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A primer in Temporal Physics

Universal creation
June 28, 2011

Abstract A non-professional, non-mathematical theoretical overview of universal creation as defined in a new physical concept called Temporal Physics. It covers the elementary creation of universal bodies, and extrapolates on how electromagnetic waves are created and propagated, gives a generalized explanation for the source of gravitational and inertial forces, and introduces a new concept in Astrophysics called the Exo-universe, a body of disorganized TIME that is the cradle for the creation of many separate, and distinct universal bodies identical in construction to our own. Introduction This paper regards a phenomenon of existence called Temporal Physics; an apparently new aspect of theoretical physics that has not been addressed to any great degree in current research literature. Due to its uniqueness, there will be very few crossreferences included in some of the topics, as they concern concepts which have never been covered in any prior theoretical discussions, At least, not to the best of the knowledge and belief of the author. In it, the primal conditions that have spawned our current awareness of reality will be discussed. Hopefully, this will lay the groundwork for subsequent papers that may be forthcoming, which will cover certain aspects of physical phenomena in-depth -such as the source of inertial forces, Gravitation, Electromagnetic wave creation and propagation, the affects of TIME on astrophysical observations, as well as providing a redefinition of the common human sensations of touch and sight. These will be discussed here, but only briefly in order to show their basic relationship to the assumptions made in Temporal Physics. Due to the incredibly complex nature of Temporal Physics, very little mathematical treatment will be provided. While this is an unusual approach in a scientific paper, keep in mind that this is a conceptual thesis based on the empirical evidence of experimental data made using current accepted theories, and it is absolutely necessary to rein in complex mathematical analysis. This is done to ensure that its basic postulates are not obfuscated in an overly complex manner. The fundamental mathematical treatment for all of the common physical phenomena mentioned herein is already available, as nothing in our known universe changes because of Temporal Physics. It changes only the perception of our physical universe, and tends to show that its scope may be far beyond that which has been previously considered. Definitions This paper will contain a number of new definitions that have not, heretofore, been commonly used in discussions regarding four dimensional universal phenomena. A few of them are described below: DIMENSION (Non-Euclidean TIME based) Temporal Physics A singular region that contains every element of a universe minus dynamic TIME DYNAMIC ENERGY Energy having a dynamic oscillating frequency EXO-UNIVERSE An area of existence containing disorganized TIME dimensions STATIC ENERGY Updated definition for MASS TIME ENVELOPE A TIME manifold containing an infinite number of organized dimensional states. TIME BUBBLE Describes an observer's position within a TIME ENVELOPE Redefining C To make things a little easier in this paper, the author is taking the liberty of redefining the nature of C because, in reality, it seems to be a misnomer in the way it is currently viewed. That is, it is a single constant that is being used for two purposes. The value of C is not only the velocity of light in vacuo, it is also a value that designates the number of dimensions within a preset measurement system. Therefore, C will only be used to define the speed of light, relative to the point of observation, and C dim will be used to define dimensional packets. Additionally, it should be noted that the value of C within a single dimensional state is undefined. That is, C only has a value whenever it is observed through a series of static dimensional states. It is a function of TIME, and the passage of TIME, as we understand it, only exists when there is a displacement that takes place between dimensional states. Page 1 of 9

Conceptual Model Many of the concepts contained in this thesis may be extremely difficult to grasp for those who have a limited ability to mentally visualize a true four dimensional system. This statement is not meant to be judgmental of the abilities of anyone. It is a common condition of the human mind, in that it was never created to, nor does it have the appropriate perceptive sensors to venture into this realm directly. It requires a very vivid, and disciplined imagination to be able to maintain a mental, non-euclidean, four dimensional image long enough to understand the exact relationships being described in some of the concepts presented. Even the author has had difficulty in maintaining such an image over a protracted period of time. However, that being said, it is not impossible. Our universe, may not be the fundamental building block of universal creation as has been the general consensus over the last few hundred years. Rather, it appears that it may be a by-product of certain actions that have taken place within a primary object that is called the Exo-Universe; a region of existence that is totally alien to our existence. The Exo-Universe may be composed of an infinite number of disorganized static dimensions of TIME that perpetually swirl, and intermingle in a manner that is not comprehensible to the human mind. Unlike our known universe, it contains no MASS, no SPACE, nor is ENERGY a principle ingredient in its chemistry, and the static dimensions within have no value for C. All they have is a magnitude, and what that magnitude regards unknown at this time. For the time being, we'll just refer to it as a pressure. In our universe, there is a sequential organization of TIME. It might be defined as a set of C values arranged as follows, where each C value represents a velocity determined by a linear displacement through a set of static dimensions of TIME, and the quantity C(n) denotes the PRESENT set, where positive exponential values denote the PAST, and negative being the FUTURE.

C = C C dim
The value C2 would be derived from the known velocity of C times the number of sets of sequential static dimensional states that make up a one second packet of universal time. The product of the two gives an instantaneous acceleration of energy as it passes from one set of linear dimensional states, to another. Outside of our awareness of existence, this acceleration will occur C dim times, once for every set of static dimensional states that are contained in a packet of dimensionalized TIME, but the accelerations are all contiguous, and streamed between groups of static dimensions, each having a different value of C, so they appear to us be a singular acceleration event. When viewed in this manner, one can readily see why a human could not function in the Exo-Universe. There would be no fixed point of reference within it to even be able to create a thought. But, this is all academic anyway, as man could not even exist there for reasons that will be evident shortly. The turmoil existing within the Exo-Universe may be somewhat analogous with weather patterns in a planetary atmosphere, only in four dimensions, not three. The differences in relative pressure of static dimensions represent a differential variant to their adjacent dimensional states, and this phenomena may be capable of creating high and low TIME pressure areas. This, in turn, could create a movement, of sorts. Not the form of movement that we observe in our existence, but a movement in TIME itself, where low pressure areas are forced to relocate their relative position from one TIME level to another by high pressure areas, and vice versa, depending on the pressure exerted by every dimension within a particular area. However, since TIME appears to be a non-compressible phenomena, then when one portion of a low pressure dimension is forced into a lower state, it's other portions may be forced into an higher pressure area, depending upon the total force exerted by the initiating dimension. It would appear that many of our current laws regarding energy and mass may also apply to TIME in the Exo-Universe. Thus, this constant shifting would explain why there would be a continuous, never ending convolving taking place with the ExoUniverse as it twists and intermixes within itself in a perpetual process. Now, let's assume that with this action, every once in a while an unusual phenomena occurs where a massive high pressure area is, somehow, presented within the proper position relative to a low pressure area and a forth dimensional whirlwind is created that increases in strength. We will refer to this phenomena as a TIME vortex. As in any normal atmospheric hurricane, the affected area of the Exo-Universe begins to rotate. The TIME pressure differential of each static dimensional state causes all of them existing within the vortex to begin to separate. Again, it would seem that the laws governing centrifugal and centripetal forces may also pertain to TIME. Thus, a sequential alignment of static dimensions begins to occur, where their position in the vortex is dependent upon their pressure magnitude. The higher pressure areas arrange themselves on the

C ours {C

, ... C


,C ,C

n 1

, ... ,C

The incomprehensibility of the Exo-Universe stems from the nonsequentialized states of dimensional TIME. Let's use our current notion of TIME as a basis for discussion. Our means to successfully exist within our universe is due to our ability to traverse a sequential arrangement of TIME dimensions in an orderly fashion. In the raw Exo-Universe, a single displacement in any direction would amount to a change in TIME that is far in excess of the magnitude that is defined by the physical laws of our existence. Essentially, any point within the Exo-Universe would have an arbitrary, random value of C, and the rapid transit through any group of static dimensions would yield nothing but an exercise in utter futility. Einstein's calculation of the value of C seems to have been derived on a one second basis. If so, then this was done to provide a means of creating a pseudo framing for our existence to enable C to be used by other branches of physics to decipher certain physical phenomena. In reality, there seems to be C number of dimensions for every second of our existence, defined below as Cdim. Subsequently,

Temporal Physics

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outer circumference of the rotating TIME field, and the lower values sort themselves out all the way to the eye of the vortex in accordance with their respective TIME pressure. It should be mentioned that the term 'circumference', as used here, represents only the circumference of the highest pressure dimension within the rotating body. Keep in mind that every static dimension will, eventually, become a sub-universe unto itself, having a full set of {x,y,z} coordinate values of its own. Once dimensional sequencing is completed, the entire body takes on the form of a universe within a universe, within a universe, within a universe, like a matryoshka doll, an infinite number of times. Each sub-universe in this manifold has no dynamic TIME. It is static, having no dynamic characteristics. Each one of them will, ultimately, make up a single dimension in a very complex body containing an infinite number of static dimensional states. Each dimension within this TIME vortex has a defined border that would seem to be directly proportional to its magnitude verses the diameter of highest pressure area of the vortex. Every static dimension overlaps the others in the same space, differing only in their pressure magnitude all the way to the center of the vortex; that place that we hope is infinite. It is assumed this arrangement is accurate. If the diameter of lower pressure dimensions are exactly the same as the highest pressure dimension on the outer rim of this vortex, then our universe would be placed in a constant state of expansion, that this could pose some very unusual problems regarding the creation of the physical phenomena we know as MASS and ENERGY. When the vortex is completed, every single Cartesian coordinate within every static dimensional state is surrounded by both a higher and lower dimensional state, respectively, and the higher pressure state (the PAST) can act against it, as all PAST states can affect their own subsequent low pressure area (the FUTURE) all the way to the center of the vortex. This is a very important aspect of this alignment. However, at this time, other than the dimensional pressure differentials, there is nothing else to act against. TIME, itself does not seem to have any substance, only an existence, but this will change as the vortex event continues to rotate. As the infinite dimensions of the vortex separate into distinct levels, they create a TIME ENVELOPE; a complex manifold of organized static dimensions that will maintain their own unique identity as long as the TIME ENVELOPE exists. The continuous shear being experienced at the edges between static dimensions creates an strange anomaly at every coordinate point within every static dimension. This is the birth of the phenomenon we call ENERGY, and it is a direct result of inter-dimensional friction. Some of these anomalies will point one way, others another. Some will be static having no specific attributes that make them stand out, while others may have super saturated high, or low TIME pressure attributes that are locked within the dimensional matrix of the TIME ENVELOPE. These anomalies are referred to as QUARKS, and they are the building blocks of everything that exists within each static dimensional state, and will be the medium Temporal Physics

that is responsible for the propagation of ENERGY throughout the known universe. Thus, MASS does not exist in reality. It seems that the concept of MASS is only a contrivance created by our limited understanding of the universe, and the physical limitations of our awareness. These QUARKS are subject to the forces of polar fields presented by other QUARKS in their own dimensional state, as well as those in their adjacent PAST state. Movement of a QUARK in any point in the standard Cartesian coordinate system within their specific static dimensional state takes place only once, then it remains stagnant until acted upon by subsequent energy field changes occurring from QUARK realignments in their adjacent PAST dimension. Once created, it will remain in its own dimension until the end of TIME, or until it is destroyed. During this initial period of creation, QUARKS will align themselves with others in ways that will produce sub-atomic particles, which will, eventually, combine to produce the atoms that are used to create molecules. Every point in euclidean space has a QUARK of some sort associated with it, and when one QUARK is displaced, it will cause a chain of events throughout the entire localized QUARK field until there is an equalization of forces around it that creates a stable environment suitable to enable it to hold its relative position. This would be the most chaotic period during the entire history of the creation of our universe as the QUARKS in every static dimension would be moving from one point to another in rapid fashion as PAST QUARKS exhibit new forces against them, as a change in the QUARK makeup in any high pressure PAST dimension would trickle down all the way to the center of the vortex. This action would continue until there was a total equalization of all QUARKS in every static dimension. At that point of equalization, a new universe, of the type we are aware of, will have been born, and this event would constitute the Big Bang explosion that Georges Lematre envisioned in 1927. All of the MASS, ENERGY, and SPACE, and TIME that will ever be available to it has now been created. It is complete, all the way from the PAST to the far reaches of its most distant FUTURE. The spiral galaxies, created as a result of rotational QUARK pressures, would be present, along with all of the other wonderful things that have been witnessed by life on this planet since the day the first QUARK grouping took on a life of its own, but there is still one very important thing that has not been covered yet. Velocity of consciousness There is an old saying that goes, "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" The same is true with a universe. If a universe is born and no one is around to inhabit it, does it exist? The answer appears to be no, it doesn't. A universe is nothing but a static thing. It is not dynamic as so many people want to believe. It is only our ability to transit the static dimensions of its existence that gives it life. This phenomena is what allows all of its beauty to be appreciated. With out that attribute, there would be nothing but QUARKS of various types just setting around in fixed positions with only an occasional coordinate alteration caused by an unstable QUARK alignment in the PAST, or the dull rapidity of subtle movements as a planet Page 3 of 9

rotates around a sun. When an event does take place, it would send a welcome wave of transmutations throughout the entire vortex. So, how do QUARKS return their appreciation to the universe by giving it a reason to exist? The author cannot speak for other life forms that may co-exist in this wonderful place with us, but he can speak for the life form known as human beings. For us to be able to enjoy this universe, there had to be a reason for us to exist in the first place, so the QUARKS of this universe did that for us when, in this small section of entire fabric of TIME that we call the history of life, they joined themselves together to form a unique sets of trillions upon trillions of STATIC ENERGY groups that created all the atoms that make up a single unit of life; one that had the ability to act through static dimensions as a unified entity. They first create single celled organisms, but that didn't work. They went on to create multi-celled organisms, but something was still missing. So, having no conscious awareness of what they were doing, they kept trying and trying until, in one majestic static dimension, they were able to link up in a way that would change the history of this entire universe forever. They began to line themselves up in a superb complex of rational changes, and then went on to accidentally create actions that occurred in a fixed time frame that each group, from static dimension to static dimension, could use to complete their random, unconscious actions. Then, in a moment of miracles, their existence became enhanced when a fantastic illusion was created; an illusion of self-awareness, one that could make decisions for them that were far outside of the normal realm of QUARK action. To give this illusion life, it had to travel the TIME vortex at exactly the right speed, so it began drifting from the PAST to the FUTURE at the rate of C 2 static dimensions per frame, giving it Cdim dynamic dimensional sets, each one having C static dimensions contained within them. Current scientific dogma states that this universe roughly 13 billion years old, and if that is, indeed, true, then there had to be something else besides the element of chance that created all of us. It would take far longer than that for the inanimate QUARKS that are contained throughout the static dimensions of this universe to stumble across just the right combinations to create life as we know it. You are some of the best scientists in this entire world, so you figure out the potential odds of this happening in only 13 billion years. Experimental support In this section, we will briefly cover some of the more important aspects of Temporal Physics, and explains how its assumptions might fit into the grand scheme of things that we already know. Perceptual considerations As mentioned, once dimensional stability is obtained, there is no dynamic action that takes place within any singular dimension. It is the flow of TIME through multiple dimensions at the velocity of C2 static dimensions per second that creates a TIME BUBBLE; described as that area which is specific only to a single observer. Temporal Physics

Its leading edge is his base of reference for every observation that he will ever make of the universe around him. No two observers may share a TIME BUBBLE. Doing so would violate a fundamental principle of nature, in that no MASS may share the same space at the same time. A separate TIME BUBBLE exists for every single point of perception anywhere in the universe, and this is a very important aspect of universal creation, as it is the basis for all fundamental observations that are made by every living thing. It is the reason why things farther away from an observer appear to be smaller. If you will note, the size of an observed object is always inversely proportional to the square of its distance from the observer.

Obj apparent=

Obj actual d

The lack of information from public sources concerning this phenomenon was the main reason for the creation of Temporal Physics. All humans have witnessed size differences since the day they were born but, to date, no one has ever given a rational explanation why this is so. The entire scientific community seems to have completely overlooked this important aspect of our existence, and the only people to ever pay attention to it appear to have been artists. They call it 'perspective', and it is a truly amazing view of the mechanics of our universe if one knows what they are looking for. The best example that can be used to exemplify this is an image of a set of straight, parallel train tracks running away from the observer. The reason for a size change all the way to the horizon is because the observer is seeing millions of slices of the same set of tracks as they appear within their separate static dimensions of TIME, and no two of them are ever the same. Keep in mind that each TIME dimension within our universe is a complete image of it as it exists along the vortex, which we will now refer to as the TIME ENVELOPE. No living thing EVER sees an object in its entirety from the viewpoint of a single static dimension for reasons that should be obvious. In reality, the quantity d2 in the last equation is just an shorthand way of denoting a set of TIME dimensional states, and it could easily be replaced with

d = T 1 T 2

where T1 is the TIME dimension of the observer, and T 2 is the TIME dimension of the observed object. Now, this brings up a very important question. If this assumption is correct, then how can humans ever perceive anything rational? Would we not see objects in every dimensional state at the same TIME? No, they wouldn't. Keep in mind that we are dealing with a four dimensional system here, not three. An object is already expanded throughout the TIME manifold from the time it was created to the time it's destroyed, or to the end of TIME, whichever occurs first, and it will remain that way until acted upon by some interdimensional QUARK force change. Additionally, there is no such thing as MASS. A much better term for MASS is STATIC ENERGY. That is, energy which is stable and not in oscillation. If we can see an object, it is only because it has DYNAMIC ENERGY imparted to it in the angstrom range that allows us to Page 4 of 9

perceive light. Electromagnetic waves STATIC ENERGY has the same properties as DYNAMIC ENERGY, with the exception in that it cannot transfer its properties, because it has nothing dynamic to transfer. Consequently, energy, static or otherwise, has no impediment in moving through an energy field full of expanded objects having different values of C. However, the ability to detect STATIC ENERGY is based on the observer's TIME BUBBLE and the DYNAMIC ENERGY imparted to it from STATIC ENERGY sources. His sensory detectors, in this case his eyes, can only tune in to values of C that are EXACTLY the same value as his own. The rest are discarded. They exist, but he can't see them. It's akin to the action of a super-heterodyne radio receiver, where only the signals attached to the resonance carrier frequency are detected. It is important to note that this exact same phenomena also applies to our instrumentality, which is why Michelson and Morley's experiment failed in 1887. Their attempt to locate an ether as a basis for EMW propagation was more of an experiment in Temporal Physics than it was for deciphering the direction of an ether that would explain the propagation of a beam of light. That is, they were, unconsciously, searching for dimensional C variances using interference patterns as a sum-difference type of speedometer, but they couldn't find any. That is because the beams of their interferometer were limited to the C value of the dimension in which they existed, and there can never be any difference in C within a TIME BUBBLE, even if that bubble belongs to something else besides a sentient human being. Electromagnetic waves, as we like to refer to them as, do not really exist as independent entities as EMW physics currently suggest. They are a by-product of TIME. DYNAMIC ENERGY rides on STATIC ENERGY. STATIC ENERGY has expanded through the TIME ENVELOPE already, and any DYNAMIC ENERGY imparted to it is the only thing that detectable through dimensional boundaries. The ether they were looking for really does exist, but it is not what they thought it was. It was the MASS of the object that created the beam in the first place. For example, let's assume you have a flashlight in your hand. The flashlight, along with its switch, batteries, and even the filament of its lamp, have already expanded through the TIME ENVELOPE. When you flip the switch, you energize the filament, and the flow of electrons through it causes it to generate DYNAMIC ENERGY in the angstrom range on the filament, and that DYNAMIC ENERGY will be induced in the filament's STATIC ENERGY throughout its expansion by QUARK reorganization. The STATIC ENERGY of the filament can't be detected, but the DYNAMIC ENERGY can be when its C value equals that of the observer, and that energy can also be transferred to any other STATIC ENERGY, say a wall, that exists in the proper coordinates within the TIME ENVELOPE. Even though the filament's STATIC ENERGY has expanded in the TIME ENVELOPE, any DYNAMIC ENERGY imparted to it will not be detected until it has affected the QUARKS of the filament's FUTURE, through QUARK realignments, as they ripple through the TIME ENVELOPE from its PAST to its FUTURE. This action Temporal Physics

can take place only at the velocity of each combined C value of the affected dimensional sets. The final detectable velocity will always be relative to the observer, and he will only see it when its value of C equals his own. It gets just a little complicated whenever one is discussing EVENT strings. This exact same action occurs with Radio or TV signals from an antenna mounted on a tower. The antenna started expanding through the TIME ENVELOPE as soon as it was created, and continued to do so as it was mounted on the tower. The connection between the antenna and the user's device was already made long before the station even began transmitting data, only a Radio or TV receiver cannot detect signals from a STATIC ENERGY source. It is not until the antenna is energized that its data is transferable to the user, and the user won't see or hear it until the DYNAMIC ENERGY induced in the antenna ripples through the QUARKS that compose its STATIC ENERGY, and no matter what he type of instrument he uses to detect it, the time of reception will always be

Time reception= Time energized

d C

where d is the distance between the antenna and the receiver. Gravity and Inertia Now, one might wonder how such a universe can possibly exist, given that everything is expanding through it in the exact same space. Wouldn't there be all types of collisions between STATIC ENERGY existing in the same C value with everything else? The answer to this question, no, but is rather complicated to explain. While there is no physical center to our universe that we can ever measure, there is a center, and you can see it very easily by going outside and looking at the stars at night. The farther out you look into the universe, the closer you are to seeing its center, and it doesn't make any difference what direction you are looking in. That center is all around you. That is a strange attribute of a four dimensional TIME manifold, and it is the primary reason as to why it is so difficult mentally view one. This was mentioned only because the reader must understand that all STATIC ENERGY expansion takes place in that direction, not along any directional coordinate set within a standard euclidean system such as the Cartesian system we use to describe three dimensional locations. Therefore, every event is isolated to its own set of coordinates that cannot exist anywhere else in the universe. No two packets of STATIC ENERGY can occupy the exact same space at the same time. No matter where they may expand within the TIME ENVELOPE, they will always have a different coordinate set, so it is impossible for them to have an identical value of C at the same time, except in one place, and that is within an observer's TIME BUBBLE. The only exception to this rule is when two groups of STATIC ENERGY are on a direct collision course with each other, such as a meteor heading to a planet, and we all know what happens when an immovable object meets an irresistible force. Now, much smaller collisions do take place within that TIME Page 5 of 9

BUBBLE all the time, but the influence of those collisions is reduced by the inverse square law, as well as by the size of their mass. For example, those reading this paper are being affected, to some extent, by the DYNAMIC ENERGY of the star Alpha Centauri, but it's effect is so small that it is not even measurable, and we are also subjected to sub-atomic particle interactions as well. On the other hand, we are also being affected by the Earth, in which we are in direct contact with. So, how does this collision affect us? Let's discuss the mechanics of simple motion through the TIME ENVELOPE first. Under what is deemed to be a 'free space' environment, everything will expand equally in every direction, providing equality in the TIME ENVELOPE. That equality means that the succeeding dimensional states will all maintain an object in a fixed position throughout it's expansion. However, if that expansion is inhibited in one direction, it will develop an expansion inequality that will constantly attempt to catch up to itself from one dimension to another. Such an expansion inequality can be created a number of ways. If we apply a force to an object in outer space, the object will continue to move throughout the universe at a velocity equal to the amount of acceleration applied to it times its mass, and this motion will occur in the same direction of the force. Newton's first and second laws of motion, right? The force applied to the object causes a ripple effect throughout it's expansion where the leading edge of the expansion is inhibited, and the trailing edge is enhanced. This imbalance is duplicated throughout its expansion in the TIME ENVELOPE. Keep in mind that, from dimension to dimension, providing no other QUARK action is pending, expansion is a carbon copy of the original object, only now the object has an expansion that has an angular deviation, and that deviation is also copied, causing the object to reposition itself within subsequent dimensions. Essentially, directional QUARK energy warps the dimensional transfer of forces in the direction of the force, like a bent water pipe can divert the flow of water from its original trajectory, and the angle of the bend would determine the streams direction. The copied object gains an angular displacement that it would not ordinarily have. This physical characteristic of the TIME ENVELOPE is commonly referred to as inertia. This displacement will continue until some external equal and opposite force stops it in accordance with Newton's third law of motion. The equal and opposite force in this example simply removes the object's angular expansion inequality, and it regains equality as a fixed object. If an object can artificially warp its own expansion, it is possible to cause itself to move in the TIME ENVELOPE independent of any 'apparent' external forces, and this was the basis behind the creation of a device referred to as the Internal Inertial Thrust Generator. So, now the we have covered motion in a 'free space' environment, what about gravity? The following clip was taken directly from Wikipedia's website under the definition of Gravitational Acceleration.

In Einstein's theory of general relativity, gravitation is an attribute of curved spacetime instead of being due to a force propagated between bodies. In Einstein's theory, masses distort spacetime in their vicinity, and other particles move in trajectories determined by the geometry of spacetime. The gravitational force is a fictitious force. There is no gravitational acceleration, in that the proper acceleration and hence four-acceleration of objects in free fall are zero. Rather than undergoing an acceleration, objects in free fall travel along straight lines (geodesics) on the curved spacetime.

If this clip is accurate, then the author is obligated to apologize to Albert, posthumously, in that the author was always under the impression that he knew about Temporal Physics but never related it to the scientific community for fear of retribution for releasing information that could go against the grain of too many influential people in other fields of human endeavor, mainly the religious groups. However, it is obvious from this information that he only saw our universe from the current viewpoint of physics, not from the viewpoint of Temporal expansion, but he was right in the fact that gravity is a fictitious force, and does not exist. As previously mentioned, inertia, as observed in an expanded TIME ENVELOPE, is caused by angular deviations in an object's expansion. Gravity does exactly the same thing, only it does it in a way that is transparent to those subjected to it. Both the Earth, and everything on it, have expanded in the TIME ENVELOPE, and this expansion is constantly being updated by virtue of the motions present all the way from galactic movement in the universe, to a person walking across their living room floor. But, for this discussion, let's leave all of these supplementary motions out of the picture, as they will only complicate matters. Between every object existing in the TIME ENVELOPE, there exists a differential expansion coefficient. We call this coefficient a gravitational constant when discussing a gravitational field; a field which, in reality, does not exist. When an object expands through the TIME ENVELOPE, it is subject to the affects of the expansion of other objects. This phenomena creates an angular distortion in both objects, and the affects are divided between them inversely proportional to their mass. The larger the mass, the less of a change it experiences. Thus, we affect the Earth, the same way it affects us, and the results are evident. Since we are in direct contact with the planet's surface, we feel the vast majority of these changes, as the expansion of the Earth in the TIME ENVELOPE causes our own expansion to gain an angular warp in a direction directly parallel to a line drawn from our location on the planet's surface to its center. As a result, as long as we are within the influence of global expansion, we will have an inertial vector created in our own expansion that gives the same effect as somebody constantly hitting us on the top of the head with a baseball bat in 'free space', only at a much faster rate. The strength of the warp is directly dependent upon our relative position from the Earth's surface, and our induced 'gravitational' inertia varies, as usual, according to the inverse square law the farther we isolate ourselves from the planet. For a planetary body, this inertia is capable of inducing a constant acceleration, and for the Earth, it is defined as an acceleration of

Temporal Physics

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32ft/s2. Essentially, we are not pulled down on the planet by an invisible force, our warped expansion in the TIME ENVELOPE propels us down here and, for what it's worth, we force the Earth to keep us here as well by warping its expansion and moving it towards us. Therefore, having our feet on the ground is by mutual consent. Just as a matter of interest, this is the exact same process that takes place in electrostatic situations, such as that found on an older style television picture tube that is charged with 30,000 volts. Pieces of confetti appear to be attracted to it, but the tube is not attracting the confetti, the confetti is accelerating towards the tube by virtue of electrostatic inertia created by an angular warp in its expansion in the TIME ENVELOPE. However, it does not appear that way, as only a few inches away from the tube face, as the confetti will drop to the floor. This is due to the fact that the Earth is much bigger than the picture tube, and while the old TV had some clout in the matter, it is nothing compared to the curvature of the expansion of the Earth. Essentially, static charges are capable of generating an artificial gravity environment. The perception of touch In full accordance with Einstein's Relativity theory, our sensation of 'touch' is controlled strictly by the value of C. Only when the value of C of the QUARKS making up the atoms and molecules of a finger tip is exactly equal the value of C of another STATIC ENERGY group will we be able to touch it. Anything that reaches the value of C becomes infinite to everything around it that has the same value, and that can happen only once during any object's existence. The dimension in which this occurs, in relation to the observer's dimensional state, defines the distance between them. Thus, SPACE is only a consequence of TIME displacement. Since our universe does not expand, the space it takes up in the ExoUniverse is exactly the same as it was at the moment of its creation. Therefore, an object appears to become larger as an observer walks towards it, and only when the value of C of the finger of his extended arm equals the C value of the object will he be able to feel it. This brings about a very interesting phenomena that everyone should keep in mind the next time they walk their dog. Regardless of how far they walk, they have not changed their physical position in the universe at all. They are in the exact same place they started from, only they have changed the non-euclidean coordinates of their TIME BUBBLE. Essentially, they have traveled through TIME. Thus the term Temporal Physics. When one moves away from an object, they travel into that object's PAST, and vice versa. Walking towards it moves them closer to its PRESENT. To date, physics has not yet discovered how to move into an object's FUTURE any farther than its PRESENT. Dark Matter The following quote is obtained directly from an earlier section of this paper:
If the diameter of lower pressure dimensions are exactly the same as the highest pressure dimension on the outer rim of this vortex, then our universe would be placed in a constant state of expansion, that this could pose some very unusual problems regarding the creation of the physical phenomena we know as MASS and ENERGY. Temporal Physics

The author does not believe that static dimensions are created in such a manner. However, one must consider the possibility that the outermost portions of static dimensional states may have fluid characteristics and, thus, would not 'fit' within the TIME vortex on an exact basis. If so, then during the QUARK generation process, an anomaly may occur where QUARKS could be created that have no PAST QUARKS to act on them, leaving a void in the continuity at the outer edges of a TIME dimension. According to accepted theory, there seems to be a 23% deviation in the mass density of our universe that is unexplained, and this situation could be the reason for that. A 23% overlap error in the creation of sequentialized static dimensions inside of the TIME vortex would account for this discrepancy, and provide a basis for Fritz Zwicky's theory of Dark Matter that he formed in 1934, which has been substantiated numerous times since. Those QUARKS in the overlap areas would not be subject to detection by virtue of the lack of any DYNAMIC ENERGY being imparted to them during the expansion process. However, this vortex action would not inhibit them from injecting their own distinct characteristics into our universe by realigning themselves with each other independently. If so, then their combined existence could be sizable, and their influence could be detectable as a force, but not detectable as a 'real' entity. Consequently, this 'dark' matter could substantially alter the results of any astrophysical mass/energy calculations by throwing an invisible wrench into the machinery. Corollaries And Consequences The author firmly believes that the concept of Temporal Physics lays a firm foundation for the implementation of new concepts, as well as provides a solid footing that can assimilate of all currently accepted scientific concepts, and will help answer some of the questions that are still pending in the scientific community. Subsequent papers on Temporal Physics will try to make this presumption accurate. However, there are a couple of facets of this concept that must be cleared up sufficiently right now, or this entire concept could fall by the wayside very quickly. The first, and foremost of these facets is the argument of pre-destiny, and this is a very valid point. Nobody, particularly the author, wants to believe that our future is already mapped out for us, and this concept of universal creation does not imply that such a condition is true. While there is a future available, the decisions that we make on a day to day basis will change the existing future by causing a new set of QUARK realignments to occur throughout the TIME ENVELOPE. However, for people to be able to accept this concept, there has to be a radical change in the way humans regard their existence, and this will not be easy for the vast majority of people to accept because of years of clinging to old ideas. Assuming that the concept of Temporal Physics is correct, then we Page 7 of 9

know that our entire universe exists all the way from its initialization (the PAST), all the way to its end (the FUTURE). As a result, it is static, stable, and does not expand in a dynamic manner. So, if this is the case, then where does the human trait of self-awareness come from if the universe is not expanding through us? This was briefly covered earlier in this paper, but to repeat, the answer seems to be that we are all nothing but a magnificent illusion that is moving in a direction from the high pressure areas of the TIME ENVELOPE, to its low pressure areas; trickling down into the TIME vortex from the PAST into the FUTURE. However, since we are moving from the PAST to the FUTURE, our PRESENT, being the previous dimensional state of the next, has the power to alter QUARK alignments, and this is exactly what occurs. Our thought processes change in QUARK alignments in our PRESENT dimension, and that affects the alignments of FUTURE QUARKS all the way down the line of TIME. Thus, we change our future. This is, truly, an amazing thing, but it is not isolated to only humans. Computers, and most animals do exactly same thing, only they use a group of 'canned' selections for their decisions. Animals use instincts, while computers use programs. There is no difference. But humans are the exception, as our library of selections are far more numerous than those of a simple animal or machine, not to mention that we can create new selection on-thefly. We also have the free will to select a path that we envision as having the best possible outcome. No other creature, or machine that we know of has that capability; at least, not as of yet. One might argue that since our PAST is already mapped out, how can free will be inferred. The fact is, our PAST is the sum total of the decisions we made before it, so what a person is, or how he is currently living his life is directly dependent upon the decisions he has made in the PAST. There is a legitimate name for this type of illusion that we all share, but this paper is not going to get into philosophical differences of opinion here. That is far beyond its scope, and getting the scientific community to accept it on its merits is going to be difficult enough without having to contend with the opinions of those it was not directed to. A second important facet is one that we have never experienced, not that we would know anyway, but it has been extrapolated over, and over by the science fiction community for many years. It pertains to the potential of a TIME paradox of the PRESENT and subsequent dimensional states if one were to alter the actions in the PAST. While time travel in a rapid, large scale manner is not possible at this time, the potential for the technology to alter our C value at will may be real soon, and given this fact, the question of paradox must be addressed. The fact is, an EVENT change in the PAST will alter the FUTURE, but at the same time it will not. Now, how can it be both ways? Isn't that a direct contradiction? No it isn't, and the simple diagram of a time-line shown below shows how this is possible.

The entire time line of our existence is contained between Past and Future, with Present being today. We will label an observer in our time as O. Now, let's assume that observer O has the ability to alter his value of C to that of the point A on the time line. As soon as he does so, his relative position within the TIME ENVELOPE will change, and he will find himself in the past. Let's say O is meddlesome, and decides to change a major event in the past that we are all aware of from our history lessons. Perhaps, he prevents the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand on June 28, 1914, and subsequently, World War I is postponed until a later date, or is eliminated altogether. Now, what happens at point B, which is our PRESENT? Absolutely nothing. Why? Nothing can travel through the TIME ENVELOPE faster than the velocity of C of its current set of static dimensional states, and that premise holds true for every set of static dimensions as the EVENT change ripples throughout the entire time line, so the change will only propagate at the normal speed of TIME, not instantaneously to point B. It will take 97 years before point B will feel the effects of the change, and by that time, our Present would have already traveled down the time line to point D. Thus, our PRESENT will not change, and those who are affected by it won't even be cognizant of the fact that an alternate reality even exists. They would have been reading about how Ferdinand died of old age in 1928, which to us is absurd, but is relevant history to them. Keep in mind that our memories are a function of the storage capacity of our brain, and its ability to store EVENTS as they occur during our life, regardless of whether or not they are actual EVENTS, or EVENTS that were depicted to us in our collective written history, and they will not be affected by subsequent changes in the PAST that are made after the fact. While the PAST, as we know it, may no longer exist, it is of no consequence to us unless we travel back in TIME. Otherwise, no one would ever be aware of it, and this attribute of TIME has kept us believing that no EVENT can precede its CAUSE, and that is true, but only to a certain extent. When Temporal Physics is used as a basis of discussion, CAUSE and EFFECT principles hold true on an object basis only, not on a time line basis. That is, a man has to be born somewhere in the TIME ENVELOPE before he can be relocated to a different TIME. It is highly possible for a man to be born in 2011, yet be transported and left a billion years in Earth's past. By the time his normal future rolls around, all traces of his existed before he was born would be completely eradicated by the effects of erosion, and even, if by some chance an artifact of his existence was discovered by archaeologists, all it would do is leave an enormous question mark in their mind. Thus, the future will be altered, but only for those who are directly affected by the change. At the same time, the TIME ENVELOPE itself, does not change. Only the QUARKS contained in its dimensional states are reorganized. The final facet of Temporal Physics that must be discussed is one that nobody wants to hear, and that is the end of the Universe. Is it perpetual, or is there, indeed, an ending to all of this? The answer is the latter. There is an end, and it can happen in one of two ways.

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Once the TIME ENVELOPE is formed, the non-euclidean center, or the eye of the vortex, is the end of TIME, but this form of ending is not absolute in the strictest sense of the meaning. Each 'life', as we know it, has billions upon billions of self-aware illusions clinging to it, one leading, and the other trailing ourselves in every dimension of TIME, all the way from the day of our birth until the day of our death. This can be rather unsettling to some, as we grow up believing that our existence is unique, but that is not the case. The illusions of our PAST can make independent changes that can alter the PAST as we know it to create a new future for themselves that are based upon a different set of circumstances. Thus, if the illusion riding on our life line one second in the PAST makes a different decision on a matter that we decided another way, then not only has our PAST been altered, the entire future of our time line will change for that prior illusion accordingly, but we can't see it and never will, for the same reason a TIME paradox cannot occur. Even though a change occurred only one second ago, we have already accelerated one second into the future, and due to the nature of TIME, the changes in our PAST can never catch up to us. We will neither be cognizant of it, nor will we ever be affected by its outcome, good or bad. It is unfortunate, indeed, that in some instances we cannot take advantage of this phenomena. As a consequence, we must live with the ramifications our own decisions, right or wrong, all the way to the end of our life. However, death, as we know it, is not a a terminal EVENT. At least, not for our physical being. Not one single human being ever born into this world of ours has died since the day this universe was created; only their immediate illusion has. The second form of the end of TIME is total, and absolute, and it will be a terminal EVENT for everything in existence, self-aware, or otherwise. Our universe is held together by virtue of the external forces of the Exo-Universe. Should those forces dissipate, there will be nothing left to hold our sequential dimensional TIME ENVELOPE together and it will come apart, leaving its dimensional components free to reenter the primal swirling nothingness of disorganized TIME dimensions. All of its QUARKS will be assimilated into their respective dimensional states during separation. Under this condition, everything that was, is, or might be will come to an abrupt end. There will be no record that anything, including mankind, ever existed in the Exo-Universe. Every single aspect of our existence will be gone including every musical note, every spoken or written word, every smile, every tear, along with every memory, hope and dream that was ever conceived. Keep in mind that this includes every man, woman, and child that has ever been born since man first became sentient. While they may be dead and buried to us, this is only a relative thing. No pun intended. They are all still alive and well, and existing somewhere within the TIME ENVELOPE. Since the dawn of creation, illusions have been occupying their existence over and over again, while others have dropped off the TIME conveyor. In this form of universal termination, the continuous stream of life for these illusions will

end as well. This particular facet of TIME has always been the great progenitor of the concept of God, and for good reason. A life form cannot be allowed to exist without limitation, and only when it recognizes that limitation can it ever hope to become the best it can be. Conclusions The author shall let the reader make his own. However, he would like to take this opportunity to express a personal observation regarding man's search for the truth of all things. For nearly a century now, our astrophysical science has appeared to have stalled in its search for the ultimate truth of our existence. The very fact that, year after year, those working in that field make their opinions more, and more complicated gives rise to the conclusion that they just don't seem to know what they are talking about and must use one complex set of equations after another to try to justify phenomena that they cannot easily explain using the currently accepted foundation of universal creation. Something is very wrong with this picture. The author refuses to accept the notion that this universe was constructed in such a manner to make it comprehensible to only a few. It belongs to all of us, equally. Each of us have the greatest scientific laboratory that was ever created, which we are free to use to uncover its mysteries if we so choose. It exists within every one us, every single minute of our lives if we choose to use it. It is called the brain. Perhaps, the time has come for us to let Occam's Razor cut through the complex wonders of this universe, as it would be nice if we could all be united in a single goal again. The world is not composed of just a few groups of people divided by national boundaries. We are a very unique and intelligent life form, who is forever bound together in a sacred covenant called TIME. As long as that covenant continues to exist, so do we.

Temporal Physics

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