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Particularmente temos amizade com um ingles que esta com um projeto excelente direcionado para o mercado brasileiro, ele criou um novo metodo de ensinar ingles mais rapido que o metodo Callan, vale a pena conferir, eh um metodo de conexoes de palavras em ingles similares as palavras em portugues, metodo que ja esta fazendo ele mesmo quase falar portugues fluente. Particularly we have friendship with an English guy that is with a directed excellent project for the Brazilian market, he created new method to teach English quicker than method Callan, valley the penalty to confer, eh one method of connection of similar words in English to the words in Portuguese, method that already this making he himself almost to say Portuguese fluent. Darlene "Hi. How are you? I've got the cards you sent to me. Thank you so much. I'm happy to say to you I've passed my test. Thank you so much for your big help Aurea". Aurea was Successful with the Life in the UK test after 2 classes with me Maybe you do not want to be my friend that is ok I just want to thank you for your help in my Environmental research project I passed with 2 honours bachelor class. Thanks feel free to contact me when you want Cristiane Barnes English Class Experience, I have been taking English classes with the Barnes English Institution for three months. Hence, I had taken a lot of classes in the past: almost two years in my native country. However, experience in Barnes English is great. I have learned key fundamentals in my pronunciation. The most important thing is the practice of English language which is the main objective during the class. Having personal classes, face to face, is an excellent opportunity to improve and to have stable confidence. Thanks, Jorge Had you ever instantly know that you'd be totally fascinated by something you were reading. I’m saying, maybe as you continued to read it, and notice the form of the letters, the shadow of the ink, and the white of the page, it permitted you to GO INSIDE, and remember a time when learning was easier and more fun. Which people is this book for? This book is for people who want to create a positive, healthy relationship with their language skills, & increase their levels of knowledge & intelligence. No matter what your language situation, whether you're starting to learn or have perfect English already, I personally guarantee you'll learn new ways of thinking from this book which will improve your language situation and, more importantly, improve how you feel about this. Only read this book if you want to transform your relationship with English forever! Copyright © 2009 Perry Barnes All Rights Reserved in All Media

What changes the life of all my past students is the massive action they take to apply what I teach them. Those who use the strategies that I share are the ones who create exceptional success beyond their wildest imaginations. Adam Khoo

once, a brazilian student told her teacher: (THIS IS NOT A JOKE) Teacher, I lick you - instead of LIKE another one: My mom likes to cock a lot - she meant cook and the teacher.... the teacher replied: That´s why you were born! In portuguese, people say: when we cant remember the name of the person, sometimes we ask: Qual o seu nome mesmo? Did you understand the sentence in portuguese? 'mesmo', in this context, has no translation into english But one student asked the other (second day class): What´s your name same?
Candles and Candy my friend told someone that she loved candles, and her friend is Like “are you sure you mean candles” >”yes I Love candles, I really do..... I do, I Love candles” totally enthusiastically she meant candy (american sweets) or sweets as british speakers say

ahh i used to say I am wet when i meant to say i am sweating ..
i have story for u learnenglish26: you know how people say "arrr boooo hooooo" learnenglish26: fake crying learnenglish26: to show the other person complained about nothing learnenglish26: well learnenglish26: i said to a brasilian guy (17) and his mother laughs so much learnenglish26: hahahah learnenglish26: ahahahha learnenglish26: ahahhahaha learnenglish26: i said what? learnenglish26: she says that in brasil learnenglish26: that means learnenglish26: he is an idiot learnenglish26: and the way i said it Copyright © 2009 Perry Barnes All Rights Reserved in All Media

learnenglish26: sounded like i was rude to him learnenglish26: me like: sorry sorry sorry I Love beaches: the I and the E sound are the same until you use open and closed sounds. Most words with I have a similar different word with E rich : reach leaf : live itch : each so when brazilians tell me how much they Love beaches... I agree, because I Love beaches too = ) you can learn how to say this correctly with Patterns 3 or Fun Papers also available from Barnes Method Barnes Method English @ Fun Papers 4,000 readers at

translation funnies
• A Miami T-shirt maker targeted the Spanish market with t-shirts commemorating the Pope’s visit. Instead of “I saw the Pope” (el Papa), the t-shirts proudly proclaimed, “I saw the potato” (la papa). • The famous slogan “Got milk?” was translated as “Are you lactating?” • Braniff Airlines, trying to promote its new leather seats to Hispanics, translated “fly in leather” as “fly naked.” Not surprisingly, they had plenty of empty seats to South America. Use a professional translator and make sure this will never happen to you. > these 3 funnies are from By Mariela Perez-Simons

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When you laugh you learn
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