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Carbon Footprint Profile - Airlines

One-Two-GO Airlines
Aircraft Operations - Domestic/International
Domestic/International CO2 Split
100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0%
Origin Airports (Domestic Flights) Bangkok Chiang Mai Phuket Hatyai Chiang Rai Trang Nakhon Si Thammarat Udon Thani Pai CO2 (kt) 45 13 13 11 7 <1 <1 <1 <1

Footprint CO2 (kt)

Footprint by Aircraft Type
0 20 40


Internatio nal

Total Footprint =

1,127 B747 kt CO2


Cessna Light Aircraft

Domestic Other types Domestic CO2 (kt)

Domestic City-Pair Hierarchy CO2 (kt) City-Pair Bangkok-Chiang Mai 13 Chiang Mai-Bangkok 13 Phuket-Bangkok 13 Bangkok-Phuket 13 Hatyai-Bangkok 11 Bangkok-Hatyai 11 Bangkok-Chiang Rai 7 Chiang Rai-Bangkok 7 Trang-Bangkok <1 Bangkok-Trang <1 Nakhon Si Thammarat-Bangkok <1 Bangkok-Nakhon Si Thammarat <1 Udon Thani-Bangkok <1 Bangkok-Udon Thani <1 Pai-Chiang Mai <1 Total 86

International CO2 (kt)

CO2 (kt) 100

80 60 40 20 <500 5001,000 Total CO2 (kt) Domestic Total Movements Domestic

Other Airports Total

2 89

Global Scheduled Domestic/International Passenger Flights

Airlines (Domestic/International)
Footprint CO2 (kt)
Footprint by Aircraft Type
40 60 80 100



Airline Name OLT - Ostfriesische Lu...

Other Indicators Domestic CO2/PAX (kg) Distance/trip (km) International CO2/PAX (kg) Distance/trip (km) Total CO2/PAX (kg) Distance/trip (km) 112 663 212 1,689 128 741

OLT Express Olympic Airlines Oman Air One-Two-GO Airlines Onur Air OpenSkies Orenair (Orenburg Air... Oriental Air Bridge Pacific Airways Pacific Coastal Airline Pacific Royale Airways Pacific Wings Pak West Airlines Pakistan International... PAL Airlines Papillon Airways Inc Parsa Pascan Aviation

International CO2 (kt)

CO2 v Distance

500- 1,5001,000 2,000 Total CO2 (kt) Domestic Total Movements Domestic Total CO2 (kt) International

7,000 6,000 5,000 4,000 3,000 2,000 1,000 -1,000 Trip Distance (km)

Total Movements International

national Passenger Flights - 2012

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To view the carbon footprint profiles select an airline from the list. There are 605 airlines in the list.

This tool enables the user to generate carbon footprint profiles for each of the airlines in the dataset which underpins the report Aviation Carbon Footprint: Global Scheduled Domestic Passenger Flights - 2012. It is stongly recommended that the reader refer to this document to understand the thinking behind the profile concept and to assess the reliance that can be placed on the data. The information is primarily provided in an effort to facilitate open discussions on ways to manage the carbon footprint of aviation. It is also intended to generate thinking on how best to provide a transparent and comprehensible picture of global domestic aviation's patterns of CO2 emissions.

Important Notes: 1) The aviation industry uses dynamic identification codes for airlines. It is likely that some of the reported names of the smaller airline operators will be incorrect. This does not affect the quantum of CO2 generated. 2) Many of the carbon values have small magnitudes - there are likely to be large relative errors in the small CO2 values but the absolute errors are not likely to be significant. 3) Carbon has not been counted for helicopters. 4) It was not possible to identify some airlines in the list - these appear as N/A and #N/A. 5) The carbon values have been derived using the UNFCCC computational method and hence the carbon from some domestic operations is credited to overseas airlines.
dgsouthgate 2013 Any of the carbon footprint profiles, and the material they contain, may be freely reproduced and distributed without acknowledgement. The aircraft operations data used to generate the profiles is publicly available and can be purchased from commercial data providers.