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Which of the following is NOT an example of a peripheral device a. Printer b. Mouse c. Memory d. Keyboard 2. Which of the following is NOT an output device a. Microfilm b. Modem c. Monitor d. Mouse 3. Which of the following does NOT describe the functions of a mouse a. Has a set of keys b. Is a pointing device c. Has a rubber ball underneath d. Left button is used to select text 4. A _______________ is an example of a direct data entry device a. Barcode reader b. Keyboard c. Mouse d. Plotter 5. An inkjet printer is best described as a. An output device b. An input device c. A storage device d. A memory device 6. Which of the following devices is most suitable for signaling that there is smoke in the area a. A sensor b. A mouse c. An OCR Reader d. A thermometer 7. The two kinds of main memory are a. Primary and secondary

b. Random and sequential c. ROM and RAM d. Hard and soft 8. Which of the following is TRUE about writing custom software a. It is much cheaper than using an off the shelf package b. It does not take a long time to produce c. It may not have all of the features that are required d. Many other companies will have this same software 9. Which type of cable is used for cable TV? a. Aluminum-alloy b. Coaxial c. Fiber-optic d. Twisted-pair 10. When a floppy disk is formatted, all data is _____ a. Copied to the disk b. Deleted from the disk c. Read from the disk d. Saved to the disk 11. A concentric ring on a hard disk is referred to as a a. Buffer b. Cylinder c. Sector d. Track 12. A type of utility used to reduce the size of files is a. file compression program b. troubleshooting program c. antivirus program d. uninstall program 13. What is the corresponding decimal value of 1111 (base 2) a. 15 b. 4 c. 64 d. 32 14. What is the corresponding decimal value of the octal number 44 a. 32 b. 36 c. 97 d. 21

15. The term BCD represents a. Byte Code Decimal b. Binary Coded Decimal c. Basic Coding Design d. Binary Coded Design 16. A network ____ a. Organizes data among computers b. Allows users to obtain data from a central computer c. Receives data from one computer d. Enables two or more computers to communicate 17. There are ____ stable states in a bistable environment. a. two b. three c. four d. five 18. System utilities: a. include features such as webpage design b. are loaded before the operating system c. have to be accessed through the Internet d. perform functions such as checking disk space 19. A popular computer interface is a. monitor b. Command-line c. GUI d. Menu-driven 20. An electronically identified interface for getting information into and out of a computer is called a(n) a. Bay b. Interface c. Port d. Expansion card 21. Application software does NOT include a. Presentation software b. Web browser software c. Word processing software d. Systems software 22. What is the name of the folder that houses the Web page in the fictitious URL given below? a. b. c. d. http itforcsec index.htm

23. Tashera is much more interested in computer hardware and circuit design. She may want to consider a career in a. End-user support b. Systems engineering c. Electrical engineering d. Computer science 24. A file with extension .xls is most likely associated with a a. database b. web page c. picture d. spreadsheet 25. An example of a presence check is a. Examining whether or not a field is the required type in a date field b. Requiring a user to enter his or her e-mail address twice c. Testing that only letters are entered in a name field d. Ensuring that numbers are positive in a quantity ordered field 26. The Exit command is located in the _____menu a. File b. Window c. Tools d. Shutdown 27. A security buffer between a companys private network and all external networks is called a a. Firewall b. Password c. Printer d. Virus 28. A computer virus is a. software written with malicious intent to cause annoyance or damage b. a method of encoding a message c. small device that scans the messages on your computer d. tool that monitors your email

29. A _______ moves through networks and operating systems by attaching itself to different programs and databases. a. Firewall b. Password c. Worm d. Virus 30. In a ______network, all notes are connected to a central hub a. Bus b. Star c. Ring d. Local 31. When saving a single document, a file name, the drive and folder in which to store the document must be specified a. Only when using the Save command b. Only when using the Save As command c. Every time the Save command is used, and every time the Save As command is used d. The first time the Save command is used, and every time the Save As command is used 32. The minimum number of rows and columns in a word table is a. Zero b. 2 rows and 1 column c. 2 rows and 2 column d. 1 row and 1 column 33. What type of software is used for creating letters and other documents? a. Database b. Word Processor c. Spreadsheet d. Operating Program 34. To create a table for 5 people, containing the headings name, address and a reference number at the top, you will need a. 5 rows, 3 columns b. 3 rows, 5 columns c. 6 rows, 3 columns d. 3 rows, 6 columns 35. _____ software would be the MOST appropriate for showing information in point form on a large screen a. Database b. presentation c. Graphics d. Spreadsheet

Questions 36 to 38 are based on the spreadsheet below

(*** fig mcq ss ***) 36. Cell C4 contains a. A formula b. A function c. A range d. A graphic 37. If the contents in cell C4 are copied to cells C5 through C7, then cell C7 contains a. =B4*C1 b. =B4*C7 c. =B7*C1 d. =B7*C4 38. The result in cell C4 is a. 2.7 b. 27 c. 0.27 d. 0 Questions 39 and 40 are based on the graphic below: (***Fig emptyslide2***)

39. The graphic is called a a. Picture b. Rectangle c. Screen d. Slide

40. To add a title Introduction: a. Double click on the long rectangle and type the word b. Double click on the small rectangle and type the word c. Click on the long rectangle and type the word d. Click on the small rectangle and type the word 41. The objects in the diagram below illustrate

a. b. c. d.

a Slide layout b Animation settings c Page layouts d Color schemes

42. In the following diagram, transition effects been set on slide(s)

a. b. c. d.

a 1 and 2 b 3 and 4 c 1 and 3 d 2 and 4

43. ______ is commonly used for Web applications is: a. C++ b. COBOL c. HTML d. Lisp 44. Tags used for formatting fonts in HTML are

I II III IV a. b. c. d.

<B></B> <I></I> <U></U> <H1></H1> I only I and II I, II and III I, II, III, and IV

45. An advantage of using HTML to create a basic web page is that a. all word processors can display the document b. all browsers can display the document c. it will print better than a word processing document d. it is easier to write in HTML 46. The part of a database that is used for easy input of data is a. Forms b. Queries c. Reports d. Tables 47. _____ is NOT an example of a common data type found in most databases a. Date b. Number c. Text d. Key 48. APPEND a. Adds records to the top of a database table b. Deletes records from the top of a database table and opens the table c. Adds record at the end of a database table d. Deletes record from the end of a database table 49. Instead of using symbols to represent program logic, _____________________ uses statements that are English-like. a. pseudocode b. machine language c. low-level languages d. flowcharts 50. The only language that a computer directly interprets is __________ language. a. assembly b. machine c. nonprocedural d. procedural

51. IPO diagrams a. Illustrate the structure of the program b. Use symbols to present activities c. Specify the input to the program and the output produced d. Specify the logic of the program 52. An if-then-else structure is part of: a. sequence b. repetition c. selection d. ordering 53. Repetitions include: a. if-then-else b. case c. do-while d. sequence 54. The following loop will be executed ______ times. FOR count := 0 to 3 DO writeln(*); a. b. c. d. 0 3 4 *

55. In Pascal, initializing a variable means: a. creating procedures to use the variable b. declaring the type of variable c. giving the variable an start value d. writing code that uses the variable. 56. To assign 5 to the variable COUNT means that COUNT should be a. char b. integer c. real d. string 57. Programming languages that are classified as low-level languages include I BASIC II Machine Code III Pascal IV Assembly language

a. b. c. d.

I and IV I and III II and III II and IV

58. An interpreter a. Converts the program line by line b. Converts the entire program code in one step c. Executes the program efficiently d. Does not have any errors 59. The first step in solving a program is a. Develop the algorithm b. Evaluate solutions c. Specification and design d. Test the solution 60. The term used to retrieve data from keyboard entry is called a. Write b. Print c. Read d. Start