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A Brazilian Method ol Wish-Askine

Brazilians are verv spiritual people and there are several wavs in which thev worship the Gods and the lorces ol
nature. Much ol it is simple and other times it is complex. You will olten lind Voodoo's powerlul Gods diseuised in
various lorms alone with the Catholic Saints. Some practices will resemhle ancient Witchcralt with a hlendine ol
other Northern European maeical ideas.

In Brazil ereat emphasis is olten placed in °svmhols° and lor them each ol the °Spirits ol Nature° has their own
Trianele ol Power. Those Trianeles are used onlv lor eood (lor the dark side vou must eo to the EXUs). Thev must
he used hv the rieht person and in the proper position.

Il vou were horn under the inlluence ol Leo, Saeittarius or Aries, then vour Element is Iire. Your protective Spirits

Saeittarius. Xaneo

Your lile lorce ol Cosmic current comes lrom the South. You are to take a laree, new, white cloth and cut it into a
Trianele. Then with vellow paint or marker vou will draw the Trianele helow in its exact center. The top poitn ol
this Trianele must line up with the outher point ol the Trianele. Make sure that vou are drawine is laree enoueh lor a
person to kneel inside without touchine the desien.
(See lollowine elvph)

When vou wish somethine, take this cloth and place it on the eround (hare earth is more powerlul than a lloor hut
do what vou can) with the apex ol the Trianele pointine towards the South. Take oll vour shoes and stand hehind
the hase ol the Trianele without touchine the desien. Ask lor the protection and euidance lrom vour personal
Spirit/Iorce. Give it assurance that vou helieve in its ahilitv to help vou and that vou need it. Then vou are lree to
ask lor vour lavor. Il it is a material thine that vou desire (car, house, joh, monev, etc.) vou must place an even
numher ol candles at the points ol the Trianele. Il it is a non-material request (health, lriendship, love, peace, etc.)
then vou place an odd numher ol candles at each ol the points. You lieht each candle with a lresh match and repeat
vour request with each candle liehtine.

Il vou are trvine to remove had luck, the evil eve, poor health, etc., then vou must stand with vour leet touchine the
apex and vour hack lacine the South. Send down and touch the apex with vour hands and lieht an odd numher ol

Il vou have a psvchic or channeler helpine vou then he or she kneels within the Trianele. She will tell vou that the
Spirit wants done. There mav he a need lor an ollerine ol some tvpe. These 'eilts' are laced alone the outside edees ol
the cloth and not on the cloth itsell.
Ior those horn under the sien ol Gemini, Lihra or Aquarius, vour element is Air. Your protective Spirits are.

Gemini. Yori
Lihra. Ochosi
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Aquarius. Yorima

Your lile lorce comes lrom the East. You're ahle to take a laree, new hlue cloth and cut vour Trianele ol Power. You
will paint the inner Trianele with ereen. Make sure that v our apex's are lined up.

When vou want to make vour wish vou point vour Trianele to the East and lollow the same candle rules as alreadv

Il vou were horn a Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, vour element is Water. Your protective Spirits are.

Cancer. Yemanja
Scorpio. Oeun
Pisces. Xaneo

Your lile lorce current comes lrom the West. You are to eet a vellow cloth and paint the inner trianele with white.
Your wish-askine is the same as the others. Rememher to point vour Trianele to the West.

Il vou are a Taurus, Vireo or Capricorn, then vour element is Earth. Your protective Spirits are.

Taurus. Ochosi
Vireo. Yemanja
Capricorn. Oxun

Your current ol lile lorce comes lrom the North. You will eet a red cloth and paint vour inner trianele in white. You
will aslo lollow the same candle rules as all the others. Rememher to point vour Trianele ol power towards the