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Manik Thapar, Founder, Eco Wise Waste Management Pvt.

Green Entrepreneur Manik aims to332 Clean up dirty Country Despite the bold strides in industry and business that we have made in the last fifteen years our country; India could use a good scrubbing. Nothing chafes more than the sight of the raw filth our fair land seems to be decorated with from its rivers to its mountains while we try valiantly to shed our third world tags. Manik Thapar is an Indian who will not just talk about scrubbing India clean but resort to getting his own hands dirty as well. The entrepreneur spoke to Yourstory of his plan to clean our land with Eco Wise Waste Management Pvt. Ltd. What kind of waste management does Eco Wise work on? Eco Wise is a waste management company based in Noida. We provide comprehensive waste management solutions to Residential, Commercial, Institutional and Industrial entities. Our process includes collection, segregation, transportation and assistance to the Recycling industry. We also provide Consultancy services. All our practices are in accordance with MSW Rules 2000. We help businesses support their bottom line and help create a better environment to live in. Our upcoming plans include waste-to-energy conversion with biogas plants and a vision to reduce landfills by 100%. How large is the market for waste management in India? Scope includes Residential, Commercial, Institutional and Industrial entities in Noida, Greater Noida, Delhi, Ghaziabad. We partner with numerous recycling units to deal with different types of wastes, be it organic or inorganic. Organic waste is converted into compost and inorganic is further sent to recycling units. We have over 15 processes collecting and treating 40 tons of waste on a daily basis, which would otherwise be found lying on the roadside or make its way to the landfill site. Some of our clients include Patni Computers, Haldirams, Phillip Morris, Oberthur card systems, in addition to catering over 1.2 lac residential units. What makes Eco Wise wiser than the other waste management companies? Eco Wise is the only company in India doing waste management with a separate segregation and treatment site. We are different from the present dealers and contractors in the sense that we treat the waste in an environment-friendly manner by making compost and further recycling our waste by 100%. The others dump their non-useful materials in open road side areas or burn it as-it-is. Are there any alternative energy solutions that waste management offers? We plan to generate energy from our operations by installing biogas plants in near future. This will enable us to deal with the large amounts of waste and contribute to the energy sector. Why did you choose to take up waste management as an entrepreneurial venture?

When I was studying in the US people used to ask me how I could live in a dirty country. Thats when I decided that I need to clean up. It was then that I decided to set up a business in garbage management and collection in Noida five years ago. And the idea is now a money churner. Was it difficult trying to introduce waste management to our dirty country? My biggest challenge has been while dealing with the bureaucracy to bring this idea to the people. There is a lot of potential for the formal sector to organize professional waste management in India but very little has been done so far. The people are unaware that such services exist in the market. How much money does an operation like yours require to get started? An amount of Rs 1.5 crores was invested in the business, 90% of which came from my father. The rest of the capital he has raised from bank loans. Which areas can Indian entrepreneurship improve in? Availability of funds and proper resources. How does the future of waste management and Eco Wise look to you? Currently we employ about 50 laborers which we proudly refer to as Health Inspectors. Our main office is in Sector 41 Noida. Profits are ploughed back into the business and Eco Wises growth rate is above average with the potential in this sector being 800-1000% over the next 10 years. What motivates you when the going is tough? The cause of making clean and green cities. We have the right to live in a healthy environment but very few people work to make it happen. What is your personal entrepreneurial philosophy? Work for what you believe in and go for it. Yourstory believes that we may soon owe quite a bit to Manik in the sanitation department. We wish him success and hope that his work bears fruit very soon.