Champions Counters

Note: the text under every counter is always applied to the first counter to x champion. Some of those text’s is taken from the comments from, and some of them did i make.

Ashe: Ezreal, Graves, Siver, and Draven.
Ezreal can easily dodge Ashe’s ult, by simply Arcane Shifting away.

Caitlyn: Sivir, Varus, Tristana, and Kog’Maw.
Sivir can use her Spell Shield, and make Caitlyn use her abilities without any positive gain on Caitlyn’s side.

Corki: Caitlyn, Draven, Varus, and Urgot.
Comment from Longer range, and smartly placed traps can really ruin a Corki if he plays aggressively and valkyries into a trap or something.

Draven: Varus, Caitlyn, Thresh, and Blitzcrank.
Draven relies on early kills, but Varus can farm safely so no real 2v2/1v1 will happen in laning phase.

Ezreal: Graves, Draven, Caitlyn, Miss Fortune.
Comment from - Both have a strong q, graves' q being far easier to land than Ezreal's q. - Graves has an armor passive leading to him taking substantially less damage than Ezreal will [this is the key factor imo...] - Graves' AS buff simply means he will beat Ezreal in a straight up fight.

Graves: Sivir, Caitlyn, Miss Fortune, and Urgot.
Sivir can block half of Graves burst, by using her Spell Shield at the right time blocking his ultimate.

Kog’Maw: Miss Fortune, Thresh, Sivir, and Draven.
Kog’Maw is a really life-stealing dependent marksman, and Miss Fortune’s W can negate his lifesteal.

Miss Fortune: Tristana, Draven, Caitlyn, and Taric.
Tristana’s long range can outrange MF, and Tristana can easily cancel MF’s ult in laning phase.

Quinn: Caitlyn, Miss Fortune, Tristana, and Draven.
Caitlyn can outpoke Quinn in laning phase. And when Quinn goes in for an engage Cait, can just 90 caliber net away.

Sivir: Vayne, Twitch, Corki, and Miss Fortune.
You can’t trade as Vayne early lvl’s, but past 6 Vayne outtrades Sivir. Vayne can tumble away from Sivir’s Q, and then fairly easy win a trade.

Tristana: Corki, Draven, Ashe, and Sivir.
Comment from Early game - evenly matched. Both have good burst and an engage/disengage ability. Mid game - Corki wins. Trist's still has decent burst, but Corki has poke with missiles AND comparable burst damage with gatling gun. Harass > Burst. Most Trists just want to farm mid game in preparation for late game, and Corki's poke will annoy her greatly. Corki can cover distance with Valkyrie after Trist's jump/ult. A good Corki will outzone Trist, making sure she doesn't reach late game.

Twitch: Draven, Caitlyn, Corki, and Miss Fortune.
Twitch needs those 6 dots from his Deadly Venom to do maximum damage from Expunge, but Draven can kill Twitch before getting to those 6 dots.

Urgot: who plays this guy Varus: Graves, Tristana, Sivir, and Blitzcrank.
Varus depends on stacks, but Graves can burst him down before getting those stacks.

Vayne: Caitlyn, Draven, Graves, and Varus.
Caitlyn wins laning phase really hard, by simply poking Vayne. Vayne wins lategame though.