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True Astrology V4 Incl Crack - PNS

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Salient Features of this True Astrology Software is listed below: Casting of Natal Charts - North Indian, South Indian and Western wheel chart style using standard time & LMT Edit Birth Time Horary charts for KP Number 1-249 (Sub Lord) & KCIL 1-2193 (Sub Sub Lord) Instant Time Chart/Prashna Chart Rahu/Ketu and other planet's sign-degree-minute-second position can be treated as Ascendant Add/Delete Categories as well as Save horoscope Charts in specific Category Add/Edit/Delete Place Edit Latitude & Longitude of a place for a particular horoscope without altering database Ayanamsa : KP (old & new), Khullar, Lahiri, Raman, and many others as well as user defind Ayanamsha Support for Mr. S.P. Khullar's Sub- Sub lord & Cuspal Inter Links theory Tables of KP Significators, 4-step theory, Khullar Cuspal Interlinks table Planetary and Cuspal positions up to Sub-Sub Lords with arc % Select House System from Placidus, Koch, Porphyrius, Regiomontanus, Campanus, Equal, Vehlow Equal, Axial rotation, Azimuthal, Polich/Page (Topocentric system), Alcabitus, Morinus Chart Calculations with Ascendant at Start of Cusp or at Mid-Point of Cusp Date wise Transit Chart for any given Place Horoscope matching for marriage based on KP Dasavidha Poruthams and Guna Milap Transit Locator Dates of Retrogression of Planets Solar and Lunar Return Western Wheels with Bi-Chart and Tri-Chart Progressions and Directions Western Wheels with Bi-Chart and Tri-Chart Profection Annual Western Wheels with Bi-Chart and Tri-Chart Cuspal and Planetary tables with Western Single Charts Storing of Life Events Display of current Date and Time in toolbar Rotate chart to any cusp - very usefull for Prashan chart where primary cusp becomes fixed Ascendant Luminaries Rising /Setting Times Primary and Supporting Cusps for Specific events Planetary Strength - Vimsopak Bal, ShadBal and ishta/Kashta Phal Full Panchang and Hora Eclipse Search Install Notes: 1] Install the App 2] Copy win32dll.dll from Crack folder to install dir and overwrite it. 3] Enjoy This Release!! By:

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