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( CPO ) KABIL, BATAM PORT INFORMATION ===================================== a.

Genera Condition : - Kabil Pilot Station : 01-07-00 North / 104-10-30 East or nearest safe pla ce. - Kabil Outer Bar Anchorage : 01-09-44 North / 104-12-00 East or nearest s afe place. - CPO Kabil Port Position : 01-04-29 North / 104-08-13 East - Asper info from Pilot that max draft to berth at CPO Kabil Port is 10.5 mt rs. ( If Vessel draft more than 9.5 mtrs, will arrange berthing during day time at high tide ). - Length of Wharf : 410 Meters - Depth of Wharf : 11 Meters LWS - Breadth of Wharf : 45 Meters - Wharf have 3 oil manifolds with clear space between them : Oil Manifold No. 1 to No. 2 : 126 Meters Oil Manifold No. 2 to No. 3 : 168 Meters - LOA allowed for berthing : 200 Meters - Beam allowed for berthing : 50 Meters - DWT allowed for berthing : 35,000 MT - At CPO Kabil port only can landed cargoes with max weight 25 tons / unit a nd allowed maximum height of the cargoes is 3.5 mtrs due to there are bridge pipes accros the berth with height only 4.6 meters. - Stevedores working for 24 hrs but effective working time is 17 hrs / day , other time they use for meal and break time. - Wharf can be congested from 1 up to 5 days subject to Vessel lines up at the time, will do our best for quickly berthing arrangement, in this case please kin dly give to us at least 7 days notice prior Vessel arrival for pre-arrangement. - At CPO Kabil port pilot available by day time from 07.00 lt up to 22.00 lt . - When Vessel arrive at Kabil : Please kindly to proceed to Kabil Pilot Station with position 01-07-00 Nor th / 104-10-30 East or nearest safe place decided by Master then the Pilot will guide the Vessel from that position until berthing . If Vessel will droop anchor at Kabil anchorages , before droop anchor plea se the Master to contact underwater gas pipelines protectors ( TUG ABER ) by VHF CH.08 or CH.16 before droop anchor for further guidance due to there are underwater gas pipelines around Kabil anchorages . - On arrival Kabil , the Master please to pick up "Q" , "N" and Indonesia fla gs ( Indonesia flag to be pick up by day time only from 06.00 lt to 18.00 lt ) and keep VHF standby on CH.16 for our communication regarding berthing prospect and etc. b. Please kindly inform : - Please make sure that in last port clearance mentioned that "Batam"

is the next port of call. Any deviation course of the Vessel from last port, would be face problems with Batam C,I,Q,P. - All Ship's documents should be valid and onboard when Vessel arrive Batam. - Original or copy original of cargo manifest/NIL cargo manifest must be onb oard when Vessel arrive Batam, otherwise would be face problem with Batam Customs. - Please make sure that all Ship's Crews must hold Nationality passport with validation more than 6 (six) months when Vessel arrive Batam, otherwise would be face problem with Batam Immigration. - All containers will discharge at Batam must be provide with container seal . Container number, container seal and size must be mention in the Batam Cargo Manifes t. - Please be inform you that for Vessel carry EXPLOSIVE CARGOES and MILITARY EQUIPMENT must obtain special permit from Indonesia Polices Head Office an d Indonesia Ministry of Defence prior enter Batam / Indonesia. Regret that we are unable to arrange this permit. - Please to inform us list of cargoes on board Vessel and forward us the Carg o Manifest IF ANY cargo onboard Vessel, due to we have to report to Batam Cu stom prior Vessel arrival Batam. ( Example : Cargo for Batam 1,000 Mts, Cargo for Singapore 1,200 Mts, Carg o for Port Klang 1,100 Mts and etc. ). - Batam local time is GMT + 7 - Strictly prohibited for discharge or throw any materials , waste , garbage , oil , slops or etc from Vessel to the sea during Vessel stay at Batam. - Strictly prohibited for selling any materials from Vessel to other party i n Batam. c. For C,I,Q,P clearance onboard, list of documents has to prepares by the Maste r as follows : 1. Cargo Manifest/NIL cargo Manifest (original or copy endorsed by Master) : 4 Copies 2. Crew List ( Arrival crew list : 6 Copies & Departure crew list : 6 Copies ) 3. Ship's Particulars : 4 Copies 4. Store List : 4 Copies 5. Inventaris List : 4 Copies 6. General List / NIL List : 4 Copies 7. Medicine List : 4 Copies 8. Voyage Memo / Port of Call : 4 Copies 9. Crew Personal Effect : 4 Copies 11. Maritime Declaration of Health:4 Copies

12. 13. 14. 15. 16.

Vaccination List : 4 Copies S.S.C.E.C Certificate : 4 Copies Last Port Clearance : 2 Copies Intransit Cargo Manifest ( if any ) Other relevant Ship's Documents

d. Lists of original Ships documents required to be prepares by the Master when Vessel arrival Batam , as follows : 1. Register Certificate 2. International Tonnage Certificate 3. Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificate 4. Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificate 5. Cargo Ship Safety Radio Telephone Certificate 6. Certificate Class 7. International Oil Polution Certificate 8. International Load Line Certificate 9. Deratting Certificate 10. Health Book 11. Document of Compleance 12. Safety Management Certificate 13. Manimum Safe Manning Certificate 14. International Liferaft (ILR) 15. Fire Extinguisher 16. Nationality Passport 17. International Ship Security Certificate (ISSC) 18. Port State Control ( PSC ) 19. Port Clearance 20. Departure Crew List from last port endorsed by Immigration / Custom