10 Steps to the Physical Journey

Read slowly and carefully. Whenever you see ‘…’ pause and give your partner sufficient time to fully experience and answer your questions.
1. Guide your partner into Source. 2. Take Shuttle Ride with mentor on Journey of Discovery. 3. Walk around and explore the region. 4. Uncover emotion and associated memory or people. 5. Guide partner through Memory Process. 6. Guide partner through Camp Fire Process. 7. See how region has changed. 8. Take Shuttle back to:

a) Doorway where we started (for all workshop processes). b) Different part of body (not for workshop processes). 9. If Journeying to a different part of the body – repeat steps 2 – 8.
10. Guide partner back to waking consciousness.

Thank your partner and share your experiences of the process. Get up, walk around a little, get a glass of water – then switch.

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