How To Create a Join to a Table Through Another Table

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How To Create a Join to a Table Through Another Table
Joshua Weir Oct 17, 2008 | Comments (3)








Lets say that you want to create a join field "Country" on the Service Request business component (based on the S_SRV_REQ table) where the "Country" field exists on table S_ADDR_ORG but there is no direct foreign key relationship between S_SRV_REQ and S_ADDR_ORG to create the join. The relationship is as such: (Service Request BC) S_SRV_REQ.REQUESTOR_ID -> S_ORG_EXT.ROW_ID -> S_ADDR_ORG.OU_ID (Address table with Country column) Therefore the Service Request is joined to S_ORG_EXT directly through foreign key REQUESTOR_ID and then the "Requestor" (S_ORG_EXT) is joined to the Address (S_ADDR_ORG). It is straight forward to create business component joined fields that involve more than one tables as in the above case. You need to create the joined fields one by one. For the above example if you wanted to create a joined field for S_ADDR_ORG.COUNTRY on the Service Request BC you would firstly need to create a joined field to S_ORG_EXT.ROW_ID. Then you would create a joined field using the joined field (S_ORG_EXT.ROW_ID) as the source field for the S_ADDR_ORG.COUNTRY joined field. 1. In Siebel Tools, Service Request BC > Join > Create a new record with: Table: S_ORG_EXT Alias: Requestor Outer Join Flag: Y Then in Join Specification for that Join: Name: Requestor Destination Column: ROW_ID Source Field: Requestor Id 2. Service Request BC > Field > Create a new field with:

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by Joshua Weir

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Name: Requestor Joined Id Join: Requestor Column: ROW_ID
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5/29/2013 10:15 PM

Organizations.PAR_ROW_ID = S_CONTACT. Now create the joined field for Country. PAR_ROW_ID exists on a table if the table can be a child in a 1:M relationship. Read more about this in the Siebel Bookshelf. New to Toolbox? Ask A Question Join 2 of 4 5/29/2013 10:15 PM . These tables hold the child records in a 1:M relationship. 2009 I dont know of an entity relationship diagram in Siebel Bookshelf that shows all the references. This is how Siebel tables are commonly structured.1.OU_ID however I wanted to show the fact that you could join through multiple tables as an example. Any tables with _X as the last characters in table name are 1:1 extension tables. Does exist a entity relationship that show the references between tables? Joshua Weir Sep 24. Any table that has _XM as the last characters of the table name is an MVG (multi value group) table. The PAR_ROW_ID is the foreign key column pointing to the ROW_ID of the parent table.. S_ORG_EXT.MQL4 Community Another QTP Blog Joshua Weir Oracle certified consultant.PAR_ROW_ID = S_PARTY. and other id columns as you mentioned above. actually I'm having problems understanding the relationships between Row_id. Service Request BC > Field > Create a new field with: Name: Requestor Country Join: Requestor Address Column: COUNTRY You may now be aware that I did not need to create two joins I could have joined S_SRV_REQ. click on Table and expand the Table icon and click on Column.ROW_ID. If the Column is a foreign key to another table then the "Foreign Key Table" property of the column will be populated with the foreign key table.How To Create a Join to a Table Through Another Table http://it.ROW_ID = S_CONTACT_X.PAR_ROW_ID. Positions) so S_CONTACT. S_POSTN (Contacts. S_CONTACT_XM. Read 3 comments Popular White Paper On This Topic Beyond Excel: Taking Business Intelligence to the Next Level Related White Papers 2011 Trends Report: Customer Relationship Management 2011 Focus Experts Guide to CRM for Growing Midsize . All columns for a table are listed here. Metatrader Automated Forex Development . Best Practices for an On-Demand CRM Implementation More White Papers 3 Comments Mario Quiroz Sep 22. for this relationship. ROW_ID is the primary key for each table..ROW_ID and S_ORG_EXT. For example S_CONTACT is the parent Contact table and S_CONTACT_XM is the MVG table for Contact. This has a 1:1 relationship with S_CONTACT through join: S_CONTACT. S_CONTACT_X is an extension table of S_CONTACT.REQUESTOR_ID to S_ADDR_ORG. Except there is one table called S_PARTY this is the parent table of S_CONTACT.toolbox.PAR_ROW_ID = S_PARTY.. You are best to understand the entity relationships by using Siebel Tools. 2009 Hi Joshua I'm new using Siebel 8. Service Request BC > Join > Create a new record with: Table: S_ADDR_ORG Alias: Requestor Address Outer Join Flag: Y Then in Join Specification for that Join: Name: Requestor Address Destination Column: OU_ID Source Field: Requestor Joined Id 4. Par_row_id.. in Siebel Tools Object Explorer. It is usually easy to determine the parent because the name is similar.

1 (a. 2010 How comfortable are you in Siebel tools to get the understanding of the Tables and joins Leave a Comment Connect to this blog to be notified of new entries.a "Blue") will be free (PC World) What Is the Best Email Service for You? (DexKnows) 5 Things Not to Do in National Parks (AARP.How To Create a Join to a Table Through Another Table http://it. From Around The Web 15 Things You Should Never Do at Your Desk (Salary. click here to notify Toolbox for U.000 worth of freebies per year! (Freeflys) Obama Pulls the Plug on Long-Term Health Care Program (The Fiscal Times) Windows Blue wish list: 15 must-see Join 3 of 4 5/29/2013 10:15 PM . Actor Arrested at Research Protest (Vetstreet) Microsoft confirms Windows Recommended by We Recommend A Mainframe SOA Strategy SAP Training Manuals Microsoft or Local account when setting up Windows 8? New to Toolbox? Ask A Question From Around The Web How to get over $1. rajesh sigilipelli Oct If you feel a blog entry is inappropriate.S. Moves Up in Worldwide Average Internet Speed Rankings (Cable Tech Talk) If You're Using Gmail. you Should try This! (Tuaw) The 30 Hottest Female Athletes We Can Follow on Instagram (Rant Sports) Pet Scoop: Dog With Human-Like Face Goes Viral. comments.toolbox.. Join the community to create your free profile today. Any opinions. SUBMIT Want to read more from Joshua Weir? Check out the blog archive. Sign In to post unmoderated comments. PREVIEW You are not logged in.. solutions or other commentary expressed by blog authors are not endorsed or recommended by Toolbox for IT or any vendor. Archive Category: Siebel Configuration Keyword Tags: siebel join multiple join relationship Disclaimer: Blog contents express the viewpoints of their independent authors and are not reviewed for correctness or accuracy by Toolbox for IT.

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