While we have achieved some success, we cannot afford to rest or become complacent. The Federal and Provincial Governments’ policies and legislation are designed to diminish our rights. We cannot be misled by hallow and shortsighted policies that threaten the land and water that affect our future, our children and grandchildren. It is up to us, right now, to determine what will and what will not happen on our territories – our homelands. These lands and resources extend beyond the boundaries of this reserve and include the recognition of our Treaty Lands. I will continue to provide influential leadership to move our community forward. I intend to achieve this as I have always done, by putting the community and people first. This is the key to a nation built to last.

Lyle Sayers indizhinikawz. We have fought on many levels alongside Ketegaunzeebee in doon jibaw. Ajijaak in the North Shore Tribal Council, the doo daim. Inini indow. Anishinabek Nation, Chiefs of Ontario and the Assembly of First Nations to During my tenure as Chief, I have protect and maintain your Inherent and come to better understand, respect and Treaty Rights. appreciate the unique nature of this beautiful community of Garden River. In our efforts to protect our Rights we Every day is a challenge but it is also stood shoulder to shoulder with the Idle exciting and hopeful. Anything is possible No More Movement in communicating if we work together with an open heart to the highest seats of government that and mind. our Treaty Rights will not be taken away by any piece of legislation. I am proud We have moved forward on many fronts that many of you, at the grassroots level and we will continue to expand to ensure stood up for our rights with pride. I you as citizens of our First Nation have was honoured to join the many Idle No access to the best possible services. More events in Ottawa and here on our Health Care, Education, Early Child Care, homelands, sharing with the general Training & Employment have remained public the critical issues that face all of us top priorities. as a people.

• • • • • • • • • • Completion of Comprehensive Community Plan Drafting of Land Use Policy On-going negotiations of Western Boundary Joint Action Plan on return of Squirrel Island to Reserve Status Drafting of Housing Policy/Authority Refurbishing of Ojibway Park Destination Point Solar/Green Energy of First Nation Government Buildings Apprenticeship Partnerships Agreements with Sault College Robinson-Huron Treaty Annuities Claim on Treaty Payments Negotiated increased permit fees with Union Gas


ducation and Economic Development is key in creating opportunities for sustainable economic self-sufficiency for our citizens. Our strategy to engage and consult with our citizens is important to move important projects forward. We have been discussing the feasibility of a Hotel/Conference/Casino as a destination place under the jurisdiction and regulation of Garden River. More community input will follow on this initiative.
As in the past, I want to acknowledge and recognize our staff and the hard work they do on behalf of the First Nation. The programs and services delivered and administered by our staff is indicative of their dedication and commitment to quality of life for our citizens. I also want to acknowledge staff that have retired and wish them well in the future. ChiMigwetch for your contributions to the development of our growing community! We have also lost some great people who gave so much to the community – we will always remember them for their value and knowledge. They are part of our history and we’ll always be grateful.

• • • • • • • Proudly served 17 years as Chief and 8 years on GRFN Council 5th Term as Chairperson North Shore Tribal Council Vice-Chair, Anishinabek Police Service Shingwauk Education Trust/ Shingwauk Kinoomaage Gamig Board (WINHEC Accreditation 2012) Please visit for more info. Financial Advisor, North Shore Tribal Council, Mamaweswen Executive/Financial Director, Assembly First Nations (1980-88) Proud Husband, Father and Grandfather of 4 and 1 more on the way!

Please contact me at my home if you wish to discuss your concerns or if you just have a question.



We need to continue in the right direction and if elected, I will provide the leadership to advance our agenda and get results. I will lead in making education, economic development and health care top priorities. A healthy and happy community is a wellbalanced community. • • • • • • • Affordable housing Complete plans for a Seniors Care and Accommodation Facility to keep our Elders in the community 5-year Employment and Career Strategy that matches education outcomes Evaluation and Assessment of Health Care cuts Ojibway Immersion Research & Strategy Plan Governance Plan to review Chief and Council function Decrease in deficit



ur children are the future of our First Nation; we need to lay the foundation for them to lead in the years to come. We need to create a pathway that will guide a new generation into the future. Technology is quickly changing the world and we need to prepare for this change. While we embrace new technologies, we do not have to give up our values and principles as Anishinabe people. Respect, trust, honesty, courage, bravery, love and humility sets us apart from the rest of Canadian Society and has ensured our place on Mother Earth. It is “we” that must work together… to keep this nation and community alive.
With this in mind, I humbly ask for your support on Election Day to continue to serve you as Chief, on September 19, 2013. I encourage all to participate in your democratic right and vote.



MIGWETCH Lyle Sayers Crane Clan 2013 Candidate for Chief