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It's a ruff economy, manual labor fetches a better wage. permalinkparent []PhenomeNarc 10 points 2 hours ago The dog says "Woof." I'm so good at this. permalinkparent []recycleyourkids 7 points 52 minutes ago What does the fox say? permalinkparent []Inumaniac 11 points 49 minutes ago RING DING DING DING DINGERINGEDING permalinkparent []BladeRunnerDMC 3 points 23 minutes ago I miss my friend the hound. permalinkparent []IClimbRocksForFun 2 points 40 minutes ago You're fucking terrible at this permalinkparent []TheMadFapper_ 1 point 2 hours ago He was a philosophy major? permalinkparent []Sacrix -1 points 1 hour ago No, Art. permalinkparent []Saint_Dogbert -3 points 42 minutes ago Nope worse............................LIBERAL ARTS! permalinkparent []Binford6100 3 points 29 minutes ago Technically, it was Liberal Arfs. permalinkparent []farmercrossing 1 point 2 hours ago better than a cat having to contemplate to buying a boat permalinkparent []KyleTheMethAddict 4 points 1 hour ago I see you everywhere on reddit! permalinkparent []well_uh_yeah 4 points 1 hour ago My school year hasn't started up again yet. Soon I'll be a ghost for 10 months. permalinkparent []Inumaniac 1 point 46 minutes ago So...hibernation? permalinkparent []well_uh_yeah 2 points 41 minutes ago Back to work! I find I can't be a good teacher and an addicted redditor at the same time. permalinkparent []joeycules 2 points 1 hour ago Sadly, his degree was in Education but the job market dried up. So this poor pooch did what all college graduates do out of their field: Whatever someone will pay them to do. permalinkparent []jr_spencer 72 points 4 hours ago That's like 28 years of college for dogs...

permalink []Animal31 37 points 1 hour ago Feels like thats what im in for permalinkparent []unitzero13 26 points 1 hour ago medicine huh? permalinkparent []Animal31 90 points 1 hour ago No, just really stupid permalinkparent []unitzero13 50 points 1 hour ago Oh, that's cool too... permalinkparent []rhoswhen 54 points 2 hours ago THE NEXT THING YOU KNOW THEY ARE GOING TO BE DEMANDING THE RIGHT TO MARRY THANKS OBAMA permalink []lazyj2020[S] 30 points 6 hours ago Full story, for those that are interested: permalink []Gingerbreadmancan 7 points 3 hours ago John Hopkins? You must be a bright lad. permalinkparent []the_bearded_wonder 64 points 2 hours ago Bright lab* permalinkparent []GrilledCheeser 16 points 1 hour ago I never get to correct people. Johns Hopkins* permalinkparent []Hooliganhero 7 points 58 minutes ago* I smoked pot with Johnny Hopkins. permalinkparent []bealsan 3 points 54 minutes ago it was johnny hopkins and sloan kettering, and they were blazin that shit up every day permalinkparent []Viclion 3 points 47 minutes ago You don't even know a John Hopkins permalinkparent []Skepsis009 -2 points 53 minutes ago It was Johnny Hopkins and Sloan Kettering, and they were blazing that shut up every day. permalinkparent []Sneakyspeed 2 points 9 minutes ago That dog graduated from a better school than me. permalinkparent []Broviet 2 points 2 hours ago Oh yay :) Nice to see my alma mater is getting in on the awesome act of graduating pups :) permalinkparent []nagumi 3 points 1 hour ago Johns Hopkins Medical and Obedience School.

permalinkparent []moldywarpe 0 points 1 hour ago HEY EVERYONE, I WENT TO JOHNS HOPKINS I WENT TO JOHNS HOPKINS EVERYONE permalinkparent []Siobhan1013 8 points 1 hour ago permalinkparent []Mashiara 5 points 1 hour ago A similar comment would have appeared no matter which University it was. permalinkparent []Broviet 1 point 34 minutes ago Yep. And since I wasn't pre-med, my school is just as shitty as everyone else's. Yayyyyyyy. permalinkparent []Broviet 1 point 30 minutes ago All degrees are just pieces of paper. I was alluding to the fact that the administration there has typically been comprised of a bunch of pompous and self-righteous assholes that wouldn't allow something like this. And I like dags. permalinkparent []GitEmSteveDave 1 point 1 hour ago Thought it was Rowan. They work with Seeing Eye. permalinkparent []brilliantbarnacle 1 point 14 minutes ago Rowan, Rutgers, and UDel only raise puppies on campus. They don't have any more trained service dogs on campus than anywhere else. You can tell this dog is a fully trained, working dog because he's wearing a harness. I used to raise puppies on campus at Rutgers. permalinkparent [+]soupsoundsgood comment score below threshold (0 children) []A_Blogger 18 points 3 hours ago He got a master's degree! permalink []ketchy_shuby 16 points 1 hour ago Sadly he found most of his professors to be dogmatic. permalinkparent []uyth 6 points 1 hour ago He looks so totally pissed off at the dress code. Dogs, particularly service they just do not get nearly the credit they really deserve. permalink []AxYouAQuestion 6 points 49 minutes ago "Still don't know how I passed that chem test..." permalink []darksober 10 points 3 hours ago Good luck for him getting a job in this market. permalink []Mylaptopisburningme[!] 1 point 1 minute ago Flea market work should be available. permalinkparent []DoopSlayer 2 points 2 hours ago he'll be in the dog house with the missus if he can't get a job in 2 months at the most.

permalinkparent []Hildaelisa 11 points 3 hours ago I read "with his hamster." Was very disappointed. permalink []nooope_ 7 points 2 hours ago Nah, OP got it wrong. The blind graduating kid thinks that the dog's a hamster. No one's had the heart to tell him otherwise. permalinkparent []XombieBones -1 points 2 hours ago Me too! permalinkparent []hewhatwhat 6 points 6 hours ago I heard he just cheated off the Shih Tzu. permalink []Tmoher 2 points 51 minutes ago What was the dog used for? permalink []wholebunchofbees 2 points 48 minutes ago That is adorable. permalink []ProbablyNotKelly 2 points 33 minutes ago The feels. permalink []Darkenmal 2 points 33 minutes ago Damn that dog is going to get bitches. They love suits. permalink []SomeArtAFact 5 points 5 hours ago And dogs could be promoted too. Sergeant Stubby permalink []Animal31 3 points 1 hour ago Can someone explain why the dogs always outrank their handelers? I dont remember it permalinkparent []da_k-word 8 points 1 hour ago Found an article for you: "The reason dogs outrank their handlers is that the soldier is subject to military punishment if they abuse the animal." Edit: Here's another one: ort%20XCTC.aspx After the demonstration Smith was asked why the dogs outrank their handlers. Smith said, It is to ensure that we always take care of our dogs with the respect rendered a higher ranking noncommissioned officer, permalinkparent []OblivionGuardsman 1 point 38 minutes ago Because most officers like to lick their own balls and smell other officers asses. permalinkparent []da_k-word 1 point 13 minutes ago I'm retired now so I guess it's safe to laugh heartily because of this. permalinkparent []GitEmSteveDave 0 points 1 hour ago Maybe like they have dog years, they have dog promotions.

permalinkparent []SomeArtAFact 1 point 4 hours ago Downvote is OK. But I have seen, he got a Dog Tag, I stay here, 4 another day . permalinkparent []RobocopUnicornKat 1 point 48 minutes ago Not be be a pain but it's his partner. They do advanced training that's incredibly extensive and can be exhausting for both for several months. They graduate as a team and its one of the most moving ceremonies you can witness or be a part of. Source: my mom and our family raised several dogs for CCI (Canine Companions for Independence) permalink []Doright36 2 points 12 minutes ago Totally feel you on that. I have nothing but respect for those Dogs and the work they do. but I guess I read this as the "master" was graduating college (or highschool) and they let his helper dog be apart of the ceremony as well. I didn't get the impression this was a graduation from a helper dog training school. Could be wrong though. permalinkparent []RobocopUnicornKat 1 point 5 minutes ago Whoa you could be totally right! I didn't even catch that possibility and feel like such a spaz now. Thank you so much for pointing that out. permalinkparent []TheDeftZeppelin 1 point 42 minutes ago is this a repost? or are dogs graduating all over this nation? permalink []CuileannDhu 1 point 1 minute ago All it took was one smart, determined dog to break the species barrier and open doors for all bright young puppies with dreams of a university education. permalinkparent []CheapSheepChipShip 2 points 41 minutes ago Somebody's bed is missing a dust ruffle. permalink []Histo_Man 1 point 37 minutes ago It might just be me but service dogs/guide dogs always look depressed they don't look like they're enjoying their jobs. Could just be me though. permalink []Doright36 1 point 16 minutes ago I don't think it's that. I just think you only see them when they are "on duty" so to speak. Maybe I see dogs as having more awareness than I should but I've always see it as they are taking their job seriously and doing it well. Take the harness off and get a ball and they know the work day is done and time to do some tail wagging and ball slobbering. permalinkparent []Western_Renegade 1 point 34 minutes ago Cutest thing I've seen today. Dogs in costume get me every time. permalink []LegalGinger 1 point 31 minutes ago I swear I saw this post a few months ago... permalink []kvjsbarandgrill 1 point 11 minutes ago

i work and worship in places that allow guide dog training. picture makes my grinch heart swell. permalink []MafiamanJ15 1 point 6 minutes ago permalink []Year3030 1 point 6 minutes ago /r/dogsinhats permalink []Teedumz 1 point 5 minutes ago My high school graduated the comfort dog because he was retiring that year. permalink []jvwWARLORD 0 points 3 hours ago To bad his owner can't see it. permalink []PikachuSnowman 1 point 2 hours ago Is this the dog that rides on the JHMI? permalink []slestill 0 points 4 hours ago I'm sending this picture to my son who got his GED. If a dog can graduate college, so can he. He starts in the spring. permalink []Gingerbreadmancan 4 points 3 hours ago Nothing wrong with a ged. I got one so I could leave high school early. Hated it. I got accepted to plenty of universities. permalinkparent []t0tem_ -1 points 3 hours ago That dog will still keep the same job and won't get any raises now that he has a degree. So maybe that sends the wrong message to your kid. (and also, you know, his educational standards were a little bit different from those of a human. He didn't have to take tests or do homework or anything) permalinkparent []Platinumzeke -1 points 3 hours ago This did not just happen, this picture is old as shit permalink []GrilledCheeser 5 points 1 hour ago Well, post a link or proof. OP linked to an article dated September 6th. You're just being angry and childish. permalinkparent []Animal31 3 points 1 hour ago ....what day is it? permalinkparent []NineteenthJester 1 point 48 minutes ago September 6th. permalinkparent []Animal31 1 point 47 minutes ago Checks out permalinkparent []XombieBones 0 points 2 hours ago I read hamster instead of master. I looked for it for way too long. permalink []mackelnuts 0 points 2 hours ago

I had a blind classmate in law school whose dog received a J.D. diploma as well. permalink []TerranceArchibald 0 points 2 hours ago The outfit is his master? permalink []DoopSlayer 0 points 2 hours ago clothes trap us, be free from your oppressors! nudity for life! /s permalinkparent []michaeladams94 0 points 2 hours ago That feel when a dog has achieved more academically (in probably less time) than me... I fell stupid now. permalink []hunterlloyd 0 points 2 hours ago Laaaadybirrd! permalink []WolfTristan 0 points 1 hour ago in an upper class British accent "Yes, quite." permalink []mjc1027 -1 points 2 hours ago All he needs now is a doggy diploma. permalink []mrfarrwillgofar -1 points 1 hour ago a little late there friend permalink []weezyjefferson -1 points 51 minutes ago dog in clothes LMAO XD XD XD permalink []raikkonen -3 points 3 hours ago must make you feel good that your degree is worth so much a dog can get one. permalink []thsFCN -2 points 1 hour ago Am I the only one who can tell that hat is photoshopped on? permalink []thsFCN 1 point 23 seconds ago Sorry for posting negative comments about an AWESOME dog. But really those tassels look fake.. permalinkparent []UnreliableWindmill -4 points 3 hours ago Slave for life. permalink [+]kirbysdownb comment score below threshold (0 children) about blog about team source code advertise help wiki FAQ reddiquette rules

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