IN RE: ESTATE OF GENEVA S. CAFFREY * * ESTATE NO.: 2002-1161 * * THIRD PARTY OBJECTION TO MR. LILLIG’S PETITION FOR DISCHARGE THIRD PARTY COMPLAINT 1. Mr. Stegeman filed an objection to Mr. Lillig’s Petition for discharge and

Mr. Stegeman’s Objection, copies of which are hereto attached as “Exhibit A”. Affidavit of Janet McDonald is hereto attached as “Exhibit B”.
2. Ms. McDonald made all of the payments of the RV. Mr. Lillig violated the

contract agreement of Ms. Caffrey’s Notarized Directive given freely by Ms. Caffrey assigning Ms. McDonald the shares in the Wachovia accounts that read Jean S. Caffrey AND James B. Stegeman Joint Tenants With Rights of Survivorship attached hereto as Exhibit C.
3. There has been full knowledge of the RV since June 13, 2002, requests for

payments had been made numerous times. Mr. Turner subpoenaed a request for documents in August 2002 in which the RV loan papers were included. Mr. Lillig, Mr. Turner as well as Mr. Joyner had knowledge that the creditor is Heritage Bank, that Mr. Stegeman was only co-signer on the loan. Ignoring a debt owed by an Estate does not make the debt go away nor does it give reason for non payment of the debt. Documents supporting these facts are hereto attached as “Exhibit D”
4. Mr. Stegeman and I are neither legally married nor common law married.

In order to protect my interest in property jointly owned with Mr. Stegeman, I paid the RV payment and all payments related to such. If Mr. Stegeman Bankrupted, it would also show on my Credit rating. I know this as I had to Bankrupt in the past and it showed on Mr. Stegeman’s Credit rating.
5. Since Mr. Stegeman is not and never claimed to be creditor, he could not

file as a creditor. Mr. Stegeman being co-signer on the loan was made to wait to see if the creditor was ever notified, then had to give Mr. Lillig time to prove he was not going to pay the loan. It is obvious that Mr. Lillig had never intended on paying the known debt. Ms. McDonald prays The Probate Court Orders Mr. Lillig satisfy payment of $70,723.12

_______________________ JANET D. MCDONALD 2005 821 Sheppard Rd Stone Mountain, GA 30083 _______________________

Sworn to and subscribed before me this _____ day of September

Notary Public

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