi-specialty, healthcare delivery system dedicated to patient care, research and education. The system includes seven hospitals and over 35 health centers located throughout Southeast Louisiana. The system employs more than 600 physicians in 80 medical specialties and subspecialties and more than 300 clinical research trials annually. Ochsner was ranked as "Best" Hospital by U.S. News and World Report in Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) in 2007 and as one of the 50 "Best Hospitals in America" in Heart & Heart Surgery, Urology and ENT in 2009. The system, like STPH, provides a full range of inpatient services with additional services such as a multi-organ transplant institute, a digestive disorders center Ochsner is also a national leader in medical research with 300 ongoing research trials and 200 annual publications in medical literature. It is one of the largest non-university based physician training centers in the nation with over 375 medical residents, over 600 medical student months, and 400 allied health students in 2007.

Model Factor 1: Comprehension of Product Message The purpose of the comprehension of product message factor is to determine the relevance to internal customer satisfaction of the efficacy of requested internallyproduced communication materials to communicate internal customers desired message. In essences, how well do the communication materials we produce say what our customers want them to say. Examples of desired customer messages include the time of a cancer screening or the content of a medical ethics lecture. The communication materials we produce are judged by the effectiveness of getting the customers points across to their target audiences. A key determinant of customer satisfaction with our communication materials is do customers believe our materials accurately, fully and clearly explain the customers; desired message. Comprehension of product message contributes to customer satisfaction because the customer will not be satisified if the materials do not accurately, clearly, and fully convey the information the customer wants communicated. For example, a customer may wants to spread word of their events and garner larger audiences. Comprehensible communication materials result in greater attendance at events such as cancer screenings, lecture audience, etc...,. If the materials are not accurate, clearly and effective explanations, this could adversely affect their job performance by not soliciting Clearly, accurate and fully explained communication materials will connect with target audiences, properly informing them and engender loyalty manifested as attendance at events and, ultimately, utilization of services. Factor 2: Product Appearance The purpose of the product appearance factor is to determine if the communication materials are sending clear visual messages which customers want portrayed. Product appearance encompasses design elements such as product layout, graphical design, colors, fonts, materials, copy writing and use of logos. The messages contained in these materials should be able to quickly easily understood and, for products such as fliers, eyecatching. Our customers are satisfied if the materials communicate certain desired messages. These messages may be a flier explaining the who, what, when, and how of an event. The customer wants materials which accurately and clearly communicate this information to the target audiences.

Customers will be dissatisfied if the materials do not accurately and clearly convey their message. They will not be happy if the materials they order contain incorrect information or do not accurately communicate the information they wish to disseminate. Dissatisfaction could also stem from a disconnect between original vision and actual communication. This disconnect can be a result of product appearance through factors such as: clarity, design, content, font, and color scheme. If these factors are not cohesive the message can be disconnected from the customers designated intent. Factor 3: Delivery of Finished Product The delivery of the finished product affects the overall customer satisfaction through aspects of time, format, design specifications and physical delivery convenience. A majority of the materials ordered are time sensitive with definite deadlines for project completion and delivery. Material formats must meet customer requirements. The factor of design specifications is important because the delivery method must match the customers campaign delivery goals. The physical delivery factor measures the ease of receiving the finished product, i.e. shipping/receiving, pick-up/drop-off, etc. Ease of final delivery is the final factor in completing an order. This factor is the concluding process in a customers experience with our department. Our departmental goal is to satisfy our customers by producing and delivering the right product, in the right medium, containing the right information at the right time. Positive delivery outcome will increase the customer satisfaction for the future. If all factors of ordering ease, appearance, comprehension and outcome are met, the physical delivery can potentially negate these positive experiences. Ultimately, customers will not be pleased if the product meets all of their requirements and does not arrive on time or is not the proper quantity. Factor 4: Ease of Placing Product Order The ease of placing product orders is the first interaction with our department and its importance lies in providing a stress-free flow of design and conveyance of customers message to our department. This factor means how easy is it for customers to place orders with our department. Ease of order placement also means how our staff provides excellent customer service to distinguish our customers needs and deliver guidance as needed. Additionally, it includes managing customer expectations regarding their requirements, budget, product delivery and design time, product appearance, etc,.

Ease of placing product order satisfaction is managed through our customers perception of our departments overall ordering process. The ordering process is pivotal not only to overall customer satisfaction but also customer retention. If the initial contact and placing orders with our department are not positive, overall customer satisfaction may be harmed beyond repair. This negative view can adversely affect a customers thought process on future orders. Factor 5: Outcome- Satisfaction of Hospital Employees Ordering Communication Materials The factor of outcome is a measurement of the overall experience a customer has in placing and receiving orders for communication materials. The ordering process must be easy and convenient for customers. Additionally, we must provide excellent customer service to guide our customers through the process. Finally, the material must meet our customers expectations and accurately and clearly communication their desired messages. Customers are satisfied if the ordering process is hassle-free and they receive materials fulfilling their needs. Customers are also satisfied when they are able to see a result from the product our department has provided. If they are able see a positive correlation between the communication campaigns and the success for their events, i.e., attendance at lectures, number of cancer screenings, then outcome satisfaction has been reached. If customers do not believe they are able to easily and conveniently place orders and receive materials meeting their specifications, they will not have a positive experience and satisfaction with the communication department will be adversely affected.

SURVEY Background Information 1. In what department do you currently work in? 2. What is your current job title? a. Executive b. Manager c. Team Lead d. Salary Employee e. Hourly Employee 3. How long have you been employed with the hospital? 4. Who is your employer? a. St. Tammany Parish Hospital b. Ochsner Health System c. East Jefferson General Hospital d. Tulane University Hospital e. Other 5. What is your gender? a. Male b. Female c. Transgendered d. Other 6. What is your age range? a. 18-30 b. 31-40 c. 41-50 d. 51-60 e. Over 60 7. Approximately how many employees are in your department? Comprehension of the Products Message 1. Do you agree your desired message was communicated effectively? a. Strongly Agree b. Agree c. Neutral d. Disagree e. Strongly Disagree Were there elements of your message that were not communicated? a. Yes b. No If yes, please explain. Did the product clearly explain the desired message? a. Strongly Agree b. Agree

2. 3. 4.

c. Neutral d. Disagree e. Strongly Disagree 5. Did the first draft of the product accurately explain the desired message? a. Strongly Agree b. Agree c. Neutral d. Disagree e. Strongly Disagree 6. Was the product message quickly understood by your target audience? a. Strongly Agree b. Agree c. Neutral d. Disagree e. Strongly Disagree 7. Overall, were you satisfied with the comprehension of the products message? a. Strongly Agree b. Agree c. Neutral d. Disagree e. Strongly Disagree Appearance of the Product 1. How satisfied with the following characteristics of our product/service a. Quality b. Ordering Experience c. Customer Service d. Repeat Purchase Experience 2. How satisfied were you with the choices you were offered? a. Very satisfied b. Satisfied c. Neutral d. Dissatisfied e. Very Dissatisfied 3. How satisfied were you with the graphical capabilities? a. Very satisfied b. Satisfied c. Neutral d. Dissatisfied e. Very Dissatisfied 4. How satisfied were you with the color options? a. Very satisfied b. Satisfied c. Neutral d. Dissatisfied

e. Very Dissatisfied 5. How satisfied were you with the layout choices? a. Very satisfied b. Satisfied c. Neutral d. Dissatisfied e. Very Dissatisfied 6. Overall, were you satisfied with the appearance of the product? a. Very satisfied b. Satisfied c. Neutral d. Dissatisfied e. Very Dissatisfied Delivery and Distribution of the Product 1. How often do you request assistance from the communication department? a. Once a week b. Once a month c. Once a quarter d. Once a year e. Longer than once a year 2. How often do you request materials from departments outside of the organization? a. Once a week b. Once a month c. Once a quarter d. Once a year e. Longer than once a year 3. How long have you used our product/service? a. Less than 6 months b. 1 2 Years c. 2 3 Years d. 3 4 Years e. 5 Years or More 4. How many pieces does your order contain on average? a. 1- 25 pieces b. 26- 50 pieces c. 51- 100 pieces d. 100 200 pieces e. Over 200 pieces 5. What was the deadline you set for you order? a. Next day b. One week c. Two weeks d. One month e. No deadline was given 6. Were you satisfied with the timeliness in which your order was filled?

a. Very satisfied b. Satisfied c. Neutral d. Dissatisfied e. Very Dissatisfied 7. Was your order completely filled after the first request or were subsequent requests filed in order to complete your request? a. Filled upon first Request b. Second request was filed c. Third request was filed d. Fourth request was filed e. Five or more requests were filed 8. Overall, were you satisfied with the delivery and distribution of the product? a. Very satisfied b. Satisfied c. Neutral d. Dissatisfied e. Very Dissatisfied Ease of Placing an Order for the Product 1. How easy is it to contact the communication department? a. Very easy b. Easy c. Somewhat Easy d. Difficult e. Very Difficult 2. How often are you unable to get in contact with the communication department? a. Very often b. Often c. Not very often 3. How hopeful was our department in helping you select a specific communication product (brochure, flyer, poster, etc)? a. Very helpful b. Helpful c. Neutral d. Not helpful e. Very not helpful 4. If the ease of placing an order was improved, would you order products more often from the communication department? a. More often b. Neutral c. Less often 5. Did you find that there was a communication product that you requested, and our department was unable to fill this request? a. Strongly Agree

b. Agree c. Neutral d. Disagree e. Very Disagree 6. Do you feel that you adequately understand how to order a product from the communication department? a. Strongly Agree b. Agree c. Neutral d. Disagree e. Strongly Agree 7. Overall, were you satisfied with the ease of placing an order for the product? a. Very satisfied b. Satisfied c. Neutral d. Dissatisfied e. Very Dissatisfied Overall Outcome of the Product 1. Overall, are you satisfied with the communication department? a. Very Satisfied b. Satisfied c. Neutral d. Dissatisfied e. Very Dissatisfied 2. Would you recommend using the communication department to others? a. Strongly Agree b. Agree c. Neutral d. Disagree e. Strongly Disagree 3. Do you agree that the communication listened to your product needs? a. Strongly Agree b. Agree c. Neutral d. Disagree e. Strongly Disagree 4. Do you agree that the communication responded promptly to you request for materials? a. Strongly Agree b. Agree c. Neutral d. Disagree e. Strongly Disagree


5. Are you satisfied with the way the communication department handles complaints? a. Very Satisfied b. Satisfied c. Neutral d. Dissatisfied e. Very Dissatisfied 6. How would you rate the communication departments customer service? a. Very good b. Good c. Neutral d. Bad e. Very bad


Survey Method The survey plans to measure and evaluate the satisfaction of the employees of St. Tammany Parish Hospital and Ochsner Health System, in order to gain a better understanding of how well the communication and promotional materials provided by each hospital benefits its employees. WHAT We plan to use a web-based survey using Survey Monkey's online resources. This method has been chosen by the members of our group because of the large geographic region we are covering from St. Tammany Parish to Jefferson Parish. We are going to then send a link containing our survey to all survey participants through E-mail. The survey will focus on four main factors, breaking down satisfaction into distinct attributes for better measurement. The five factors we will use to measure our product satisfaction are comprehension of the product's message, appearance of the product, delivery and distribution of the product, ease of placing an order for the product, and overall outcome of the product. WHO We will gather a list of survey participants from St. Tammany Parish Hospital and Ochsner Health System's employee lists. We want to better understand how the communication and promotional material's department of each hospital serves its employees. We want our employees to turn to its internal resources, rather than reaching out to other vendors for these materials. WHEN A rough draft of the survey that will be given to participants will first be given to our professor on or before September 22, 2009. Once we receive feedback from this initial draft, we will edit and make needed changes to ensure we gain the best results. The survey will be loaded onto the Survey Monkey website, using our professor's professional account. An E-mail will be sent to each employee's work E-mail, but the option of taking the survey online will also allow them to complete it at home if so chosen. This will give them more freedom to take the survey at the participant's convenience. We will open the survey to all participants on October 1, 2009 at 8:00 am, and close the survey on October 30, 2009 at 5:00 pm. On Monday, October 26, 2009, we will send out an E-mail to all participants reminding them that the survey will end on October 30, 2009 at 5:00 pm to ensure we receive as many participants as possible. Once the survey closes, we will not accept and additional responses. WHY Since we are limiting ourselves to only one month for all participants to take our survey, the web-based method is the most efficient method of distributing the survey to the participants. There are several sites included in St. Tammany Parish Hospital and all of Ochsner Health Systems satellite locations, so we want to be able to gain results from everywhere. In order to do this efficiently and quickly, sending out an E-mail and


allowing participants to take the survey on their own time, will hopefully in turn give us more results. Our group members will monitor the site periodically during the month of October to make sure there are no significant errors in the results. HOW From there, the employees will be asked to go to our Survey Monkey site and participate in taking our voluntary survey. Included in the E-mail will be contact information for James Person, an employee of St. Tammany Parish Hospital, and Jennifer Pavon and Jenny Reese, employees of Ochsner Health System, in the event a survey participant has a question. Once all results are gathered from the participants, SPSS will be used to condense our questions and answers into numerical and graphical interpretations.