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What did they teach you in Sunday School?

Except for #8, Sunday School didn't teach the answers to these questions. I learned them on my own and over the last 30 odd years of my adult life. Can you correctly answer questions such as these? What do your answers say about you? What do your answers say regarding Christian education? If you find these questions difficult or troubling, please know that elite Bible-scholars have difficulties answering these very same questions,yet they all have definite correct answers that can be correctly answered by common people such as you and me. You do not need a PhD to be able to answer these questions yet all of these questions are based on questions puzzling even the best and the brightest. What is the secret? Consider God's Word to be the absolute foundation of all truth. 1) What does the Bible define as sin? a) mistakes b) trespassing c) transgressing d) going against one's own conscience e) all of the above f) none of the above 2) What best defines a soul? a) a person b) a part of a mind c) neurology at work d) a figment of someone's imagination e) immortal(eternal) consciousness f) all above answers are subjective and thus subject to faith 3) When is eternity? a) It happens after a person dies b) It is happening now c) It's infinite and can't be figured out d) It is not a time but rather a place where time, as we know it, doesn't exist e) A and C f) B and D

4) Where does God live? a) eternity b) heaven c) in the minds of believers d) in a human body e) all of the above f) none of the above 5) (True) or (False): The Bible declares that we all have equal authority over each other. (Which in turn means no one has any authority over anyone.) 6) Which is incorrect regarding angels? a) beings on an equal par to humans b) they, as humans,have free will (the ability to make choices) c) angels exist allover the earth d) humans have encountered angels without ever knowing it e) angels can eat and drink like humans f) angels learn from humans 7) (True) or (False): All biblical prophesy has already been fulfilled? 8) The only way to go to heaven is through a) never sinning b) good works c) having faith d) being martyred e) Jesus f) being one of the elect 9) (True) or (False): Speaking in tongues proves a person is a Christian. 10) (True) or (False): The Bible clearly states that all Jews, being God's chosen people, will go to heaven. 11) (True) or (False): God, being perfect in all ways, cannot do/cause evil.

The answers: 1) e) all of the above [all errors,trespasses, transgressions, mistakes, disobedience, etc are sins] 2) f) all above answers are subjective and thus subject to faith [The word soul is largely undefined,obsolete, and can not be readily defined. The lack of empirical self-evidence requires that anything regarding the soul must be taken on by faith.] 3) f) B and D [From our perspective eternity is happening now, yet from God's perspective eternity is not a time but rather a place where time, as we currently understand it,doesn't exist] 4) e) all of the above [God lives in eternity, heaven, in the minds of believers and in a human body] 5) False [While it is true that we are all equals in many regards (equally human,equally sinners, Christians are equally saved, etc.), both the New and Old Testaments declare that God Himself set in place both secular and sacred hierarchical authority structures that must be obeyed] 6) a) beings on an equal par to humans[Angels and humans are not equal. Angels are learning from humans and will eventually be judged by humans] 7) False [Biblical prophesy has not all been fulfilled] 8) Jesus [Jesus is the only way into heaven] 8) False [Speaking in tongues proves nothing] 9) False[The parable of Lazarus and the rich man, all have sinned and fallen short of God's glory, the wages of sin is death, and For I tell you that unless your righteousness surpasses that of the Pharisees and the teachers of the law, you will certainly not enter the kingdom of heaven., as well as elsewhere, clearly state otherwise] 10) False [Not by root definition. It is a fallacy to assume that all evil is ungodly(Satanic). By root definition, evil is simply that which is hurtful,harmful or destructive. For example, by root definition, digestion is evil. God is righteous and just, and therefore must at times be hurtful, harmful or destructive]

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