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Orientation 1

BS.c. Thesis Topic

LTE and a-like

Dr.-Eng. Khaled Shawky Hassan

Projects Available
What do we have
5th Generation Embedded Tester (5GET Project GUC university project) R&D project of Axxcelera Inc. (sponsored by Axxcelera Egypt) LTE system level simulations (offered for both Communication and Network)
RFID (not covered in these slides offered by Eng. Abdel Fatah and my co-supervision and Dr. Khaled El Mahgoub (Trimble Navigation Inc.))

What is LTE
LTE: it is the short name of long-term evolution, marketed as 4G LTE, and its evolution is named after LTE-Advanced (marketed as 5G) Main air-interface: Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access (E-UTRA) Physical Layer technology:
Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) [downlink] Single Carrier FDMA (SC-FDMA)[uplink]

System architecture: not very far from 3G; however, we need to write down two Important terminologies:
UE: user equipment or mobile unit eNodeB (evolved Base-station system)

Projects Available
5GET Project:
o LTE-A link-level design and simulation using MATLAB
o [3 different topics Project code: DREAM]

o LTE-A Air interface using USRP 210 (this fancy kit which needs only MATLAB experience)
o [3 different topics Project code: USENet]

o LTE-A implementation using TI DSP C6670 (the strongest ever for LTE development; we have 8 kits!
o It needs matlab and programing skills (Java or even less, C (not C++))) [4 topics Project code: DSPUeE-Platform]

Axxcelera LTE Project:

(needs a good theoretical back ground and MATLAB knowledge)

o LTE-A research on co-operative multi-points (2 topics) o LTE-A research on multiuser systems (2 topics)

Resource allocation (a network level-simulator):

o LTE system level simulator (1 thesis) (Offered for network and comm.)

The 5GET Project

A basic academic ideas that evolved recently to a real We need to build a UE Tester that is capable to debug the eNodeB failures and show them in Matlab Our project is a huge university project that is handled among 5 Professors; each deals with it from his experiences and tools My prospective team will be mainly developing with MATLAB and for speed issues MATLAB/C-mex and C (not even C++; tutorials will be avilable) Expected knowledge you will gain:
LTE-Advanced know how and building blocks Research, development, and design Real standard interface and, hopefully, contribution Possible cooperation with a highly interested German firm Long-term project that will encourage you to continue your research if you liked the topic. Individual concrete work as well as cooperative and creative team work Prepares you for LTE market

The 5GET Project

What are the problems with the current LTE-UE-Testers:
LTE-Advanced features are not covered and they are not able to be scaled up for them Size and weight; check the internet for the current sizes and weights to see the real problem ;) Price; you are buy (when you like to buy an LTE tester) an old technology to test present devices with far-future prices --- a real miss!!

5GET: What do we need to develop A holistic view:

An AMC form factor box with Matlab-and-DSP (our team), an air-interface (again our team), and FPGA function bank (with the electronics team-members) This box should emulate* a real UE in all its situations
You will be a developing a part of the project in 3~4 months

*: what is the difference between simulate and emulate?

The 5GET Project

Design and Research of Embedded Architectures using MATLAB (DREAM)

Develop a MATLAB simulation environment for LTE-A baseband for one the following:
Develop for UE in UL channel with SC-FDMA Develop for UE in DL with OFDMA (single antenna systems [SISO])

Develop for UE in DL with OFDMA (multiple antenna systems [MIMO])

The 5GET Project

USRP 210n A software defined radio (SDR)
This project will allow you to build a simple base-station (again, called an eNodeB) and a simple user terminal (called UE) using a standard PC/Laptop and a low cost software radio frontend (our fancy USRPs) These are the topics (with the code USENet): - eNodeB signal acquisition in UL with multi-user interface - eNodeB signal generation in DL with, also, multi-user interface - UE emulation in both UL and DL

The 5GET Project

TI C6670 Digital Signal Processor
This project will allow you to develop the LTE-Baseband outside PC, and rather do it on a special processor called DSP (digital signal processor) You will be developing in this project using MATLAB Simulink (TI-toolbox) and C (simple C for DSP and not C++) The projects will be: - UE DL for multiple antenna system - UE DL for single antenna and TX diversity - UE UL for single antenna system - UE multi resource analysis and decoding functionalities

The 5GET Project

TI C6670 Digital Signal Processor


Axxcelera Egypt Project

- LTE-Advanced Cooperative MIMO - LTE-Advanced Multiuser MIMO


The 5GET Project

LTE System-Level Simulator (w/ and w/o Relays)
In order to evaluate the performance of new mobile network technologies, system level simulations are becoming very essential. In this project, we need to consider a network with/without Relays to evaluate the overall throughput enhancement in the network and, particularly, at cell edges and during hand-offs. Thus, we need to study
Network overall system performance (throughput) with practical UEs traffic model(s) Monitor throughput in the whole network (see the throughput heat-map example) Throughput, hand-off capabilities, and cell coverage enhancements using Relays