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Chair (roy): “We will now begin formal session.

If all delegates will please take their seats, the rapporteur will begin roll call.” Rapporteur (syarief): “Before we begin roll call, allow me to clarify between the two possible and appropriate responses when your State is called: ‘present’ and ‘present and voting.’ Delegates who identify their status as ‘present and voting’ are not permitted to abstain on any substantive vote while in this session of the committee. Instead, these delegates must vote strictly in favor of or in opposition to any motion before the committee.” Timor leste : (angkat plakat) present and vote. Singapore : (angkat plakat) present and vote. Indonesia : (angkat plakat) present and vote. Rapporteur (syarief): “For those delegates who may have arrived while the roll call was being taken, and whose attendance has not yet been recorded, please send a note forward to the dais to let us know of your arrival and voting status. Please be certain your State’s attendance has been recorded.” Chairman (roy) : “Are there any motions on the floor at this time? (tidak ada) Chairman (roy) : we will open the speakers’ list to begin deliberations upon setting the agenda. All those who would like to be placed on the speakers’ list, please raise your placards until your State has been recognized.” (Chair recognizes States while rapporteur records their order) Chairman: If any additional members of the committee wish to be placed upon the speakers’ list, please send a note forward to the dais with an explanation in this regard. (belum ada respon) Chairman: Are there any motions on the floor at this time. (Singapore angkat plakat) Chairman : Singapore, do you have a poin or a motion? Singapore (bolor) : Thank you Mr. chairman We think that it might better we set up the list for the topics that we’re going to discuss today. Singapore was thought the problem of human resources is a topic that is ideal for being our first discussion in this forum.

Reppourter : This meeting will be divided into 4 motion. When I visited Cambodia a few weeks ago. we suggested that economic issues should be a top priority should discussion today. You have two minutes to speak on this matter. It is : The first we will discuss economic issues The second we will talk about progress east timor in security matter and the third is about the quality of human resources in east timor  • • • After that the last motion we will formulate a draft containing the results of the meeting today.. Cambodia and Myanmar have expressed public support. Indonesia has shown statesmanship. Cambodia. they are already making additional arrangements to accommodate Timor-Leste as the 11th member. we are very much part of Southeast Asia. Our desire to join ASEAN is a long-standing one and in the last 10 years we have shown unequivocal determination to join the organisation.. Brunei. are there any other suggestions on what topics should we cover first? (tidak ada) Chairman : Reporter going to read an arrangement of events at a meeting today and also the rules in this forum. And than we will go on the third motion. each delegation shall be given the opportunity to convey the main reasons and interests related to the theme of the meeting. the third motion will be grouped into 3 sub_motion. we were told by Prime Minister Hun Sen that in preparation for Cambodia’s 2012 chairmanship of ASEAN. vision and a real sense of history by being among those who are most strongly advocating for Timor-Leste’s early membership — as early as this year. chairman. Prime Minister Hun Sen . each motion are the issues being the major problem that inhibits membership of East timor's status in asean. And details are as follows :  After this we will be entering a second motion whereby this second motion. decision’s in order. Chairman : thank you delegate. Chairman : we will begin debate by hearing general statement from each delegates. Malaysia. In the first motion we ' ve heard a speech as well as drawing up an agenda of our meeting of the wishes of east timor to join with asean. Before entering the next motion. are there any other suggestions on what topics should we cover first? Timor leste : With respect to economic progress during this be the main reason that impedes us to go into membership of asean. The Philippines. I will read out the order of the issues we discuss in several phases.” Timor leste : Thank you Mr. Thailand. Geographically. (first speaker on list is delegate from East Timor) The chair recognizes the delegate from the East Timor.Chairman : thank you delegate.

because east timor is geographically adjacent to Indonesia so that the application of the various collaboration patterns. Chairman : So general statement of delegates east timor.. You have two minutes to speak on this matter. Chairman : So general statement of delegates east timor. in this third motion will be more focused on against three sub-motion which is the major issues related to the theme of a discussion today. referring to the asean charter. According to general statement of delegations.. Chairman : we are now entering the 3rd motion with our 1st sub_motion that talking about economic issues. The reporter has noted the points from exposure on this session. why should any of us object?’ Even Myanmar has expressed support for an early membership in spite of our criticisms of the regime’s human rights record. expected to the delegations to discuss issues to be more specific. Chairman : we will begin debate on the adoption of the agenda. financial. And then also i give chance for delegates singapore to convey general statement of their point of view. article 6. So it is something that is Indonesia is of interest to east timor in order to be part of the big family of ASEAN. Chairman. paragraph 3. habits. Chairman : As has been described by reporters in first motion. But Singapore. Indonesia think it is very important. while agreeing with Timor-Leste’s ASEAN membership. You have two minutes to speak on this matter. it argues. to limited human resources and still any disturbance resulting from horizontal conflicts. as state revenue from crude oil and gas the chief source of financing government expenditures timor-leste. Now therefore hindrance membership east timor in asean volatility caused by political security and economic problems and human resources east timor.said in his usual straightforward way: ‘If Indonesia is so supportive of Timor-Leste joining ASEAN now.” Singapore : Thank you Mr.” Indonesia : Thank you honorable chair. stating that the new members compulsory decided on consensus conference by high levels of asean. there any motions on the floor at this time? (Singapore angkat plakat) . And then also i give chance for delegates singapore to convey general statement of their point of view. poverty problem. Below I argue why Timor-Leste is ready to join ASEAN. As we know that East timor as the new country is still faced with various problems in his land. Before we are entering a motion next. Indonesia is also concerned with maintaining stability in the region include encourage acceptable. Various related the problem above. based on the recommendation asean coordinating council. of course timor leste will face the challenges is that related confession ( consensus ) by asean. Timor-Leste is not yet ready to absorb the many challenges and complexities of ASEAN membership. objects to early membership as. Every delegation will more be given a quota as many as 2 statement in any sub-motion. Was also right for the safe of regional stability as well. and practices of intersate relations between ASEAN and east timor concering also.

. Chairman. timor leste's economic growth GNP/GNI per capita increased by 228 percent with close to US $ 5000.25 billion course a year.5 billion. a year from 2010-2049 timor leste has been pegged only by $ 1. And the funds dipa 2021 nusa tenggara timur (ntt) for the year it will be estimated to reach $ 4 billion -. we also have a scientific evidence can show that the economic growth of East timor. economically.Chairman : delegate from Singapore. and in 2011 the number increases to $ 1. is there any other motions on the floor? (semua angkat plakat. according to the latest UNDP report on 2011. you have the chance to respons this matter. that ' s why a fund for development countries will continue to rose precipitously from year to year. Timor-Leste. Try to imagine what again. petroleum the average state budget. but .$ 5 billion more. unless the government timor leste bold tased.25 billion. Indonesia is lucky has a lot of income that is not depends only to oil and gas. Thank you. you have 1st chance to speak on this matter. Chairman. Try to imagine what 2049 in years to come? when the state budget of timor leste has been pegged only $ 1. oil and gas petroleum fund.. It ' s just the comparison between nusa tenggara timur in 2021 and timor leste in 2049. Chairman : thank you delegate of Singapore. what timor leste unable to pay the debt? Oil reserves course the year it will be reduced in number. already includes of total revenue in 2010-2049. the floor is yours. including one among nine of the fastest growing economies in the world in 2011.. and according to The Economist. Chairman : thank you delegate of timor leste. based on research conducted government and companies estimates for east timor annual revenues. speaking about research in economics of Timor leste. Timor-Leste has no foreign debt. Timor-Leste has the highest surplus in the world more than 280% as a percentage of GDP.2 billion. Singapore : Thank you Mr. And I think the plan timor leste to build the refinery in southern east timor. Timor leste : Thank you Mr. East Timor is still very dependent . by way of stalling settlement of the border of the two countries.. Singapore : East Timor expect to exploit petroleum in the Timor Gap. which in 2010 has reached $ 1. and the possibility of income other existing ( and if any ) that compares with dipa province of ntt. how things are timor leste and nusa tenggara timur (ntt) in the 2049? In the government timor leste who uses funds the construction of $ 1 billion ' ' for the year it has been right. are there any respons according to this statement? (Timor leste dan Indonesia angkat plakat tapi timor leste yg dipilih) Chairman : delegate from Timor leste.. and according to the 2010 pocket book from The Economist. the question . Australia has also been opposing East Timor to be able to master the Timor gap in full. Our economy continues to show strong growth for four consecutive years. tp kesempatan jatuh ke Singapore) Chairman : delegate of Singapore. but it seems difficult to get foreign exchange revenues in the Timor Gap because Australia had promised to East Timor with the authority of the management and the exploitation of Australia getting the 80% and the rest given to East Timor. Although independent. that ' s very hard to be realized considering up to hundreds of billions needed tens of billions of dollars for realizing an ambition that.

thank you very much. Construction of pipelines gas liquefaction facilities and will absorb the cost of unusually large until billions of dollars. our nearest neighbor. Considering jobs is the main concern the people. Timor-Leste adopted the United States dollar as the currency that resulted in people's purchasing power is much decreased compared to when it was still a province of Indonesia. especially in areas surrounding facilities lng are. Are there any motion on this floor? . Decision in order. And this situation quite prove the unpreparedness of timor leste to face toward the dynamics of ASEAN community in 2015. During the last decade. and almost able to be ascertained that all the materials and components needed for construction to be produced in foreign affairs and regional projects. Raise your placard to give approvement. On top of that. We have been providing cash assistance to victims of natural disaster in Indonesia. you have a motion? Indonesia : yes honorable chair. (Indonesia angkat plakat) Chairman : delegate of Indonesia. or indirectly via high demand for goods and services that may be fervid presence project. with whom we directly borders both on land and sea. are shipped into so that each a request for the activities of the local economy must not derived from work manufacturing. brazil. but we have to provide humanitarian aid to countries rich and poor are affected by natural disaster. This proposition will be mengkaji-ulang akibat-akibat possible for some local economy and national. which is quite open of employment for the inhabitants of timor-leste. Haiti. but from the process of construction itself. Myanmar. There is hope that such a big that project lng will excites economic activity in timor-leste overall. the people think that this project will create jobs for the local. with a total of nearly $5 million in the last three years. Thank you. including how many and job types probably invented. we will discuss this topic on chapter following. Madeira Island in Portugal.. Timor Leste: However poor we are. either directly in facility development and kompleks port. in this sub-motion every delegate will discuss about the politics and security issues in timor leste. How big that can be entered in the economy timor-leste and provides a livelihood for its citizens? Considering the condition of development in timor-leste now.with the supply of goods from Indonesia starting from basic food to fuel (BBM) mainly through the East Nusa Tenggara province. Any device to local administration elected leaders and traditional who is interviewed for manufacture this report express our hopes. and Australia. The potential of the mainspring for national economy come from stages of construction. Chairman: Chairman thinks statements given already quite explain about our first sub _ motion. unprecedented diplomatic incident or security issues with our neighbours. is an exemplary example. Relations with Indonesia. China. In addition to the very subject politically to former colonist Portugal.. (placard diangkat semua) Chairman : we are now entering the second sub-motion of this meeting. Australia had tried to control the distribution of items of daily needs but failed because it was too expensive and less well-known people of Timor-Leste.

We are very sensitive to the views of our neighbors on issues of regional and global. has one of the most free media for the Asia-Pacific community. and always strive to make every step we do not deviate from the ASEAN view whenever there is aconcensus with regard to the situation of certain member states or thematic issues into the limelight with ASEAN. India. the U. Shaping and Sharing of Norms. The establishment of an ASEAN community 2015 is based one of its pillars. stability and prosperity. namely the ASEAN Political Security Community aims at accelerating the political security in ASEAN cooperation to bring about peace in the region. Chairman. such as China. Australia. Timor-Leste was featured with a very liberal Constitution and humanist who banned the death penalty. Our main partners in the sustainable security is Indonesia. . The Timor-Leste’s police officers has helped and today there are still assigned to assist the UN in the Balkans and Africa. you are allowed to speak. and Brazil while maintaining a special relationship with Australia. where Timor-Leste has always enjoyed supporta strong bi-partisan. In an outline. a number of military engineers Timor-Leste will be deployed to Lebanon as part of an engineering unit army Portuguese. has set out a plan of activities for the realization of the ASEAN Political Security Community which consists of six components: Political Development. Japan and Portugal. and some of the women of Timor-Leste has occupied several key positions in the Ministry portfolio. Are there any other country wants to give a response? (Singapore angkat plakat) Chairman: Singapore. this your call for speak. Nearly 30 percent of elected members of Parliament are women. Conflict Prevention. namely ASEAN political. New Zealand.We are proud of what we accomplished in the brief years since independence in 2002. Conflict Resolution. Regional cooperation between asean now toward new phase more integratif fore and vision on by will formation of the asean community in 2015. Japan. Timor leste : thank you Mr. Japan. New Zealand. The vision of ASEAN is ASEAN as a concert of Southeast Asian Nations. Our wriendly and pro-active with all the new force to be reckoned with. Post Conflict Peace-Building. Republic of Korea. according to Reporters Without Borders. In the plan of action of the ASEAN Political Security Community. We have a multi-party democracy with nine political parties who each have representatives in the national Parliament. Chairman: Thank you delegate. increase our Junior officers are all achieved through training in Australia.(timor leste dan singapore angkat plakat.S. chairman memilih Timor leste) Chairman : delegate of Timor leste. Singapore : Thank you Mr. Chairman. and Portugal. Dozens of our volunteers will assist the UN in Sierra Leone. South Africa. Congo and Afghanistan... outward looking. the European Union and the United States. living in peace. and Implementing Mechanism. bonded together in partnership in dynamic development and in a community of caring society. Thank you. Australian and Portuguese instructors train our soldiers and officers. We have ratified all major international agreements on human rights and the obligations we have reported about it. Within this close. including by the international community. Timor-Leste. Indonesia. the asean 2015 community divides into three pillars..

For example. Instructor portuguese australia and trains soldiers and his officers we. where timor-leste always enjoy support bi-partisan strong. . indonesia japan and portugal. and brazil while maintain special relations with australia. the chance given to Timor Leste. including special programs.Chairman: Every delegate who wants to response. new zealand. in line with asean practice in the past in relation to the new members and in line with european union practices in recognition of similar things. india. near a number of engineers military timorleste will be deployed to lebanon as part of a unit of engineering Portuguese soldiers. yang dipilih timor leste. we have made every effort to harmonize the foreign policy and security with our ASEAN neighbours. the republic of korea. We are very sensitive to the views of our neighbors on issues of regional and global issues. Are there any other points or motions? (Singapore dan Indonesia angkat plakat. to reverberate timor-leste is ready to join the asean this year or next year. south africa. we support every ASEAN member countries in national nomination for the various positions in the United Nations and specialized agencies. china. liberia. A fellow member of asean nothing to worry about the cost of financial where timor-leste will never burdensome by asking economic or financial support. for 1 it has ever occurred incident diplomatic or security issues with our neighbors. (Timor leste dan Indonesia angkat plakat. australia. Seraiah admit that we are also still has many weaknesses and limitations. congo and afghanistan. Dozens of volunteers we are helping pbb in sierra leone. Within this. But asean can admit timor-leste now and offer the opportunity to us for five to ten years or so in the period of transition. where we will expand an attempt to catch up us from other asean that has been go up first. and always try to make every step we do not deviate from the ASEAN perspective whenever there is consensus as it relates to the situation of certain Member States or thematic issues are the center of attention along with the ASEAN. Relations with indonesia our neighbors with whom we is directly adjacent both on land and the sea is an example worth diteladani. We also include support in Singapore. Our main partners sustainable in security is indonesia. Thank you.. ( portugal ). This last decade. new zealand.Chair. Since the upright standing as an independent and sovereign country in 2002. It is plausible. please raise your placard. the madeira islands haiti. The police officer timor-leste has also help and currently. See a state treasury timor-leste and evidence about the ability of timor-leste in doing activity which regional and international. increase in officer young we all traveled through training in australia. We have given cash aid to the victims of natural disasters in indonesia myanmar. etc. the european union and the united states. japan. especially in favor of new members until the state concerned able to fulfill obligations in organization.) Chairman: Yes. us japan and portugal. your motion please. but we have to provide humanitarian aid to the rich countries as well as poor affected by a natural disaster. brazil and australia with the equivalent of almost us $ 5 million in the last three years. Chairman: Thank you delegate of East Timor. there are still on duty help united nation in the balkans and africa. Anywise poverty of us. yang dipilih Singapore) Chairman: Singapore. You are allowed to speak. We are very friendly and proactive with all new force to be reckoned as china. Timor Leste: Thank you very much Mr.

and Viet Nam were behind only to human development. by involving the leaders of the political parties aimed at finding solutions together for the creation of peace and stability to meet the presidential and parliamentary elections in 2012. especially Kenya (128). Raise your placard to move to next section. Chairman : now we’re going to talk about the final issues about human resource and development and this is our last section in this third motion. (Indonesia angkat plakat) Chairman: Yes Indonesia. We have moved ahead of several old members of ASEAN. Timor-Leste is in the ranking of 120 over Laos (122).Singapore : Thank you Mr. security political stability in the long run be the main agendas that remain questionable.7 percent by 2009. spearheaded by the Bishop of the Diocese of Baucau. timor leste as new state diterpa internal problems continue to threaten the security and destructive image as a democratic. political security situation in East Timor is currently experiencing relative conditions more conducive and stable.Chair. Every delegates who wants to be the first speaker please raise your placard.428 and early independence in 2002 is 0. Angola (146) and Mozambique (165). In short. Laos and Myanmar. Indonesia : Thank you honorable Chair. Chairman: motion from indonesia just close our second sub-motion session. We do agree with the last East Timor’s motion. In 2005. could hinder efforts and potentially retargets embodiment 2015. Besides. your motion allowed to be offered. Thank you. including the reform of the security sector. From 169 countries. Examine political dynamics security in east timor was currently still young and fragile in government institutions and very prone to conflict. School enrollment jumped sharply from 63 percent in 2006 to 82.502. the perception associated political instability and security will participate affect national economic development. timor-leste would be exempt from illiteracy in the year 2015. the community especially on pillars security political community that aims to accelerate asean political security cooperation in asean countries in the region to make peace in the world peace and widely democratic.375. in the environment fair. It is related to the historical record indicating for ten years after independence in 2002. Now the decision is in order. Timor-Leste is also ranked higher than Papua New Guinea (137) and most of the countries of subSaharan Africa. In General.. This indicates a positive progress for the creation of a democratic and secure atmosphere in East Timor. the human development index was 0. Dom Basilio do Nascimento and. such as oecusse densely populated areas manatuto and atauro in the past two years has been free illiterate. timor leste dipilih) Timor Leste: in 2011. Nevertheless. such as Cambodia. There is a growing consensus on what is needed for the settlement of the political crisis. Some areas. The meeting is living I and II. President Ramos Horta. Child mortality and the death of . this means fall into the category of medium in human development. Nigeria (142). and harmonious surely be serious consideration for asean member states to receive membership timor leste today. Cambodia (124) and Myanmar (132). (Singapore and Timor leste angkat plakat. Thank you. the human development index in Timor-Leste for the year 2010 is 0.

the mortality rate after childbirth has been reduced by half. This argument is based on the fact that ASEAN has a similar experience when receiving ASEAN member countries (CLMV) are vulnerable to political security and economic problems in the country are classified as the poorest countries in the world. As we see. In addition. 2005-2010. the disease of leprosy now been declared free of disease that has been berbilang this century. economic. Timor-Leste is also still facing economic problems and its human resources. Based on human development index on a table by way of meant that the rating welfare of timor leste is at an order of 147 of 187 countries. 2008 incident. the escalation of conflicts in East Timor continued to rise until the attacks against national leaders of East Timor's Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao and the shooting of Timor Leste's President Jose Ramos-Horta on February 11.000. the new State of East Timor is considered particularly vulnerable to conflict and violence due to disagreements on the national political elite. scarlatina and poverty has declined significantly in the past four years. TimorLeste's desire to join ASEAN ASEAN position indicates that the more solid in playing its action through regional cooperation. we are optimistic the domestic political problems of security. ASEAN has an important meaning and becomes a strategic potential in regional cooperation. Volatility political security and economic timor leste will affect negatively towards a goal launched by asean. would not become barriers that impede konsensusnya. History notes that since its independence in 2002. strategic and economy. Political issues related to security. By being part of ASEAN. We draw conclusions regarding barriers to East Timor obtain the status of full membership of ASEAN is based on political and security issues. This concept based on economic development east timor appertain low and the readiness of human resources at the moment is still be limited. Efforts its trade with asean member not just to give economic profit timor leste merely. Compared with asean member countries. namely peace. For East Timor. This is one attention and consideration for asean member states to give confession ( consensus ) related the desire of east timor joined asean. considering geographically. Singapore: Previously we want to suggest a research results in the form of the following table (tunggu tabel di bukakan oleh sekertaris di proyektor)..000 people. economic issues and human resources of East Timor.. Therefore.1 years.thank you. socio-culture that developed and transformed into one of the most successful regional organization in the world. The essence of development at virtually is the effort to improve the quality of man sees of various dimensions. economic development and human resources. Malarial disease. undp report shows life expectancy of any human child birth in timor-leste have increased in the past two years with an average 62. Timor-Leste will have ample opportunity for its contribution to regional and world peace as well as good a chance in its international relations.infants under the age of five years likewise. In the same period of the gnp / pnb per capita increased by 228 percent with the achievement of us $ 5. with 1 case per 10. Timor Leste ranks far behind and being with Myanmar on the Low Human Development. stability and prosperity in south east asia. Nevertheless. According to the who timor-leste. but also contributed in asean.. Indonesia: ASEAN as a regional organisation entity Southeast Asia collectively have achieved significant progress in their cooperation in a number of areas of political. membership east timor in asean is one important part in southeast asia. Thank you. so regarded can retard the launching of the formation of asean economic community 2015. .

(tiap-tiap delegasi maju untuk tanda tangan draft resolusi) Chairman : Thanks to all delegations for your participation in this meeting. in order to face the asean community 2015. It is reasonably necessary for east timor to increase their intensity in world level activities to improve the experience in facing challenges and dynamics of international. 2. political. felt the important for east timor to review and increase their national security and economic before deciding to join ASEAN. and now we are entering the last motion of this conference by listening to the reading of a draft resolution on the status of East timor's membership in ASEAN by the Secretary. as well as see the experience of East timor is facing the international dynamics with the status as a country that belongs to the young. 3. then felt the need to put forward a number of recommendations as to the solution. in the spirit of ASEAN integration. this Conference is officially closed (chairman ketok palu 3 kali) I THINK!!! IT’S DONE…… …… ……. Decision on membership status of east timor still needs to review and will be studied and discussed in a meeting between all the Member States that will be decided at the next meeting. including : 1. does anyone like to demur or give their input? …….Chairman : honorable delegates. Chairman : According to the draft resolution which had been read out. . If no one wants delivered again. security and human resources before deciding to join the asean members. every delegate is expected to forward their willingness to sign the draft resolution on the dais as a sign of agreement of each country. (Chairman pura-pura berbisik menanyakan kesiapan draft resolusi dengan sekretaris) Secretary : Recognizing the importance for east timor to boost progress in the field of economic. we have put an end to the third motion.