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I. INTRODUCTION Until recently, the issue of sexuality has always been an interesting topic to talk about. This is possible because of sexual problems have become very attached to human beings. Sexuality could not be avoided by any living being, because with the sex of living creatures may continue to preserve the surviving descendants. In adolescence the curiosity of sexual problems is very important in the formation of new relationships that are more mature with the opposite sex. Whereas information about youth on sexual problems was supposed to begin, so that adolescents do not seek information from others or from sources that are not obvious or even mistaken altogether. Provision of information on sexual problems be important especially given the teens are in the sexual potency that is active, because it deals with the sexual urges which influenced hormonal and often do not have enough information about their own sexual activity. Of course it would be very harmful to the development of the adolescent soul if he does not have the proper knowledge and information. The fact remains that most of the teens we don't know the impact of sexual behavior that they did, often teens are not ripe for sexual intercourse, moreover if it must bear the risk of the sexual relationship.

II. BODY OF RESEARCH Education is a process of changing the attitudes and behavior of someone or a group of people in the business of bringing people through teaching and practice. A researcher defines education as guidance or direction of consciously by educators against physical and spiritual malformations to the formation of the main personalities. In General, it can be defined that education is a deliberate effort and done knowingly to guide and develop the personality of the son preparing them to become a member in the society with a mature personality. While the term sex in a narrow sense means sex. According to J.S. Tukan, the sexual aspect consists of metal, physically, emotionally and psychologically in the form of bodily, in the sense that anything that is done during the day have a pattern of sex because sex is the entirety of the personality of both men and women or sex does not just mean the organs or genital. Understanding sexual education in General is something that relates to the genitals or sexrelated things of the intimate relationship between men and women. Sexual character of each gender has different specifications it is such that the following opinion: Sexual characteristics are divided into two types. Primary sexual characteristics are directly related to reproduction and include the sex organs (the genitalia). Secondary sexual characteristics are attributes other than the sex organs that generally distinguish one from the other sex but are not essential to reproduction, such as the larger breasts characteristic of women and the facial hair and deeper voices characteristic of men (Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 2002)The notion is not limited to the reproductive problems of development,

regeneration, in the sense of existence of biological species, and is said to be common because it involves a lot of things about the process and his behavior in the Association. The definition of some, can be drawn the conclusion that sex education is a conscious effort to prepare and shape the adult men who can have a happy life, can use the functionality in terms of her sex both the individual so that they will be responsible, socially or religiously. Sexual behavior is any behavior which is driven by sexual desire, both with the opposite sex or same-sex. These forms of behavior can be diverse, ranging from feeling attracted to conduct dating, flirt and intercourse. The object can either be a sexual person, either a type or the opposite sex, one in delusion or myself. Some of this behavior has no impact, especially when it does not cause physical effects for the person concerned or the social environment. But most sexual behavior (which is done prematurely) thus can have a very serious psychological impact, such as guilt, depression, anger, and aggression. A variety of sexual behavior in teens is not yet the time for sexual intercourse is reasonably among others is known as: 1. Masturbation or masturbation is a bad habit in the form of genital manipulation tools in order to channel the sexual desires for fulfillment of pleasure that often cause personal and emotional shocks. 2. Dating with a variety of sexual behavior that is as light as the touch, grip hands up on kisses and touches of sex that is essentially a desire to enjoy and satisfy their sexual urges. 3. A variety of activities that lead to gratification of sexual drive which basically indicates not a successful person in control it or failure to divert the impulse into other activities that actually can still be worked on. The urge or craving for sexual intercourse always appears on an adolescent, therefore when there is no corresponding distribution (married) then it should be made an attempt to give understanding and knowledge about it. Sex education is one of the ways to reduce or prevent the abuse of sex, in particular to prevent the negative impacts are not expected, such as unplanned pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, depression and feelings of sin. Sexual education in addition to explain about the anatomical aspects and also explained about the biological aspects of psychological and moral aspects. Sexual education should incorporate the elements of human rights and also the values of culture and religion so that it will be included morality and moral education. Sexual education has the goal to build a family and being a responsible parent. Some experts say a good sexual education should be equipped with ethics education, education about relationships between fellow human beings both in the family and relationships within the community. Also it is said that the purpose of the sexual education is not to evoke curiosity and want to try sexual intercourse

between adolescents, but want to prepare that teens know about sexuality and its results when done without complying with the rule of law, religion and customs as well as the mental and material readiness of a person. In addition to sexual education also aims to provide knowledge and educating children to behave well in terms of sexual, religious. So the goal of sexual education is to form a healthy emotional attitude toward sexual issues and guiding children and youth towards healthy adult lives and take charge of his sexual life. This is so that they do not consider it a sex filthy and dirty but rather as an innately human, which is God's grace and functioning is essential to the permanence of human life, and so that the children can learn to appreciate his sexual ability and only transmit the impulse for a specific purpose (which is good) and at a particular time only.

III. RECOMMENDATION The experts argue that the best educators are the parents of the child itself. The education provided is included in sexual education. In discussing sexual problems that are very personal in nature and require an intimate setting, open heart-to-heart between parents and children is important. This will be more easily created between mother and daughter or father with his son, even though the possibility is not closed can be realized when done between the mother with her son or father with his daughter. Then try not to appear like a complaint that they do not know where to start, stiffness, confusion, and ran out of the talks. In providing sex education on children, don't wait until a child is asked about sex. Sex education should be given to the planned, in accordance with the circumstances and needs of the child. Preferably at the time of the child prior to the maturity of the process whereby a teenager both physical and mentally started to arise and evolve towards maturity. Some important things in giving sexual education, as outlined by Singgih d. Gunarsa (1995): 1. How to deliver it must be reasonable and simple, don't seem hesitant or shy. 2. The contents of the description submitted must be objective, but do not explain a no-no, as if it was intended to keep the child will not ask again, can use examples or symbols such as for example: the process of fertilization in plants, so far note that his description remains rational. 3. Superficial or deep-seated must deliver content customized to your needs and with the stage of development of the child. Age of child 9 or 10 year validity will need to explain in detail about the behavior or action in relation to gender, because the development of all aspects of his personality did not yet reached the stage of maturity to be able to absorb deep description about the problem. 4. Sexual Education should be given in private, because of the narrowness of vast knowledge with the latest rapid stages of development is not the same for each child. With our personal approach means and contents descriptions can be adapted to the special circumstances of children.

5. It should be noted that in the end try to carry out sexual education needs to be repeated (repetitive) it is also necessary to know how far something new sense can be absorbed by the child, it also needs to remind and reinforce the (reinforcement) what have been known to actually be part of their knowledge. In a general sense, you should refer to a method of how to do something. There are several methods that can be used in the implementation of sex education, among other things: 1. Frequently asked questions and dialogue Method this method can be used to direct the child's thought process, evaluate how far children's knowledge about sexuality, and measuring how far the child's understanding of the issue. 2. Example Method Giving example is an effective way, because in the spring and methods give an overview and a clear intimation of the child regarding acts that can be emulated. 3. Methods of examination of the things that can ruin a child sexual development an example implementation of this method, by accompanying and while witnessing the events of the electronic media and distancing the child from wrong sex. 4. Disciplined Investment stance against religious norms and social 5. Infusing traits of masculine and feminine through the game it aims so that children grow up to be men and women of true and proud of his sexual type of fiber can respect other sexual types.