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Dear Members and Friends, Welcome to another church program year. There are new people to meet and new ideas to explore. I hope we enjoy walking together along our spiritual pathway with Jesus our Lord. One idea I would like us to explore is how we can encourage each other as a community to be physically healthy. Clearly Jesus was very concerned when he saw people who were not healthy. He did not think sickness was part of Gods good plan for people. Every step we take towards improving our physical health is a step of good stewardship. The Bible says our bodies are the temple of God, and we honor God by what we do with our bodies. The Bible also says that physical health and spiritual health are two sides of the same coin. God wants us to be as healthy as we can be, physically and spiritually. No matter how old or how young we are, each one of us must take responsibility for making healthy choices. And we can be a good friend by supporting other people when they make healthy choices. This month, before the summer sun slips away, take time to walk outside in the crisp autumn air. Thank God for all the delicious fresh fruit that is available for us to eat. Take at least 5 minutes each day to sit quietly and let God speak to you. Come to worship and tell all your friends what a great summer you have had. We look forward to seeing you,

Grace & Peace Pastor Kathy ..

September 2013 Worship Calendar

Sep 1 9 am Labor Day Weekend Rain date for Outdoor Worship & Our Churchs Wider Mission Blessing Animals Offering END SUMMER SCHEDULE Welcome Confirmation Mentors, Blessing Prayer Shawls Grandparents Day Holy Communion Fall Kick Off FAITH WORLD Childrens Christian Education Any food you bring will be delivered to the Topton Food Pantry to help feed our neighbors. Harvest Home World Wide Communion Neighbors in Need Mission Offering FAITH WORLD Childrens Christian Education

Sep 8 Sep 15

10:15am 10:15am

Sep 22


Sep 29 Oct 6

10:15am 10:15am

The Church Office will be closed on Monday, September 2nd in observance of Labor Day. If you have a pastoral emergency, please call the pastor at 610-295-9599.

SEPTEMBER 2013 There is a crispness in the air, already. Weve felt it many times before, and we know what it signals. A changeof season, of schedule (for many of us), and of attitude, as we prepare for the night s to lengthen and the days to shorten. It is bittersweet. The anticipation of Gods paintbrush everywhere around us, but we know that colder air is right around the corner. CHANGE. We love it and we loathe it. But, no matter what, it is inevitable. James 1:17 (ESV) says. Every good gift and every perfect gift is coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change. We are reassured that despite changes all around us, He is constant and does not change, so we should not fear or worry about it. And so it is with Longswamp UCCchange is all around, and hopefully, you are a part of it, or are planning to be! Sometimes change can be easily seen, as in the mini-makeovers throughout the bell room, library, office corridor and upstairs bathroom (thank you Holy Rollers Barb and Jill Weaknecht and Shirley Solt! You did a fantastic job!). Sometimes change is less obvious, when it happens behind the scenes, with new ideas, new ways of doing things, new accountability, or new programs. In any case, it is necessary. Anything that does not change, does not grow. Likewise, if a church does not change, it does not grow, and without growth, it will surely die. Sometimes the changes work, sometimes we see that other changes need to be madeit is a flexible, and dare I say it, changeable process. So consider the changes being made, contemplated or verbalized, as signs of GROWTH. We are doing Gods work, as our community and world are changing all around us. We must adapt and change, or we will not survive. Summer may be only a memory now, but there are many more memories to be made with your church. Many events are being planned for the upcoming year, and your church family looks to you for involvement and fellowshipFaith World Kick Off, the new November Bazaar (if we get enough help!), our Youths Global Gateway trip in September, a celebration of the dedication of the new sign and the renamed Schubert Haus, and much more. Sanctuary task forces need more help in planning (a minimal commitment), the Loft Choir could use more voices (we hear you singing down there below and we LOVE your sound!), Hand Bell Choir, fellowship hosts (you just SERVE, everything else is at the church!), greeters, Property Committee needs some new people and ideas (a once a month meeting), and the list goes on. Fall is a great time to change it up and give of your gift of TIME. Let yourself experience the gift of fellowship with your church family and beyondlend a hand, reach out to a neighbor, welcome that newcomer in the pew in front of you. Your Consistory is honored to serve you and our church. We meet every third Monday of the month at 6:30 PM in the Schubert Haus (parsonage), and have a great time together even while slogging through the day-to-day workings of our beautiful church. We welcome your attendance and would love to hear from you. Yes, change is here to stay. Wont you be a part of it with us? The funny thing is, you may change for the better, just by doing so. In Christ, Kim Jenkins 2012/2013 Consistory President Absolute Deadline for Newsletter Articles for the October issue are due in the Church Office by Tues., September 10th! We appreciate them being sent to us by email or in typed format. Thank you!

Assisting In Our Worship...

*Communion Sunday ** Last 9AM service

**September 1 Barb Weaknecht * September 15 Fran Zettlemoyer September 29 Dylan Weaknecht September 8 Tina Cirafesi September 22 Don Siegfried

**September 1 Laurie Heagy * September 15 Sue McElrea & Cindy Conrad September 29 **September 1 Cheryl & Annie Bleiler * September 15 Chris & Kayla Freudig September 29 Coralie & Weylin Eck **September 1 * September 15 Friendship Discussion Hr. September 29 September 8 September 22 -

September 8 Volunteers Needed September 22 Jennifer & Mary Beth Weidman

September 8 September 22 -

September Fern Fritz, Cindy Conrad & Sue McElrea

**September 1 Kaitlyn Gross * September 15 Briella Gilbert September 29 Alexander Kowalchuk **September 1 * September 15 Shirley Solt September 29 Pastor Kathy September 8 Skylar Strunk September 22 Zachary Rachor


September 8 Carl & Doris Epting September 22 Beverly & Tim Long

Cost: Altar Flowers: $35.00 + Bulletins: $10.00 = $45.00

**September 1 Barbara Weaknecht * September 15 Ellie Long September 29 Jonathan Weidman

September 8 Beverly Thomas September 22 Jennifer Kressley


If anyone is interested in donating food, beverages, or financial donation for fellowship on a specific Sunday, but not wanting to host it, please call the church office or talk to the Pastor. Also, anyone hosting fellowship or after church activities, please make sure that the church or Christian Ed building is locked, windows are closed, and lights turned off before leaving. Thank you.

Church Family Notes

We extend our Christian Love and Sympathy to the Families and Friends of -Tyler J. Beans, 17, from Topton, who died unexpectedly in his residence on July 12, 2013. He was
going to be a Brandywine Heights High School senior for the upcoming school year. Timothy E. Dorwart, 58, formerly of Whitehall, who died on July 15, 2013. Timothys services were held on July 20, 2013 in Catasauqua. Among Tims survivors are his brother Curtis Dorwart and family. Verna E. Hoffmaster, 85, from Topton, who died in her residence on July 22, 2013. Vernas services on July 29, 2013 were a private graveside service and inurnment in Topton Union Cemetery. She was a member of LUCC. Joseph P. Vangeri, 70, from Mertztown, died July 22, 2013 in Conestoga View Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center, Lancaster where he resided for one month. Joes services were on August 10, 2013 with a graveside service and inurnment in Longswamp Union Cemetery. Among Joes survivors are his wife Florence and son Steve, daughter-in-law Kathy, grandson Nicholas, granddaughter Cassidy. Joe was very instrumental in the contracting of our new sanctuary roof and building the ramp at the parsonage. He served on consistory in the past, was on the property committee, cemetery board, and was an Elder. He is greatly missed. Catherine A. McElrea, 89, of Hamburg, died Friday, July 26, 2013 in her residence. Services were held on July 31, 2013 in Hamburg. Among her survivors are her son Jeffrey and daughter-in-law Sue McElrea and family. Edwin U. Solt, 86, from Mertztown, who died on August 5, 2013 at the Lutheran home in Topton. Eddies viewing and services were held August 8, 2013 with burial and full military honors in Longswamp Union Cemetery. Among his many survivors are his wife, Annabelle, his daughter Christine, son-in-law Robert, and granddaughters Jenna & Kayla Freudig. Eddie had been on consistory in the past and was an Elder. He is greatly missed. Please keep Tylers, Timothys, Vernas, Joes, Catherines, and Eddies families and friends in your thoughts and prayers. The baptism of Talon Kent Bower took place on August 11th. Talon is the son of Amanda Buonanno and Kyle Bower. He was born on March 18, 2013. Kate Bower and Joseph Sagl are his godparents. Congratulations and Gods Blessings as he lives and grows in the exciting years to come.

Members and Friends Prayer List:

[As of newsletter preparation time] Members & Friends Prayer List: Long-term Needs: Amy Roth, Niki Ferrizzi, Hope Distasio, Rev. William Thomas, Mark Grim, JoAnn Jones, Kathy Hollopeter, Dominic Derr, Lorraine & Rev. Sterling Schnell, Kennedy Stevenson, Kali Fairchild, Jake, Cindy Sheaffer August Prayer Needs: Flo Vangeri, Clark Hamm, Rick Shupp, Fay Shupp, Michael & Lorraine Meck, Joyce Sturtevant, Anna Reppert, Kuhns Family Shut-ins: Ruth Hertzog & Corinne Reppert [Lutheran Home, Topton], Mary Conrad [Kutztown Manor], Alma Rhoads [Mosser Nursing Home, Trexlertown], Jean Szoke [Country Meadows, Allentown], Jean Rhode & Ruth Romig [Lewisburg, PA], Helen Schuler [Oakhurst, NJ], Anna Delong, Caroline Delong, Kathleen Hollopeter, Catherine Miller, Anna Reppert, & Doris Weller [at home] [Please give the Pastor a note with any special prayer needs]

Hospital ID Number:
Our hospital identification number for Lehigh Valley Area Hospitals is #451 and for Reading Hospital use Longswamp UCC. Please use our name or number when entering the hospital. Also, make sure that a family member or friend contacts the church office to let us know when you are hospitalized.

Sept. 2 Rev. Sterling Schnell, Annabelle Solt Sept. 14 Christopher Kowalchuk Sept. 3 - James Isamoyer Sept. 15 - Doris Weller, Laurie Heagy Sept. 4 - Artena Unger, Christine Allen Sept. 16 - Cindy Masenheimer, Nicholas Strunk Sept. 5 - Pauline DeLong, Sabrina Treitz Sept. 18 - Ginger Neuman, Edward Howze Sept. 7 - Brett Bleiler, Alexander Kowalchuk Sept. 23 - Erica Jones Sept. 9 - James Delong, Kaitlynn Steventon Sept. 26 - Geraldine Stoudt, Allen Oswald, Sept. 11 - Dawn Franckowiak Matthew Masenheimer Sept. 12 Karen Friedly Sept. 28 - Richard Rachor, Jr, Sept. 13 - Aaron Hengst HAPPY BIRTHDAY & MANY MORE!

09/01/1990 09/08/1990 09/08/1990 09/12/1998 09/14/1996 09/14/2001

Tammy & Elmer Moyer Patti & James Hoepfl Wendy & Mark Isamoyer Dawn & Craig Weller Katherine & Amos Gross Dana & Christopher Kowalchuk

09/16/1961 09/19/1964 09/23/1967 09/23/2000 09/26/2004

Barbara & Dan Eck Dolores & James Isamoyer Ginger & Joseph Neuman Beverly & Timothy Long Beverly & William Thomas


We are still in need of greeters for September 8, 22, & 29 and fellowship hosts for September 1, 8, 22, 29. Please contact Barbara Weaknecht by phone (610-682-2406) if youre willing to greet or host fellowship on any of the above listed dates. Your dedication to serving as greeters and/or hosting fellowship is greatly appreciated. Thank you for serving your church in this way!

celebrated on Sunday, September 15th at 10:15am. If you or a family member, wish to receive private Holy Communion please notify the Pastor.

Holy Communion: The Sacrament of Holy Communion will be

The Festival of Harvest Home will be observed as part of our service on Sunday,
September 22nd. Please bring your donations of fresh produce, canned and packaged items to the church either during the church office hours [9:00am - 2:00pm] on Friday, September 20th and they will be put into a display or bring them on Sunday, September 22nd and you can add them to the display. A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO Ronnie & Millie Newhard for the repair of the sanctuary clock!! It now functions as beautifully as it looks!

Church Groups, Committees, & Ministries

Faith World is a Christian Education experience for children aged 3 12 years. It is offered on Sundays when Holy Communion is served, and children are dismissed to Faith World following the Childrens Sermon. Join us on September 15th for our Fall Kickoff! Postcard Ministry: Take time to tell someone that we missed them in worship today. Think of someone who you havent seen in church in a while and send them a postcard from the windowsill in the sanctuary. Drop it in the offering plate and it will get addressed, stamped, and mailed for you. The Garden Ministry: The Lord God took Jennifer, Mary Beth, and Dana and put them in the Garden of Longswamp to work it and take care of it. (Paraphrased from) Genesis 2:15 ~ And thus, the Garden Ministry was born at LUCC. If you would like to learn more or feel called to use your green thumb, please look for the binder in the Library by the mailboxes or talk to any one of our garden ministers. Prayer Shawl Ministry: A PRAYER SHAWL STORY Judy Koller November 2012, Barbara Weaknecht requested a prayer shawl for her friend Darlene, in her BibleStudy-Group. Darlene's shawl was made with donated "Moyer" yarn in shades of blue stripes. Shortly after the shawl was delivered - Barbara told us how much Darlene loved her prayer shawl - she wore it everyday! Last Sunday, Barbara shared that Darlene recently passed away. At Darlene's Memorial Service - the shawl was in her casket! As we reflect on Darlene's shawl story... Let us take the time to thank God in praise and joy - that we had the opportunity to love and support Darlene through Barbara. My mouth shall praise thee with joyful lips. ~ Psalm 63:5 For Darlene, the shawl was a physical sign of the gracious presence of God. I wait for the Lord, my soul doth wait, and in His word do I hope. ~ Psalm 130:5 CHOIR REHEARSALS Join us this September as choir rehearsals begin for another year! Amy, Barbara, Kim, Andrew and Vern will be waiting for you to join them in singing! Rehearsals will begin, not on the first Thursday, but on the second Thursday, September 12th, on the Loft from 7:30 - 8:45 P.M. See you there! NEXT SCHEDULED SUNDAY TO SING - Sunday, September 15th

Ann Mabry Miller


(from 9-10am on Sundays) We will be finishing up the book titled: 'The Jesus I Never Knew' starting on September 8th. The book is by Philip Yancey in which he offers his perspective on the life of Christ and his work- his teaching, his miracles, his death and resurrection-and ultimately, who he was and why he came. Philip Lancey challenges us to think about this man as the Bible presents him- brilliant, creative, challenging, fearless, compassionate, unpredictable, and ultimately satisfying. You will discover the Jesus you never knew. Please join our discussion.

For Your Information

Have you noticed the new and exciting changes?! The freshly painted bell room and library! Here is a list of the places you can find special items Longswamp UCC Family Information & Community Events & Services Information on the bell room bulletin board Food pantry collection boxes in the new baskets in the bell room only Grocery receipt collection boxes on the Library book shelves. Lost & Found box on the Library book shelves. Altar Flower & Bulletin sponsor sheets on the bulletin board (right side hallway upon entering sanctuary) Schedules: Head Usher, Acolyte, Elders/Communion, and Altar Guild schedules are all in the special binder on the Head Usher stand in the Narthex Newsletters: On the table in the Narthex and on the wall rack hanging in the bell room. Requests for Prayer Shawl slips: wall rack hanging in the bell room Mailboxes: On the left side of the library bookshelf. SAVE THOSE REGISTER TAPES! (Very easy way to assist your church) If you shop at Radcliffes market, Be sure to drop off your receipts in the library bookcase (papered box marked Radcliffe). If you shop at Redners, you need to obtain a Save a Tape Card from the store and use it every time you shop, then simply collect your receipts and deposit them in the designated box found in the library bookcase (papered box marked Redners). Please remember to contact Dawn in the church office in advance to inform us of your change of address to help save us additional postage cost. Each time a piece of mail is returned to the church, we have to pay the corrected address and return of that mail. NURSERY CARE is available if parents/grandparents think a child cannot sit through the whole of worship. Children are dismissed to Nursery Care after the Childrens Sermon. There are BUSY BOXES available for use by the young and the restless located in the bookcase in the entrance hall. Please replace them after the worship service. WIRELESS HEARING DEVICES are available upon request from the Greeters. Always sign PEW PADS when in attendance & ESPECIALLY when you have communed Please use OFFERING ENVELOPES OR put offering envelope number on check The 2013 Altar Flower and Bulletin Sponsor Charts are hung up on the bulletin board on the left side when exiting the sanctuary. Genealogical Help: Please contact Ellie at LONGSWAMP UCC WEBSITE: If you have a Facebook profile, search for Longswamp UCC and feel free to join the group. Contact Ellie Long at or Andrew Thomas at UPPER ROOM DAILY DEVOTIONAL GUIDE: These books are available in the church Narthex for a $1 contribution. Large Print is also available.

Letters of Thanks
Dear Members, Thank you very much for the prayer shawl and cards and prayer. Its beautiful. I am recovering very nicely.Thank you. Jean L. Smith I want to say thank you for the beautiful Prayer Shawl that was given to me. It was greatly appreciated and will be put to good use. Dorothy Weller We would like to thank Pastor Kathy and our church family for all the prayers, calls, cards, and other kidness shown during the illness and loss of our loved on, Eddie. The Solt Family A huge thank you to everyone who sent cards and offered condolences when Joe passed away. A special thank you to Pastor Kathy and Dawn Strunk for your help. Also, to Kim Jenkins and Ronald Newhard and all who helped set up Fegely Hall. It is good to know there is someone to help. Thank you, Florence Vangeri Thank you so much for the beautiful prayer shawl. I love it. Thanks again. Love, Katie Shade

Upcoming Church & Community Events & Follow-ups

Mark your calendars with the following events: SEPTEMBER 21-22, Sat.-Sun. -- Global Gateway overnight trip departs 9:45am & returns 3:30 pm OCTOBER 5, Saturday-- Make Soup for the Sale OCTOBER 6, Sunday -- Soup Sale pick-up after worship OCTOBER 13, Sunday -- CROP Walk OCTOBER 20, Sunday -- Global Gateway Follow-up/Brown Bag lunch @ LUCC; immediately following worship -- 3:00 pm Zion Chorale Society @ Huffs Church (meet at LUCC parking lot at 2:15) November 9, Saturday 10 am- 2 pm --BAZAAR-- Please notify Tina Cirafesi @ as soon as possible, if you would be interested in helping make this happen!! JANUARY 25, Saturday -- Game Night MARCH 2, Sunday 6-8 pm -- Square Dancing @ Zion Union Church, Maxatawny MARCH 23, Saturday -- Make Easter candy for Sale

Attention Global Gateway Campers & Parents!!

We will meet in the upper parking lot of LUCC at 9:45 am on Saturday, September 21, 2013. Our bus is scheduled to depart at 10:00 am. Please don't be late!! We need you there promptly to check-in and load the bus!! Anyone leaving a car overnight, please park in the back of the lot nearest the embankment. Parents, we should be returning to LUCC on Sunday, September 22, 2013 at approximately 3:30 pm. Please be prompt in picking up your child!! *NOTE: We are hoping to have postings on the LUCC website noting safe arrival at camp and any changes in return times. Thank you.

Homemade Soup Sale: Proceeds benefit the family ministries and outreach
of Longswamp U.C.C. Orders accepted through Sunday Sept 29th Pick Up Date: Sunday Oct. 6th Beef Vegetable & Chicken Corn Noodle Pint of Soup: $4.00 Quart of Soup: $6.00 Soup will be prepared Saturday Oct. 5th. Willing soup makers should contact Jennifer Weidman at 610-682-0904 or

Goofy Mini-Golf Results:

On June 30 at 6:30 pm, 10 youth and 7 adults from LUCC were ready to tee off. They all teed off at Sittler's in the second annual Longswamp Youth Ministry Goofy Mini-Golf Tournament. The four teams were as follows: Yellow Garrett Caleb Kim James Blue Collin Caiden Chris Ann Green Tyler Skylar Alex Derek Red Nick Dale Francesca Bob Dale Sr.

A good time was had by all despite the probability of rain! All players were enthusiastic and having fun throughout the experience. Thank you to all of the parents who brought their sons and daughters, stayed to watch, play, and help out. We couldn't have done it without you! A special shout-out to Dale Loch for organizing the event, Dana Kowalchuk & Dawn Strunk for assisting with the awards and prizes, and Jennifer Loch for taking pictures. The award to the best "foot moves" golfer went to Garrett. The award for seeing without seeing went to Bob. The award for precision to detail went to James. The award for the most enthusiastic GOOFY golfer went to Dale Sr. And the free ice cream went to the team with the lowest overall team score which was: YELLOW TEAM!! These four people played like they were on the pro-tour! Down on the turf, eyeballing the shots before they took them! They earned their ice cream! One last thank you goes out to all the golfers in the tournament! You played with enthusiasm, encouraged one another, laughed, and were so very polite and thankful. It was a pleasure watching you all in action and seeing Jesus reflected in your behavior. Blessed are you

Missions and Community Outreach LUCC Mission Project: Six Disaster Clean-up Buckets Filled!!!!
As we enjoyed summertime, our dedicated congregation showed our support of disaster victims throughout the United States. Our summer mission project during June and July was to collect various items needed to fill cleanup buckets. This project was initiated by Penn Northeast Conference in hopes of providing as many cleanup buckets as possible for Church World Service. Church World Service (CWS), a global humanitarian agency and sponsor of CROP Hunger Walks, emphasizes the importance of faith community involvement in long-term recovery from disaster. In addition, CWS helps flood survivors access the material, emotional, spiritual and human resources they need to get back on their feet and move on with their lives by helping communities to start their own long-term recovery groups. Jill and Vern Shade were co-chairpersons of this summer mission project. Each cleanup bucket consisted of the following 15 items: a 5 gallon bucket with a resealable lid, 5 scouring pads, 7 sponges (assorted sizes), a scrub brush, 18 reusable cleaning towels, a 50 78 oz. box of laundry detergent, a 12 oz. bottle of concentrated cleaner, a 25 oz. bottle of liquid disinfectant dish soap, a package of 48 50 clothespins, clothesline (2 x 50 ft. or 1 x 100 ft.), 5 dust masks, 2 pairs of latex gloves, one pair of work gloves, one roll of 28 heavy duty 30 50 gallon trash bags, and one 6 9 oz. bottle of insect repellant. We accomplished our goal (5 complete buckets) by filling six complete cleanup buckets. The buckets will be delivered to one of two drop-off locations Hackmans Bible Bookstore in Whitehall or the Penn Northeast Conference Office in Palmerton. Then the buckets will be delivered to Church World Services warehouse in New Windsor, MD. A great BIG THANK YOU to everyone who supported this very worthwhile mission project.

LUCC Mission Trip: The Community Food Bank of New Jersey

On August 18th, five members from Longswamp UCC along with members from 13 different church congregations came to help out at the Community Food Bank of New Jersey. The volunteers helped to fill food boxes for the elderly and sort out donation items for distribution, as well as help with the Food Banks newsletter. 899 boxes of food for the elderly were filled that day with our help. The Community Food Bank of New Jersey was started over 30 years ago, when the founder Kathleen DiChara started giving out food from the back of her station wagon. Today, the Food Bank serves over 900,000 people per year, supporting 18 out of 21 counties in New Jersey, and every year one million pounds of food go through the facility. The Community Food Bank of New Jersey was also instrumental in collecting food for the survivors of hurricane Sandy. 1,000 pounds of food was collected by the PNEC churches alone. When asked what the food banks biggest problem was, the COO, Katherine McCaan responded that the need for food is growing while donations are declining. Theres plenty of food, she explained, but collecting and distributing is extremely difficult. We all had lots of fun getting to meet other members of the PNEC who have the same common goal as we do. I believe that we really made a difference in the lives of others, and would encourage people to donate to our local food banks. Submitted by Mary Beth Weidman

The Brandywine Food Pantry is located in Trinity Lutheran Church in Topton. New Food Pantry Hours: Tuesdays 10AM 1PM or every third Thursday 10AM 12PM. Must have an appointment. If you have any questions, please call Marie at Trinity 610-6827352. The Brandywine Food Pantry is in dire need of assistance. Currently we are serving 52 families. We have made the decision to purchase items to help replenish a few of our essentials, but we request your assistance to help restock our shelves. Below are items that the pantry is in need of: assorted canned fruit (pineapple, pears, apricots, peaches), applesauce, fruit juices, toothpaste, toiletries, paper products (tissues, napkins, paper towels), soap, shampoo, tea, coffee, mayonnaise, potatoes (canned or boxed), pasta (penne, farfalle, ziti, rotelli, ditalini), soups (tomato, assorted chunky, assorted Progresso, cream of mushroom, vegetable beef), Chef Boyardee (lasagna, beefaroni), Spaghetti O's, macaroni and beef, spaghetti sauce, cake mix, pancake mix, syrup, snacks (cookies, crackers). Clean plastic grocery bags are needed to pack the groceries. The pantry staff thanks you for your support

Food For Thought

Strangers among us By Bob Burroughs
Where were these words spoken? 1. "Greetings! How are you today?" 2. "Hello! I'm so very pleased you are with us today. How can I assist you?" 3. "I'm so glad you came in today. If there is anything I can do, let me know." 4. "Can I help you find your way around? Are you looking for something specific?" Having served for eight years as director of church music for the Florida Baptist Convention and having had multiple opportunities to visit many churches during past years, I wish I could report that the four statements above came from the churches I visited, and was the way I was greeted, and that these comments are typical of all churches. Unfortunately, this is not true. Where do you think these statements were made? Here are the answers: 1. Sam's Club. 2. Walmart Super Store. 3. SuperTarget . 4. Bi-Lo Grocery. I have been in church after church where not one person spoke to me, acknowledged my presence or gave me any direction. Once in a while, I'd get a nod and "Hello," but the person would pass on by. Occasionally, I'd get a "Welcome. Are you a visitor?" When I replied, "Yes," their reply was "Glad to have you today," and the person would continue on their way. It was rare indeed that I was warmly greeted, made to feel welcome or asked if I needed directions to any place in particular. Don't misunderstand, I wasn't looking to be recognized, pampered or royally welcomed. These people didn't know me from Adam's housecat. To them, I was just someone they did not know. Remember, these days it is rare indeed if someone comes to a church by himself/herself without invitation and being accompanied by a church member, but it does happen. Therefore, the church family should be keenly aware of making people feel welcome and make sure they know where to go, even if it's to the nearest restroom. I think our people can and should do a better job of welcoming people to their churches. Do you? Comments from Claire Young of the Reading Berks Conference of Churches regarding the story from Bob Burroughs: 1) No one intentionally ignores folks 2) Hardly anyone intentionally seeks our visitors 3) Practice saying, "I'm sorry I don't remember your name." or "I don't think I've met you before." 4) Be creative. 5) Show hospitality. 6) Be intentional. 7) Be a DISCIPLE!




All Ages Event

7th and 8th Grade Christian education program @ 9:00 am


Sunday morning Bible study for adults @ 9:00 am

September 15 9 am to 12:30 pm


Christian education experience for children ages 3 to 12 @ 10:15 am



Longswamp United Church of Christ

200 Clay Road Mertztown, PA 19539

Worship with Holy Communion @ 10:15 am

Covered-dish picnic for all ages @11:45 am


Web: or find us on Facebook Phone: 610.682.6230

3:47 PM 08/07/13 Cash Basis

Longswamp United Church of Christ

Income Report
July 2013
Jul 13 Income 300.00 INCOME 326.00 GF-Income 326.01 Plate / Cash 326.02 General Fund / Envelopes 326.03 Learning Center Fac. Usage Fee 326.06 Bulletins / Scriptures 326.07 Altar Flowers 326.11 One Great Hour of Sharing 326.16 Our Church's Wider Mission 326.22 Upper Room Booklets 326.29 Sprint Lease Payment 326.30 Deposit transfer accts Total 326.00 GF-Income 327.00 Maintenance Fund Income 329.00 Contingency Fund Income 330.00 Memorial Fund Income 330.27 Interest Income (#30) 330.00 Memorial Fund Income - Other Total 330.00 Memorial Fund Income 332.00 Building Fund Income 332.27 Interest Income (#32) Total 332.00 Building Fund Income Total 300.00 INCOME Total Income Expense Net Income 188.60 188.60 13,485.02 13,485.02 0.00 13,485.02

115.84 5,290.60 1,273.00 30.00 105.00 20.00 210.00 2.00 1,437.50 3,300.00 11,783.94 1,391.00 100.00 1.48 20.00 21.48

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3:48 PM 08/07/13 Cash Basis

Longswamp United Church of Christ

Expense Report
July 2013
Jul 13 Income Expense 400.000 EXPENSES 426.100 General Fund Expenses (#26) 426.102 Office Expense 102.01 Office Equipment Lease Payments 102.05 Computer Total 426.102 Office Expense 426.103 Office Administration 103.02 Advertising 103.03 Telephone Service 103.04 Duplicator Supplies 103.06 Worship Supplies Total 426.103 Office Administration 426.104 Utilities 104.01 Electricity Service 104.02 Trash Disposal Total 426.104 Utilities 426.111 Family Ministry Expense 426.200 Repair & Maintenance Expense 426.203 R&M Services Total 426.200 Repair & Maintenance Expense 426.300 Missions 426.301 #1 Great Hour of Sharing 426.306 Our Church's Wider Mission 426.310 Missions - Misc. 426.313 Strengthen the Church Total 426.300 Missions 426.500 Payroll Expenses 426.501 Employee NetWages (IndvClass'd) 426.502 Payroll Taxes 426.503 AD Computer Fee 426.505 Miscellaneous Total 426.500 Payroll Expenses 426.550 Ministry Expenses 426.555 Supply Pastor 426.556 Pastor Auto Allowance 426.558 Pastor Salary 426.561 Pastor's Books & Supplies Total 426.550 Ministry Expenses 426.600 Insurance Expenses 426.602 Worker's Comp Insurance Total 426.600 Insurance Expenses 426.800 Fund Transfer Total 426.100 General Fund Expenses (#26) 427.000 Maintenance Fund #27 427.103 Fund Transfer 427.200 R&M Expenses (#27) 427.201 R&M Supplies #27 427.202 R&M Equiptment (#27) 427.203 R&M Services (#27) Total 427.200 R&M Expenses (#27) Total 427.000 Maintenance Fund #27 432.000 Building Fund Expenses 432.100 Capital Expenditures 2,265.66 1,257.10 32.00 100.00 3,654.76 170.00 31.64 2,545.66 24.98 2,772.28 1,393.78 1,393.78 100.00 10,724.28 3,200.00 247.96 579.95 228.71 1,056.62 4,256.62 4,037.38 Page 1 20.00 650.00 60.00 80.00 810.00 441.29 229.98 671.27 104.00 100.00 100.00 19.04 127.36 194.00 239.60 580.00 0.00

478.20 59.99 538.19

3:48 PM 08/07/13 Cash Basis

Longswamp United Church of Christ

Expense Report
July 2013
Jul 13 Total 432.000 Building Fund Expenses 433.000 Building Fund Checking Expenses 433.100 Capital Expenditures 433.200 Building Maintenance 433.400 Real Estate Taxes Total 433.000 Building Fund Checking Expenses Total 400.000 EXPENSES Total Expense Net Income 4,037.38 -100.00 3,302.00 1,405.44 4,607.44 23,625.72 23,625.72 -23,625.72

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3:51 PM 08/07/13 Cash Basis

Longswamp United Church of Christ

Current Bank Acct Balances

As of July 31, 2013
Jul 31, 13 ASSETS Current Assets Checking/Savings 100.00 Cash Investments 126.00 General Fund Checking 127.00 Maintenance Fund Checking 129.00 Contingency Fund Checking 130.00 Memorial Fund Checking 131.00 Memorial Fund CD 132.00 Building Fund 133.00 Building Fund Checking Total 100.00 Cash Investments Total Checking/Savings Total Current Assets TOTAL ASSETS LIABILITIES & EQUITY

4,897.90 3,526.60 1,205.58 12,045.94 9,982.10 763,407.37 10,499.92 805,565.41 805,565.41 805,565.41 805,565.41 0.00

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Longswamp U.C.C.
Homemade Soup Sale
Orders accepted through Sunday Sept 29th Pick Up Date: Sunday Oct. 6th Pint of Soup: $4.00 Quart of Soup: $6.00 Name Phone Number Beef Vegetable: Quarts Chicken Corn Noodle: Pints

Longswamp U.C.C.
Homemade Soup Sale
Orders accepted through Sunday Sept 29th Pick Up Date: Sunday Oct. 6th Pint of Soup: $4.00 Quart of Soup: $6.00 Name Phone Number Beef Vegetable: Quarts Chicken Corn Noodle: Pints

Quarts _________ Pints____________

Quarts _________ Pints____________

Soup will be prepared Saturday Oct. 5th. Willing soup makers should contact Jennifer Weidman at 610-682-0904 or Proceeds benefit the family ministries and outreach of Longswamp U.C.C.

Soup will be prepared Saturday Oct. 5th. Willing soup makers should contact Jennifer Weidman at 610-682-0904 or Proceeds benefit the family ministries and outreach of Longswamp U.C.C.


September 2013
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

9:00am Worship: Labor Day Weekend


Scholarship Applications due.

Labor Day

9:00am Confirmation & Friendship Discussion Hr. 10:15am Worship: Grandparents Day, Blessing Prayer Shawls, Intro. Of Confirmands & Mentors

6:00pm Property Mtg 6:30pm Boy Scouts (cabin) 7:00pm LLC Board of Directors Mtg

6:30pm Prayer Shawl Ministry

6:00pm LUCC Historical

6:30pm Worship & Music Ministry 7:30pm Loft Choir (first)



OCTOBER Newsletter Articles are due!

Grandparents Day

Patriot Day

9:00am Confirmation & Friendship Discussion Hr. 10:15am Worship: Holy Communion, Fall Kick off Day, Faith World & Picnic

6:30pm Consistory 6:30pm Boy Scouts (cabin)



7:30pm Loft Choir


9:45am GLOBAL GATEWAY TRIP-----------------

9:00am Confirmation & Friendship Discussion Hr. 10:15am Worship: Harvest Home

6:30pm Boy Scouts (cabin)



7:30pm Loft Choir



3:30pm Return from Global Gateway trip

9:00am Confirmation & Friendship Discussion Hr. 10:15am Worship

6:30pm Boy Scouts (cabin)


Longswamp Learning Center Hours: Monday thru Friday - 6:30am till 5:30pm (610) 682-9750

Church Secretary (Dawn Strunk) Office Hours: Monday thru Friday 9:00am till 2:00pm (610) 682-6230

Church Staff and Information: Rev. Dr. Katherine Brearley, Pastor Dawn Strunk, Church Secretary Ann Mabry Miller, Organist Vern Shade, Bell Choir Director Ronald Newhard, Sexton Also contact for Longswamp Union Cemetery Beverly Thomas, Director of Longswamp U.C.C. Learning Center Robert Friedly, Treasurer Church Website: Contact Person - Eloise Long 610 682-0696 E-mail Contacts: Church Pastor

2013 Consistory Members: Kimberly Jenkins, President Donald Siegfried, Vice-President Dylan Weaknecht, Secretary Francis Zettlemoyer, Deacon & Elder Barbara Weaknecht, Deacon & Elder G. Kyle Koller, Deacon Shirley Solt, Deacon Tina Cirafesi, Deacon Richard Conrad, Deacon

Longswamp United Church of Christ 200 Clay Road Mertztown, PA 19539-8902 Address Service Requested

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Kutztown, PA Permit No. 40

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