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If the annual premium for a plan is 32000 and a frequency loading of 4% is added in a quarterly premium what is the amount that needs to be paid. 1. 8000 2. 8320 3. 9456 4. 9240 Q12.An insurance contract commences when 1. Quotation is signed by proposer. 2. First Premium Receipt is issued. 3. Proposal Form is signed. 4. Policy Document is received by policyholder. While calculating HLV along with future income, no Q16.of years of work, increments in salary what is also 3 to be taken in to account? 1. Inflation. 2. Interest. 3. Discount rate 4. Compounding. An investor holds a wide range of shares. If the Reserve Bank of India announces a series of Q24. significant interest rate increases, the prices of these shares are most likely to 1. Become volatile 2. Decrease 3. Increase 4. Remain unchanged Q27.In Daily hospitalization cash benefit scheme, 1. The daily amount paid is fixed and will never be more or less than the cost of actual treatment. 2. The insurance company may pay an additional amount on a daily basis if the insured is admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). 3. The insurance company will pay for doctor consultation fees incurred prior to hospitalization 4. Only surgery expenses are included in daily hospitalization benefit

Mr.Feroz has taken policy for critical illness worth Rs.1 lakh in health policy. He also has a term plan worth Rs.10 lakhs. Mr.Feroz was hospitalized after 1 Q42. he was detected with cancer .Unfortunately he died after 3 days of treatment. How the claim will be settled? 1. claim of critical illness and 10 lakh from term policy will be settled 2. claim of hospital charge Rs 20,000 and 1 lakh for death will be settled 3. Claim will not be settled as he died due to cancer 4. Claim will be settled as per the instructions of underwriter Mr.Baskar had taken a Term plan for a sum assured of Rs. 7 lakhs. He also has an ADB rider Q43.worth Rs. 4 lakhs. Unfortunately Baskar died in a 3 car accident. How much will be the death claim settlement? 1. Total 7 lakhs will be paid as death had taken place 2. Total 4 lakhs will be paid as death had happened due to car accident 3. Total 11 lakhs will be paid 4. Total 7 lakhs will be paid without any deduction.

Q20. Where annually increasing flexible premiums operate under a life insurance policy, what rate of increase will generally apply? 0.025 0.03 0.05 0.075 Q39. Which one of the following factor does not help in the Persistency ?
Regular reminders about the premium to the customer Flexibility of Premium payment to the customer

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Dispatching Discharge voucher to the customer Continuous servicing of the policy