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LTH-E1 2 Mbit/s
Transmission method
Data rate 1168 kbit/s on each pair
Control and monitoring
PC interface F (RS232/V.24) HDSL Line Terminal for E1
Number of pairs 2 Bw7R signaling maximum voltage 70 V
Line code
Transmission technique
full duplex with

Performance management
maximum current 50 mA
ITU-T G.826
long distance transmission
 echo cancellation HDSL performance monitoring noise margin
Transmit power 13.5 ± 0.5 dB  line attenuation

Line impedance 135 Ω balanced Power supply

E1 interface DC input voltage –36 to –72 Vdc  2 Mbit/s transmission over 2 twisted pairs
Power consumption 5W
Data rate 2048 kbit/s ± 50 ppm
AC/DC adapter as option 220 Vac/48 Vdc, 20 W  Unframed or framed application
Line code HDB3

120 Ω balanced
75 Ω unbalanced
Remote power feeding - option  Stand-alone device or line unit in Flexible
Connector SUB-D, 9p, female
Voltage 120 V max Multiplexer FM2x2
Current 60 mA over one pair
Signal shape ITU-T G.703
Frame structure ITU-T G.704 Wetting current < 20 mA
Jitter ITU-T G.823
PMP point ITU-T G.772 Environmental conditions
Climatic conditions class 3.1 ETSI
Line interface
Temperature +50 C to +400 C
Connector MSTB
Cable length up to 5.0 km ( f = 0.6 mm) Dimensions (H x W x D)
 up to 3.5 km ( f = 0.4 mm) Unit 233 x160 x 20 mm
Bridged taps allowed Five unit module 257.5 x115 x 210 mm
 (maximum two lengths of 500 m)
Wall mount one-module cabinet 525 x150 x 250 mm
Remote power feeding optional
Eight-module vertical rack 2600 x 252 x120 mm
Resistibility to overvoltages
Small two-unit cabinet 330 x 255 x 57 mm
and overcurrents ITU-T G.772
19” rack for 18 units 482.6x311x 225 mm

Ordering codes
LTH-E1 1A00883
LTH-E1-L - with power feeding source 1A00974 G.703
LTH-E1-N - with power feeding receiver 1A00973
KS2 - small two-unit cabinet 1A00932
MNS20 - AC/DC adapter 1A00933
PC #1 #2
Small two-unit cabinet RS232/V24 Twisted pairs


Batajnički put 23, 11080 Beograd, Serbia and Montenegro
General Manager: (+381 11) 3073 515, Sales: (+381 11) 3073 555
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Features Application Configuration

 Long distance transmission over existing copper cables LTH-E1 operates in master-slave mode.
LTH-E1 HDSL Line Terminal for E1 long distance transmission

LTH-E1 HDSL Line Terminal for E1 long distance transmission

 LTH-E1 over two leased twisted pairs provides point-to-point 2Mbit/s connection (for
(2 twisted pairs) example central and remote switching office) The unit located at the central office, called LTU (Line
 G.703 interface (X.21, V.35 option) for 2 Mbit/s  LTH-E1 is one way for economical subscribers integration in high order digital Termination Unit), serves as master and determinates the
transmission systems (Access multiplexers, SDH equipment etc.) payload distribution between the pairs, controls the system
 Supports unframed or framed E1 signals
start-up procedure, provides the timing reference and manages
 Automatic Start-up procedure  With Flexible Multiplexer FM2x2 provides various subscriber interfaces (telephone, the communication over the embedded operations channel
modem, fax, PC) (EOC).
 Automatic pairs identification
 Automatic tip/ring polarity identification Slave unit, located at the remote side of the link, is called NTU
(Network Termination Unit).
 Transmission of the first 15 channels (64 kbit/s) of the E1
frame in the case of one pair breakage Application of LTH-E1 in Access Network
 Embedded operation channel (EOC) for control and Control and Monitoring
diagnostics of both central and remote unit jˆ‘—•„êv‰‰Œ†ˆ vkz
 Local and remote loopback testing  The front panel indicators provide the local operator with
vkz vkz
 Major and minor alarms, Bw7R signaling jˆ‘—•„
clear information of the current operational status at the
zšŒ—†‹ mt¢›¢
user’s equipment interface and at each pair.
 Performance monitoring according to G.826 ITU-T
 Control and monitoring is possible by PC (Personal
 Noise margin and line attenuation estimation vkz
Computer) and applications software with graphical user
 Wetting current s{o¾l¡ z˜…–†•Œ…ˆ•– interface LUNA-E (Element Manager).
mt¢›¢ wwr v{zt
 Remote power feeding option  Monitoring of LTH-E1 devices in IRITEL’s transmission
 Functional and mechanical compatibility with other pzku
h††ˆ–– okzs okzs network (ODS155, FM2x2, OTSM), using additional
IRITEL’s devices (OTSM, FM2x2, etc.) t˜—Œ“ˆ›ˆ•
s{o¾l¡ s{o¾l¡ yv|{ly
control and monitoring unit (OLC) for all LTH-E1 units
in rack, can be managed by the application software with
 Compliance with ITU-T G.991.1 standard and ETSI ETR ­¢¡
u›¦¤ a graphical user interface for PC, SUNCE-M (Network
152 recommendation okzs
s{o¾l¡ Manager).

Description okzs
v{zt mt¢›¢ v{zt mt¢›¢
Performance Monitoring
­¢¡ mt¢›¢ pzku
u›¦¤ pzku ­¢¡
||i z˜…–†•Œ…ˆ•– u›¦¤
LTH-E1 over two twisted pairs carries a 2.048 Mbit/s (E1) ­¢¡½}­£¥
yv|{ly Performance monitoring is based on G.826 ITU-T recom-
signal. Use of the 2B1Q line code, line equalization and yˆ’—ˆêzšŒ—†‹ z˜…–†•Œ…ˆ•– mendation, i.e. in the current 15-minutes and 24-hours time
echo cancellation technique results in high transmission intervals are reported records with ES (errored seconds),
quality and allows distance up to 3.5 — 10 km depends on SES (severely errored seconds), BBE (background block
the wire diameter. errors), UAS (unavailable seconds) and adequate error rates
LTH-E1 can operate on unloaded twisted pairs. Pair can have ESR, SESR, BBER.
up to two bridged taps with a length of up to 500 m. The line
code on each pair is 2B1Q with a 584 kbaud symbol rate or
1168 kbit/s equivalent bit rate. Mechanical Design
The LTH-E1 is currently available with E1 interface for
transmission of unframed (G.703) or framed (G.704) signals.  Module for 5 units
When the unframed mode is selected, LTH-E1 terminal
transparently transfers data carried in E1 signal. In framed  8 module cabinet
work mode one half of E1 frame channels are transmitted over  19"/ETSI cabinet’s rack
pair No.1, and remain channels over pair No.2. In the case
of one pair breakage, the transmission of first 15 channels  Wall mount cabinet for 6 units
of E1 frame is continued.  Small two-unit cabinet for 2 units

Control and monitoring software LUNA-E