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Preparations gear up for Bicol Tourism Summit

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Naga wants DOH to put up drug rehab center for women

NAGA CITY --- The Naga City Sangguniang Panlungsod has passed a resolution during its regular session on Aug. 27, 2013 requesting the Department of Health (DOH) to provide a drug treatment and rehabilitation center for women in the Bicol region. According to the proponent of the resolution, Councilor Jose B. Importante, the Naga City Dangerous Drugs Board (NCDDB) where he is the vice chairman, has encountered a lot of cases where parents of women drug dependents or even the victims themselves seek help from the NCDDB, but the board can only extent counselling assistance to the victims as no facilities are available in the region. We cannot ensure the full recovery of victims of drug. For serious cases, we refer them to the rehabilitation center in Taguig City in Metro Manila, but, most of the time, due to the huge transportation and living expenses, parents or the victims opt not to pursue our advice. We cannot blame them for such, especially since we cannot even provide them financial assistance to push through with their rehabilitation, Importante said. The NCDDB said there are only two drug treatment and rehabilitation centers in the Bicol region, which are situated in Malinao, Albay and
(Turn to page 7) The Star and Stripes Management team: (From left) Marketing Consultant Kristie Bondarchuk, S&S owner Brent, Operations and Training Consultant Cecilia Kiikonen and Ms. Penafrancia Amoroso. Kristie and Cecilia flew from Florida, USA to help Brent and Amor establish their business endeavor here in Naga City.



American Food Invades Naga

By Arnel Eclarinal

NAGA CITY - With the burgeoning of Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Italian, Spanish and Filipino cuisine already lining the famed strip of restaurants in Magsaysay Avenue, Stars and Stripes is a welcome addition for Nagueos, who are certified foodies. Soon to be the new downtown site at the Avenue Square , Stars and Stripes - is an American Cafe and Bistro themed restaurant under the brain child of Brent Bondarchuk, an American and his Filipina wife Peafrancia Amoroso, who are now based in Naga.
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3rd Floor, GERONIMO BLDG., BARLIN ST., NAGA CITY TELEFAX: (054) 475-62-62 CP 0921-3183720 / 0919-2822901 / 0920-5337766

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september 1-7, 2013

LEGAZPI CITY - In this New Wave City, creating start-ups in electronic business (e-business), which now offers bigger profitable opportunities for information technology (IT) communicators, is easy, industry leaders say. Janette Toral, a multi-awarded e-commerce and elearning specialist, said many Legazpeos have been into online business and freelancing but they are less aware of the bigger opportunity in e-business. They are encouraged to take advantage of the standing of Legazpi as among the 10 New Wave Cities of the country. It scored high in the cost of doing business and availability of needed physical IT infrastructures to support the outsourcing industry, Toral said. She explained that e-business, derived from such terms as e-mail and e-commerce, is the conduct of business on the Internet --not only buying and selling but also servicing customers and collaborating with business partners. Toral said major corporations today are using the web to buy parts and supplies from other companies to collaborate on sales promotions and to do joint research, among others. With many companies exploiting the convenience, availability and world-wide reach of the internet, they have already discovered how to use it successfully, she noted. Karlo Alamares, president of Equinox Virtual Solutions, believes that Bicolanos can make a big difference in e-business. He also enjoined participants of the recent information and communications technology (ICT) innovation forum to submit their start-up initiatives at his office in Daraga that will find all means for their funding. For his part, Ronald Cirujano, country manager of Elance Philippines, also underscored the home-based opportunities for ICT talents. Philippines remains one of the biggest markets for freelancers, with businesses all over the world now hiring talented Filipino freelancers. Bicolanos should take advantage of this, he said. Businesses based in the United States, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and other European countries top the list of countries that trust the skills of Philippine freelancers. Most of these hired freelancers are found to render services in administrative support, design and multimedia categories, Cirujano added. Danny Calleja

(Atty. APA chairs Acyatan & Co., CPAsDFK International is PICPA past president and Hall-of-Famer, past chair of ASEAN Federation of CPAs, and ACPAPP Lifetime Achievement Awardee).

NEW NAME: A rose by any name will smell as sweet. With the loud public cry against the pork barrel (in all sectors of the government), the new exercise is to search for an acceptable name to the outflow of appropriated funds under the direction of the anointed officials (legislative, judiciary and executive). The name pork has become synonymous to graft and corruption so budget officials are dropping the reference. Sen. Ralph Recto proposes a welcome nomenclature to replace PDAF (Priority Development Assistance Fund. It will be BEEF - or Basic Education Enhancement Fund, which specifically targets priorities for education. The qualified purposes may include school grants for ground or building improvements, acquisition of computers and laboratory equipment and even kitchen materials to provide meals for malnourished pupils. Beef instead of pork why not? SHAMING: The public and media should be responsible if not selective in identifying the so-called corrupt officials who abused the PDAF. First we should commend legislators who objected to the dole-out system. They put their abhorrence into formal action by refusing to draw on their assigned PDAF. They include Sens. Panfilo Lacson, Alfredo Lim and Joker Arroyo whose honorable gestures are ignored by all and sundry.

On the shame-boards, we must publish the names of those who overly drew their PDAFs mentioning the supposed projects or entities that benefitted from the releases. We must know and remember these shenanigans aware as we are that the next election seasons are not too far away. There are technical reasons that can be cited why reimbursements of previously spent funds are not possible. Like the recent floods they might soon be forgotten! ECONOMY: On the financial front last month was a dismal period for business and investors. In the USA, the stock market (which trail blazes the global system) fell by an average of 4%. The local stock market suffered equivalent percentage losses, despite our strong economic fundamentals. Worse, there are indications that prices are going up led by rice, power and fuel. The targeted low inflation rate may not be fully achieved by year-end. The forecast for September is likewise

gloomy. Syria is standing versus the US threats of aggression and UK has chosen to withhold support to Pres. Obamas call for military intervention. The situation has caused disruptions in global fuel oil supply, so prices may spike up. Bulk purchases in preparation for the oncoming winter months will exacerbate the supply and demand situation to the disadvantage of oilimporting nations like the Phl. RURAL BANKS: The series of natural tragedies especially in our countryside has affected rural bank operations, with depositors withdrawing their deposits as erstwhile goodpaying borrowers default on their matured loans. To the rescue the Monetary Board-BSP has approved several measures to help the direct and indirect victims of the calamities. For one, maturities of rediscounting loans will be extended, and penalties are reportedly being waived. Smaller thrift and rural banks will find succor in six (6) regulatory issuances meant to give reprieve to said financial institutions. These include reduction of the loan loss reserves from five to one percent and non-imposition of penalties for reserve deficiencies and delays in submitting supervisory reports to the Monetary Board-BSP. We are securing copies of said new regulations and will include them in our next article by next week. PROVERBS: Like clouds and wind without rain is a man who boasts of gifts which he does not give!

Initially, Pres. Noynoy Aquino was not inclined to abolish the pork barrel of legislators and he cited the reasons for its need. He should know because he was a former congressman and a senator and he availed of the pork barrel, or PDAF. Recent events, however, like the Special Commission on Audit Report and the media reports on how businesswoman Janet Lim-Napoles allegedly siphoned off P10 billion pork into her bank account through bogus NGOs over the past ten years apparently made him change his stand. On August 24, 2013, President Aquino announced on TV his plans to abolish the Priority Development Assistance Fund or PDAF to stop misuse of the said fund. This is a good idea and I am in favor of it. But it should apply to all legislators irrespective of their party affiliation whether they belong to the majority or minority party. The President explained that the PDAF will be abolished and a new system of financing projects for their constituents

will be followed. He directed Speaker Belmonte and Senate President Franklin Drilon to devise a mechanism by which the P25.24 billion allocated for PDAF could be itemized in the P2.268 trillion proposed budget for 2014. He said that through itemization, every line, every peso and every project would be open to scrutiny and the lawmakers constituents would get a fair and equitable

share in the budget in the form of health services, scholarships, livelihood and infrastructures. Line-item budgeting is good. It will promote transparency and accountability. It can help minimize corruption. But why should this be done only by the Legislative Branch of government and not by its co-equal Executive Branch and Judicial Branch too. There are various pork barrel or lump sum appropriations of all departments of government in the General Appropriations Act. Shouldnt they be transparent and accountable too? It is best if we apply the saying in Bikol Kun gabos, gabos. There was a coordinated effort of different groups and sectors inviting people to go to Luneta Park, Manila last August 26, 2013 to rally for the abolition of the Priority Development Assistance Fund known as Pork Barrel. Their target was to have one million people marching against the PDAF of legislators.
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Lee G. Dullesco II

If you visit a squatter colony in Legazpi City, you will be appalled by what you see: shanties built close to each other on a stinking swampy area, emaciated children playing nearby, their mother cooking a simple meal of lugao.The father, a pedicab driver, is out earning a living. Not a pretty picture but a surreal one. It is not only in Legazpi City, however, where the ugly image of extreme poverty can be seen. It is all over the country, a testament to government neglect. The wretchedly poor comprise about 90 percent of the almost l00 million souls. The rich, the well-off, comprise a measly l0 percent. Grossly lopsided, is it not? Those living in luxury are very few. Those living in squalor are as countless as the sands in the desert, to borrow the language of the Holy Bible. Our poor are used to this ungodly arrangement.It has been there since the birth of this country over a century ago. That may be the reason why the expected

violent upheaval has not occurred. Many look at it as completely normal. The poor have been poor all their lives. The well-off have been well-off all their lives. Only the most talented, the most determined can escape from a life of misery. Filipinos are fatalistic people.They believe that if they are born poor, that is their destiny. Many wont leave their shell for fear of disturbing the cosmic order.

But like other things that must come to an end, many have realized that it is not what life has decreed.They are so poor because their greedy officials have robbed them of their birthright. The scandalous pork barrel which reportedly earned for a woman over Pl0 billion and heaven knows tens of billions more for some shameless lawmakers has rocked their senses. Now, they know who are their enemies. If the funds were used to improve their lives, they would not be there at the stinking slums, their children would be in school, dreaming of a sunny future. Moreover, our people would not be called slaves by sports fans in Hongkong. Our women would not be working like slaves in rich households abroad, abused, raped, murdered. The misused funds have made this curse possible. The righteous anger felt by people
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september 1-7, 2013

bikol reporter

By JOSEPH JOHN J. PEREZ LEGAZPI CITY -- Home of the worlds perfect coned Mayon Volcano in Albay, worlds largest fish Butanding in Sorsogon, one of the countrys popular devotion to Our Lady of Peafrancia in Camarines Sur, with kilometric stretch of paradise-like beaches all over the region, sumptuous feasts of its native dishes and colorful festivals, the Department of Tourism (DOT) gears up for the regional tourism summit here on the last week of September this year. The Regional Tourism Summit 2013 intends to provide a venue for travel and tourism practitioners as partners to have a clear understanding of the Republic Act 9593 or the National Tourism Act 2009 and the 2015 Millennium Development Goal

ravanilla (MDG) commitments of President Benigno Aquino III, DOT Bicol Regional Director Maria Ravanilla told the Philippine Information Agency (PIA). In a project brief sent to PIA, DOT Bicol expects the summit help enhance the level of understanding and ability of local chief executives, legislative members, planning officers, tourism officers,
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By ROSALITA B. MANLANGIT DAET, Camarines Norte The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) here announced that the province has already reached the above 100 percent health insurance coverage based on the number of population of the province of 566,708 this year, according to the provincial official of the agency during the Talakayan sa PIA of the Philippine Information Agency (PIA) recently. Social Insurance Office chief Ireneo A. Dacillo of PhilHelath in Camarines Norte said that total enrollment or members registered are 160,467, including 10,344 from government agencies; 22,074 in private companies; 26,196 regular individual paying members; 91,108 under sponsored program from National Household Targetting System (NHTS) and NonNHTS; 6,500 overseas Filipino workers; and 4,245 under the lifetime membership program. He said that there are 573,885 insured in the province from the principal members and projected number of

dependents, including 36,101 from the government; 74,169 from private; 362,610 from sponsored program; 11,419 from lifetime membership program; 71,777 from regular individual paying program; and 17,810 from overseas Filipino workers. Dacillo said that the high turn out of enlisting members to PhilHealth conformed with the promised of President Benigno Aquino III in his State of the Nation Address (SONA) to include more FIlipino benefit from the universal health care program oof the government. He said that Philhealth already collected more than P41 million or 53 percent of the P78M targets for the period January to June this year. He added that that the agency has recorded P127.9 million claims which is higher than the collection of P41M. He said that there are already Rural Health Units (RHUs) in the eight municipalities which are accredited by PhilHealth for Maternal Care Providers (MCP), eight for TB-DOTS and all the 12 towns for the Primary Care Benefits (PCB) 1 aside from the five accredited private MCP providers.



Caramoan affords not only breathtaking vistas above water but pristine coral sea gardens under its clear waters as well when snorkeling at the Cagliog Reef and Langkipaw Reef which CamSur Gov. Migz Villafuerte would like to offer to adventurous visitors always on the lookout for unique thrills.

MCP program ensures that all births will be institutionbased to prevent death among infant and mothers. PhilHealth Camarines Norte admin officer Khristine Mae Oleguera said that the agency is now implementing case payment packages that will enable members to know outright how much benefit will PhilHealth provide for medical conditions and surgical procedures treated or performed at accredited facilities. She explained that case payment will enable PhilHealth to reimburse accredited providers faster. The case payment for medical cases are: dengue I and II, pneumonia I and II, essential hypertension, cerebral infarction, cerebro-vascular accident, acute gastroenteritis, asthma, typhoid fever, newborn care package in hospital and lying in clinics. For surgical cases include radiotherapy, hemodialysis, maternal care package, normal spontaneous delivery, caesarean section, appendectomy, cholecystectomy, dilatation and curettage, thyroidectomy, herniorrhapy, mastectomy, hysterectomy and cataract surgery. She said that per case payment there were corresponding amount coverage and this packages has started last September 11, 2011. Olegera also said that starting February this year, they also added case type C such as leukemia for children, P210,000; breast cancer and prostate cancers both P100,000; kidney transplant, P600,000; coronary artery by-pass graft, P550,000; tetralogy of fallot (TOF), P320,000; ventricular septal defect (VSD), P250,000 and cervical cancer, P120,000. Social Insurance Office chief Eva Buan and P-AIMS Marissa Mago discussed membership, remittances, claims and other concerns of PhilHealth members. The Talakayan sa PIA was facilitated by ICM Rose Manlangit and participated in by members of media from UNTV, Hello Bicol and Dateline Camarines Norte of STV6, Nation News, Bicolandia Updates, Peoples Today News,

Bicol Insights, Pilipino Star, DZMD, DWYD, DWSR and DWCN-Radyo ng Bayan and DWLB.

By Danny O. Calleja LEGAZPI CITY Catanduanes Governor Araceli Wong has organized a group that will ensure proper solid waste management as a measure towards the protection and conservation of the island provinces verdant natural resources. In a statement reaching here Monday, Wong said she formed the Provincial Solid Waste Management Board (PSWMB) pursuant to Republic Act No. 9003, otherwise known as the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000 and Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Memorandum Circular 2001-19 dated March 2, 2001. The governor will act as chairperson of the board while all the mayors of the provinces 11 towns will serve as members, along with the chair of the committee on environment and natural resources

of the provincial legislative board, provincial health officer, provincial general services officer, provincial environment and natural resources officer and provincial engineer. The PSWMB, according to Wong, will ensure the development of a Provincial Solid Waste Management Plan from the submitted solid waste management plans of the respective municipal solid waste management boards (MSWMBs), which shall reflect the general program of action and initiatives of the provincial government. It will also provide the necessary logistical and operational support to municipalities in consonance with subsection (f) of Section 17 of the Local Government Code and recommend measures and safeguards against pollution and for the preservation of the natural ecosystem, she said. Another task of the newly created group is to recom-

mend measures to generate resources, funding and implementation of projects and activities as specified in the duly approved solid waste management plan. According to Wong, in order to integrate, synchronize, monitor and evaluate the development and implementation of the provincial solid waste management plan (SWMP), the PSWMB shall convene joint meetings of the provincial and MSWMBs at least every quarter. She added that solid waste management -- when properly studied, planned and implemented -- will help preserve the richness of the provinces natural resources that remains as the islands priceless possession. Now that we have already organized and activated our PSWMB, the other thing that we will need is the support of every Catandunganon in making its future undertakings successful, Wong said.

DENR Donates Truck

Jessel Basanta

DENR Bicol Regional Executive Director (3rd from left), Guinobatan Mayor Ann Ongjoco (4th from left) carry the deed of donation for the garbage truck the environment department donated to supplement their materials recovery system. The MRF system will help resolve the garbage problem of the town. With them are Vice Mayor July Tingzon (center) and members of the Sangguniang Bayan.

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september 1-7, 2013

Since several months ago, maybe almost a year. I have been spared the trouble of going to Iriga Centro for my regular Sunday mass. Mass on Sunday has since been celebrated during the time of Fr. Toots Imperial and Fr. Raul Bernales in the San Juan chapel which is very near my residence. It has the solemnity I do not find when I hear mass in the big San Antonio de Padua parish church where there are hundreds of people from all walks of life in attendance and almost everyone exudes a particular kind of attraction, rather distraction. In our chapel, the attendance is very few just enough to fill up the pews and Fr. Senen C. Tijam, the new parish priest of the Parish of Nuestra Senora de las Angustias, who says mass sings so wholeheartedly and gets me carried away. He also recites the mass prayers so clearly coupled with the fact that he delivers very practical sermons in such a time just right, short but complete and I thank him for that gift. It is sad to say but there are priests especially the old ones whose sermons are very lengthy and so divine they challenge your patience, my patience. My, but I am just human, hehe. In Manila, my family and I used to hear mass in a small chapel of an exclusive school run by Hijas de Jesus sisters who sang with angelic voices during the mass. I always imagined I was in heaven (hehe). The mass was said by an aging Jesuit who read his homily in two minutes but they were very well prepared. I wish I had those homilies recorded. But even if I did not I still have most of the messages in his homily recorded in my mind and I cherish them to the day. One of my early hobbies as a student in writing was copying even long paragraphs of prominent religious writers like from Msgr. Fulton Sheens The Worlds First Love. One of the best books I also cherish to this day is Fulton Ourslers Modern Parables. (I think he is not a religious). Their writings were so spiritually enlightening. I regret not having named my only son Fulton. It must have escaped my mind and I named him after his father. Anyway, I like to say my admiration to Mrs. Norie Caneba who sings very beautifully in the mass and also to Mrs. Rosabel Guevara who lectors very clearly. Father Senen and they make my Sunday mass very spiritually fulfilling,

The University of Northeastern Philippines (UNEP), particularly its AB Communications students and professors, joined other communicators, media practitioners from different news organizations, and other Communication students and professors from prestigious colleges and universities at the AFP Theatre Manila in a one-day communication confab spearheaded by the EdukCircleInternational Center for Communication Studies (ICCS), Sunday. Aside from the valuable lectures, this years confab offered two significant events the awarding of winners for the 4th EdukCircle Annual Documentary Making Competition and the recognition of outstanding movie and film personalities in the 2nd MOPiP Film and TV Awards.

This is on top of the line of veteran newscasters and anchors who served as speakers and lecturers during the said conference. Among the big names who graced the confab as speakers/ lecturers includes Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ) Executive Director Malou Mangahas , GMA Network Imbestigador Host Mike Enriquez, RAPPLER Editor-at-large Ms. Marites Danguilan Vitug and Ms. Che Che Lazaro, President of Probe Productions. They talked about Investigative Journalism. Citing the many experiences that these personalities have, the audience were awed with the presentation. In the Documentary Making Competition, the organizers asked the journalism and communication students to produce a comprehensive

documentary that will showcase their journalism skills and ability to develop persuasive analysis on the chosen feature story, and impact suggestive solutions on the problems presented. The documentary must uphold social values and responsibilities and must adhere to the international principles of journalism ethics. The documentary must be produced, written, voiced and edited by a student or group of students headed by a studentproducer and supervised by an adviser or group of advisers. Last year, Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation received the Gold awards, Pangasinan State University Urdaneta, Silver and New Era University got the Bronze medal. For their exemplary performances in film and television, the EdukCircle - International

Center for Communication Studies cited the following recipients of the Most Outstanding Personalities in In the 2nd MOPiP Film and Television Awards: For television: Jessica Soho and Arnold Clavio for Journalism, Korina Sanchez for Magazine Show, Bernadette Sembrano and Alvin El Chico for Public Service, Anne Curtis for Advertising, Luis Manzano and Billy Crawford for hosting, Kim Chiu for Drama and Jose Manalo for Comedy. Film awardees were Coco Martin- Actor of the Year, Angel Locsin- Actress of the Year, John Lloyd Cruz- Most Admired Film Celebrity and Sarah Geronimo-Most Admired Film Celebrity. The UNEP AB Comm Students also visited the taping of various national programs as part of their media exposure.

from my window . . .
Police estimates 80,000 to 100,000 people attended the rally. How I wish the same people and more will stage a bigger rally praying for Gods mercy and help in view of the frequent occurences of calamities all over the world especially in our country. It causes great destructions and loss of lives. Calamities such as typhoons, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, landslides, etc. are acts of God. Who can stop calamities? I believe that when thousands of people pray as a community,

God will listen. He is merciful. Of course, we can pray individually: Jesus said, when two or three are gathered in my name, I am in the midst of them, But that is only one or two praying. But if thousands are praying, it is better. Maybe, my wish will just be a wish because in our country, big rallies happen only when it concerns political issues and politicians. Meanwhile, let us pray to Ina, Our Lady of Peafrancia for her love and intercession to Jesus on our behalf. Lets show our love for them.
inner chess
by j. henry danican

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One of the most wonderful experiences that I will gladly cherish as an elementary grader is my active involvement in campus journalism. It is not every grader who is given the opportunity to be a staff member of a school publication. I will consider this part of my young life as wonderful memories of a very young journalist. To be a journalist is simply great. I can not be blamed if being a young journalist brings me pride. I am really but very sincerely proud of my young achievements as a campus writer. In my involvement in campus journalism I made a lot of discoveries about myself even as I also underwent a lot of sacrifices and nerve wracking experiences to give that name young journalist its real meaning. I did not become a member of the staff or our school publication as a matter of chance. I really worked for it and my sacrifice did pay. Now, I am a part of the young generation of mediamen who aspire to bring information to my own small world particularly my school. I am just as glad and proud that I have had the chance to involve in the yearly national press conference bringing along with me my experiences with my elementary school publication. One of the other things that I discovered and learned to cherish is discipline. I have learned and accepted that if one were to be a campus writer, he must have infused upon himself that discipline. Writing is a discipline. So, I have learned to live with deadlines. I have learned that there are still many challenges I have to face. So, I am meeting these challenges head on. For example, I have not stopped improving myself in terms of being able to write better and even aspire to be best. But I have rest in the thought that all these are not my own alone. I have teachers who continue to guide me in my aspiration to live up to the kind of ideal campus journalist they expect of me. There are my parents who have continuously inspire me. My fellow staff members who make up our little fourth estate in the campus. And above all, I would not be who I am as a campus journalist without God who hovers me all the time.

Bicol Aqua Fair . . .

booths supplied with one info desk and monobloc chairs, stage, stage tent and other amenities like backdrop, secretariat counter, barstools ,exhibitors directory panel, welcome arc, theme panel, and prayer area. The 2013 Bishop Francisco Gainza Trade Fair featuring the 1st Bicol Aqua Fair will kick off on September 12 and end on September 22 under the theme Linalang kan Diyos Atamanon, Negosyong Matanos Patalubuon, Maimbod na Pagtubod Padanayon.

september 1-7, 2013

bikol reporter

By ROSALITA B. MANLANGIT DAET, Camarines Norte --Student leaders from the tertiary schools in this town joined the launching of the Kaya Natin Youth Movement sponsored by the local government unit of Daet held Monday (August 26) at the Heritage Center here. The activity was also highlighted with the photo-essay competition: A Tribute to Everyday Filipino Heroes with the theme We need to make heroes of ourselves in celebration of the National Heroes

Day. Mayor Tito Sarion, one of Kaya Natin Champions, said that the celebration of the National Heroes Day was significant because there are moves to remove the pork barrel or funds for the programs and projects which are being given and taking care of the elected officials of the government. Sarion said that the presence of the student leaders in the launching made them aware on the advocacy of the Kaya Natin Movement for good governance and ethical leadership.

He said that good governance and ethical leadership is a continuing process wherein there are a lot of things that need to be changed to a person on whatever role or profession he or she has in a society. He is also thankful that he was chosen as one of the Kaya Natin Champions this year and this is a big challenge for him being the mayor of the town. He also urged student councils to join the Kaya Natin Youth Movement to helped pushed good governance which can be started being the leaders of their schools.

Prof. Rex Bernardo, consultant of the local government unit of Daet on the other hand discussed the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) and other forms of pork barrel. He was the one who lead the Photo-Essay Contest that made the competition a success. Jonas Soltes, representative of Cong. Leni Robredo of the 3rd District of Camarines Sur on the other hand discussed the life of the late Jesse Robredo as Mayor of Naga City, Secretary of the Department of Interior and Local Government

(DILG) and one of the Kaya Natin Movement founders. Also a video presentation of the Kaya Natin Movement was also made during the launching. Among the group winners of the Photo-Essay Contest were: Mariel Batas, Sherry Mae Asia, Aina Rose Rodavia, Aillen Avilado and Manilyn Bino as first placer for the piece Marilou Iligan Lagdameo Park Mothers Love; Jessica Camus, Rosette Escolano, Ma. Victoria Obog and Lizel Calderon as second placer for Grace C. Parungao Great Educator;

and Yla Jarapa, Michelle Ojo, John Arvin Almaida, Frances Marie Palean and Learenz Pango as third placer for Mrs Jocelyn L. Teodoro Ang Turo ni Titser. The groups received P5,000, P3,000 and P2,000 respectively. All winners are students of Mabini Colleges in Daet. The student participants together with Mayor Sarion and Prof. Bernardo also held their picture taking in support to the anti-pork barrel campaign infront of the First Monument of Jose Rizal held after the launching.

The Apolinario Mabini Awards Night

Daet, Camarines Norte as LGU of the Year represented by Mayor Tito Sarion with 2013 Apolinario Mabini Presidential Awardee Dr. Josephine Robredo Bundoc during the awarding ceremony at the Heroes Hall of Malacaan Palace Manila. August 28, 2013.

Daet, Camarines Norte Mayor Tito Sarion exchanges smiles with Pres. Benigno S. Aquino III, with wife Connie Sarion and Coun. Rosa Mia King receiving the Apolinario Mabini Award as LGU of the year at Heroes Hall, Malacaan Palace, City of Manila. August 28, 2013

A posterity picture at the Heroes Hall stage after the 2013 Apolinarion Mabini Awards on August 28, 2013. Daet delegation composed of Mayor Tito Sarion (Representing Daet as LGU of the Year, Mrs. Connie Sarion (wife of Mayor Tito), Coun. Rosa Mia King (SB Daet Chair Committee on Social Services) and Rommel San Jose (Daet Municipal Information Officer).

Lining up for Photo Ops are Mayor Tito Sarion (Representing Daet as LGU of the Year), Dr. Josephine R. Bundoc (2013 A. Mabini Presidential Awardee), Cong. Leni Robredo (3rd District of Cam. Sur, Mrs. Connie Sarion (wife of Mayor Tito) with Mrs. Lyn Abanilla (VP of Manila Bulletin) and Coun. Rosa Mia King (SB Daet Chair Committee on Social Services)

bikol reporter

september 1-7, 2013

LEGAZPI CITY The Masaganang Pamayanan (PAMANA) program in Bicol region is now in full swing, a top Dept. of Agriculture Bicol regional official said. The PAMANA program is a strategy of the government to promote peace in conflict areas in the region. DA Bicol Officer-in-Charge Abelardo Bragas said the program aims at addressing the root cause of armed conflict by providing intervention to strengthen peace building, reconstruction and development in the vulnerable areas believed to be infested by armed rebels. The PAMANA program is included in the Philippine Development Plan for 2011-2016 and it was launched to comple-

ment the on-going peace negotiation efforts. Bragas said it also aims to alleviate poverty and vulnerability; improve governance; empower communities and strengthen their capacities to address issues of conflict and peace through activities that promote social cohesion. He added the DA will implement PAMANA Pillar 3 projects in collaboration with the Dept. of Interior and Local Government, Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources, Dept. of Energy and National Electrification Administration. The eligible projects must reflect the needs of the communities and must be discussed and agreed upon by the LGUs; must be identified through a

By Florence Marie I. Cortez, Grade V_ SSC Iriga Central School Iriga City There are many opportunities for elementary graders to make of their elementary schooling worthwhile and make their parents and teachers proud. They used to label pupils who show impressive ability in school as fast learners and achievers. That is a source of pride parents derive from their children good, if not excellent, performance in school. At this time when education is given a lot of boost to prepare pupils early for a very meaningful life when they grow to be adults, the Special Science Classes is one of the very challenging innovations in the curriculum. Aimed primarily to meet the needs and challenges of these trying times when the focus of the global situation is on Science and Mathematics, the SSC is the best tool towards the attainment of a national thrust towards meaningful life for every child in school. I am very happy and of course privileged to be in this particular select group of pupils. Honestly, I worked for this as everyone else did before joining the ranks of SSC pupils. My SSC label is my greatest challenge now. It is a very strong challenge which is keeping me in a kind of intellectual stand so that I will be able to meet the demand of the special class. But, this is making my life truly meaningful and myself, truly responsible. I like everyday of my life in school because it is a day of continuous reckoning with the ups and downs of school life. Everyday is always a newfound everyday brings in new experiences and discoveries to tickle a young mind. Today, just several steps towards the next grade level, I have vowed to be a part of SSC mind, heart and soul. This way, I can be assured of a bright and secure place under the sun when the time comes. DEED OF EXTRAJUDICIAL SETTLEMENT OF ESTATE Notice is hereby given that the named parties are the legal heirs of the late Spouses MAGNO B. TOSCANO and MERCEDES M. TOSCANO who died on August 2, 2000 in Bgy. Carolina, Naga City and n February 1, 2002 in Clairemont, San Mateo, California, U.S.A., respectively, without any Will or Testament and with no known debts, left a parcel of land with TCT No. 28355 (Registry of Deeds, Naga City), situated at Bgy. Carolina, City of Naga; that pursuant to Rule 74, Sec. 1 of the Rules of Court, the named heirs adjudicate unto themselves the described real property in the manner set forth in the Deed of Extrajudicial Settlement of Estate duly signed by the parties, as acknowledged before Notary Public Atty. Mart R. Rabelas, Jr., Doc. No. 521, Page No. 125, Book No. XXV, Series of 2013. BIKOL REPORTER Published: August 18, 25 and Sept. 1, 2013 AFFIDAVIT OF ADJUDICATION WITH SALE Notice is hereby given that Andres Samar is the only surviving brother of the late MARCELA SAMAR who died on June 12, 2011 without any Will or Testament and with no known debts, left a parcel of land with TCT No. 315218 situated at Capucnasan. Milaor,Camarines Sur; that pursuant to Rule 74, Sec. 1 of the Rules of Court, the party adjudicate unto himself the described real property by means of this Affidavit; that for and in consideration of the sum of FIFTEEN THOUSAND (P15,000.00) pesos, in hand paid by John Pornelosa and Jubail Pornelosa of Capucnasan, Milaor, Camarines Sur, the heir do hereby SELL, CEDE, CONVEY and TRANSFER unto John Pornelosa and Jubail Pornelosa, their heirs, assigns and successors-in-interest a portion of the property containing an area of Two Hundred Forty (240) square meters more or less; as acknowledged before Notary Public Atty. Arheen Alain B. Gomez, Doc. No. 091, Page No. 19, Book No. IV, Series of 2012.
BIKOL REPORTER Published: August 18, 25 and Sept. 1, 2013

conflict-sensitive planning and programming process as defined by DILG, Bragas clarified. The PAMANA program covers the provinces of Camarines Norte, Masbate and Sorsogon. Bragas said that in Camarines Norte, the project components include: institutional development (social mobilization, preparation and capability enhancement; input support (for corn and pineapple); agrimachinery and post-harvest support; land preparation support; crop insurance and farmto- market road. The project will be implemented in the five barangays of Sta. Elena and four barangays of San Lorenzo Ruiz with a total project cost of P54.2 million. For Masbate, provision of production input and farm mechanization to improve farm

productivity was identified as their primary project. There are 11 barangays in Mobo, Masbate, with a project cost of P4.2 million; while in the municipality of Uson, Masbate, four barangays are included. The approved project in Uson is cattle production or setting up of a multiplier farm for the production of superior quality breeder cattle for dispersal, with P2.3 million project cost. For Sorsogon, projects approved under the program abaca rehabilitation; construction and rehabilitation of small water impounding project and the improvement of the Sorsogon provincial nursery, with a total project cost of P25 million and benefiting seven municipalities. The local government of Gubat, Sorsogon, submitted a proposal for the establishment

of mechanical dryer amounting to P4.9 million. Irosin town, also in Sorsogon, requested P6 million for the construction of two agricultural tramlines which will benefit farmer in Barangays Tabon-tabon and Carriedo. Casiguran towns project is the concreting of Colambis-Gogon Road Phase II worth P13 million. Mabelle Roa-Ilan , of the DA information office, said the participating local government units were selected and prioritized based on the criteria set by the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process. She explained that they will also provide counterpart funds

for these projects. Most of the LGUs have now submitted the revised project proposals. Ilan also said that for 2013, the total amount released for the program is P104.4 million. Ilan added that in evaluating PAMANA projects, peacebuilding parameters were crafted to ensure these projects are responsive to peace and development needs; gender sensitive; has impact on indigenous people or intrude their areas and affect customary lands. To ensure transparency of the project, several mechanisms shall be adopted in addition to the regular monitoring and evaluation by the agencies involved, she added. -PNA

American Food Invades . . .

Bondarchuk, impressed with the citys homey feel and economic stability, decided to bring a bit of USA to the Bicolanos gastronomically, saying that theres no better way to combine both business and pleasure than having a business that caters to your pleasure. And if good food and a good ol night of fun is what youre looking for, you may find yourself coming back for more. The restaurant offers a variety of great tasting old-fashioned/classic American food with the good old southern feel and vibe, featuring hefty servings, burgers by the pound (from the Bondarchuk old family recipe), and finger-licking barbequed ribs. The cafe will soon offer a breakfast fare of fluffy creamy pancakes and waffles with your choice of egg servings, ham, bacon and hashbrowns and freshly brewed coffee. This array of mouth watering food allows you to experience real American culture, not the usual burger and fries fast food joint, but food as defined by and comparable to Adam Richmans Man Vs. Food, a cable show featuring the tastiest and biggest food America has to offer. If that doesnt whet your appetite, this will. At night, discover yourself travelling from the old south to the new hip cities of New York, Chicago and LA, when the cafe transforms into an ultra-modern bistro, featuring live bands and DJs, setting the stage for a night of fun, food, music and dancing - - poledancing, that is. Stars and stripes is slated to open on September 6, 2013, in time for the fiesta celebration. You may take friends and family coming in for the annual pilgrimage for a new experience at Stars and Stripes and find them pleasantly surprised by this new addition, cementing Naga once more as a truly Maogmang Lugar. The highlights of its opening activities are as follows: September 5: 10:00 am - Press Conference 7:00pm - Dinner with the members of media 8:00pm - Fashion Show with local models Bartending flare show. 9:00pm Private party with the media with the performance of European TechnoSound Mixer, DJ LOOMSIE September 6 3:00pm Motorcade In cooperation Hot Pepper Auto Club & Bicol Fashion Week. 6:00 - Stars and Stripes Grand Opening Unveiling of Star and Stripes Bar & Grill Signage Inauguration of Stars and Stripes Ribbon Cutting 10:00pm - Star and Stripes grand night club unveiling: Stilleto Party kick off. Featuring DJ LOOMSIE & Bicol Fashion Week After Party. September 7 9:00pm - Fashion Week/ Fashion Show 10:00pm Little Black Dress night club party kick off and Bicol Fashion Week.

Preparations gear up . . .
committee on tourism, environment officers, permits and licensing officers and tourism officers and cultural workers and practitioners of the local government units throughout the region in formulating their own local tourism development plans that could affect sustainable tourism development. Further, appropriate measures and actions that will facilitate the success of MDG by the year 2015 are expected to be prioritized by provincial stakeholders as a result of the regional summit, Ravanilla said. Topics lined up for discussion in the summit include Tourism Act of 2009, National Tourism Development Plan focusing on tourism promotional services for international and domestic tourists, tourism development planning services, standards for tourism facilities and services, national tourism situationer, global trends in travel and tourism industry focusing on agri-tourism, sports adventure, food tourism, community-based tourism, Bicol tourism landscape, integrating national tourism development planning and decision making in the local level.. According to Ravanilla, Secretary Ramon Jimenez will be the summits keynote speaker together with other plenary speakers composed of Undersecretary for Tourism Services and Regional Operations Maria Victoria Jasmin, Assistant Secretary for Tourism Planning and Promotions Domingo Ramon Enerio III, Assistant Secretary Rolando Canizal, and Acting Undersecretary Daniel Corpuz. Ravanilla said the summit will be a very good venue for planning and strategizing tourism development goals in the regional level. It is composed of activities geared towards its vital purpose and strict adherence to our regional branding, cooperation and commitment as one region, one tourism destination experience, Ravanilla said. There is a growing interest in sustainable tourism development among provinces, commercial operators, aid organizations and conservationists, she said. Ravanilla said that the Regional Tourism Summit 2013 will bring together the countrys most respected minds in travel and tourism industry to discuss global travel trends. We expect 500 to 800 delegates from six provinces to come to Albay, attend in six plenary presentations from the countrys premier tourism experts and practitioners and to participate in forums and workshops on practical issues related to improving our tourism destination management, Ravanilla said. The activity is supported by the Department of the Interior and Local Government, Civil Service Commission, National Economic and Development Authority, Department of Public Works and Highways, Commission on Higher Education, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Department of Trade and Industry, Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, Department of Science and Technology and the PIA.

Name of Deceased Date of Interment 1. PABLO V. BELENO SR. August 2, 2013 2. FIDEL A. YU August 4, 2013 3. ELFERIO O. ORENDAIN SR. August 5, 2013 4. ROMEO E. TUAZON August 4, 2013 5. PRIMO B. BELBES August 3, 2013 6. FLORA R. APARIL August 11, 2013 7. ANITA L. MANUBAY August 10, 2013 8. LAILA ELIZABETH ANGELINE August 9, 2013 B. HOLMAN 9. LUIS R. PORTILLO August 18, 2013 10. LISERIO M. DE JESUS August 19, 2013 11. CARLOS C. ABELARDO August 20, 2013 12. HENRY SL. RESURRECCION August 20, 2013 13. FERNANDO S. INOPIA August 20, 2013 14. WILHELM A. SAN ANDRES August 21, 2013

september 1-7, 2013

bikol reporter

NAGA CITY----Forty (40) policemen and women from the Regional Public Safety Battalion, support group; Cam. Sur police Provincial Office as well as from the regional headquarters underwent a three-day training on August 28-30 on Vegetable Production. The training which was held at the Cam. Sur Police Provincial Office in Concepcion Pequea here is a joint project of the Department of Agriculture and Department of National Defense. This DA-DND Agricultural Livelihood Program was launched at Fort Magsaysay in Nueva Ecija on May 2, 2013 by no less than Agriculture Secretary Proceso J. Alcala of DA and Defense Secretary Voltaire T. Gazmin. This five-year nationwide project aims to turn idle lands in military camps into productive vegetable farms and a viable source of food. Dr. Edgar R. Madrid, Regional Technical Director for Research and Development said that the DA started with Gulayan sa Paaralan, Gulayan sa Simbahan, Gulayan sa Barangay, and this time, Gulayan sa Kampo. He added that similar training will also be conducted in other military camps to teach more men in uniform the farming technologies on vegetable production particularly organic

agriculture and to promote appreciation of vegetable farming as a profitable enterprise Dr. Elena B. delos Santos, RTD for Operations and Extension, who represented Regional Exec. Dir. Abelardo R. Bragas said ensuring availability of nutritious food in the region is not an easy task. But it is made easy by the strong support of partner agencies such as the PNP. She said the DA is very privileged to have the PNP as an ally in bringing food self-sufficiency to every Bicolano home. Rosita Imperial, Regional High Value Crops Development Program Coordinator of DA emphasized the importance of vegetable which is a low input crop, and very easy to propagate. But she added that in the history of Bicol, it has never attained sufficiency in vegetable. Per capita consumption of Bicolanos is very low, which is the cause of diseases nowadays. According to the World Health Organization, to avoid disease, a person must consume at least 140 kg vegetable in a year. And unfortunately, Bicolanos only consume 30-25 kg per year. Vegetable production is also a good source of income. With proper cultural management, a 1,000 sq. meter area planted to vegetables can give profit that is equal or more than

Republic of the Philippines LOCAL CIVIL REGISTRY OFFICE Province: Camarines Sur City/Municipality: Libmanan

the income from a hectare of ricefield. Imperial moreover said that the DA is providing open pollinated variety (OPV) vegetable seeds for backyard vegetable production; and hybrid variety seeds for commercial vegetable production to stabilize the prices of vegetable in the market. Police Senior Supt. Ramiro Mendenilla Bausa, Acting Provincial Director of Cam. Sur Police Provincial Office said the project will be a clean and green showcase model. He urged the policemen and women to impart their knowledge to neighboring stations, and he promised to monitor the gardens after a week. He joked that his men would now go to the mountains armed not with guns but with vegetable seeds. He also vowed his full support to the DA saying the PNP is not only for law enforcement but also for agriculture. Topics discussed during the training proper include: Opportunities in Vegetable Production by Dr. Gloria Salazar, Vegetable Focal Person; Cultural Management of Vegetables by Susan Joven, Agriculturist II; Weed Management by Vincent Paz, Baao Municipal HVCDP Coordinator; Vegetable Seed Production by Joven; and Organic Fertilizer Production and Application by Paz. The DA also provided garden tools and seeds to the participants. -Lovella P. Guarin

DA RTDs Dr. Edgar Madrid and Dr. Elena delos Santos hand over the garden tools to PSSupt. Ramiro Mendenilla Bausa, Acting Provincial Director of Cam. Sur Police Provincial Office during the opening program of the 3-day training on Vegetable Production at CSPO camp in Naga City. Also in photo are Rosita Imperial (2nd from left) Regional HVCDP coordinator and Dr. Gloria Salazar, vegetable focal person of DA.

Naga wants DOH to put . . .

in San Fernando, Camarines Sur. These facilities, however, can only accommodate men and have no capacity to treat women drug dependents as they are lacking the necessary space and equipment for providing comprehensive care to females, most especially the needed security and protection that should be given to women with such sensitive cases. Vice Mayor Nelson S. Legacion said Men and women have different needs. They also require different intervention, rehabilitation and aftercare measures, thus, the need for the Sangguniang Panlungsod to call for the assistance of the DOH. By providing a facility designed especially for treating women drug dependents, it will not just provide equal access to medical attention but also give equal opportunity to improve ones quality of life. Based on the data of the NCDDB, the number of women drug dependents in the city and in the Bicol region is substantial enough to lobby for a specialized facility. The board said that drug dependent women are just less violent than their male counter-

parts, thus, they are less susceptible to public exposure. This is not just an issue of public access to health care, but also a matter of gender equality and protection of women against violence and illegal human trafficking. Though less likely to cause public havoc and commit crimes compared to men, most of the female drug dependents result to prostitution to finance their vices. Thus, by not providing a comprehensive mechanism to help them, we, the government and the society at large, are allowing them to be continuously exploited and exposed to social injustice, Legacion said. - John Paul Barrosa


All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ASPE SPEED PAWNSHOP, JR. Bichara Complex, San Antonio Poblacion, Calabanga, Camarines Sur, pawned from APRIL 01-30, 2013 whose terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on OCT. 01, 2013 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON. Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the above-mentioned date will be honored until SEPTEMBER 28, 2013 only. THE MANAGEMENT BIKOL REPORTER Published: SEPTEMBER 1 and 8, 2013

a question of privilege . . .
with the discovery of the plunder has snowballed into a great rally at the Luneta days ago joined by people from all walks of life.They went there without the politics usual hakot to show their disgust. Even Filipino expatriates in other parts of the globe staged rallies condemning the grievous crime. It is an awakening that may change the deplorable condition of Juan de la Cruz. If before these solons could easily get away with their crime, that is not possible now with peoples eyes focused on their every move. Their unspeakable crime-robbing the people of their futuremay be over.
All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ROWENA ASPE PAWNSHOP, P. Burgos St., corner J. Hernandez Avenue, Naga City, pawned from APRIL 01-30, 2013 whose terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on OCT. 01, 2013 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON. Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the above-mentioned date will be honored until SEPTEMBER 28, 2013 only. THE MANAGEMENT BIKOL REPORTER Published: SEPTEMBER 1 and 8, 2013


CCE-0050-2013 R.A. 10172 In Compliance with the publication requirement and pursuant to OCRG Memorandum Circular No. 2013-1 Guidelines in the Implementation of the Administrative Order No. 1 Series of 2012 (IRR on R.A. 10172), Notice is hereby served to the public that RECIEL ESPINA CONCHA has filed with this office a Petition for correction of entry in sex from Male to Female in the certificate of live birth of RECIEL ESPINA CONCHA at Libmanan, Camarines Sur and whose parents are RUFINO CONCHA and TEOFELA ESPINA. Any person adversely affected by said petition may file his written opposition with this office not later than September 14, 2013. (Sgd.) EMILIE S. AGNES-DAIRAO Municipal Civil Registrar BIKOL REPORTER Published: September 1 and 8, 2013 Republic of the Philippines LOCAL CIVIL REGISTRY OFFICE Province: Camarines Sur City/Municipality: Libmanan


All unredeemed items/articles pawned at E. BOY ASPE PAWNSHOP, Prieto Street, Filabel Arcade, Dinaga, Naga City, pawned from APRIL 01-30, 2013 whose terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on OCT. 01, 2013 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON. Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the above-mentioned date will be honored until SEPTEMBER 28, 2013 only. THE MANAGEMENT BIKOL REPORTER Published: SEPTEMBER 1 and 8, 2013


All unredeemed items/articles pawned at R. M. ASPE PAWNSHOP, Cor. Panganiban & Elias Angeles Street, Naga City, pawned from APRIL 01-30, 2013 whose terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on OCT. 01, 2013 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON. Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the above-mentioned date will be honored until SEPTEMBER 28, 2013 only. THE MANAGEMENT BIKOL REPORTER Published: SEPTEMBER 1 and 8, 2013


All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ASPE EXPLORER PAWNSHOP, Ground Floor, Bichara Complex, Abella St., Igualdad, Naga City, pawned from APRIL 01-30, 2013 whose terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on OCT. 01, 2013 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON. Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the above-mentioned date will be honored until SEPTEMBER 28, 2013 only. THE MANAGEMENT BIKOL REPORTER Published: SEPTEMBER 1 and 8, 2013


CCE-0056-2013 R.A. 10172 In Compliance with the publication requirement and pursuant to OCRG Memorandum Circular No. 2013-1 Guidelines in the Implementation of the Administrative Order No. 1 Series of 2012 (IRR on R.A. 10172), Notice is hereby served to the public that MERIAM SACRO SAN AGUSTIN has filed with this office a Petition for correction of entry in sex from Male to Female in the certificate of live birth of MERIAM SACRO SAN AGUSTIN at Libmanan, Camarines Sur and whose parents are ISAAC B. SAN AGUSTIN and NENITA G. SACRO. Any person adversely affected by said petition may file his written opposition with this office not later than September 14, 2013. (Sgd.) EMILIE S. AGNES-DAIRAO Municipal Civil Registrar BIKOL REPORTER Published: September 1 and 8, 2013


All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ASPE CROWNJEWEL PAWNSHOP & JEWELRY STORE, Bichara Mall corner J. Hernandez & Gen. Luna Sts., Naga City, pawned from APRIL 01-30, 2013 whose terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on OCT. 01, 2013 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON. Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the above-mentioned date will be honored until SEPTEMBER 28, 2013 only. THE MANAGEMENT BIKOL REPORTER Published: SEPTEMBER 1 and 8, 2013


All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ASPE IGUALDAD PAWNSHOP, Cor. Igualdad Ext. & J. Hernandez Ave., Igualdad, Naga City, pawned from APRIL 01-30, 2013 whose terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on OCT. 01, 2013 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON. Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the above-mentioned date will be honored until SEPTEMBER 28, 2013 only. THE MANAGEMENT BIKOL REPORTER Published: SEPTEMBER 1 and 8, 2013

8regional bikolexponent reporter for progress

General Luna St., Naga City


BIKOL REPORTER Published: JUNE 2, 2013

JUNE 14, 2013 of all NAGA CITY In prepunredeemed articles pledged from NOVEMBER- aration for the upcoming DECEMBER 2012 at 8:30 a.m. Bishop Francisco Gainza

Bicol Aqua Fair set Sept. 12-22

september 1-7, 2013


Trade Fair (BGTF) featuring the 1st Bicol Aqua Fair (BAF), the Committee on Arrangement, R. GUINHAWA PAWNSHOP Physical Warehousing, and SecuGeneral Luna St., Naga City rity headed by Fr. Jeudiel Galvo decided to install an air conditioning system and AUCTION SALE on JUNE 28, 2013 of all outstanding local newspaper unredeemed articlesYears pledged from NOVEMBER - concretize the pavement For Five Consecutive by the St. Peter Baptist Catholic Mass Media of the venue located along DECEMBER 2012 at 8:30 a.m.Awards Elias Angeles Street, this BIKOL REPORTER Published: JUNE 2, 2013 city, beside Bodega Glassware Plus. The organizers of this years trade fair learned from their experience last year where people complained of

september 1-7, 2013

20 Miss Bicolandia candidates bared

The Miss Bicolandia 2013 Beauty Pageant goes into its final phase with the selection last Saturday, Aug. 31, of the 20 official candidates. They include: Marie Sherry Ann Q. Tormes, 21, Z-3 Balaogan, Bula, CamSur; Febelin G. Pea, 21, Daet, CamNorte; Genevieve B. Ibon, 20, Pamplona, CamSur; Grace Anne E. Portugal, 22, Libmanan, CamSur; Kathleen Mae J. Lausingco, 18, Polangui, Albay. Jo Darleen Honey A. Bautista, 19, Santiago, Iriga City; Michelle T. Alcantara, 22, Virac, Catanduanes; Angelica Mae V. Corbe, 19, Legazpi City; Maria Lina N. Prongoso, 21, San Antonio, Iriga City; Shecill Bhertie S. Bagaporo, 23, San Nicolas, Iriga City. Luvelle Francis C. Bitara, 18, Malilipot, Albay; Lorencia Mae Bueta, 24, San Fernando, Masbate; Liezel Ramos, 22, Naga City; Diana Mitch Clarina, 23, Sagay, CamSur; Ina Dominica E. Guerrero, 20, Daraga, Albay. Crystal Alday, 19, Naga City; Katherine Janne C. Reiz, 23, Naga City; Trissia Joy Aldave, 19, Libmanan, CamSur; Carmela Diana Domma, 17, Sorsogon City and Julia Norel N. Gonowon, 17, Iriga City. The Selection and Coronation Night will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 11, at the Jesse M. Robredo Coliseum.

Roy San Ramon

extreme heat during sunny days and flood and mud on rainy days. They want to make this years Trade Fair more convenient and more memorable to the exhibitors, guests and visitors. The Bureau of Fisheries Aquatic Resources (BFAR) Regional Office No. 5 provided the materials to be used for the production of concrete blocks. As of last eweek, 2,588 pieces of blocks were already produced and more are still on production at the Cararayan Parish Church in uptown Naga City where Fr. Galvo is the parish priest. According to Fr. Galvo, he is targeting to start the laying of the concrete blocks on the site by the first week of September which will be completed before the start of the trade fair. The total area of the site is 48 meters by 15 meters and it is estimated that a total of 2,880 concrete blocks with a size of 50cm by 50 cm and 2 inches thick are needed to cover the entire site. Moreover, BFAR-5, as a major partner of the 1st Bicol Aqua Fair, is in charge for the improvement of the site and in providing air conditioning system and other facilities needed for the 15-day duration of the trade fair. The facilities include a one unit tent to cover the entire site with air conditioning system, plus 78 unit
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