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A~DOPTED Adopted into a family, No longer an orphan, You have a new destination, For all eternity, Gods free gift of salvation is yours, Because you kneeled down at the foot of the cross. Now you know God as Abba, He is your Heavenly Papa, He calls you his child, All his plans for you are good. B~LOOD WASHED Your sins have been washed away, For surely you did pray, And ask Jesus to forgive your sin, You are now forgiven, Washed in the blood, His blood was like a cleansing flood, Declaring you as righteous now, He remembers your sin no more. There is now no condemnation, For you have found Jesus and salvation. C~HRISTIANS As Christians we boldly declare, We belong to Jesus, The one who died to save us, And because we for others care, We the Gospel will share, And show love one to another D~ELIVERED Delivered and set free, For Christ our Lord has set us free,

Addictions have no hold of us, Bondage chains have been broken by Jesus. E~QUIPPED Equipped by the Holy Spirit, Empowered by the Spirit, As we become strong in the Word, And strong in the Spirit we take up our swords, And boldly go forth advancing the Kingdom, Seeing many come to salvation. F~ORGIVEN Forgiven because Jesus paid the price, He was the once for all sacrifice, Paying the penalty for your sins and mine, This could only be done by one who knew no sin. G~ODLY We cannot in and of ourselves have godly character, Jesus is our character changer, He transforms and renews our minds, And now we show his love to mankind. H~OLY SPIRIT INSIDE The Holy Spirit indwells all who know Christ as Lord, How privileged we are to have been given the Comforter, By our precious Lord and Saviour, The one who baptizes with the Spirit is Jesus our Lord. The Spirit is the one who will lead us into all truth, He leads us as we engage in study of the Word, And he will direct our paths, In our service of Jesus Christ our Lord. I~NTIMATE WITH THE LORD Intimacy with the Lord, Is what we long for, For our souls cry out with yearning, More of Jesus we are seeking. Deep unto deep we cry out, Surrendered hearts, its Jesus we are about, Nothing more will we withhold, And of his promises we take hold.

J~USTIFIED Justified by Jesus Christ, We the unjust, Are now seen as the just, He has wiped clean our slates. K~INGS AND PRIESTS As kings and priests we with the Lord shall reign Forever in the New Jerusalem L~OVING GOD AND ONE ANOTHER We love God so we should love one another, For we cant say we love God and hate a brother, The Lord would have us walk in unity, Division in the church is such a pity. For it is far from what the Lord desires, The early church in unity were blessed with tongues of fire. M~OVING WITH THE SPIRIT We move with the Spirit, When we are guided by the Spirit, Listen to the Spirits prompting, And the Spirit we are obeying. A real move of the Spirit starts revival fire, The Spirit within us stokes the fire, Jesus is the main object of our desire, And we become carriers of that fire. That fire we must to others impart, The fire burns and we cant contain it, We long for holiness and purity, Longing to be holy for our Lord is holy. N~OW BEING CHANGED By the Spirit we are being changed, Our minds and hearts are being transformed, Our selfish ways we lay down, We will serve the Lord in this generation

O~VERCOMING Overcoming by the blood of the Lamb, And the word of our testimony in this land, We go forth sharing the Gospel, Our Lord does save and heal. P~LEASING IN HIS SIGHT This is what we long for, To be pleasing in his sight, And we want to get it right, But we need the help of the Lord Q~UIETENED IN SPIRIT Quietened as we find new peace, No longer consumed by fears, For the Lord has brought us to a place of rest, For he indeed gives such perfect rest. R~EVIVED Revived by the Holy Spirit, Walking in the power of the Spirit, Spirit empowered, Spirit enabled, The wind of the Spirit has revived us, Now we are moving from strength to strength. S~PIRIT FILLED We desire to be Spirit filled, Daily we ask for a fresh infilling, We want to walk in the Spirits anointing, Fresh Mana from the Word consumed daily, We seek the Spirit for enlightening, And for guidance on our way. Without the Holy Spirit we are powerless, With the Spirits help we walk in righteousness. T~RUSTING Trusting and believing, That we are receiving, All that God has promised us, In God alone we place our trust.

Whatever situation we have to face, We still believe by faith, That the Lord is so close to us, And he goes before us. His hand is on our lives, He will never leave us, Nor forsake us, We offer up to him our whole lives. U~NDERSTANDING The Holy Spirit is guiding, Leading us into understanding, With wisdom comes understanding, And we seek godly wisdom. V~ICTORIOUS Victorious warriors, Wearing our armour, We go forth into battle, Telling the devil, That he is defeated, We have Jesus inside, And we shall overcome, By the blood of the Lamb. W~ISE We desire to be counted among the wise, Foolish sinful behaviour can bring an early demise, But we seek to follow Jesus Christ, As faithful sheep we listen to his voice. Wisdom comes from God and heeding his Word, The Spirit guides and helps us to understand the Word. X~TRAORDINARY FAITH Extraordinary faith is what I long for, And if you are like me you want more, Faith growing stronger every day, Faith that expects to see things thought impossible today. Believing that we will see miracles like never before, Believing the best is yet to come and there is always more. Y~EARNING FOR GOD Souls crying out with yearning,

Deep inside we are yearning, Like deers panting, We have a deep longing, To know Jesus more, And keep going deeper. To have a greater revelation, Of our Father in heaven, To be Spirit filled to overflowing, Out of our bellies rivers are flowing, For we dwell in the Heavenly Places, Living in his sweet presence. Z~ ION IS OUR DESTINY A cornerstone is being laid in Mount Zion, In the eternal city the New Jerusalem, And on Mount Zion there stands a Lamb, The Lamb who for us was slain. Jesus is that cornerstone, He indeed is the Lamb, And we will behold Him, For all eternity His praises we will bring. Glory, glory to the Lamb who was slain, Who has prepared for us eternal homes, In the city of Mount Zion, The city of the Great King. Holy, holy, holy art you Lord, Gathering in one accord, Eternally praising, Forever our praise is rising. Irene McGough 2013


By Irene McGough

Copyrighted 2013