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Final Cut Pro Tutorial: Exporting

In this tutorial you will learn how to export an audio slideshow or a video from Final Cut 1. Once youve nished editing a slideshow or a video in Final Cut, you need to export in a format that can be played on a computer or put on the web for others to view. First well export an audio slideshow With your slideshow in its nal form on the timeline, click File from the top menu, roll your cursor over Export and click Using QuickTime Conversion...

2. To import a le, select File from the top menu, move your cursor over Import and click Files 2. This will bring up a Save window that you will use to export and save your slideshow as a .mov movie le. First type a name for your exported movie le into the Save As box. Then select the proper folder into which to save your le. Last click the Options to enter the right export settings.

3. Clicking the Options button will bring up a Movie Settings window. In this window, rst you should go to the Video section and click the Settings button.

4. This will bring up the Standard Video Compression Settings window. In this window you should change the settings to match the screen shot below for optimal export. Specically you will need to set Frame Rate to 29.97, Key Frames to Automatic and Encoding to Faster encode. The other settings can stay the same. Then click OK

5. Next, you need to set the size of the video youre exporting, so click the Size button.

6. This brings up the Export Size Settings window. In this window you need to set the dimensions for your video. We need to set a custom export size, so click the drop down menu and select Custom

7. When you click Custom, youll be able to type in the diminsions of the movie youre exporting. When choosing an export size, you have to make sure youre exporting at the same Aspect Ratio as your project. For an audio slideshow, the aspect ratio is 3:2, since photographs are 3:2. The exact dimensions of your slideshow will depend where it is going to go, but a good useable size is 600 pixels wide, and at 3:2 ration, that means 400 pixels high. Enter those values and click OK

8. Next we need to set sound settings for the export, so back on the Movie Settings window, click the Settings button, in the Sound section.

9. In the Sound Settings window, congure the settings to match those below. Specically, you will need to change the Channels to Mono and the Rate to 44.100 Khz Also, make sure the Little Endian Box is checked. Then click OK

10. Finally, back on the Movie Settings window, make sure the Prepare for Internet Streaming box is unchecked, and that the rest of your settings are correct. Then click OK

11. Now youre back at the Save window. Your settings are all good and youre ready to export. Just make sure youre exporting your video where you want it to be saved and click Save

12. This will bring up a progress bar for the export of your movie le. It will display percent complete and an estimated time to complete. Take note that this estimate is often really off, but exporting your slideshow or video could still take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours depending on how long it is and the machine you are working on. Slideshows will export faster than videos.

If you look in the folder where you told Final Cut to save your exported movie, you will now see a new le, which is a .mov le (though it may not say that). This le can now be played using QuickTime, or uploaded to the web for others to view.

13. If you are exporting a video with footage youve shot, instead of a slideshow, the only difference in the export process will be the size of the video you export. All the settings and instructions from steps 1-6 remain the same, but once you get to step 7, where you are typing in the Dimensions, because we shoot in HD video, you need to use the HD aspect ratio of 16:9. Therefore a good export size for HD video is 640 pixels wide, and 360 pixels high. Then click OK

14. All the rest of the steps for exporting a video in HD are the same. Repeat steps 8-12 and your video will be good to go.