New In Summer 2013: Personalise Your Key Fields Lists in Maximizer Personalised key field lists allow Maximizer

CRM clients to customise and view i nformation. The Maximizer CRM Summer 2013 release has created great value for ex isting customers with many new features and software improvements. Sydney, NSW, Australia, September 05, 2013 -- Some of the key features in the Ma ximizer CRM Summer 2013 release are designed to make it easier for Maximizer CRM clients to customise and view information. CRM software is only as valuable as the information that the users get out of it so it is essential for Maximizer CR M clients to communicate with technical solutions consultants on what informatio n is required to allow them to set up the software correctly. In Maximizer CRM, Key Fields lists are an important part that puzzle, as these l ists ensure that the most important fields for Maximizer CRM clients entries are always readily accessible. Key Fields lists are collections of basic and user-d efined fields that are displayed in the main entry dialogs in Maximizer CRM. Key Fields lists give Maximizer CRM client’s quick access to the most frequently-used fields without having to switch back and forth between tabs. This feature is es pecially useful in the new Address Book Details tab where, if the Key Fields is set up correctly, all of the Address Book data can be accessed without ever havi ng to open up the User-Defined Fields tab. In every previous version of Maximizer Web Access and Maximizer CRM Live, Key Fi elds could only be set up in the Administrator module. This made setting up and updating Key Fields lists inconvenient, because it meant having to contact the s ystem administrator anytime changes needed to be made. It also placed an extra b urden on the system administrator as the administrator was responsible for maint aining the Key Fields lists for every user in the organization. This now works b y opening the Address Book Details tab in Maximizer CRM 12 Summer 2013 and click ing on a new “gear” icon next to the Key Fields drop-down menu. Clicking the icon wi ll pop-up a new window that will gives Maximizer CRM clients access to the Key F ields Preferences interface where Key Fields Lists are created and updated. Maxi mizer users that are already familiar with the Key Fields lists Preferences dial ogs in Maximizer Web Access Administrator or Maximizer CRM Live Administrator, w on’t be surprised by the interface because it is essentially the same as what was previously only available in the Administrator module. In the main screen, new K ey Fields lists can be created and modified and existing ones can be deleted. In the Key Fields List Details screen, users can specify a name and description, a s well as the Full and Read Access settings for the Key Fields list. And in the Key Fields screen itself, users can add any field necessary to the Key Fields li st, as users can move fields around and add separators to split up groups of fie lds. It is also important to remember that for each Key Fields list, users can displa y different fields depending on the entry type that is selected. When setting up the Key Fields lists, users want to make sure that all necessary fields are add ed to the list for each of the different entry types that required for the Key F ields list. For each Key Fields list, users can specify different fields to be d isplayed depending on which type of entry being viewed or edited. In order to make the most of the Details tab for Address Book entries, every sin gle user-defined field in the Address Book need to be available in a Key Fields list. This way, the User-Defined Fields tab does not need to be opened at all, b ecause all the fields are available right there in the Details tab. So, a good p lace to start when users set up key fields is to start with mandatory user-defin ed fields. By making sure that any user-defined fields that are flagged as “mandat ory” appear in one of the Key Fields lists, it easier for anyone to set the requir ed values when creating new entries.

Having two-level security on Key Fields lists means that administrators can make the Key Fields lists available to co-workers as well. Once a Key Fields list is set up change “Read Access” to “Public”, and the Key Fields list will be available for everyone to use. By changing the “Full Access” field to “Public”, any other user can mod ify the list as well. This way collaborate within the team is possible when sett ing up your Key Fields, and everyone can benefit from each other’s changes. With e veryone pitching-in to craft the ideal set of Key Fields the burden won’t fall all on a single person anymore! Maximizer CRM: Maximizer customer relationship management software (CRM) is a completely integr ated sales, marketing, customer service and support management solution that ena bles Maximizer customers to manage attractive prospects, provide rich customer e ngagement, and fuel business’s success anywhere, anytime. Whether an entrepreneur, small or medium business, or a large enterprise with hu ndreds of employees and thousands of customers, Maximizer CRM has the right solu tion for all businesses! Maximizer offers cloud CRM for mobile sales forces and on-premise CRM that you can manage on site and is available in 7 languages (Engl ish, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Turkish and French), in over 60 countries, serviced by 4 regional offices and more than 100 partners, with 12 0,000 customers and over 1 million licensed Maximizer CRM users, this software a llows businesses all around the world to effectively manage sales leads and cust omer databases. Contact: Melanie Lawlor Maximizer CRM Level 10, 815 Pacific Highway Chatswood, NSW 2067 02 9957 2011

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