Dr. Oscar Brunler, D. SC., 1950 Condensation of Energy, and Motion is the life of the Universe. Condensation of Energy, Radiation and Wave-motion become matter, form, sound, music, colour and light. Truth and Wisdom can only be discovered through observation, experiment and experience.

Oscar Brunler

In our search for Truth and Understanding we discover that the wheat is mingled with the chaff. Facts and superstition, theories and imagination must be investigated in order to arrive at conclusions which can be formulated into laws. The whole of our Universe, the whole of creation, is based on definite laws. We have discovered many of these laws and we believe we have discovered most of them. These laws apply to matter, to the starry heavens; they operate in physics and in chemistry and in all fields of science. We have discovered that we can say beforehand what results we may expect when we make use of the laws governing a particular branch of science. Let us for a fleeting moment look at some of the basic laws, which we use in all spheres of science. These laws are the foundation stones and without them we cannot build up anything of value. The law of polarity may be called the first and the fundamental law of all creation. Only man and woman together can create a child. „ Only a positive and a negative electric current can produce an electric light. Only an acid (positive) and an alkali (negative) can produce a chemical compound. Only the joining of the two—the positive and the negative—can create a new manifestation.

All attempts to discard this basic law and to hope for results without using it is a waste of time and energy. Two acids cannot combine and form a new chemical compound. Two positive currents cannot produce a light. Two positive poles of a magnet repel each other. The whole of creation is the joining of two forces of an opposite and complementary nature or an opposite polarity. When these two forces join creation takes place. In every sphere of science we see that this basic law manifests itself in operation. When we consider radiation phenomena we encounter at every step this first law; the law of polarity. Not only in the world of matter but also in the world of mind the law can be observed. Only Thought and Will combined can create in the world of man. Without going further into the many laws known to us, let us cast our mind on to the subject of radiations and rays and let us see what the research workers all over the world have discovered. Rays and radiations—two simple words—yet they open the gates into the realms of all creation. Rays and radiations—a vast—an endless and a fascinating world whose radiance leads us from the world of matter and death, to a world of light, understanding and wisdom. Only comparatively few men have ever ventured into these fertile fields and have explored these plains where the eternal light never fades. Orthodox science concerns itself up to the present time only with those rays and radiations which are either electric, magnetic or electro-magnetic. Everything which does not fall within this category is simply put aside and considered not worthy of scientific investigations. Many of the pioneers who do not follow the footsteps of the orthodox scientists are considered to be “slightly off the beam.” We must always bear in mind that real advances and nearly all progress in the world is only made by very few individuals. Unless we have realized and acknowledged to ourselves our ignorance we can never progress or gain greater knowledge. Humility—true humility—the realization of our limited understanding and the longing, the desire and courageous determination to explore new fields, will slowly but surely raise us into spheres of greater understanding. All creation is the outcome of rays and radiations. What do we know about rays and radiation phenomena? Let us, first of all, glance over that vast panorama like an interested spectator looking down on to the earth from an aeroplane many thousands of feet above the ground. True science is organized knowledge and organized observation. Unless we observe, and unless we correlate the knowledge of many spheres, we can never obtain a picture of the whole.

Orthodox science accepts only a few of the radiation phenomena known to us. Why? The answer is a simple one—because no instruments used by the orthodox scientists can measure many of the radiations which pioneers all over the world have discovered. Unless we expound our own ideas and our observations no progress is possible. In God‟s good time the ideas will take root and often monuments are erected to the pioneers whom the orthodox scientists had persecuted and made into martyrs. Finsen, the discoverer of the curative power of ultra-violet rays, was persecuted and made destitute; yet after his death they erected a monument in his honour. Reichenbach was persecuted and debarred from practicing as a medical man. Paracelsus was persecuted and his books were burned. Endless is the list of names we can collect from the records of history—yet Truth is everlasting and triumphs in the end. The more forcefully an individual expounds a new idea, the more powerful is the reaction of the orthodox thinkers. And as in physics, so in all spheres of life we encounter Newton‟s third law of motion, which says: “To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” It is not strange that throughout the history of the world the same story can be told, that those in authority—the so called experts or the upholders of orthodox ideas—when confronted with a new idea or a new philosophy or a new way of life, direct their fury and anger not against the idea but against the individual who expounds the idea. The judge and the accusers of Christ did not attack His teachings—such as “Love your neighbour as yourself”—or “love those who hate you.” They attacked and persecuted Him as a person. They did not try to prove that His ideas and teachings were wrong. They persecuted Him and asked Him questions, which had nothing to do with His “new way of life.” t is a very interesting psychological question, and I leave it to you to think out for yourself why this is the way of the world. Why do they attack, abuse, ridicule and condemn the exponent of a new doctrine or discovery, and why do they not attack the idea and prove that it is not based on truth or facts? Already in the sphere of orthodox science many of the laws governing rays and radiations have been checked up—verified and proved—and these laws have in fact been responsible for the latest developments in the scientific field. It is not in the field of the magnetic, electric, nor electro-magnetic radiations where we find the true basic understanding of all creation on earth. Let us for a moment survey the various fields of radiation phenomena which do not fall within the scope of orthodox science. These various fields comprise many aspects. The first man who demonstrated the use of this knowledge was Moses. Ever since Moses gave his demonstration in the desert, locating water with a divining rod, water diviners all over the world have found water by means of divining rods. Modern scientists with their highly technical instruments laugh at our forefathers who found water with a hazel twig in arid desert land and at the present day water diviners who still use the same simple method to locate water. Are these scientists laughing at their own ignorance which has blinded them and made it impossible for them to discover the law or the force or energy which bends the divining rod over a subterranean water current? The mathematics which we use in science reminds me always when I have to use it of a circus in which acrobats perform the most hair-raising feats. The mathematics used in physics is an intricate form of mental acrobatics—interesting and requiring great skill. I believe, however, that

the mathematics of the Creator of the Universe is a much simpler one, which is based on the laws of resonance, cycles and harmonics. Light is a higher octave of sound, resonance is the outcome of a dominant vibration, and cycles are waves of different lengths. It is a blessing that the mathematicians have not yet cast their mind on to music. What intricate formulas and what staggering opportunities would open up if we invented a kind of musical differential calculus for a Beethoven sonata. Logic is the final and clearly defined concept of an idea which through the process of reasoning step by step slowly reduces chaotic or hazy ideas to an orderly and flawless whole. As long as we have not learned to think in simple terms we must use mental acrobatics, which in fact, gives us a decided feeling of superiority over those who cannot grasp or follow our formulas. Science must start at the bottom to reach the top. The oldest method of locating water by means of a divining rod must have some scientific basis —unless we believe it is just witchcraft or quackery. Yet with all our knowledge of the protons and electrons we cannot do what Moses did with a simple stick. He may have been a quack but he certainly could demonstrate results without complicated and highly scientific instruments. In this sphere we can observe a radiation phenomenon which has not been properly investigated. There is another aspect of radiation phenomena with which we all are familiar. Since ancient times, long before Christianity was born, Saints in India and China were depicted with a halo of light around the head. Was this just the imagination of some neurotic, or can we find an explanation for this? It is a general belief that certain places of pilgrimage have great healing powers, and that such places have a powerful atmosphere which can raise our mind to loftier spheres. Not only does the Christian Church believe in such places of power, but the Moslems journey to Mecca, the Hindus make their pilgrimages to many holy places in India. Is it all just the outcome of a vivid imagination or of an unhealthy mind? Can we find an explanation for this belief in holy places where man can find strength or health or spiritual power? We all speak of atmospheres in rooms or places of worship. We speak of an atmosphere in certain localities. Is it just a senseless saying without any foundation to it or is there some truth behind it? If these beliefs or such expressions are based on facts, how can we explain them or throw some light on it and bring them into the realm of science? Endless are the examples which I could give you where we believe in certain observations or sensations for which we have no scientific explanations. The field of rays and radiations will open the gates to many of these problems. We shall discover that an expression like the „atmosphere of a room‟ is based on facts which have so far not been investigated by the orthodox scientists. Before we go further into the many and varied fields of radiation phenomena, let me give you a simple discovery which I made in India thirteen years ago. This discovery throws some light on radiation phenomena, which are not of a magnetic or of an electro-magnetic nature. After measuring the brain radiation of hundreds of people in all walks of life I journeyed into the Himalaya Mountains. The object of my trip into these staggering mountain ranges with the eternally snow-covered mountain peaks was not to discover hidden treasures, saints or adepts or masters, but just to see one of the greatest creations of God and to see with my own eyes the majesty of the more than twenty-five thousand foot high peaks. Whilst staying at Jogindanagar it came to me to collect stone samples and to measure the radiation from these stones. To my great astonishment I found that their radiation was very much higher than anything I had measured up to that time. I took a considerable amount of stone samples from a place ten

thousand feet high in order to compare their radiation with stones from an equal altitude in the Alps of Switzerland. After my return to London I checked once more the radiation of these stones. Several months later I went to Switzerland and collected stones at the Gorner Grat, which has an altitude of ten thousand feet. The radiation I of these stones was 150 degrees Biometric whilst those from the Himalayas emitted a radiation of 450 degrees Biometric, or 43 3 3 Angstrom Units and 1444 Angstrom Units. The stones from the Alps emitted a radiation in the wave band of visible light whilst those from the Himalayas sent out a radiation, which is in the wave band of invisible ultra-violet rays. Endless questions arose in my mind and the years have passed and _no answer or solution has come to my mind. Out of sheer curiosity I took my different samples to the Royal Geological Society to get their views on the subject. The verdict was a very simple one. The same formation, all samples must come from the same spot. There is no difference in all the samples submitted. When I was presented with this answer I said “Take a sample out of each box, enclose it in paper, and from the radiation of the sample I will tell you out of which box you have taken the sample.” I proved my point but the great authorities looked at me in a strange way and thought most likely “he is a mind reader or some sort of a magician.” They were not interested in radiations from stones, and there ended an interesting investigation into the radiation of mountains whose secrets are hidden in eternal silence. In the field of drugs and medicines, and particularly homeopathic medicines, we find another interesting subject where we can study radiation phenomena. It has always been accepted that drugs act on account of their chemical composition and that the effect of the drug is directly related to the quantity administered. Homeopathic medicines however, do not contain any quantity of a substance but only traces of it, especially in the case of higher potencies, but homeopathic doctors have recognized the fact that the higher the potency the greater the effect. These findings are in direct contradiction to the principle that large amounts of a drug produce greater effects. These homeopathic doctors when asked to give an explanation for the effect of these medicines could never give a reply, but all were in complete agreement that they were effective and had a powerful beneficial effect. Why? Nobody could answer this quite reasonable question. Homeopathy has fallen into disrepute in this country because no explanation could be given for its effectiveness. Although results could be seen it was quite natural for the orthodox doctors to think that the cure was due to “Faith of the patient in the doctor and his medicine.” We must bear in mind that a homeopathic pill contains only a hundred thousandth, or in the higher potencies, only a millionth part of an ounce of the original substance. In spite of the microscopically small amount of the chemical or mineral contained in the pill, the effect can be most powerful. This short story will make this point clearer. A friend of mine, a very well known doctor practicing homeopathy, had a young man as a patient. A strong and solidly built man of twenty-two years of age. For many weeks he had tried to cure this patient of some organic disorder. All his attempts to improve the condition had failed. Being at a loss what to do he consulted another doctor who knew the patient‟s condition and who was considered to be the greatest expert in homeopathy. This medical man suggested that he should give the patient the same medicine but in a higher potency. The potency to be 50M. When the patient consulted my friend again, he had the

medicine ready and he said to the young man: “Just place this little pill below your tongue and let it dissolve.” The young man did it and within a few seconds he fell forward—dead. What do we understand under potentizing a medicine? We take for instance one cubic centimeter of concentrated hydrochloric acid and dissolve this one cubic centimeter in 10 cubic centimeters of water. After shaking this solution we take one cubic centimeter of it and dissolve it again in 10 cubic centimeters of water. Once more we take one cubic centimeter of the previous solution and mix it with 10 cubic centimeters of water. This third solution contains one thousandth of the original cubic centimeter of hydrochloric acid. A solution of this kind is a low potency. The more often we dilute it in the same manner the higher becomes the potency and the smaller becomes the quantity of the original chemical in the solution. In the case of very high potencies the final solution contains only a millionth part of the original medicine. A simple example can lead us to some understanding of what takes place in potentizing anything. Take a glass of water and drop into the water a few drops of ink. At first the ink will not dissolve in the water. When we stir it, however, the drops of ink will mix with the water and expand in it, filling the entire contents of the glass and coloring the whole of the water. What takes place? The molecules which made the drops of ink are forced to expand when they are mixed with the water in the glass. When these ink molecules expand the wave length of the radiation of the ink changes. The di-electric radiation has then a higher frequency. The more we force the molecules of any substance to expand—as it is the case in potentizing—the shorter becomes the wave-length. We are therefore dealing with radiations in the case of homeopathic medicines and not with the effect of chemical reactions. The ways of Providence are strange and those who have eyes to see and ears to hear can discover many things in this world of ours which is still laden with many mysteries. In Lialpur, in the Northern part of India, I was shown an eighteen year old bull who had been impotent for over six years. An experiment had been carried out on this bull with the result that he had become again potent and had been able to produce over half a dozen calves. Several months later on my return to London I was requested by a patient of mine to examine her husband and to see if anything could be done to save his life. The two other doctors in charge of this case had passed the verdict that the patient would be dead in ten to twelve days. After examining the seventy-three year old patient, I had to agree with the verdict of the doctors. During lunch whilst discussing the patient‟s condition, the experiment with the bull flashed through my mind, and similar experiments which had been done in Switzerland. I thought about it and suggested an experiment, but pointed out that it was just an experiment and might not prolong the man‟s life by a day. After outlining the experiment and my ideas, the wife of the patient and the two medical men agreed to my suggestion. One cubic centimeter of the patient‟s blood was taken from him, and on my return to London I potentized it. On the following day I sent it to the country where the patient lived and one of the doctors gave the patient an intra-venous injection of the potentized blood. Two days had gone by when my secretary told me that a man was anxiously waiting to see me, and he refused to give his name. I went into the waiting room and to my utter surprise there stood before me the man who had been on his deathbed three days ago. The swelling in his legs had gone, the blue lips looked again red, and his whole appearance was that of a healthy man. I was indeed perplexed at the result of the experiment. Four and a half years later during my absence from England he died in a peaceful way.

A week later I carried out the same experiment with another patient who was in a dying condition. The result was the same, and seventy hours after the intra-venous injection this patient travelled to North Africa. He died five years later. Many similar results were obtained and these forced me to seek to discover the secret, which lay behind these astonishing recoveries. The wavelength of the blood had changed after potentizing it and in this lay the secret. Without going further into the medical aspects and the many and varied problems which we encounter in our search for a scientific explanation, let us bear in mind that our life is confined to a comparatively narrow wave-band of radiations. We have in our being between 6,500 and 13,000 Angstrom Units. All solids, liquids, food or medicines whose wave-length is shorter than 6,5 00 Angstrom Units vitalize our body and help to maintain the right wave-length of our organs. Nearly twenty years ago two Swiss research workers, Professor Korschelt and Dr. Ziegler, investigated the radiation of metals. In the course of their researches they discovered that certain metals such as copper emit a vitalizing radiation, whilst other metals such as zinc and lead send out devitalizing rays; and iron, emits rays which are neutral in their effect on life. Experiments were carried out using different kinds of animals such as rats, mice, rabbits, dogs and other animals usually used for this type of research. The animals were confined to cages lined with copper or lead or zinc, etc., and a powerful light was focussed on to the outside of the metal. In other cases the hammer of an electric bell was allowed to knock constantly on to the metal. It was found that the animals in the lead and zinc lined cages lost weight and young animals were retarded in their growth. When these devitalized animals were transferred to the copper lined cages, they gained rapidly in weight and developed to full maturity in a short time. These investigations carried out over a very considerable length of time proved conclusively that the radiation from metals can have a very powerful effect, and that these radiations can devitalize or vitalize the body. My investigations into the di-electric Bio-Cosmic radiation of metals confirm the findings of these research workers. Metals which emit dielectric Bio-Cosmic radiations of a wave-length longer than 6,500 Angstrom Units—100 degrees Biometric, are devitalizing, whilst those metals which send out rays of a shorter wavelength than 6,500 Angstrom Units vitalize our body. We find in many homes and in restaurants copper utensils on the walls for decorative purposes. Unconsciously we feel and we know that such ornaments are pleasing and attractive and create a home-like atmosphere. We may not be able to give a reason for our likes or dislikes, but our inner being knows. The further we study radiation phenomena the more do we realize that the world of matter is but a world of rays and radiations which manifest themselves in many and various ways. Several years ago the Minister of Agriculture had arranged a meeting at which I was to discuss with a number of agricultural experts my discoveries with fertilizers. I pointed out that radiations were the alpha and the omega of everything and that all plants depend on the radiation of the soil and that the food value of all vegetables depends on their radiation and on the frequency of this radiation. The experts disagreed with me most heartily. Everything depended on the chemical composition, was their argument. As they could not be convinced and remained adamant, and as they were in agreement that fresh and stale cabbages had this identical composition, I proposed that they should eat old cabbages for a few weeks and I would eat fresh ones. We could then compare the results and see whether they felt full of vigor after a strict diet of old cabbages or

whether I was in a better state of health than they if I fed on fresh vegetables containing the lifegiving radiations. Of course, they did not submit to the test. The value of food depends on the wave-length of the radiation and not on the chemical composition. Let us return once more to the orthodox teachings in physics. We have discovered that molecules are not the smallest particles of matter. We have found that much smaller particles exist and these are the atoms. In this century we proved and established the fact that atoms consist of tiny particles which we call protons and electrons. Atoms are like minute solar systems. The proton represents the sun and the electrons are like planets rotating around the sun. The protons carry a positive charge whilst the electrons carry a negative charge. These minute solar systems form the atom. The protons and electrons are so minute that we can express their size only in mathematical terms. We can gain an idea of the size of an electron when we realize that thirty thousand trillion trillion electrons weigh less than one ounce. When we light an electric lamp, with a 100 watt filament, six million trillion electrons flow through the filament every single second the lamp burns. Electrons are divided into two kinds. The one variety is chained to the atom and rotates around the proton, and the other kind of electron is free to move about in all directions. Those electrons which are chained to the protons form the atoms and atoms form matter. The free electrons can be harnessed and can be compelled to move in one direction as is the case in an electric current. These free electrons travel easily through so called conductors such as copper, silver and other metals. Rubber, paper, silk, etc., impede the flow of these electrons, and these substances are called non-conductors. In non-conductors the atoms are so close together that there is no space for the free electrons to move about. The conductors of electric currents have sufficient space between the atoms so that the free electrons can move between them without interfering with any of the minute solar systems, namely the protons and electrons. Metals are the best source of electrons and we can eject free electrons from metals by heating them. The electrons carry a negative charge and are attracted by a metal plate which carries a positive charge. The law of polarity operates again. A stream of electrons liberated from an iron plate will be attracted immediately by another plate which carries a positive magnetic current. A magnet can direct the free electrons and force them to flow in a straight line. Protons and electrons are not, however, the smallest particles which form matter. There is another one much smaller than the proton and the electron, and this is the neutron. This minute partner in the trinity of matter does not carry an electric or electro-magnetic charge like the protons and electrons. It seems to have no personality—it is neutral—hence its name—neutron. Let us see how these minute particles came into being and of what they are composed. Where is the beginning? Where is the source from whence they come into manifestation as the tiniest particles of matter? Rufus M. Jones in his book “Pathways to the Reality of God,” wrote as follows: “No atom is actually in contact with another atom, nor are the parts of the atom in contact with each other. They swim in an invisible realm or sphere which iscrammed wih incalculable energy …” Modern science has brought us much closer to our ultimate goal. When we study the books of the philosophers and sages of ancient times we find that all of them believed in a mysterious and indefinable essence which they called divine essence, or ether, or the life giving force.

In 1865 Sir James Clerk Maxwell expounded his electro-magnetic theory of light. This very outstanding scientist maintained that light waves as well as electro-magnetic waves require a medium for their propagation, and Clerk Maxwell believed this medium to be the same for both. This medium we may call Ether or Bio-Cosmic Energy. We must bear in mind that light waves and electro-magnetic waves are but two names for the same phenomenon. In October 1937 I maintained in a lecture which I gave in London that matter, the stars, and the nebulae, are simply condensations of an invisible and all-pervading energy. The condensation of this energy in space where pressure does not exist and where the temperature is an absolute zero produces the first manifestation of a cosmic or stellar cloud. The first particles formed thing known is crystallized light radiating and returning through its radiation to the source from whence it came. Energy can never be desrroyed. The quantity of energy stored up in matter—in the atoms, the protons, the electrons, the neutrons—gives us the amount of power or energy which can be liberated from condensed energy into the primordial essence. This primordial essence is the shapeless, formless, matterless and all-pervading ocean of energy which we call Ether, Divine Essence or Bio-Cosmic Energy. The di-electric Bio-Cosmic radiation which can be measured with the Biometer gives us the clue to all the various radiation phenomena. These di-electric Bio-Cosmic radiations reveal to us many of the so called mysterious radiation phenomena. The radiation around our head or around our body as seen by clairvoyants, or visible to anyone by looking through a Kilner Screen, is a di-electric radiation. The halo shown around the heads of Saints depicts the di-electric radiation around the head. The atmosphere sensed in places of worship is the outcome of a di-electric radiation. Moses found water in the desert because he detected with his rod the di-electric radiation emanating from the water in the mountain. It is a di-electric radiation which is detected by water diviners. Medicines emit a radiation which is di-electric in nature. The frequency of the wavelength of this radiation is what reacts on our bodies. The radiation of our mind is a di-electric radiation. Our mind is a condensation of the allpervading energy. Mind is not matter, but is energy at its first stage of condensation. Mind is composed therefore of neutrons and the radiation of our mind is the radiation of the neutrons. The wavelength of the radiation indicates the energy condensation in the neutrons. Neutrons have kinetic energy but no electric or electro-magnetic charge. The neutrons can however affect the all-pervading formless energy and impress on it certain wave patterns. Our minds can in this way affect our surroundings. We impress our pattern, our wavelength, or in other words, our radiation on the all-pervading energy in our rooms, our places of worship and on the people whom we meet. It is our mind and our thoughts which impress waves or pictures upon the shapeless and motionless energy in which we live and have our being.

Magnets can give direction to the flow of the free electrons. Our mind can give shape and direction to the first manifestation of creation— namely the neutrons and the Bio-Cosmic dielectric radiation. Every thought, every spoken word makes an impression on to the all-pervading energy what we impress upon it remains. Thoughts of peace, contentment and harmony will leave their impressions in a room and create (tractive atmosphere. The water of Lourdes in France emits a radiation of a very short wavelength, in fact the shortest wavelength ever measured in any health giving mineral water, and therefore can produce miracles of healing in those whose faith permits D to attune with it. We can transfer radiations from our mind on to oil, salt and other substances. The blessing of salt or oil is therefore no superstition because we can measure the radiation of the original substance and the change which takes place when prayers have been said over it. We have powers in our mind which are beyond all comprehension and which we can use for good or evil. The radiation of the brain discloses to us whether we impress evil or good on to the all-pervading essence or energy. It is easy to make statements and to say such and such is the case and leave it to others either to believe it or reject it. When I say that we give form and shape to this di-electric Bio-Cosmic radiation I base this statement on facts recorded and the observations made by many intelligent men. Professor Baraduc was the first investigator who photographed prayer. Dr. Fitzgerald published a series of photographs where his thought pictures were arrested and fixed in salt solutions. Many similar investigations were carried out in different countries and the fact has been established that “a thought can be made visible without the spoken word.” Mr. Floyd Irving Lorbeer in his book: “Philosophy of Light” wrote the following: “Various persons have made the claim that they have been able to photograph human thought. For example, the Los Angeles Times of February 3, 1942 presents photographs developed by Dr. J. M. Crause of what appears to be human thought. This is done by placing sensitive photographic paper in the near neighborhood of persons who are seated in a dark room and who then concentrated their minds on some definite object. When the sensitive paper is developed the objects frequently appear, some of the objects being much clearer than others. Dr. Crause was assisted in his work by Dr. Edison Pettit of the Mount Wilson staff, Dr. A. Bellamy of the science department of University of California at Los Angeles and by [scientific writers of the Los Angeles Times.” After having surveyed the sphere of rays and radiations let us consider the brain radiation. The radiation which we measure from the head is a di-electric radiation. These di-electric Bio-Cosmic waves give us the frequency of our mind. We do not measure the radiation of the grey matter— for mind is not matter—but we measure the frequency of the waves which our mind in its normal state of being emits and impresses on to the all-pervading energy. The brain is material but the mind is immaterial. The immaterial manifests itself through the material, and it is this manifestation which the brain radiation reveals. The mind being immaterial—not matter—is not composed of atoms, protons and electrons. The immaterial mind produces by the process of thinking an alteration in the di-electric energy, speeding it up and generating electric currents in our body by means of which we perform a muscular action.

he longer the wavelength of the di-electric radiation, the greater is the intensity of the condensation of energy and the more concrete is our mind. The shorter the wavelength, the higher the frequency, the less is the condensation of the primordial energy and the nearer we are to the source of creation. All things created must return to the source from whence they came. The circle must be completed, and in the end was our beginning and in the beginning is our end. A simple investigation in any sphere of science can lead us to vast discoveries. Two things are essential when we investigate anything—the first and most important is to approach the subject with an open mind, without any bias or preconceived ideas as to what the result must be; and secondly and equally important is perseverance and determination. When we cannot find a solution within a week or so we must persevere until we find the key which will unlock the door. It has sometimes taken me ten and more years to find the answer and the solution to a problem. I made over twenty thousand observations before I discovered the effect of ultra-violet light on our mind. The brain radiation and the interpretation of the wavelengths and many other interesting discoveries connected with it were also not the outcome of a few week‟s research and investigations. This subject is the outcome of many years of conscientious study, thought, and diving into the great mystery—the mind of man. The following is the story of the discovery of the brain radiation. Sixteen years ago in the course of a conversation about radiation phenomena I heard that irf the South of France a man by the name of Bovis had invented an instrument which made it possible to measure radiations from minerals, foodstuffs, and human organs. A few days after this conversation I traveled from Paris to Nice to see Monsieur Bovis and to find out what he had discovered in the course of his investigations. After discussing for several days his findings and comparing them with my observations I bought one of his instruments—a so called Biometer—and returned to London. I must confess that I was more than sceptical about his Biometer. I can honestly say that all his explanations appeared to me more than unscientific—in fact, quite absurd. I knew, however, that many men had at one time considered my inventions ridiculous, absurd and highly unscientific. Time proved that my ideas were correct and they were accepted even by the sceptics who had ridiculed them. Why should I pass a verdict and say that the ideas of Bovis were sheer nonsense? Instead, let us investigate and see whether we can supply an answer which can withstand all tests. Monsieur Bovis maintained that radiations could be measured with his Biometer and that it was possible to measure the alcoholic content of wine in a sealed bottle by measuring the radiation passing through the glass. He maintained also that we could measure the radiation of the organs in our body by measuring the radiation from the finger tips and from certain parts of the palm of the hand. Bovis had tabulated the connection between the various organs in the body, and the different fingers and points in the palm of the hand, and had given the wavelength of the measurement from these various points which indicated disorders or diseases in different organs. Anyone who knows something about our body knows that there is no nerve connection, for instance, from the left ring finger to our right kidney or from the third phalange of the middle finger to our liver. We all know that an electric current requires a conductor, such as copper to carry it. Monsieur Bovis maintained, however, that the scale on the Biometer must be made of a non-conductor to

carry the current. Everything he said was a complete contradiction of all I knew and had learned [ during my years at the University. As a matter of fact, it all appeared so ridiculous that it needed a very open mind and a good deal of courage to investigate his claims. The first step in my investigations was to diagnose my patients in the usual way and then measure the radiations from their fingers and the palm of the hand and compare my findings and my diagnosis with the data given by Bovis about organic disorders. To my surprise I had to admit to myself that X-rays, urine analysis and other tests confirmed the findings which the radiation readings from the fingers disclosed according to Bovis. The first problem which Bovis was never able to answer was: “What kind of radiation do we measure?” The next question which nobody could answer was: “What connection exists between the different fingers and the organs?” Many times I discussed these questions with doctors who used the Biometer in Paris, Marseilles, Nice and other towns, and every time I received the same reply: “It works, you can diagnose quickly and accurately, and is this not enough?” In the course of twenty-eight years of research Bovis had tabulated the different fingers and the organs and diseases, and the wavelengths of disorders in the body. The thumb, however, remained a puzzle to him. It had been found that the radiation of every healthy organ in our body has a wave length of 6,500 Angstrom Units and Bovis called this wavelength 100 degrees Biometric. When an organ is disordered or diseased its wavelength alters and lengthens. In the course of the years I discovered that when the wavelength of our organs lengthens to 13,000 Angstrom Units death takes place. Our physical body therefore exists as a living being within a narrow wave band of radiations, between 6,500 and 13,000 Angstrom Units. The radiation from the thumbs of all the people whom Bovis and others doctors had measured never gave a measurement of 6,500 A.U. or 100 degrees Biometric. In many cases the reading was 225, others gave a reading of over 300 degrees Biometric, whilst a few individuals recorded a measurement of over 400 degrees Biometric. The significance of the measurement of the radiation from the thumb remained a mystery. For weeks and months I wrote down the readings, which I obtained from the tip of the thumb 1 of my patients. The more I puzzled the more‟ perplexed I became. I can honestly confess that more than once I got so aggravated with the Biometer and with my inability to solve the many perplexing questions that I nearly told the servants to take it out of my room and burn it so that I could live in peace without being constantly reminded of the many problems which the sight of the Biometer brought to my mind. There is a solution for every problem in life. There must also be a solution for every scientific problem which confronts us. If we struggle long enough we will always find that suddenly the key to the solution comes our way. One day a patient of mine asked me whether I would see his daughter and tell him if there was any possibility of improving her mental powers. In his words: “She is mentally backward.” When I saw the young woman, who was accompanied by two nurses, there was no doubt in my mind that she was not only mentally backward but was an imbecile with an excellent body. As usual I took first of all the reading from her thumb. It was the lowest I had ever recorded; 118 degrees Biometric. In order to see whether her mind was capable of comprehending and answering the simplest questions I took the stop watch and asked her to tell me which was her right hand. I pressed the

stop watch and watched the second hand moving around the dial. Two minutes and eighteen seconds had passed when she suddenly lifted her right hand and said: “This is my right hand.” Again and again I asked her the simplest questions such as “Where is your left foot, your right ear,” and so forth. Exactly two minutes and eighteen seconds passed before she gave the correct answer to each question. It occurred to me that these simple facts-right hand, left hand, and so forth—pass from our conscious mind into our subconscious mind; and when we are asked to lift our right hand we recall this knowledge with the speed of lightning from our subconscious mind into the conscious mind and lift the right hand. Not only simple facts, but all we hear or read or learn passes into that vast storehouse—our subconscious mind— and we can draw on the knowledge which we have stored away. It was quite evident from the time lag in this imbecile patient that there was a gap between the conscious and the subconscious mind, and it took two minutes and eighteen seconds to over-bridge this gap and recall the knowledge into the conscious mind. It appeared that the reading obtained from the thumb gave us an indication of the inter-relationship between conscious and subconscious mind. The same day I began to study the hundreds of readings from the thumb of my patients, and to my great surprise I began to see that those whose readings were above 330 degrees Biometric were far more intelligent than those whose measurements were in the 200 to 300 degree range of radiations. Slowly but surely there emerged before my mental eye a clear picture of the mind of man. A careful study of the interests of countless individuals, their gifts and talents and their attitude towards life, the professions and vocations in which they were successful, as well as other aspects of their minds reveal that the wavelength from the thumb gives us a deep insight into an individual‟s mental make up. From the thumb I directed my attention to the brain, and after many futile experiments I discovered that the same radiation as from the thumb—and even more accurately—could be obtained by measuring the radiation from the head. After considerable study and classification and grouping, it became possible to reveal the mystery of mysteries—the mind of man—from the wavelength of the radiation of the brain. In the course of the years over twenty-three thousand brain radiations have been taken and what we can learn from these shall be dealt with later on. The brain radiation reveals our mental potentialities, our field of conscious awareness, our gifts and talents, our strong and weak points. We are here on earth to do our best within the range of our comprehension, and the mental powers with which we operate can be determined by the frequency of the rays radiating from our brain. This radiation is present from the hour of birth till the moment when our eyes close for our last sleep on earth. ********************************************************************************************

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