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Mobile No: 09706054347/09401154347

Cool deliberation and contemplated effort to cope with dynamic competitive environment, meet the challenges,
harmonizing with social responsibilities to enhance future evolution.
Experience Summary:
4+ years of IT experience through working in various capacities in Assam Electronics Development
Corporation Ltd (AMTRON), Guwahati, the Nodal IT implanting Agency of the state of Assam, India and
HCL comnet Ltd. subsidiary of HCL Technologies Ltd. in NE area office, Guwahati
Feb-04 to July-05
 Working as Technical expert in various technical works in AMTRON including EVM, GIS, RGCLP
etc. in entire ASSAM region
Aug-05 to Sep-06
 Working as Software Developer in the project “Implementation of Web Enable Election Search
Engine for Assam” in AMTRON
 Working as Supervising Engineer in the project “Computerization of consumer Billing in Assam State
Electricity Board” in AMTRON
Sep-06 to Sep-07
 Working as Customer Support Engineer in HCL ComNet Ltd.
Installation, commissioning, configuring, maintenance and support of networking (Modem, Router, Switch
etc.) and communication technology( Lease Line, VSAT etc.) in entire NE region .
Sep-07 to till Date
 Working as Software Engineer in the project “Computerization of consumer Billing in Assam State
Electricity Board” in AMTRON
Summary of Projects
A)Designation: Software Developer
Project Name : Implementation of Web Enable Election Search Engine for Assam
Tools: HTML, JavaScript, Jsp/Servlet, Apache Tomcat 4.1, MySQL 4.0
Reporting Person : S. Malakar (Addl. Manager, AMTRON)
Project Summary: Develop a Web enable Election Search Engine for Assam Govt. using JSP/SERVLETS & MySQL
with Apache Tomcat 4.1 Web Server. Take first name or last name of voter as input and search his/her entire
information regarding are displayed if exist.
B)Current Project:
• Designation: Software Engineer
• Locations: Guwahati and Seven districts of Assam.
• Project name: Computerization of consumer Billing in Assam State Electricity Board
Front end: Core Java(Swing)
Back end: Oracle 9i (PL/SQL)
• Reporting Persons: Siladitya Malakar , Additional Manager, AMTRON
• Duties:
 Set-up the location(Installation & configuration of server and client ) for Billing Software
 Customization & maintenance of our client ASEB(Assam State Electricity Board)’s billing software
in Core Java as front end and Oracle 9i(PL/SQL) as back end to reflect any change of business logic.
 Develop new modules as per requirement of client
 Troubleshoot Application Software, RDBMS (Oracle) and networking issues.
 Train, follow up and support team members (NO/Site engineers/Sitesupervisors) and ASEB personnel
 Prepare various reports in excel for planning, controlling, monitoring, evaluating and decision making
in diverse field of project
 Assist in Oracle Database performance tuning.

 Passed Master of Computer Application from IGNOU, New Delhi in the Year 2006
A)Project Title: Design and Implementation of a Preprocessor that convert a subset of Foxpro/Dbase
language to ‘C’ language using “LEX & YACC of UNIX and C language” .
Project Guide: Hitesh Tahbildar.(M.TECH from IIT,Kharagpur)
Project Summary: Take a subset of Foxpro/Dbase code as input, check the syntax and convert it to
corresponding ‘C’ language.
 Passed B.Sc with Computer Science from LCBC College, Guwahati conducted by Guwahati
University, Guwahati in the year 2002
Project Title: Library Management System
Project Guide: Priti Prakash Sarma
Project Summary: Develop a Library Management System using Foxpro language. Library activities like
Search Book, Issue Book, return Book, Member Details etc are properly maintained by this Software which
is useful in college Libray or other private/public Library.
 Passed Higher Seceondary examination (10+2) from B.Baroah College, Guwahati conducted by Assam
Higher Secondary Education Council in the year 1999
 Passed High School Leaving Certificate(10th) from Cotton Collegiate Higher Secondary School,
Guwahati conducted by Secondary Education Board of Assam in the year 1997
 Pursuing MBA(Operation Management) in IGNOU (4th semester)
SKILLS (Technical)

• Language: Core Java, C, C++, Visual Basic

• Web developing: HTML, JavaScript, Jsp/Servlet, Struts2.x
• Web Server: Apache Tomcat 6
• Database: Oracle, MySQL
• Operating System: Windows 2003 server, Win XP, Linux
• Basic Knowledge: CORBA,RMI,EJB,Spring,Hibernate,PHP,Dotnet, SOA &Web Service,XML
• Tools: Netbeans IDE 6 ,TOAD
Specialization: Core JAVA, PL/SQL (Oracle)
Name: Mr. Satyendrajit Sarma
Father’s Name: Mr. Pradip kumar Sarma
Permanent Address: Vill: 2 No. Madhabpur, P.O. & P.S. Noonmati, District: Kamrup, State:Assam
Address for correspondence:
Assam Electronics Development Corporation Ltd, Industrial Estate, Bamunimaidan,
Guwahati-21, Assam
Nationality: Indian
Religion: Hinduism
Date of Birth: 12 July, 1981
Marital status: Single
Male/Female: Male
Phone/Fax: +91-361-2655442 (R), +91-97060-54347 (M)
Passport No G6528579 up to 10-APR-2018
Self conviction:
Dream Big, work hard, contribute maximum possible and attain emancipation
Mr. Siladitya Malakar( IIT Kharagpur), Adl. Manager, SD&P DIVISION, AMTRON, Mb No= +919864076090