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Night Run Part 6 As Brianna sat on the bed waiting for the maids to finish filling the tub

she wondered how she missed him recognizing her lie for what it was. She thought she had responded quickly enough. She would not tell him her true last name until she was sure she was safe. That settled she glanced around the room. It was a very comfortable room. A beautiful tapestry of the highland hills covered the far wall, the wooden furniture gleamed, pretty colorful cushions were at the window and in the seats near the fire. It looked and felt like a place you could call home. Wow, were did that come from. The last thing she could do now was get comfortable she needed to find Rorie. After she settled in she would ask Connor what had gone on in his absence. The bath felt glorious. She soaked then preceded to wash her hair. She had to ask the maid to assist her. Her ladys maid at home always had to help her. Briannas hair was so long and thick that it always took two sets of hands to get it completely cleaned and combed out. After toweling dry and successfully braiding her hair into to neat plaits Brianna sat back on the bed realizing she had nothing to wear. The maids had taken her filthy gown to be cleaned. She sat there wondering what she would do until her gown dried. She shrugged her shoulders and grabbed the plaid on the bed wrapped herself in it and sat by the fire. She was dozing by the fire when Connor walked in. He stared at her for a minute before he spoke. Connor thought to himself, how could I have not seen how beautiful she was under all that grime. He scanned her from her lovely hair down to her tiny petite feet. She was a gem. A gem with a lot of secrets. He had come to the room to question her but she looked so peaceful napping in the chair that he decided it could wait and exited the room quietly without disturbing her. Brianna awoke to the quiet crackling of the fire place. Someone had come in to stoke the flames and leave a tray of generous helpings of fresh meat, cheese and fruit. Brianna hadnt realized how hungry she was until she spied the plate. She began to sample the plate thinking there was no way she could finish it all. She

ate thinking of Rorie. Where was she, is she alright? She thought. She promised herself that as soon as she was up and about tomorrow she would seek some answers. Before she knew it she had demolished the plate. She sat the plate down giggling. What would they think when they realized that she did eat large amounts when she was upset, sad, nervous or happy. Her father use to tease her about where she put it all. He said if he didnt know better he would think she had bundles of uneaten food throughout the Keep. Her father was such a cheerful person she couldnt remember a time when he couldnt make her smile. She still missed him. He probably was rolling in his grave at the acts of pure malice Sir Charles was inflicting on the people of Gordans Keep. She couldnt indulge in pity right now she had to get some rest. She wanted to be at her best before she took on Connor and his brothers. Down in the hall Connor and his brothers were discussing the mysterious Murray Lass. Where do you think she hails from? Asked Connors brother Cain, his first in command. Cain was tall and blonde like Connor but he had more bulk he was the steel of the Clan. Strong, serious and dependable, aye, you could depend on Cain. Do you think we should be wary? asked Caleb and Corey at once. They were the twins, carefree, handsome and lethal. Well, I think shes running from something. Said Christopher, the youngest, of all the brothers. He was the most like Connor. He had the same blue eyes and the same depth of loyalty. You could count on Connor and Christopher to stand by you no matter the difficulties. I think you have the right of it Said Connor. When I pulled her out of the cave she looked terrified until she didnt recognize me. Why would a lass be less frightened by an unfamiliar face rather than a familiar one? asked Cain I intend to find out that and more as soon as she has rested and settled in. Said Connor staring into his mug. He missed the looks his brothers passed among

themselves. Caleb mouthed rested and settled in? since when did Connor care if the person he wanted answers from was rested and settled in. They all stared at Connor as if he had grown horns. Connor was too deep in his thoughts to notice the strange looks. Well, lads Im going to get some much needed rest see you in the courtyard at dawn. He said as he headed out of the hall. As soon as Connor reached the top of the stairs he heard his brothers laughter. They always found something to laugh at he thought. He had no Idea he was the butt of their jokes tonight.