My name is Rico Hellock and I am an orphan. My pack was wiped out by a group of rogues.

Did I tell you that I am a werewolf? Well I am the one daughter of the alpha. My pack name was Silver Claws. Unfortunately, I am the only survivor. But I am a special werewolf. No kidding! My element is fire. There are four types of elements water, fire, earth, and wind. Hundreds of years ago the rogues wiped out all the ones that have fire for they are more powerful than others. Fire is the most powerful element, however only Alphas have it. Almost all the Alphas only have three elements water, earth, and wind. I have all four. I told you I was special. Now after my drinking, beating uncle dead, I am sent to live with my four cousins and join their pack, the Black Ash, the largest and strongest pack in the world. This is Rico, a strong person. After her heart was broken when she lost her family, and her heart was broken one more time by Roman and her sister. When she joins the Black Ash pack she found her mate. But will she trust him? Will she accept him and reveal her secrets? Read on to find out.;) So the plane had arrived and I am going to be meeting my cousins soon . The weird part is that I don't even know how they look like or how many there are . This is just so sudden for me , and I seriously don't know what to do. I feel my heart thumping in my chest wildly. I needn't be nervous. I know. I finally found my bright blue polka dot suitcase and black Adidas sport bad and began my hunt to look for my cousins. I think ... I drag my luggage across the airport and finally found my name, Fiorri. My cousins waved excitedly to me. Yes, I have four cousins, four guys and one girl. The girl looks like a total slut. That's pretty harsh of me, but it's the first thing that popped into my mind. She is wearing a super tight mini-skirt and a low and tight tank top. I know I am not supposed to be judging, but what could I do ? I mean 4 boys and 1 girl! What in the world am I even supposed to do? Where should be a Cousins for Dummies(why not : Blockhead's Guide to Cousins?) book . It would definitely be so helpful. "Hey!" I mumbled shily. "Hey Rico, I'm Matt. " Okay , so the blonde's name is Matt . Awesome. I love blondes. I don't know why, though. I just find so damn attractive. " And this is Fabio next to me , the guy who says he knows everything . Then there is John , the mature don't-know-how-to-talk guy and the most annoying and mean person on earth. Stacy , my twin sister. " " Nice to meet you," greeted Fabio. " Hi !" said John. " Hey, annoying cousin , my name is Stacy and you'll be following me around for now," Stacy grunted. To my surprise the guys actually look cute, Matt has dirty blond hair and crystal blue eyes. Next, Fabio has brown hair and dark blue eyes and lastly there's John who has bright blond hair and sea green eyes with some purple reflections. Last , and the most pissing is ... Stacy , who has jet black hair and purple eyes . Those eyes are cool and fierce and scary . An mysterious. I nodded stupidly. Fabio said "Let's go, I'm kinda hungry." The four of us started to walk towards the exit. On our way there were a lot of wolves whistling and winking. Worst, those were addressed to me. I don't mind, though. I'm used to it. I know I look

Oh and when you are with the pack . my hair is black . answer these questions . the Black Ash pack rule. Most guys usually find it sexy. WTF ? Seriously . I have over hundreds of them. " Rico . first of all . I mean it. I have stormy grey eyes and long. there's nothing I can do. While I was getting glory . Okay . get a shower . Chapter 2 is under editing and revising so sorry for the late .after all . I'll put on some make-up and get ready for the whole meet 'n' greet thing . I am wearing dark skinny jeans and a short sleeve T-shirt and converse right now. Stacy was mad . I'm such a big fan of converse by the way . I have curves and not-to-high-cheek-bones. ---------------------------------------A/N : This is the very first chapter hope you like it . I am known as very special since there is never black hair but my hair is . I really can't say much about it. you are going to be visiting our pack later . Anyone excited . "Oh really? Why do I have to listen to you? Besides I can wear anything I want. Chapter 2 is about the meet n' greet . I can understand her feelings. I am so sure I and Stacy are going to be in a big fight. brown and light brown . put this in your library so you know when there are updates . Plus . I would have been so pissed off. 1) What do you think of the story ? 2) Who's your favorite character so far ? Oh and I would love to get 3 new fans ! So fan me and update will be soon . I can't understand why because . It was as if he recited a whole poem or something . Peace ! ~ Alli & Queenie After eating some pizza . this is my plainest and non-sexiest outfit and you say it's attention capturer ? What the heck is wrong with you? I am not even doing anything . But I got part of it and still understood. you will probably have to do a test to see how strong you are . What are you. My pack used to be the famous one but now . I regarded it with a grimace. You know what I mean right ? " John recited. my mom?" I smirked. Sometime . if you ever try to steal the attention again or wear anything like that again . Right now . sharp. I mean I am really excited ! I can't believe I will be meeting one of the famous packs . I don't even understand a single thing he said . if I say so myself. Really big! Plus the biggest enemy ever . It's weird but although I am a white wolf. I feel guilty about the whole pack disappearing and dead but. I mean who would actually be not mad at the fact that the brand new annoying cousin is getting all the attention when you used to get them. I am so klling you. Just keep calm and go with the flow . so it was okay . I got ready to meet the Black Ash pack . I wonder how the Black Ash pack is like . Stacy glared at me and said " I'm letting you go today . proud of my courage. eat and get dressed by 6 . This is just getting scarier and scarier every second. I want you to unpack . Meanwhile . We are going at that time ." she threatened in a gruff voice pointing her finger at me. thin black hair that I usually tie in a ponytail that falls down to my waist . Also. I am combing my long hair. surprisingly. that seemed a bit too long . It's too disconcerting.good. it is pretty disgusting and repulsing. Are they strong ? Will they accept me ? Am I going to be a gossip or rumor because they realise I am a girl and I am an alpha . and a long scar from my cheek bone to near my mouth.

There is a black sofa . I mean . I have always wanted to be friends with a beta . Email : queenie25252@gmail. I really like this pack . But you will get over with it. you must be Rico Hellock. I can't really draw . Epic! Everything is going to be fine. we are accepting anyone who have ideas for the next chapter. " I laughed along trying to make is seem nice . there's no need to predict because it is always mysterious. sister and family . I have my best friend in there and I miss her too . haven't I? After wearing my midnight blue converse . that paragraph up there is too long . Maybe this pack can be my new family . I don't know where it came from but its actually really funny to me . Although it seems like I am not home with my pack .com . Now stop freaking out and quit staring at me like I ate a jellyfish . The house looks so modern . you're mean!" We all laughed . Special. I think this chapter is a really good chapter . you girls are sometimes ridculous . „Seriously ! I'm not joking. xD " Hello. she's pretty nice . I think I actually like this pack . that are few inches below my ass . maybe I might meet my mate . and it's okay being a beta . This house is just amazing .V . ----------------------------"So this is our pack house. I tried to make things as descriptive as possible but I am toally bad at being an architect ." Matt said. The future is mysterious . and that explain the reason why I am not a drawer . " I teased. I guess the pack is really famous and rich since their house is like 2x my own house . " I said. I tried to shake off that thought. Welcome to the Black Ash pack. I mean . Wow . " You hurt my feelings . I really can't say much other than the fact it looks like a castle. I'm not a complete badass. don't be sad over the fact that the Silver Shadow have been missing . well nice to meet you . I totally love the ended . rewritten by Alli . I'll probably be friends with her. Okay .com or love4beauty0698@gmail. --------------------------------------A/N : This is chapter 2 . Speaking of amazing . " Same to you . not like those old red velvet furniture or silk window curtains. I mean they are sometime so cool. when I find my black North Face jacket . huh ? I have already told you this before. A huge one. that looks square shaped and a 72 inch flat screen HD T. The inside was even much fancier than the outside. " Thanks . I would totally look foward living here . who goes talking about a jellyfish at a time like this ? " Matt interupted. They make me feel sad in a way. Also . I don't know how I even lost it now.really black . I repeated to myself. My name is Avery and I'm sadly a beta . a Hollister Tee Shirt . meanwhile here are some questions for you to answer in the comment . I can be nice sometimes . maybe this pack might be wiped out . " Umm . But who knows ? The future is always mysterious. "Let's go!" I walk into the house. I was ready to go out the door . I could actually survive . you . I would have been dead by now !” " Okay gees . I think we will end up as good friends . short jeans. Matt pretended to be hurt and placed a hand over his heart . you know . xD But I think I like the jellyfish joke . " Aww . " " Oh .

SO WHATS THE POINT OF ACTING TOUGH ? I had each and every freaking boy act tough . I will get revenge for the people who had sacrificed themself for me . But . I feel my cheeks burning. he's a special one . wouldn't let anyone have a crush on me . I'm Daniel. The other pack's leader is killed and Jake wasn't doing very well . And I welcome you to the Black Ash pack ! Your father is a good friend of mine . and he begged me to join the cheerleaders . he got popular because he joined the football team . since I was secretly in love with him and I would do anything he told me to do . then why doesn't he use it? " Hi . I have some experience in the field . I am the leader's son and I hope you enjoy your visit . and my element . and that's why . But what interest me isn't that . That's exactly why I have taken the freaking test to figure out if I am strong or just weak . who is the happy one . it would always be him . I would like to know what you think will happen to Avery or Rico . during 7th grade . Remember to fan . there is always a test to see how strong a wolf is . It sent shivers through my body. arching my spine. but in the end what happened ? I was being nice and sweet to everyone . My life was ruined . This is really embarassing. I think they will probably make me a leader or at least a lieutenant. everything was ruined . Gosh! Why act so arrogant if you have a better life? Maybe most of you think I am wrong . you are not worth fighting and you are not strong . " That was what I promised myself . and there's this guy from another pack that had a crush on me . I am weak and I know it. but this leader . Ricky Tang . I will always be strong and become stronger . Sacrifice . he died . Rico Bellock will never ever act strong or tough . Would they become friends or enemies ? Mousepad and T. Jake have always been best friends since ever. . A person who isn't scared of anything would never get stronger . I will shed a river of tears for you guys . I really don't get why boys have to act so UGH ! It's like they are trying to act cool and everything but at the very end . I . and everyone in the Black Ash pack is looking at me . There's no point in fighting that person. I am the leader of this pack . comment and vote :D 1) Do you like Avery ? What do you think of beta ? 2) Although I said you can't predict the future ." a tall and so-annoyingacting-cool guy said . He's trying to act tough in front of me but . I feel so sorry for those who lost their lives protecting me. Of course I don't want them to know that I am an Alpha. Thanks so much ! I was crying by now . they are the ones who lose everything . so I am just going to use my only special power . Obviously I did . I mean . That's what makes me strong.Or just message/inbox us . The fact that he has whitish gray hair and he is wearing a suit makes him look quite handsome and formal at the same time. so I think he would hope you get a good and happy life . But that is indeed my weakness.Vs :D ~ Alli & Queenie So . I know my weaknesses. " Hello Rico . its the fact that he looks 50ish . Enjoy!" A loud and scary voice boomed . I and my twin brother . Such a powerful echo in anyone's mind. fire . At the very end . but trust me . but yet he doesn't love me either. Most leaders or Alphas have the power to make them look young and handsome. I had better find a good reason for why I am crying. " If there is no fear or weakness in you . The man who said that seemed like he wanted me to be happy but at the end . the leader has pretty nice looks . Jake of course . They're such complete fails . It's such a strong word. since he has the power to do that . It's just brother and sister protection so Jake and the other guy had a fight . Ricky Tang .

to save me . I mean . My special element is fire. and I am an Alpha . Wait . Take that! . Then the look turned into a jealous one . I am eager to start my new life and prove to the world that not all girls are weak ! I decided to show them I am an Alpha. Rico Bellock ." I'm sorry . But I swear I will do this. Do you have anything to say before we begin ? " one hairy guy asked . Listen well . I am pumped for this. then to a you're-just-lying face. " I heard a bunch of gasps all directed at me. " Well . since I really needed to fix my make-up and all the other things that were to be fixed. -------------------------------------------------------" Hello. " Thanks Avery and everyone else . I know what they are thinking . we are here to see you take your test. You can begin your new life here now ! " Fabio interupted. what ? He knew how strong I was ? That's impossible . Daniel I am not lying and I can prove it. now that I am ready and fresh . be happy . let me live here with you and be a family. I know he seemed to be as polite as he could and non-scary. If I told them I was a Alpha . and take me seriously . He said he would be there in a few mintutes after he had got a few judges and the equipment he needed. yet he still frightens me. I am Rico Bellock the ex-leader of the Silver Shadow pack and I will take my vengeance on whoever killed Jake or Tess . how ? There was a shocked look on Daniel's face that I could not interpret. Don't ask me why . I don't care if it is the strongest person on earth or if it is a god . and the whole pack is here . I went into the leader's cabin and told Ricky I was ready . I begin. Avery came to me and decided to bring me to my new room first . Well . I will take revenge and that's the only possible way to end it . In 10 minutes." Ricky's voice thundered. ------------------------------------------------------I am ready to do my test . How could she be an alpha ? Aren't all Alphas boys? How??!! " Very well . I am truely moved by this. Sacrifice is my strongest weakness. I know that already . would they kick me out of the the group ? Will they try to kill me ? There is just too much risk to this . Now please prove how strong you are. I want to thank you all . I just sorta thought it's such a nice thing of you . " Yes . " I stuttered wiping off my tears. " I cried.