Values and Belief system Boston city Retirement system: Its retirement system is a comprehensive system which provides

defined benefit pensions to workers who have retired after a fixed number of years of service and age or who have become disabled. A reflection on the belief in care for the vulnerable population (aged and disadvantaged in the city). ( Health insurance Benefits: has a buoyant and flexible health insurance plan covering dental and visual issues, pilgrims inclusive. These efforts are a reflection of the health promotion belief of the Boston community on health for all. Child Care: Child Care Services are available for children aged 3 months to seven years old on a limited basis through the City Hall Child Care program. This also portrays the belief and recognition that children are a vulnerable population too. Leave of Absence : There are a number of health-issues related Leave Programs that may be available to employees in specific situations, some dependent on union membership, some on specific life events, and depending on the circumstance, may be paid or unpaid. These include:
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The Family Medical Leave Act Maternity/Paternity Leave Medical Leave

The inclusion of maternity/paternity leave shows values that both parents are necessary for the up-keep and training of the child (

Health Perception Boston City In Boston, 86% of adults reported having good or excellent health. A higher percentage of males than females reported having good or excellent health. A higher percentage of Boston residents ages 18-44 reported good or excellent health in comparison to older residents. A higher

a higher percentage of employed adults reported good or excellent health compared to non-employed adults (i. References Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 2013 . Jackson J. Sociodemographics. Gold M R. Self-rated Health. On the same note.asp Assessed 6th April. Am J Public Health. Franks.percentage of White adults reported good or excellent health compared to Black and Latino adults (CDC. Racial/ ethnic discrimination and health: Findings from community studies. individuals who indicated being ‘out of work’ and individuals with ‘other’ employment status). National Vital Statistics Reports. 2003. 2009). and Mortality in the US. 2009. P.. 2003).gov/ohr/careercenter/benefits. Neighbors H. Fiscella. Websites: http://www. 2003. NVSS: 2009.cityofboston.e. 56 (12):2505-2514 Williams D. K. 57(No.14). Individuals with lower socioeconomic status are less likely to report good or excellent health (Franks et al. Deaths: Final Data for 2006. Perception of race-based treatment may contribute to the patterns of generally worse health outcomes disproportionately experienced by individuals of specific racial/ethnic groups (Williams and Jackson. 2003). J Social Science and Medicine. (93)200-208. A higher percentage of adults with at least some college reported good or excellent health in comparison to adults with less education.

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