Chapter 2

---Once I get to Chase's shack, I raid his refregerator for more blood. I am so thirsty I can't control myself. Inside the refregerator, there are jars of blood stacked on top of each other. There has to be at least 70 jars by my count. Well, he is gone, so I guess he won't be needing all of these. I take out 3 jars, and I drink every last one. I am full now. Up to the point where I feel like I'll last a couple of days without eating. 7 months of knowing Chase, and he never really showed me his house. He just showed me his family's giant house. Ohmygosh! That's where I can go! I really don't want to be locked in this house for months. Alone. But I don't think they'll accept me. I mean they already have 5 vampires they took in, but they are a very nice family. There's: Laura- The nice blonde one. Sarah- The goth one (she is sorta' mean) Elijah- He dates Sarah. (he loves to go into battle.) Gabriel- He is single. Aaron- He dates Laura. But they are sorta' nice people if you get to know them. I walk over to the living room, well the non-living room, and see that there is a nice 40 inch hung on the wall. Wow. "Chase has a little taste.", I joke. I reach for the remote, but stop in my tracks because there is a knock at the door. This kind of startles me, because Chase doesn't have any friends who know where he lives. I approach the door and search for a peep whole, but there isn't one. "Who is it?", I ask. "Uhm.. Nathan.", the boy replies. I open the door, and surprisingly Nathan is standing there. "You weren't kidding.", I say surprised that he wasn't kidding when he said that.

"May I come in?", he asks. "Sorry, but I just met you, and I need to get to know you before I just let you in-", I say. "Well, if you let me in, we can get to know each other.", he cuts me off. "Well, okay, come in." I say nervously. He walks in without giving a thank you, and sits on the couch. I sit beside him. "So...", I don't really have anything to say. "Tell me about yourself.", I say. "Well, I am 16. I like to fight vampires. Uhm no offense, but I love to go into battle. My pack leader's name is Arianna. She is a bit of a handful. My father died in a battle. I have one sister, Nancy, if she caught me and you together, she would kill you. Yeah. I know what you are thinking, she is a little over-pretective. She gets it from our dad. She trains me in battle. And I have one brother, Daniel. Most girls think he is a hunk, and this makes him too full of himself. He is dating and in love with Arianna. I think that they are going to get married to be honest. And that is all about me, mostly. Tell me about yourself.", he babbles all at one time. "How interesting. I don't really have much to tell because I just became a vampire about 3 hours ago. I am 16. But the boy who turned me is Chase. We were in love, but I guess he thought that this whole thing was-", Nathan cuts me off. Again. "Sorry to be cutting you off, but what thing?", he looks quite interested. "Oh. That thing. Well, I was in a car wreck, and I almost died, so he had to turn me, or else of coarse I would have died. I don't know where he is know, but I know that he is deeply depressed, and I am angry with him for leaving me like this.", I say. "I like you Hailey.", he admits. I am so shocked and appauled. I haven't known him for 3 days and he comes out and says this. I can't say I like him back, because I am still

not completely over Chase. "I- I don't really know what to say...I don't- i'm still not over Chase. Sorry. It'll take some time for me to come out and say I like you too.", I confirm. I didn't really want to break it down hard on him. "I'm sorry. It is in the genes of a werewolf to fall in love easliy. Don't mind me.", he explains. "Oh. that explains it. I have a question, though. Do werewolves live forever?", I have always wondered this question. Even before I got turned. "Yes. Of coarse. Unless you get killed. Everyone always say that werewolves age, but we don't age one bit. Well, we are born werewolves, and we age until the dominate werewolf gene takes over our body. It takes the average werewolf to fully become one about as early as 13 to as late as 24. Yep. Around that time. The only supernatural species that ages is vampires. Well, I wouldn't say they age, but when they are turned, they age one more year, even though they are vampires. Did you know that?", Nathan sounds like he is really into this conversation. "Why is this?", I ask. "This is because it takes one year for the whole vampire virus to pass through the entire body. Luckily, for werewloves it takes a shorter amount of time.", he informs me. "Oh! Great. I get to live until I am 17. Wow. I will be older than you practically!", I joke. We both laugh. I notice his perfect teeth. Perfect smile. Perfect everthing. I have only known Nathan for 2 days now, and I am finding myself to like him already. I lean over to him, and he stops his laughter. I think that he knows what I am about to do because he closes his eyes. We kiss. A long, but non-sloppy kiss. His lips are so sweet I could bite them. But I won't of course. After the kiss, we say nothing. We just stare at each other. This is the first time I have ever liked someone so quick. I guess it comes with the whole vampire package.

" you like me now?", Nathan smiles. I can tell that he is flirting with me. "Maybe.", I flirt back not admitting it. My smile is so flirty and big, that I think he knows that I am lying. "Are you sure?", he continues to flirt, trying his best to get it out of me. "I don't know. Do I?", I don't give up. "i don't know. Do you?", He doesn't budge either. I try to continue my lie, but it is slipping away from me. "Yes, Nathan. Yes I do. Is there a problem with that?", I ask to see what his reaction is going to be. "No. As a matter of fact, that's great.", he replies. I lean over and attempt to kiss his pretty lips again. I can't control myself. He is so handsome. "Don't.", he pushes me off. This startles me. I feel as if I made a fool out of myself. He jumps up off of the couch. "What's the matter?", I jump up following him. "My pack. They're near. I can smell them. I know they're out looking for me. i have to go. Now. I'll talk to you later.", he rushes out of the door and morphs into werewolf mode. His werewolf body is so beautiful. I close the door, plop on the couch, and turn on the T.V. I can't help but think about the kiss. It was my second kiss. It felt so awesome. Just thinking about it gives me butterflies. I am now bored of this whole vampire thing, so I decide to go out and see how skilled I can get. When I walk out the door, I see that Sarah and Elijah are at battle with what it looks like Nathan and his pack. There are about 7 werewolves against only two vampires. I can't just go into battle, because I don't know how to fight, so I walk slowly but carefully back into the house. They are so into battle, they didn't even notice me. Now I see what Chase was talking about. There will be many battles I will have to foght. I just hope that I will never have to go against Nathan. I wouldn't want to kill him and I know that he wouldn't want to kill me either.

The next thing I know is something bumps the door, and practically knocked it down. I storm into Chase's room and jump into his closet trying not to get seen. I can hear them in the living room rambling around a storm. I try to stay as quiet as I can. I wouldn't want to get involved in this battle. With people who are expierienced. That would be terrible. It becomes quiet all of a sudden. I think that they are back outside. I am still going to stay for a few more minutes, just in case. When I do get out of the closet, my legs are very sore from me being in there all cramped up. I commit a long, powerful stretch. Then I walk slowly into what was the living room. It is a mess in here! I don't really want to clean it up, but since this is going to be where I stay for a while, I get started on it. I pick up the knocked over couch, and I am astonished that it is as light as a feather. Usually, a couch is a handful to handle. I get the broom from the kitchen, and start sweeping up the feathers all over the floor from 3 busted pillows. "Man.", I say to myself. "Those were some nice pillows and now they're gone to waste.", I pout. I notice that the door is a little knocked off, but still attached. I put the broom down and walk up to the surviving door. I try to put it back on, but I notice that the fight is still going on a little further on back in the woods. There may be more werewolves than vampires, but the vamipres look like they are winning with their swords. Wow. I just might ask sarah and Elijah to train me so that I can be as good as they are. Maybe it'll take a little time. I joke in my head. I force the door close. and fix the window curtains. I tidy up the left overs of the wooden table that looked like someone fell on it. Now there is a big gap between the couch and the television. I move the couch up a little so that it looks at least a little better.

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