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There was not a single stale moment during the fourth meeting of the Illuminati.

The conference began with a bang cause by a surprise visit from Aman Raghuvanshi, assuming the role of Meir Dagan. Mr. Dagan shook things up with a fiery speech, making rather threatening references to Israels nuclear capabilities that just might be used if Israel was not reasonably represented in the new world order. He barely completed his last sentence before all the members placards shot up in the air to retaliate to the provoking speech. Mr. Dagan seeming least perturbed, calmly walked out of the meeting, stating that the former director of the Mossad would not be entertaining any questions. Just when one thought that matters would settle into the usual routine now, the assembly welcomed another guest, this time in the form of Alexey Navalny (moderator, Madhav Malhotra.) Navalny advocated the choice of India as the southern Asian pole, in place of China. He condemned the Chinese on the basis of reports of human rights violations against them and because of instances such as the Tiananmen Square Massacre. He further commended the growth of India under its new leader, Narendra Modi, who had established a very secular setup in the nation and after answering a few questions; the busy Russian left the meeting to board his plane back to Moscow. The dais also brought a press release, stating that the Brazilian government had been carrying out massive human right violations in the amazon forest, to the attention of the brotherhood. These three statements presented early in the morning, set the tone for captivating debate for the remaining two hours of session. Mr. Tantavi and Recep Tayyip Erdoan formed a strong partnership and through noteworthy speeches and lobbying techniques, did their best to take down Hugo Chavez. The Venezuelan leader was accused of several wrong doings by a majority of the members yet he still managed to put his best foot forward even though he wasnt really left with much of a leg. An update by the dais informed the Illuminati that FARC rebels, who are basically guerilla militants intending to take down the Columbian government, were found to be hiding in neighboring Venezuela. The United States of America had decided to intervene to ensure peace in the region. Sounds rather familiar, doesnt it? This further made situations worse for Chavez and left the brotherhood to decide what appropriate response was to be taken to protect the Venezuelan and Columbian public. After extensive debate and discussion, the very originally named Directive 007 was introduced which prided itself on having an illustrative list of authors such as Mario Draghi and Zhou Xiaochuan. The directive proposed a list of poles that would be economically, politically and socially viable. It also set forth a list of rules and regulation that the new world order would follow to create a smoothly functioning multi polar regime. The directive barely scrapped through, receiving the minimum 9 votes required to be passed, but its passing was nevertheless celebrated with loud jeers by the supporters directed towards the opposing bloc. As the committee had already exceeded the time frame, a motion for entertainment was not in order. A very modest chair, Mohit Choudhary, humbly remarked that the delegates had not been deprived of enjoyment thanks to the witty remarks made by the dais. On a more serious note though, the directors did an excellent job at creating a truly unique committee which was

informative, enjoyable and brilliantly executed, a fact that was agreed on by all our guests. The standard of debate was remarkably high and the delegates from Sanskriti did us very proud. Amidst great arguments, blatant finger pointing and long defensive speeches, the Illuminated brotherhood did their jobs as the godfathers of democracy, and brought down the satanic strategy of the United States of America.