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Development Plan FRIT 7134 Deedra Long 09/30/12 Site Description I work at Bryan County High School in Pembroke, GA. Bryan County is the 55th largest in population in the state of Georgia. It is the only county in Georgia that is not contiguous; it is separated into two separate sections by the Ft. Stewart military base. The southern end of Bryan County is Richmond Hill; this is now considered a suburb of Savannah. The northern end of Bryan County is much more rural in comparison. Bryan County High School is located on this end of the county. There are 512 students (262 male, 250 female) in grades 9-12, and it is currently classified as an AA school. We have 329 students that are identified as being economically disadvantaged. Of those students, 64 receive a reduced price on their lunch, and 265 receive free lunch. There are 2 administrators, 39 members of faculty, and 5 paraprofessionals. My target population for the scope of this collection evaluation is the 11th grade. There are 123 total students in the 11th grade, 59 male, 64 female. Of those students, 1 is

Deedra Long identified as American Indian/Alaskan Native, 2 are identified as Multi-Racial, 92 are identified as White/Caucasian, and 28 are identified as Black. Two students are identified as receiving ELL services, 16 are classified as having a 504 plan, and 12 are identified as students with disabilities. Of the students with disabilities, 5 are served under the exceptionality of Emotional/Behavioral Disorders, 2 are served under the exceptionality of Mild Intellectual Disability, 2 are served under Other Health Impairment, 2 are served under Specific Learning Disability (both in the area of Mathematical Calculation), and 1 is served under the exceptionality of Autism. Our media center is housed in a central location within the school. Bryan County High School and Bryan County Middle Schools media centers are housed together (the schools are also attached). Each school has a media specialist, and one paraprofessional is shared between both schools. Students have access to materials from either school. Bryan County Middle School has 480 students. The schools recently moved to using Destiny as a cataloging system, and therefore all reports for the books are from both schools. There does not appear to be a way of separating them at this time. However, the schools order and mark materials separately. Our media center houses a total of 15,541 books (an average of 15.6 books per student), 11 books on tape, 12 books on CD, 195 DVDs, 1100 Videos, 10 laptop computers that are available to use in the media center or by teacher checkout, and 14 desktop computers, 4 of which are handicap accessible. Curriculum Review and Mapping The focus of my collection evaluation is US History: the American Revolution. This is an 11th grade class that has an EOCT associated with it. I talked with two different teachers to get their perspectives on our media center and the types of resources they thought should be made available to our student body. Our US History teacher said that many of the books in our

Deedra Long collection are dated, and that she would like to see some more up to date materials. She also mentioned that we although we have some books like Common Sense, we dont have that much information on Thomas Paine. She would like to see more biographies, and also more about the lives of the soldiers. She said that she thought it would be good to have a lot of nonfiction resources, but also a few fiction resources as well. I spoke with our 11th Literature teacher as well. She said that the new curriculum has reading foundational documents as one of the Common Core Standards. She would like to see more resources that have to do with foundational documents, and more information about the Founding Fathers. She also recommended 1776, a novel about the American Revolution. Neither of these teachers have checked out any materials from the media center on this topic. The culminating activity for this unit of US History is for the students to be the writer and editor of a colonial newspaper. Each newspaper must include the following: 1. Front page: an article about the French and Indian War with a drawing 2. A letter home to a relative in England about Thomas Paines Common Sense 3. Crossword puzzle of key terms 4. Obituary for one of the Sons of Liberty 5. Comic strip of George Washington crossing the Delaware River 6. Timeline of 10 major events of the Revolution 7. Help Wanted Ad for a soldier at Valley Forge 8. Map of the Battle of Yorktown 9. Political cartoon of the Stamp Act or Intolerable Acts The following Georgia Performance Standards are the primary focus of my collection evaluation. SSUSH3 The student will explain the primary causes of the American Revolution.

Deedra Long a. Explain how the end of Anglo-French imperial competition as seen in the French and Indian War and the 1763 Treaty of Paris laid the groundwork for the American Revolution. b. Explain colonial response to such British actions as the Proclamation of 1763, the Stamp Act, and the Intolerable Acts as seen in Sons and Daughters of Liberty and Committees of Correspondence. c. Explain the importance of Thomas Paines Common Sense to the movement for independence.

SSUSH4 The student will identify the ideological, military, and diplomatic aspects of the American Revolution. a. Explain the language, organization, and intellectual sources of the Declaration of Independence; include the writing of John Locke and the role of Thomas Jefferson. b. Explain the reason for and significance of the French alliance and foreign assistance and the roles of Benjamin Franklin and the Marquis de Lafayette. c. Analyze George Washington as a military leader; include the creation of a professional military and the life of a common soldier, and describe the significance of the crossing of the Delaware River and Valley Forge.

Collection Evaluation A search of our cataloging system, Destiny, revealed that we have a total of 65 items on this subject. I did several different searches using keywords such as American Revolution, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine, etc. Two of the items are videos, and 63 are books. Of the books, 16 have been published within the last 15 years. One of the videos was from 1988, and one video was from 2010. The books were located all over the media center. Some were in the fiction section, and some in the non-fiction section. Most of the books had very little wear and tear. A few of the books were quite old; one book was published in 1924. However, this was the only book that was on Wilsons Core Collection. Several of the books were from the 1960s and 1970s, with the majority being published in the 1980s and 1990s. Our non-fiction books are located along the back and side walls of the library. Our non-fiction shelves are clearly labeled at the top with the Dewey Decimal number and category. All of our non-fiction books have the

Deedra Long Dewey Decimal number labeled on the spine. Our fiction books are located on several shelves that are on one side of the media center. The easy book section is located at the beginning of the fiction section. All of our fiction books are in alphabetical order with 4 main shelves of fiction titles. The books are labeled as property of Bryan County High School or Bryan County Middle School, depending on whose funds purchased the book. Some of the books are labeled with AR points and reading level. The newer high school books are labeled with the Lexile score. As I reviewed the curriculum needs for this topic of study, I noticed a lot of holes in our collection. Of our books that are marked with AR reading levels, 7 are at a reading level of 9th grade, with the majority of the books being from 4th to 6th grade reading levels. There were no books higher than 9.9. The Common Core Standards recommend a Lexile score of 1185-1385 for 11th grade students. For the books that were marked with the Lexile score, we had one book that was in this range. We had two books that were on African American soldiers in the American Revolution, one book on Betsy Ross, and one book on Sarah Bishop. However, both books on women were written for younger readers. We have several biographies for Benjamin Franklin, but they have a lot of wear and tear, and were also written for much younger readers. Benjamin Franklin is the main person that we have biographies for. Although we have a good selection of titles that are written in Spanish, we dont have any titles on the American Revolution that are written in Spanish. I asked our media specialist to run a circulation report on these titles. She reported that 2 books have been checked out for the year on this subject, and two are currently checked out. Even though it is only September, this topic has already been taught this school year (until next semester), and the culminating projects have been completed, so there will probably not be much more circulation of the titles on this topic. As previously mentioned, I was

Deedra Long only able to find one book on this topic that was on a list of recommended books or had won an award.

Consideration file 1. Since we have a very small selection of higher level books, we should look for opportunities to add books that have a higher Lexile score so that we can meet the new Common Core standards. 2. We need to continue to select materials that feature African Americans and women in the American Revolution. 3. Look for books that provide different points of view during the American Revolution. 4. Look for biographies of important people from the American Revolution. 5. Find foundational documents that are from the American Revolution time period, including writings from John Locke and Thomas Jefferson. 6. Look for books that show the American Revolution from the perspective of a common soldier. 7. Since we only have two very dated vidoes on this topic, pick some updated videos and high interest videos on this topic. 8. Pick some books that have won awards or has been on a list of recommended book titles.

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Liberty!: The American Revolution DVD Collection American Revolution for Students DVD Series
Contact Address: Christy Dyson Bryan County High School 1234 Camellia Drive Pembroke, GA 31321 United States

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Books FLR# Author: Title -- Publisher : Year Bnd Qty Price Extended -------------------------------------------------------------------------------00352W5 Anderson, Laurie Halse: Forge -- Atheneum HRD 1 14.49 14.49 Core Collection Books for Young Readers, c2010. (-Fic-) 04689D4 Klass, Sheila Solomon: Soldier's secret : HRD 1 16.24 16.24 SLJ 2009 the story of Deborah Sampson -- Holt, 2009. (-Fic-) 0SKN240 Marshall, John, 1961-: John Locke, HRD 1 147.96 147.96 toleration, and early Enlightenment culture : religious intolerance and arguments for religious toleration in early

Deedra Long
modern and "early Enlightenment" Europe -- Cambridge University Press, 2006. (201) Locke, John, 1632-1704: The second PAP 1 1.63 treatise of government ; and, A letter concerning toleration -- Dover Publications, 2002. (320) Collins, Paul, 1969-: The trouble with Tom PAP 1 15.00 : the strange afterlife and times of Thomas Paine -Bloomsbury, 2009, c2005. (320.51) Locke, John, 1632-1704: The selected PAP 1 18.72 political writings of John Locke : texts, background selections, sources, interpretations -- W.W. Norton, c2005. (320.51) Hitchens, Christopher: Thomas Paine's PAP 1 11.10 Rights of man : a biography -- Grove Press, 2008, c2006. (323.5) Bellesiles, Michael A: A people's history HRD 1 25.51 of the U.S. military : ordinary soldiers reflect on their experience of war, from the American Revolution to Afghanistan -- New Press, c2012. (355) Pryce-Jones, David, 1936-: Treason of the HRD 1 20.41 heart : from Thomas Paine to Kim Philby -- Encounter Books, c2011. (364.1) Nardo, Don, 1947-: United in cause : the HRD 1 25.04 Sons of Liberty -- Compass Point Books, c2010. (369) Nathans, Heather S: Early American theatre HRD 1 121.00 from the Revolution to Thomas Jefferson : into the hands of the people -- Cambridge University Press, 2003. (792) Gonick, Larry: The cartoon history of the PAP 1 15.34 modern world. Part 1,From Columbus to the U.S. Constitution -- Collins, c2007. (909.08) Collins, Kathleen: Marquis De Lafayette / PAP 1 51.00 "Six Pack" -- Rosen Classroom, c2004. (970) Jodoin, Mark: Shadow soldiers of the PAP 1 23.80 American Revolution : loyalist tales from New York to Canada -- History Press, 2009. (971.02) Allen, Penelope Johnson.: Tennessee PAP 1 12.96 soldiers in the Revolution -- Genealogical Pub. Co., 1975. (973.3) Blair, Margaret Whitman: Liberty or death HRD 1 16.16 : the surprising story of runaway slaves who sided with the British during the American Revolution -- National Geographic, c2010. (973.3) Bobrick, Benson, 1947-: Fight for freedom HRD 1 21.29 : the American Revolutionary War -- Atheneum Books for Young Readers, c2004. (973.3) Carp, Benjamin L: Defiance of the patriots HRD 1 30.00 : the Boston Tea Party & the making of America -- Yale University Press, c2010. (973.3) Collins, Kathleen: Marquis de Lafayette : HRD 1 17.95 French hero of the American Revolution -- Rosen Central Primary Source, 2004. (973.3) Collins, Kathleen: Marquis de Lafayette : HRD 1 17.95 French hero of the American Revolution = El Marques de Lafayette : heroe frances de la Guerra de Independencia -Rosen Central Primary Source/Editorial Buenas Letras, 2004. (973.3) Forman, Samuel, 1952-: Dr. Joseph Warren : HRD 1 25.51 the Boston Tea Party, Bunker Hill, and the birth of American liberty -- Pelican Pub., 2012. (973.3) Fradin, Dennis B: Quien fue Benjamin FBG 1 14.21 Franklin? -- Altea, c2009. (973.3) Freedman, Russell: Washington at Valley HRD 1 22.51 Forge -- Holiday House, c2008. (973.3) Goodrich, Charles Augustus, 1790-1862: PAP 1 8.24 Lives of the signers of the Declaration of Independence : a reprint of the 1848 original -- WallBuilders, 2002. (973.3) Green, Harry Clinton: Wives of the Signers PAP 1 10.95 : the women behind the Declaration of Independence -WallBuilder Press, 2010. (973.3) Greene, Nathanael, 1742-1786: The papers HRD 1 115.50 of General Nathanael Greene -- Published for the Rhode Island Historical Society by the University of North Carolina Press, c1976-<c2005> (973.3) Harris, Nancy, 1956-: Que es la HRD 1 19.55




15.00 Kirkus 08/01/05









29777P7 0PA6U99

25.04 Hornbook 2010 121.00


15.34 SLJ 2007

08762U3 0311YK7

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16.16 Core Collection


21.29 Hornbook 2005


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14.21 22.51 Core Collection 8.24







Deedra Long
Declaracion de Independencia? -- Heinemann Library, c2008. (973.3) Jayne, Allen: Jefferson's Declaration of PAP 1 27.01 independence : origins, philosophy, and theology -University Press of Kentucky, c1998. (973.3) Kiernan, Denise: Signing their lives away HRD 1 17.01 : the fame and misfortune of the men who signed the Declaration of Independence -- Quirk Books, c2009. (973.3) Kneib, Martha: A historical atlas of the HRD 1 23.95 American Revolution -- Rosen Pub., 2005. (973.3) Knoblock, Glenn A: "Strong and brave PAP 1 45.05 fellows" : New Hampshire's black soldiers and sailors of the American Revolution, 1775-1784 -- McFarland & Co., Publishers, c2003. (973.3) Knouff, Gregory T., 1966-: The soldiers' HRD 1 48.65 revolution : Pennsylvanians in arms and the forging of early American identity -- Pennsylvania State University Press, c2004. (973.3) Lemay, J. A. Leo (Joseph A. Leo), 1935-: HRD 1 39.95 The life of Benjamin Franklin. Volume two,Printer and publisher, 1730-1747 -- University of Pennsylvania Press, c2006. (973.3) Lemay, J. A. Leo (Joseph A. Leo), 1935-: HRD 1 39.95 The life of Benjamin Franklin. Volume 1,Journalist, 1706-1730 -- University of Pennsylvania Press, c2006. (973.3) Lemay, J. A. Leo (Joseph A. Leo), 1935-: HRD 1 45.00 The life of Benjamin Franklin. Volume 3,Soldier, scientist, and politician, 1748-1757 -- University of Pennsylvania Press, c2009. (973.3) McCullough, David G: 1776 -- Simon & HRD 1 27.25 Schuster, c2005. (973.3) Murphy, Jim, 1947-: The crossing : how HRD 1 18.74 George Washington saved the American Revolution -Scholastic Press, c2010. (973.3)





14049Q6 0OICT48

23.95 45.05









17213R6 0363QC3

27.25 Booklist 2005 18.74 Core Collection

10588K4 [Multi-Volume Set] American Revolution : bio Schmittroth, Linda: American Revolution : HRD biographies -- UXL, c2000. (973.3) 26974Q0

170.69 1 170.69

Waldstreicher, David: Runaway America : HRD 1 21.30 Benjamin Franklin, slavery, and the American Revolution -Hill and Wang, 2004. (973.3) 38825Q3 Wills, Garry, 1934-: Inventing America : PAP 1 12.80 Jefferson's Declaration of Independence -- Houghton Mifflin Co., 2002. (973.3) 0448AJX : The Real Benjamin Franklin. -- National PAP 1 17.01 Center for Constitutional Studies, c2008. (973.3) 13780K0 : American Revolution : primary sources -- HRD 1 94.01 UXL, c2000. (973.3) 01710XX DiLorenzo, Thomas J: Hamilton's curse : PAP 1 12.80 how Jefferson's archenemy betrayed the American revolution--and what it means for Americans today -- Three Rivers Press, c2008. (973.4) 0488UQ4 Berleth, Richard J: Bloody Mohawk : the PAP 1 19.95 French and Indian War & American revolution on New York's frontier -- Black Dome, 2010, c2009. (974.7) MP15XX1 [Set/Series] Constitutional Amendments: HRD 1 Beyond The Bill Of Rights (12 titles) 04243U2 : Amendment XXII : establishing term HRD 1 limits for U.S. president -- Greenhaven Press, c2010. (342.73) 04440U1 : Amendment XXVI : lowering the voting age HRD 1 -- Greenhaven Press, c2010. (342.73) 04728G9 : Amendment XV : race and the right to HRD 1 vote -- Greenhaven Press, c2009. (342.73) 05458Y3 : Amendment XVII : establishing election HRD 1 to the U.S. Senate -- Greenhaven Press, c2010. (342.73) 05650Y6 : Amendment XXV : presidential disability HRD 1 and succession -- Greenhaven Press, c2010. (342.73) 12220Z3 : Amendment XIII : abolishing slavery -HRD 1 Greenhaven Press, c2009. (342.73) 12607Z3 : Amendment XIX : granting women the right HRD 1



17.01 94.01 12.80


364.24 30.37

30.37 30.37 30.37 30.37 30.32 30.32

Deedra Long
to vote -- Greenhaven Press, c2009. (342.73) : Amendment XII : presidential election HRD process -- Greenhaven Press, c2009. (342.73) 20289Z1 : Amendment XIV : equal protection -HRD Greenhaven Press, c2009. (342.7308) 26250Z4 : Amendment XIV : citizenship for all -HRD Greenhaven Press, c2009. (342.7308) 04743G5 : Amendments XVIII and XXI : prohibition HRD and repeal -- Greenhaven Press, c2009. (344) 16649Z1 : Amendment XIV : due process -HRD Greenhaven Press, c2009. (347.73) 23445Z1 HZ04XX7 12071S4 23304W9 [Set/Series] Astonishing Life Of Octavian Nothing (2 titles) Anderson, M. T: The Pox party -Candlewick Press, 2006. (-Fic-) Anderson, M. T: The kingdom on the waves -- Candlewick Press, 2008. (-Fic-) HRD HRD HRD

1 1 1 1 1

30.37 30.32 30.37 30.37 30.32

1 1 1

34.93 15.34 SLJ 2008 19.59 SLJ 2006

46 titles (qty 58) Total Guaranteed Title Price $1,920.31 eBooks & Digital FLR# Author: Title -- Publisher : Year Bnd Qty Price Extended -------------------------------------------------------------------------------50479B0 : The philosophy of John Locke new EBK 1 173.00 173.00 perspectives -- Routledge, 2003. (192) 50302H9 Claeys, Gregory: Thomas Paine social and EBK 1 90.00 90.00 political thought -- Unwin Hyman, 1989. (320.5) 51841V3 Vickers, Vikki J: "My pen and my soul have EBK 1 103.00 103.00 ever gone together" Thomas Paine and the American Revolution -- Routledge, 2006. (320.51) 50081D3 Waxman, Laura Hamilton: Uncommon EBK 1 16.95 16.95 Hornbook 2004 revolutionary a story about Thomas Paine -- Carolrhoda Books, c2004. (320.51) 5016IK7 Krensky, Stephen: The Bill of Rights -EBK 1 34.21 34.21 Marshall Cavendish Benchmark, c2012. (342.7308) 54650X1 Lilly, Melinda: La Declaracion de EBK 1 14.95 14.95 Independencia -- Rourke Pub., c2006. (394.2634) 5049FK0 Driver, Stephanie Schwartz: Understanding EBK 1 51.90 51.90 Core Collection the Declaration of Independence -- Rosen Pub., 2011. (973.3) 5033CU7 Ransom, Candice F., 1952-: What was the EBK 1 43.93 43.93 Continental Congress? and other questions about the Declaration of Independence -- Lerner Publications, c2011. (973.3) 5070BO3 : Biographies of the American Revolution EBK 1 52.88 52.88 Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, John Paul Jones, and more -Britannica Educational Pub. in association with Rosen Educational Services, 2013. (973.3) 5077LE9 Doeden, Matt: George Washington leading a EBK 1 65.97 65.97 new nation -- Capstone Press, c2006. (973.4) 5003VC1 Jeffrey, Gary: Thomas Jefferson and the EBK 1 35.93 35.93 Declaration of Independence -- Gareth Stevens Pub., 2012. (973.4) 11 titles (qty 11) Total Guaranteed eBook & Digital Price $682.72 Audiovisual FLR# Author: Title -- Publisher : Year Fmt Qty Price Extended -------------------------------------------------------------------------------4A783S0 Blackwood, Gary L.: The year of the CAS 1 67.75 67.75 BookList 2002 hangman [kit] -- Recorded Books, Prince Frederick, MD : 2010? (-Fic-) 4F775F5 : Amendments 1-10: The Bill of Rights -DVD 1 269.67 269.67 Films for the Humanities, c2009. (300) 4F55EF7 : The Bill of Rights: A Living Document -- DVD 1 97.20 97.20 Films for the Humanities, c2009. (320) 459F8D7 : The United States Bill of Rights and DVD 1 14.98 14.98 additional amendments to the US Constitution [videorecording] -- Goldhil DVD , Distributed by Goldhil Video, Camarillo, CA : 2004, c1999. (342.7308) 4233AX2 : The three documents that made America : PLA 1 39.99 39.99 the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the U.S.A. & the Bill of Rights [electronic resource] -Findaway World, Ohio : c2010. (973)

Deedra Long
<!> WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD -- Small parts | Not for children under 3 yrs. : Bill of Rights: Its Origins (American DVD 1 59.99 Document Series) -- Phoenix Learning. (973) : Battlefield detectives. : American DVD 1 24.95 Revolution Battle of Cowpens [videorecording] -- A&E Television Networks , distributed by New Video, New York : 2008. (973.3)

4A617F3 42655F8

59.99 24.95

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Budget Summary I spent a combined total of $3941.21 In particular, I tried to select some books with a higher Lexile score, while still trying to accommodate a variety of learning styles and reading levels. I selected some remedial materials as well. At times, the reviews would say that it was for a younger interest level, but had a higher Lexile score, so when in doubt, I selected for higher Lexile score. For example, United in Cause: The Sons of Liberty by Don Nardo was listed as being at a 5-8 interest level, but its Lexile score was 1060. I also tried to incorporate a wider range of dewey decimal numbers, and I looked for books with starred reviews, or books that were on recommended lists. I also included the teachers requests for updated materials, biographies, and foundational documents. When available, I selected e-books that had unlimited access for multiple users. Format Number Ordered Books 58 e-books 14 videos 10 audiobooks 2