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Marquette University General Computing Policy and WiscNet/Internet Policy

Marquette University Milwaukee, Wisconsin December 17, 1991

Part I. General Computing Policy Part II. WiscNet/Internet Policy

I. Policy on Authorized Use of M.U. Public Computer Systems The use of the facilities of Computer Services are available at nodirect charge to all faculty, registered students, and staff for Universityresearch, educational purposes, and administrative work only. Persons usingcomputing resources for other than the above stated purposes, such as foroutside consulting, or for work for another institution, or person, mustapply for a funded/industrial access code, submit a purchase order, andpay for resources at the current rate. All computer clients must use computing equipment, software, andnetwork access in a manner consistent with appropriate University codesof conduct and not prohibited by applicable statutes of the WisconsinCriminal Code. The unauthorized use of access codes or privilegesassociated with an access code not assigned to a client, or the reading,copying, altering or destroying of files or software for which theclient has not been given authorized access by the owner; the intentional,or negligent altering or destroying of files or software provided byComputer Services, or actions which interfere with computer access byother clients is serious misuse of the system. STUDENTS, UNDERGRADUATEOR GRADUATE, MAY NOT ALLOW ANYONE EXCEPT THE ENDORSER TO USE THE COMPUTER SYSTEMS WITH THEIR ACCESS CODE. All client user access code applications must be endorsed by amember of the faculty or an administrator at the director or departmentchairperson level, or an administrator designated by them. The personendorsing a project is responsible for direct supervision of all workassociated with it. Any resource limit change must be requested by theperson who endorsed the project and will be implemented only with the approval of the appropriate C.S.D. Manager. When the nature of arenewable access code changes, such that a new endorser code will result,or when an access code can be deleted before the standard expiration date,C.S.D. should be informed in writing as soon as possible. In the event that C.S.D. observes what we consider to be misuse ofthe computer resources, we will contact the endorser or their supervisorand recommend one or more of the following actions be taken: o the project be more carefully supervised, o the client be required to pay for computer resources, o the offender be denied access to the system temporarily or permanently, o that appropriate University disciplinary action or civil action be taken. All other appropriate C.S.D. policies, including the use of

validMarquette University identification in order to secure input/output, apply. II. WiscNet/Internet - Policy Policy Statements WiscNet, like CSD and other computing support facilities hasformal usage policy statements. Such statements provide information onthe purpose of the network, what activities the network is designed tosupport and general uses. Users are expected to both know the letter ofall applicable computing policy statements, as well as be able todiscern the spirit of such statements since a complete list of everypossible acceptable or unacceptable use would be impractical. Please also refer to the MU mainframe usage policy which is printedin Chapter 1 of the VAX User's Guide and on all access code applicationforms. Legal Issues WiscNet and the Internet should never be used for purposes intendedto incite crime. For example, it is illegal to post a credit card number,a telephone credit card number, or a computer password. In addition, thenetworks cannot be used for personal profit. For example, do not use adiscussion list to advertise items for sale or to solicit business. Copyright is also an important issue. When sharing programswith others over the network, be sure the software is notcopyrighted or licensed, or if it is, be sure to secure permission ofthe copyright holder. Security and Privacy Issues Never consider electronic communications either private or secure.Remember that email messages can be saved indefinitely on the receivingcomputer. Copies can easily be made and forwarded to others eitherelectronically or on paper. In addition, messages sent to nonexistingor incorrect usernames are delivered to a person designated as Postmasterfor either the remote or local site. WiscNet Acceptable Use Policy (June 15, 1990) "The purpose of WiscNet is to advance education, research and public service by assisting in the exchange of information among research and educational institutions by means of high-speed data communication techniques and to assist those institutions in gaining access to scientific and educational resources. The network will support collaborative instruction, research and public service; facilitate access to regional, national and international networks and hence to such resources as supercomputer centers; and generally support the education and research mission of the members. Use which is consistent with the purposes of WiscNet is acceptable. Activities in direct support of acceptable use are also acceptable,

such as administrative communications, which support the infrastructure needed for education and research. Use by for-profit organizations for collaborative activities with education and research institutions is acceptable. Use for commercial and industrial activities is generally not acceptable and may be permitted only when it can be justified under items 1-3 above. Communications which violate Wisconsin, federal or international laws are not acceptable. Activities designed to interfere with the ability of other users to make effective use of the network are not acceptable."

The above statements of policy are not meant to be exhaustive.The WiscNet Board of Directors is the final authority on questions ofacceptable use of the network. Until an issue is resolved, questionableuse should be considered "not acceptable." WiscNet member organizations are responsible for seeing thattheir communities are aware of this acceptable use policy, and that thepolicy is followed in both letter and spirit. Members are expected to take reasonable measures, given theconstraints of technology and management practices, to ensure that trafficentering WiscNet from other networks conforms to this acceptable use policy.Conversely, members are expected to take similar measures to avoidsituations where traffic from their organization violates the policies ofconnecting networks which receive WiscNet traffic. Submitted by: Ann Mallinger, User Services Manager Computer Services Division